Saturday, October 01, 2011

CHRONO TRIGGER rat! / Save state files / The Autumn Test

I'm not playing CHRONO TRIGGER anymore because I can never catch the stupid rat in Arris Dome, and the save state files I've found NEVER work for me! Never mind, the files DID work - I'm just an idiot when it comes to these things! I noticed that Mikaela (embryogirl) unfriended me on FB - sigh. Also noticed that SURVEYS on LJ has moved to moderated posting - WHAT THE FUCK?! SINCE WHEN?! YESTERDAY?! I'm finding another community, STAT!

Eric's just buzzed me on MSN to say that he's still not feeling well, so I'd have to arrange alternate transportation to Jeremy and Christon's dinner tonight. I wouldn't have gone anyway since Mr. Creep will be there! Of course, I called Jeremy (one of my favorite people) to tell him this AND wish him a happy birthday! :D

You Are Strong yet Colorful

You sometimes seem like you're all business, but you have a playful side to you as well.

You tend to formulate ideas and make decisions alone. Once you're done, you're ready to talk to others.

You are a quiet and peaceful person. You have deep inner strength.

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy, and you are very self-sufficient.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hogwarts Student / September 2011 Bubble Tea Tally

What type of Hogwarts Student are you? by NykolMisu
Family TypeMother Wizard / Father Muggle
StrengthDark Magic


strawberry @ Big Orange (Saturday, Sept. 3)
mango-lychee @ Dragon Ball (Wednesday, Sept. 14) [free since it was a birthday present, thanks to Chinese Eric!]
blueberry @ Big Orange (Wednesday, Sept. 21)

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Kalamata in ONLY selected pictures!

Thanks to not going for the potluck tonight, I finally had time to upload and post the better pictures from the Kalamata celebration! Now I'll go check out other games since SUPER MARIO RPG apparently freezes ZSNES, and I refuse to download yet another emulator!


Jeremy, Mark, Nathan, and Chinese Eric:

"Family is one of life's greatest masterpieces" - thanks, Harmony!

Dylan, Deb, me, and Jeremy:


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TALES OF PHANTASIA "action button" is ANNOYING! / Eric's not going - yay!

Played TALES OF PHANTASIA for a while last night; I loved the graphics, but that action button moving was way too flipping ANNOYING! Took a shower and did some laundry when I got up today; received an email from Eric, who can't make it out to Dylan and Deb's tonight since he hasn't been feeling well lately. OH NO! *sad face* He thought that I may be interested in coming out, but might need a ride. I replied back to say "THANK GOD! I need to vent about my week in my weekly tradition, and I haven't been interested in coming ever since Randal added Mr. Creep to the email exchange about this potluck!" PHEW! Deb wondered if I needed a ride, but I need the break from certain people even more!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bleeding / Caller ID defenses! / Done BREATH OF FIRE II

For some reason, I was bleeding today when I took the toaster oven out - WTF? At least I checked my mail, and Janina had mailed a lovely birthday card! Calla sent me a Gmail chat message asking if Stanford were teasing me with riddles; er, no? Apparently, the message was meant for someone else; good deal, haha. Then Paul kept trying to call me, but my Caller ID defenses were UP! Later, Deb tried to call me as I was in the middle of a boss battle with Barubary from BREATH OF FIRE II, so I said I'd call her at 8 while clarifying last night. Hmph! At least that gave me time to FINALLY finish the game! :D

Deb and Dylan dropped by at 8:20 to pick up the jerk's stuff, and tried to change my mind about the potluck at their place tomorrow. I wasn't impressed with Randal's "incentive" of dancing naked, although Alan's reply of how he liked nudity and would like that show DOES sound like what he'd say! After they left, I settled into my usual routine of ignoring all phone calls. :D

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Birthday Gifts, 2011 Edition

This is a list of birthday gifts and cards that I received in 2011:

* card with green HOPE religious bookmark (Cindy)

* an owl "LOVE!" piggy bank and "Family is one of nature's greatest masterpieces" eco-journal [Harmony and Jon]

* card and Bananagrams: The Official Book (Joe Edley) [Deb and Dylan]

* card and Passive-Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings (Kerry Miller) / For Your Information: Does Size Matter? (Editors of Apandisis Publishing) with two bookmarks [Nathan]

* Kalamata Greek dinner (Harmony / Nathan / Jeremy / Mark / Chinese Eric / Deb / Dylan / Chrystal

* card from Chrystal

* Dragon Ball mango-lychee bubble tea from Chinese Eric

* FOUNDATION nachos and appetizers from Christon / Jon / Eric M.

* $25 London Drugs gift card from Lisa S. and Steph N. with birthday card

* diet ginger ale, mooncake, jalapeno cheese slices, $25, Chiclets gum x4, Hot Tamales candy, strawberry milkshake Whoppers, birthday card, shirt, scarf, fresh green apple Palmolive Ultra dish detergent, leftover dinner and Deep & Delicious McCain chocolate cake, Kleenex boxes x3, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup x3, 2012 cat calendar, spicy chicken instant noodles x6, cling wrap, aluminum foil, purple journal, pink Virgo notepad, red journal with "L" on it, Snuggle dryer sheets from Mom and Dad

* lovely card from Janina

* late lunch from Auntie Catherine

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Birthday Wishes, 2011 Edition

Email: Dianne F., Danielle L. (2)

MSN: Teunis P. (1)

LJ: OhNoTheyDidnt 1, OhNoTheyDidnt 2, OhNoTheyDidnt 3, OhNoTheyDidnt 4, OhNoTheyDidnt 5, OhNoTheyDidnt 6, OhNoTheyDidnt 7, OhNoTheyDidnt 8, OhNoTheyDidnt 9, Boring_People 2, ONTD_Pucking (20)

Facebook Wall Posts: Harmony H., Wade T., Sanne S., Steve L., Chris W., Billie E., Ellen W., Laura B., Ryan M., Itamar R., Jason H., Kaitlin O., Sarah G., Susan D.-C., Sara H., Andrew M., Hilary F., Ellen C., Maxine F., Holly L., Hung K., Amanda C., David H., Nina M., Judy A., Karen Lew, Adam L., Quan H., Michelle W., Rosenda M., Kathy T., Marty D., Lesley C., Vania S., Dawn W., Kevin G., Zoe T., Sarah R., Tess M., Brian P., Carol B., Siobhan C., Vivian S., Leslie K., Nina S., James R., Veronica H., Erin C., Shannon S., Alice P., Kitty B., Steve B., Caroline G., Vicky L., Shelley R.-B., Stella H., Karla M., Vickie B.-N., Julie S., Mike B., Kenny Z., Dennis W., Miranda B., Natalie H., Julie C., Dave H., Marilynn S., Andrew L., Melanie A., Priscilla W., Alan P., Candy B., Alana P., Golden W., Sylver W., Farrah F., Teresa L., Amanda B., Jason T., Katrina R., Heather M., Derek L., Julie M., Denise M., Amy L., Mark H., Jason M., Darren C., Jess W. (89)

Facebook Messages: Steph N., Sonya (2)

Facebook Status Comments: Shelley R.-B., Vicky S., Teunis P., Priscilla T. (4)

Our Place: Carol B., Steve B., LovePass77, Subena, Debbie, Julie, Angela B., Nedra K., Marie S., Carol J. (10)

Other Message Boards and Such: Unaboard, Baby's Named A Bad Bad Thing, the Crime Library, Rock 101, OK Cupid (5)

Evite / Event RSVP: Teunis P., Billie E., Natalie H., Patrick Q., Siobhan C., Robin H., Eric M., Jon N., Randal C. (WTF?!), Harmony H., Scott W., Shelley R.-B., Vanessa H. (13)

In Person: Vanessa H., Jeremy J., Mark J., Chrystal C., Harmony H., Dylan L., Deb L., Eric H., Eric M., Nathan T., Christon S., Randal C. (WTF?!), Andrew L., Quan H., Maxine F., Keenan F., Julie M., Julie C., Lawrence T., Lincoln L., Lisa S., Teunis P., Catherine I., Michelle C., Chuck W., Andrea T. (27)

Cards / Presents: Cindy F. (card with chocolate cake on it, and a green HOPE religious bookmark), an owl "LOVE!" piggy bank and "Family is one of nature's greatest masterpieces" eco-journal [Harmony and Jon], card and Bananagrams: The Official Book (Joe Edley) [Deb L. and Dylan L.], card and Passive-Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings (Kerry Miller) / For Your Information: Does Size Matter? (Editors of Apandisis Publishing) with two bookmarks [Nathan T.], Kalamata Greek dinner (Harmony H. / Nathan T. / Jeremy J. / Mark J. / Chinese Eric / Deb L. / Dylan L. / Chrystal C., card from Chrystal C., Dragon Ball mango-lychee bubble tea from Chinese Eric), FOUNDATION nachos and appetizers [Christon S. / Jon N. / Eric M.], $25 London Drugs gift card (Lisa and Steph), homemade card (Janina), late lunch (Auntie Catherine) (16)

* Mom and Dad's presents: diet ginger ale, mooncake, jalapeno cheese slices, $25, Chiclets gum x4, Hot Tamales candy, strawberry milkshake Whoppers, birthday card, shirt, scarf, fresh green apple Palmolive Ultra dish detergent, leftover dinner and Deep & Delicious McCain chocolate cake, Kleenex boxes x3, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup x3, 2012 cat calendar, spicy chicken instant noodles x6, cling wrap, aluminum foil, purple journal, pink Virgo notepad, red journal with "L" on it, Snuggle dryer sheets (34)

Phone Calls / Skype: Chrystal C., Corey T., Steph N., Jon N. (4)

30.5% of my Facebook friends ... 117 of 383!


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JERK'S STUFF IS IN?! / The Classroom Test

Deb wanted me to move the jerk's stuff in for her own peace of mind - fine, I suppose so. Ugh, I can hardly wait till it's over! Lisa So deleted her FB or something, too.

You Are a Bored Student

You are easily bored, and you always find unique ways to do things. You go crazy if you're not allowed to innovate.

You get restless if you have to endure something tedious for too long. You have to break free.

You don't just dream it, you do it. And that's why you're so successful.

You may seem like an underachiever, but that's only when you are expected to achieve by others' standards.

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Index cards are a priority! / I just want this to be OVER!

At 8, I realized that I'd forgotten index cards at London Drugs earlier, so was about ready to go out when Dylan knocked at the door to say that he and Paul were there. I stalled by saying he had to wait outside the building, then went out after a couple minutes through the back door since the bus waits for NOBODY! He isn't welcome AT ALL! (I emailed both Erics and Corey the story earlier - white Eric had a bunch of stuff to say about that [I did NOT hurt Paul!], and he's right that I didn't feel safe!) The trip out was pretty brief (about half an hour there AND back), and the index cards turned out to be on sale! I was anxious when returning home, but nobody was around! Found an FB message from Deb (sent too late) saying that Dylan would be here... well, they'll have to pick up the asshole's shit from the door! (I kept Dylan and Deb's air mattress in here because it's THEIRS and I don't want that to be stolen)

I sent Deb a censored version of the story, mainly taking all the cursing and "I was offended by prayer requests!" stuff out. She replied back to say that she didn't know about that, and she knew things didn't end well between us. At least she or Dylan will be by tomorrow! Jon sent me a message to say it was cool that I didn't want Paul over last night because of the stress, but it was petty and immature if I wasn't letting Paul have his stuff back. I said nothing of the sort! Deb and Dylan are perfectly welcome to drop by and grab it from the hallway! Actually, I want him to have it back so I can finish this chapter! Then Jon called to get my side of the story, and say that Paul was going to apologize for his salvation judgments and words - I don't know! He thinks we can resolve it peacefully, and we can get along despite both being explosive... maybe at some point, we can have a discussion, but not now.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Currant, Cinnamon Bark, and Mandarin Method

Discussed stuff with Teunis on MSN, then went out briefly to London Drugs so I could get replacement on-sale bread, on-sale Cadbury chocolate x4 (DARK Fruit and Nut, Hazelnut, Toffee, Mint), six on-sale Method soaps (Currant x2, Cinnamon Bark x2, Mandarin Mango x2), on-sale Air Wick air freshener x3 (Papaya-Mango, Cool Linen and White Lilac, Rain Garden), and Excel gum. Got home and looked up help on popping up soap dispenser pumps - press on the thing and rotate it! Yes, I definitely deserved this treat to myself after the past nine days!

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*69 on MY phone bill?! / James, Vanessa, Siobhan, and Shelley / Windowsill Flowers

James said hi last night on YM, so of course I was all up for talking to him! We discussed this morning, creepy people, cousins, weird things in life, hot Texas weather, Austin, wildfires, and more. Always a good thing to talk to him! I told Siobhan what had happened, and she definitely understood - for my own peace of mind, I decided to block Paul. Also updated Vanessa on things via MSN, and she also gets it! Glad to have TRUE FRIENDS!

Got my phone bill, and discovered that the asshole had dared to dial *69 on MY phone line! I suppose this is better than a lot of long-distance calls like Korey did, but WHAT THE FUCK anyway! WHY ARE THE PSYCHO PEOPLE ATTRACTED TO ME?!!! Updated Teunis and Chrystal on things, too.

You Are Wild at Heart

You are secretly a rebel. You need space and freedom to do things your own way.

You're the perfect combination of uniqueness and quality. You're able to relate to all sorts of people.

You truly enjoy life, and you like to take time to savor it. You hate to feel rushed.

You look for the best explanation or solution, and you go with that. Your mind is uncluttered and free of stress.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NOT WELCOME HERE! / Major cleaning / Kenny gets it!

I left a message with Jon to say that Paul wasn't welcome here anymore, and since Paul had called, I returned that call with the same message. It was NOT "just a conversation" - leaving me pissed off and offended is NOT good, and he should know that. I came very close AGAIN to telling him to fuck off since his actions have a consequence! Apparently, I shouldn't have taken it so literally... *rolleyes*

I spent the next half hour cleaning and throwing things out like dispensed soap, detergent, a cup, cans, paper towels (after cleaning), the old bath mat / pouf, air freshener that he'd touched, and more. Sent a link to Kenny on Skype, who got a laugh out of the BS "apartment fire purpose" line! I think I'll replace the air freshener and the dispensed soap tomorrow!

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Shelley and Teunis help as friends! / Struggles

Talked to Teunis about stuff on MSN, which made me feel a little better - yeah, I am sometimes good with boundaries, and sometimes not. (case in point: Jasmine) Also vented to Shelley via FB wall post, and SHE gets the "sleep issue" thing very well! Mike B. and Chrissy deleted their FB accounts, I think...

You Struggle with Stubbornness

You don't change much, and you have a lot of trouble adjusting to the external changes in your life.

You're proud of your ability to stick to your guns. You don't give in to peer pressure.

In fact, the more people push you, the more resolve and determination you have.

While it's good to know where you stand, you are often paralyzed by inaction. A change would do you good.

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This morning, I was woken up by SOMEBODY talking on the phone through the wall. I was annoyed enough to get up out of bed and do something about it. Paul said that he HAD to get up and start his day, and why didn't I regulate my own sleep schedule, and I was CLEARLY not a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ because I scoffed when he said something about praying to God about my sleep schedule. I just can't deal with him anymore! He apparently is going to pray for me that I'm not "lost" anymore... believe me, I told Jon exactly what I thought of that when I called him right after Paul left. Paul thinks that I never really wanted him here in the first place, and was just doing it to be nice. "Next time, if you do things out of the goodness of your heart, you shouldn't complain and try to CONFORM! And if you use those big words like "condescending," you KNOW that I don't know what they mean, so you're making fun of me! Maybe my apartment fire had a purpose - my sacrifice is going to be good, since it'll turn you back to Christ!" I was verily offended by that, and snapped right back at him. For FUCK'S sake, people... this is what is going to turn me away from religion! (and his unsolicited advice!) He said that he's been praying for something for eight years now, and hasn't got it yet, so figures that God will give it to him eventually. I said that my Sunday School knowledge involved "JUST WAIT" as a valid answer to prayer from God, and said that maybe this thing wasn't in the cards for him. (yes, I used a tarot reference in reference to God - I don't care) I wondered about the clean Kleenex on my computer tower, saying that I probably didn't want to know what he was doing with it - then he said that I obviously thought he was creepy and did demonic and evil things. WTF?

Jon says that Paul has a problem with tact (but will listen to him - I hope so), and that he'd talk to him about it later. Yeah, I get that Paul's trying to find a job and such, but I'm not sure I'd have taken him in if I knew about his past! I told Paul that trust was a process for me; he said that Deb and Dylan were giving him their spare keys because they work all the time. I'm sure that's an issue, but I still refuse to do that! I don't instantly trust people, which Jon knows; he didn't trust Paul right away, either. He definitely knows how I get in the morning, too! What I do when I can't sleep is NOT Paul's business, that's for sure! No wonder I immediately called Jon when he left with the line "Call me if you want me to stay at the shelter - and I'll pray for you as a #1 priority! Your new nickname is Non-Believer!" I prefer to live and let live - seriously, I don't think we're going to be friends anymore! So fucking pretentious. Then Auntie Catherine called to make sure I was okay since she had to reschedule our lunch because her mom's not doing well - of course that would be totally understandable! Ugh, people...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad timing, Paul... / Vanessa, Walmart, A&W, and dropping by

Paul got back at 6, so I unfortunately had to apologize for the snarky "stealing" comment - he took it in stride, and said he'd been drinking beer at a Surrey friend's place. Of course, I told him that we all knew about what had happened at City Square yesterday, hahaha. Too bad Vanessa didn't call earlier than 6:20 to say she'd be here at 6:30, hehe. We went to Wal-Mart and discussed dried fruit, apricot, pineapple, her health, stupid bitchy people, mothers, my definite trust of Teunis over Paul, A&W burgers, Paul and his past understandably causing me to be wary and "hide," her cousin, Krista / Teunis / Erik / Ryan, Mr. Creep, mental health, Wayne, Halloween candy (I got a half-pound Reese's cup and passed on three-pounder bags of Rockets), gay people, Christmas cards, kettle chips (I got jalapeno cheddar and mesquite BBQ), the Toronto Maple Leafs, the mission, and more. Yes, she was definitely welcome to drop by to eat the A&W (I had prime rib burger) - luckily, Paul was sleeping by then. Why would I talk to him?! Seriously! Vanessa and I discussed mice, homesick people, sending stuff to Wayne, BC, surgery, my guestbook, hearing my neighbors, the size of my place, downtown, and other things before she left.

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No annoyances, Error 503, Vanessa, Walmart, and denim color

My nap lasted from 6:30 PM till 9:45 PM yesterday, and I didn't get annoyed by anyone... ah, bliss! When I got up today, LJ was giving me an Error 503 - ugh! Vanessa buzzed me on MSN since she wants to hang out in the evening and get some pineapple for Wayne at Wal-Mart. If she calls at 6 (after rush hour), that definitely sounds pretty good to me!

You Are Blue Denim

You remind others to have fun. Life should always be celebrated.

You believe in living in the present. There's nothing but the here and now.

You are a very "do it yourself" type of person. You like to dig in and get things done.

You have great people skills. You can find common ground with others well.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

His past is informing my present, no matter what...

After Paul RUDELY RUSHED me out of the house (I'll be glad when things return to normal around here!), I endured a car ride with him and Eric while we picked Harmony up. I wasn't impressed when she greeted him first before me, haha... I hadn't had much sleep, so my mood wasn't a great one! We talked about what he was doing, filming a video with Nathan for Jeremy, his appreciation for what people were doing, Deb, and more. Sat through service (after making awkward small talk with Lesley) thinking how disconnected I was from that world, actually. After I gave Jeremy his grad card, I greeted Michael's mom and Grandma, then told Auntie Rebecca that I still couldn't get a ride out for Awana... she said that she still had my photo frame in her office, heh. When I talked to Ada later, she said she wasn't going to do it this year. That's actually fine, since I could use the break no matter how much Auntie Vivian and Chrystal miss me! (I got to vent to Chrystal later - after this is over, I think we should get together again)

Talked to Helen, little Cory, Frances, little Isaac, baby Micah, Nathan W., Julie C., Michelle C., Karen I., Denise, baby Marcus, Enoch, Auntie Catherine, the ugfart, little Noah, Auntie Vivian, Chrystal, Kevin, Sonya, Grace, Maxine, Phil, Jessica Leung, Mark, Jeremy, Adam, Andrew, and Stella while dodging Mr. Creep: Enoch's new pastoral internship at the church, belated birthday wishes, baby Ava Alexandra, Facebook, Fridays, Canada Line stations, being unable to sleep the night AFTER drinking alcohol, birthday doings, Vancouver City Centre, knowledge, lunch plans for Tuesday, snacks, Awana, life updates, school, midterms / quizzes, being polite, baby Emma, and more. Went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School and saw Jessie, Rachel's grandma, Lanie, Danny, Anastasia, Ramen, Shira, James, Mattias, Ashley, Alexis, and Brandon. Discussed water, snacks, sitting down, toys, Lego, castles, stickers, drawings, tow trucks, and more. I was going to take Mattias downstairs, but Chung Yan showed up to the rescue, haha.

I impatiently waited around for Eric to finish discussing STARCRAFT with Mike K., and I said hi to Sandy and Hannah W. while telling Harmony that I had trust issues. Eric wondered where Paul was, but I wasn't really interested since his voice annoyed me today. Eventually, we just went to Kirin at City Square Mall by ourselves, so I got to vent to Eric all about this week! He thinks I'm letting "negative mental energy" take over my life, and tells me that I'm not sending Paul a good message if I stored a bunch of stuff in my room after hearing about his past! Perhaps, and I know it's not GOOD... but still. Apparently, Paul told him that he was worried about making me pissed off this morning, and that I spend a lot of time hiding in my room. Hey, I want SOME privacy in here while he's around! I also told Eric about the "going topless" excuse - Eric says I can stick it out till Tuesday. Not sure my sanity can take much more, even if Paul IS mainly not here! Of course I trusted Teunis more around my place and with my things like spare keys, man!

I wasn't impressed when I heard Mr. Creep's voice as we were going up to the restaurant! I told Eric to help me, and he thought it would be a good day. Jon told me to treat him like a human being, but I don't think I can. (yeah, I get the whole "dehumanizing" bit, but still...) Instead, I mainly focused on Mark, Connie, Jon, Jeremy, and Harmony while ignoring the rest of the table - too bad for Christon, Eric, and Randal! Talked about hockey pools / fantasy drafts, the week's plans, running, bad service at restaurants, tripe, Denny's, vasectomies, ha-gow, shrimp, rice, organ meat, intestines, the Old Spaghetti Factory, Paul being recognized at the City Square Mall dollar store because he got banned for shoplifting a good while back in his past (that, I can understand, but won't tell him because it's PERSONAL), Saturday's dinner (which I may not go to because Mr. Creep says he's bringing mashed potatoes - it would be a headache to watch my things!), small group outings this Friday, and more.

On the way home, Eric tried convincing me to leave my ringer on while I took a nap, and NOT to catch up after a weekend. NO WAY! He said that it was rude not to let my temporary houseguest in - I get that, but I need my sleep! We also discussed desktop computers, my TV not working, Shaw, our small group combining with Deb and Dylan's to watch a movie at their place (I'm definitely not going if Raymond / Randal / Mr. Creep are going to be there!), my hosting a hockey game (HA), my weekly tradition, his being able to give me a ride on Saturday if I go, revenge, creepy offers, "dear," and more. I think I'm going to take a nap when I'm done with this entry, for sure!

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Are You a Black Swan or a White Swan?

FUCK! I hate people knocking on my door and waking me up! I wish he were GONE... only two more days, I hope! I'm only going because of Jeremy's lunch at Kirin... ugh!

You Are a White Swan

You are introverted, cultured, and mysterious. People are curious about what makes you tick.

You've got a lot of flair and creativity, but you temper it with moderation and grace.

You can be too conservative at times. You resist acting too boldly. You seem calm and composed.

You are reserved to the point of being self-absorbed. You put yourself first and work hard to achieve your goals.

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Ferrero Rocher is good! / No forced real life! / Politeness obligation

Went out for half an hour at 3:15 to spend Steph and Lisa's $25 London Drugs gift card on paper towels (SOMEONE is using them up like crazy...), basic toilet paper, a graduation card for Jeremy, and an on-sale Ferrero Rocher collection with dark chocolate / coconut-almond / hazelnut. Got home and had mooncake all to myself - I'll wait for the cake to thaw. Yay for free Saturday afternoons! I forgot about the good chocolate bar sale - four for $5?! I'll probably do it tomorrow or at some point when I know my stuff won't be touched! I also knew that Jeremy and Christon would do an Evite for their birthdays, so of course I'm going to that one next Sunday... I just hope Eric does NOT force me to experience real life like LAST time. BLAH!

Paul got back at 10:45 - we discussed the potatoes in the fridge, the sausages (the best-before date is today, so you bet you have to use them for breakfast tomorrow!), his offer of chips (NO THANKS - I had to be polite, though! *sad*), Visa bills on minimum payment, electricity work, and more. I'll still be glad when he's gone, as my bedroom looks like a semi-pigsty! It's his fault that I have to store things in here; I do have to be careful because of his past!

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