Saturday, November 08, 2008

Muddy fields, oh my!

Looks like another chill Saturday for me! Jess M. / Casey L. / Alice Y. / John L. / Anthony L. / Austin F. / Conrad T. / Brian S. / Jim S. / Angelika L. / Caitlin M. / Roshen W. / Daniel L. / Audrey P. / David I. / Swapna M. / Merry L. / Laura B. added me for the blood games, heh. Kevin L. also added me, but not for the games - ha ha ha. Should have known Danielle's cousin would be good for that!

Had a weird dream about muddy fields, Geddy Lee, and racing... people looked totally opposite than they would in real life, too. Weird!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

If he thinks we're talking again, he is NUTS!

Just checked my email trash box for something else, and found this email from Korey. I decided I should at least blog about it to get this out of the way. Not sure if I believe him; it's better for me NOT to! After this, I will delete the email. I'm getting better, and will NOT actually reply to it!

I just wanted to say I did love you, and probably still do. I don't understand why you're still so mad and bitter, when you are the one who ended things. You called me a liar and cheater, yet I never did lie to you or cheat on you. I talked to many of my friends about it, even to Steve who lived with us for a couple weeks. He said (and I agree) that you were always jealous of me. Maybe because I'm happy right now and you're not. I let go, Leslie... I don't hold any hard feelings towards you, but you can't let go for some reason. I don't hate you, or I'm not mad at you. But from what I heard from others, you're having a hard time letting go.

I hope God and your friends fill your life with happiness, Leslie, and I mean that. Don't be mad or hold a grudge against me because you're having troubles letting go. You will always be a part of me, Leslie, in a good way... and I want you to know that. I never cheated or lied to you, but I guess your mind is too clouded now to see that. I was just me, and you didn't want that. I spent time with Ryan and Alison and Eric and a lot of my other friends. I realize I'm loved for being me, and not a person that you wanted me to be. I hope we can talk again, and I hope you will use this time to heal. Stop getting your Internet friends to call or text me, please. I'm happy right now, and you deserve that too. Leslie, don't be angry with me. Just move on... that's what you wanted.

A couple of weeks?! HA. Steve only lived with us for less than a week, and I love how he twists the memory of events around to fit what HE wants to say! Man, there is a good reason why I'm not with him! I am FINE without him! Me, having a hard time letting go? If that were true, then I'd be very clingy and needy right now - and I don't think I am! I *so* don't want to let him have the last word, but... I don't mind a person being themselves (bad grammar?), but with everything that was going on at the end, I think that was something I would rather not continue!

At least this was in reasonably intelligent English, even before I edited it for paragraphs and such. (originally, it was a big block of text - UGH!) My mind is NOT clouded, thanks! I don't believe him on too much stuff he says here. He NEVER lied to me?! HA HA HA. This is coming from Mr. Secret KING! If he doesn't understand why I'm still so mad and bitter when I ended things, believe me! There was a lot more to it than just being the finisher, as it were. And no, my Internet friends are not calling and texting him since apparently he changed his number. Besides, that was only the time when I told them too - now, they can't! That email is NOT worth a reply. So why am I having a hard time with this? As soon as I saw this (shouldn't have opened it), I started crying. :P

Karen says that if I'm bitter, I'm letting him win. This is true. I need to find my own way to let go, which doesn't compromise my core values at all. He wants to TALK AGAIN?! IS HE CRAZY?! HEALING?! Oh yes... oh DAMN yes. I will. I might make bad decisions, so pray! I bet he talked to people about this... and probably only gave them HIS side of the story too! THANK GOD IT IS OVER! Also as per Karen: if he really loved me, he wouldn't be saying those things in anger! We get that people say things in anger, but not THOSE things!

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Cereal, little black dresses, and more!

Anup P. / Vincentius H. / Kew Soon K. / Peisan L. / Morgan R. / Stan H. / Mario M. / Lady McGuire / Red Maelstrom / Marco G. / Joe H. / Jeremy L. / Outi U. added me for the blood games, heh. Yes, I should stop procrastinating with the Blogthings... I'm just trying to get caught up while waiting for my stamina to recharge! Seems we're meeting at the high school for the next few Sundays - oh well.

What Your Flip-Flops Say About You

You are super laid-back and peaceful. Not much disturbs you.

You're content with what you have in life, and you can't stand feeling worked up.

A lot of good things tend to come your way in life...

You're not too busy or stressed to let an opportunity pass you by.

Your ideal warm weather place: Hawaii

Your Risk Taking Level: Low

You live your life with the motto: safety first.

You prefer to not take any risks at all.

But by never taking a risk, you're chancing something else...

A very boring and predictable life!

What's Important to You... And What Isn't:

For you, primal needs like eating and sleeping are your top priorities.

You don't mind having things to get done... as long as they don't pile up on you.

You attend to almost every priority in your life. You don't neglect much.

You want your closest relationships to be a high priority, but you often don't get around to them.

You Are Cheerios

Like other Cheerios eaters, you want to be a responsible adult.

But you can't help but still be a kid at heart!

You try to make good decisions. You're a clean-cut, conscientious person.

You're the type of person who would never skip breakfast.

Part of you thinks that breakfast is too important to miss...

But a bigger part of you knows it's too fun to miss!

What Your Feet Say About You:

You are more expressive than most people. You let everyone know how you're feeling - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You are a somewhat passionate person. A few things get you very fired up, but you're usually pretty laid back.

You are an assertive person at times. You'll pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it's worth it.

You take a while to fall in love, but once you do, you stay pretty attached to your partner.

You are not afraid of anything. You are brave and courageous, even when most people would be terrified.

You are very practical and down to earth. You're more concerned with action than thoughts.

You are a fairly hard worker, but you are also a little spoiled. You like to indulge yourself every now and then.

You are not easily influenced by other people. You hold your ground and are true to your beliefs.

Your Personality at 35,000 Feet Says...

Deep down, you vastly prefer being with others to being alone. You love to engage people in conversation.

You are not too sure what your place in the world is yet. You often feel invisible in a crowd.

Your gift is relating to other people. You don't hide from your own emotions, and you are good at drawing other people out.

You are inspired by what is possible. Real life is often too ordinary for you.

It's very easy for you to feel happy. You can find peace with any situation.

You Should Live in a Small City

You are definitely an urban person, but not any old city will do.

You want a city that matches you well. For you, big cities lack individuality.

You prefer a smaller city with lots of personality, local culture, and history.

What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class.

Your taste is refined, but you are not picky.

You are often the first to try something new.

You are honest and straightforward.

You have a distinct personality, and you make your opinions known.

And while people like that you keep it real, you can come off as judgmental.

You love being around people. Friendships are important to you.

You feel lost when you're by yourself... so you tend to avoid being alone.


What Your Front Door Says

You are intriguing and charming.

People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.

You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.

You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.

Your Slogan Should Be

Put Up with Leslie or Put Up With Anything


You Are Punk Music

You've thought long and hard about what mainstream society has to offer...

And you've pretty much decided that most normal things aren't for you.

You're creative, expressive, and likely to do things yourself.

You are a rebel and a fighter. You'll defend your point of view to anyone.

The Keys to Your Life

Anything good in your life comes from boldly confronting the darkness.

Illusions are dangerous, and you benefit from seeing the world as it truly is.

Anything bad in your life comes from sinking to the level of those around you.

Remember to lift people up, and refuse to participate in anything petty.

What Your City Walk Means

You are adventurous and easygoing. You love life, as long as you don't have to do anything hard.

You are very outgoing and friendly. You feel very comfortable in a crowd, and you can get to know anyone.

Money is very important to you. You like to have lots of nice things... and you don't care if you're being greedy.

You are curious about ideas. If you had the means, you'd like to explore the whole world.

You Belong in Generation X

You fit in best with people born between 1961 and 1981.

You are fun, laid-back, and very independent.

You are willing to take risks and live your life however you see fit.

You are casual, accepting, and friendly. You see everyone as your equal.

You Are Fairly Abnormal in Love

When it comes to love, you definitely have your own take on things.

You love and hurt like everyone else, but your expectations and rules are different.

It may make it hard for you to feel understood. People don't really get where you're coming from.

Why You Are Normal in Love

You are normal because you haven't been in love with two people at once.

You are normal because you believe more than one soulmate is possible.

Why You Aren't Normal in Love

You are abnormal because you don't believe a long-distance relationship can work.

You are abnormal because you first fell in love when you were 19 or older.

Your Goth Name is:

Cat Omega

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are flirtatious and playful. You prefer a casual environment.

It's hard for you to take anyone too seriously... including yourself.

Your style is fresh and modern. You are often the first to experiment with new trends.

If you were a shoe, you would be: A ballet flat

You Are Profoundly Disturbing

You're weird, freaky, and maybe even a little psycho.

You aren't just attracted to darkness - you thrive in it.

Your interests are downright creepy, and you may even lack normal human empathy.

While there's no harm in enjoying the macabre, remember to keep your vilest thoughts to yourself!


*ahem* Except the bit about lacking normal human empathy. I have that, unlike SOME people I know!

Your DJ Name Is:

DJ Skinny Sugar

Your Thinking is Abstract and Random

You are flexible, adaptable, and creative.

There's many ways that you can learn - and you're up for any of them.

You relate well to other people, and you do well working in groups.

You can help people communicate together and work with each other's strengths.

You don't work well with people who are competitive or adversarial.

You prefer to work toward a common goal... not toward conflicting goals.

What Your Easter Egg Says About You

You are responsible, loyal, and a true leader.

You are able to pick up the slack when needed...

And you never feel resentful for helping others.

You are a true friend. You enjoy knowing that people can count on you.

Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Personality

You know what you want in life and how to get it.

You're not going to waste time or let yourself be meek

Whether it's chocolate, money, or power...

You take what you can get, and you act quickly.

You have a lot of energy, and people are sometimes scared by your determination.

Not that you care what other people think. You're not going to apologize for who you are.

Sounds scarily like someone I used to know! I want another result!

Your Spelling is Perfect

You got 10/10 correct.

Your spelling is excellent. You also have a great memory and eye for detail.

Of course I do! Some other people, on the other hand? NOPE!

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.

If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.

As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.

And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

That is very true!

Your Heart is Red and Green

Your heart is serene and peaceful.

You are down to earth, laid-back, and secure in who you are.

You bring strength and sanity to relationships.

You're good at communicating and working through problems.

Christmas colors! NOOOOOO!!!

What Your Shamrock Says About You

You are unselfish, responsible, and a good leader. You contribute a lot to your community.

At times, you can be self-righteous and stubborn. There's no better way to do things than your way.

You consider yourself a lucky person. Luck always seems to be on your side.

You are creative, innovative, and complicated. You definitely have a unique spin on the world.

You Are Fruit-Flavored Gum

You are quirky and independent. You don't tend to follow any one style or rule book.

You are a mix and match type of person, and you draw inspiration from many sources.

While you're definitely a bit unusual, you get along well with other people.

You're eager to welcome anyone into your world. You are not judgmental at all.

You form close bonds with your friends, and your relationships tend to be very secure.

You hold firm to your beliefs and values, and you don't let anyone talk you into compromising them.

You bet I'm quirky! :D

What These Tulips Say About You

You are very popular and universally admired.

You are often hopelessly in love, and you connect to other people easily.

You are a naturally cheerful and upbeat person. You have an amazing smile.

You have a fresh perspective on things. You have a different way of looking at the world.

Your Rapper Name Is...

Lord Nasty

You Are a Crossword Puzzle

You are well-read, and you have a good head for remembering facts.

You are a wordsmith. You have a way with words, and you're very literate.

You are a mysterious person who enjoys dropping little clues every now and then.

You bet I'm literate, unlike SOME people! :D

You Are Cayenne Pepper

You are very over the top and a bit overwhelming.

You have a fiery personality, and you can give anyone a good jolt.

You can easily take things up a couple notches, no matter what crowd you're running with.

You Are Clogs

You are a solid and down to earth person.

You seek and almost always achieve a really sound balance in your life.

You are stylish, yet comfortable. Mellow, but driven. Excited, yet calm.

You are the perfect mesh of contradictions.

No matter what happens, you have the ability to stay well-grounded in your life.

People know that they can truly depend on you.

You should live: In Europe

You should work: At a company dedicated to helping the world

You Are a Comma

You are open-minded and extremely optimistic.

You enjoy almost all facets of life. You can find the good in almost anything.

You keep yourself busy with tons of friends, activities, and interests.

You find it hard to turn down an opportunity, even if you are pressed for time.

Your friends find you fascinating, charming, and easy to talk to.

(But with so many competing interests, you friends do feel like you hardly have time for them.)

You excel in: Inspiring people

You get along best with: The Question Mark

Your Rockstar Name Is...

Angel Revolver

If You Were Slightly Different, Your Name Would Be:


Your Native American Name Is...

Enola Mai

Your name means: Solitary Coyote

You Don't Drink Too Much

Looks like you're a social drinker, at worst!

Keep partying, but as always, know when you've hit your limit.

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Don't you dare disrespect my dream wishes!

Have received emails from Eric and Vanessa - I'm not going to make it out tonight since I'd rather stay in one place. Not sure if McDonalds is my thing, either!

I had a dream about my being driven to a restaurant by the Parker Place district. It was a nice Chinese restaurant with golden dragons on the wall. Saw my old elementary school acquaintance David Enzenhofer with his sister Lissa - he was a little deaf, but he had hearing aids to correct that. [true in real life] He immediately came over to my table (I was with a bunch of friends), and it was understood that we wanted to be in love with each other. We sat close together, and he pressed his cheek to mine - it felt really nice to be appreciated!

Then after we ate, we went to the Rosehill Drive house, complete with white tile floor in the foyer. My mom was in the process of throwing things away in the recycling blue boxes, so we left her alone. When I threw away various old clothing items of mine, she didn't like that. But I didn't find out till after I got off the phone with Maxine - I congratulated her on how cute her boys Keenan and Joshua were, and how well they seemed to play together. We discussed Christmas plans and chalkboards for a while, too.

Later, my friends and I had to help my mom with a lot of old newspapers. I discovered the clothes I thought I'd thrown out in a pile, and asked her about it. She said that she'd chosen to disrespect my wishes, so we all lectured her - that felt good for some reason! Then these two adorable kids showed up in an SUV, claiming that we'd ordered pizza for delivery. Nobody had, but we invited them in anyhow because of the fall leaves and snow dusting outside. That was where the dream ended.

Almost no clue where that came from, but I did see a cute video of Keenan and Joshua singing and playing the other day! I did throw out some of my old clothes yesterday, too - I should have done it last week, as it would have been EASY! *grumbles at missed opportunity to throw other stuff out too*

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Friday Five on the phone / Sunglasses, gemstones, and more!

Talked to Farrah, Eric H., Corey, and Leigh (who added me to Facebook) about things... yay for them!

Friday Five - THE PHONE

1. Could you live without your phone for one week for $500? I've done that very recently, but it wasn't voluntary. Possibly I could do it voluntarily, but Eric H. did say it's one of the essentials of life. Let's just say yes for now, due to my precarious financial situation. :P
2. Whom do you talk to on the phone the most? Brother, I guess.
3. Whom do you no longer talk to on the phone, but wish you still did? Alex!
4. If you could get ahold of one celebrity phone number, whose digits would you want? Bono, as he is an intelligent man with a lot of worthy things to say.
5. Do you talk on the phone more or less than you used to? Less, definitely. That's fine by me, though!

You Are an "A-OK"

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Whatever will be, will be."

Your greatest wish is to live each day a little better than the next.

You are naturally calm and stable. Some people would call you a rock.

You feel one with the world. You are a spiritual person, though no one who knows you would guess it.

Your Fitness Type: Serene

You find exercise to be a great way to relieve stress.

Getting fit is important to you, but not as important as clearing your mind.

Try exercise that has a mind-body connection, like yoga or tai chi.

You may also enjoy exercising in nature - whether it's hiking or swimming or taking a long walk.

You Are A Little Scared of Commitment

You're open to getting serious with someone... though you can't entirely imagine it.

Maybe you haven't met the right person. Maybe you haven't gotten to the right point in your life.

Your reaction to commitment is very normal - especially if you're young or have been burned before.

Give it time. You'll probably be ready for a serious relationship sooner than you think.


What Your Sunglasses Say About You

You are clever, unique, and a total nonconformist.

Your sense of fashion is based on your own personal creativity.

You need to be shaded from the mundane parts of life.

You feel sunniest when you can express yourself freely and without judgment.

FREELY AND WITHOUT JUDGMENT! That is definitely what I want!

Your Bedroom Personality: Dominant

In the bedroom, you have no problem asking for what you want.

But you're really not the type to ask your partner what they want in return!

And while your dominance may be okay for more submissive types, your one-sided ways can be a total turnoff.

Give a little in return from time to time. You may be surprised what kind of rewards your generosity reaps.

You Have a Fairly Strong Willpower

Temptation doesn't get the better of you all that often.

If you set your mind on a goal, you'll do your best to achieve it.

And while you don't have a perfect record with willpower, you do okay.

If you fall off the wagon with something, you're usually not off the wagon for long.

You Have Fairly Healthy Relationships

You try your best in relationships, and you do a pretty good job.

You're as considerate, honest, and giving as you can be.

There's always more that you can do, and sometimes you do leave people feeling a bit neglected.

Great relationships don't happen overnight. As long as you keep making improvements, your relationships will get better!

You Are Bold When it Counts

You don't make a big fuss about getting what you want... unless it's really important to you.

Then you're as bold as you want to be. You just go for it!

You're often up for a little excitement and adventure. Well, as long as the cost isn't too great.

You enjoy risk, but not for its own sake. Let's just say you've learned a few lessons about risk in your life.

You Are Not a Green Driver

For you, driving green is not important in the least.

You'll drive when you have to... and when you want to.

Even if you don't care about the environment, you could be saving some money if you drove greener.

And if that won't motivate you, than nothing will!

What's funny is that I didn't check ANYTHING since I don't drive!

Also, what's with #7? It's a PEDAL, not a PEDDLE. Stupid quiz maker!

You Are Barbeque Sauce

You are a social person. You enjoy cooking for other people.

You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks.

You appreciate complexity more than simplicity.

Your taste in food tends to lean toward interesting flavors.

You appreciate exotic spice combinations. You tend to like cutting-edge, fusion cuisine.

You get along with all personalities from a distance. Except salsa personalities, who always seem to annoy you.

Me, enjoy cooking for other people?! HA HA HA.

You Are No Swimsuit

You are totally, completely comfortable with your body.

And you're not judgmental about other people's bodies either.

You are connected to nature. You feel best when you are outdoors.

You are a serene and peaceful person. You focus on what's truly important... not material possessions.

NO swimsuit? Oh my.

The Road Trip of Your Life

You see life as a journey to be shared with others. Kinship and sharing are very important to you.

You live life at a fairly leisurely pace. You take time to enjoy the sweeter parts of life, even when you're busy.

You don't like a lot of risk or randomness in your life. You prefer to stick with what's known, even if it's a bit boring.

You are able to find a fairly healthy balance between work and play. You work when you need to, but you never let yourself burn out.

In another life, you could have been a great novelist. You have a knack for describing things in an interesting way.

That's very true, especially the last part. I've had that told to me a few times, at least! (and it's NOT gone to my head!)

You Are a Winter Person

You are calm, serious, and focused.

You're the type of person who appreciates the quiet and calm.

Winter is the perfect time for you to get cozy and work on a hobby.

Summer is a bit too hectic for you. You like the dead of winter... preferably with a roaring fire inside.

You are a Model Citizen of the World

You care deeply about the world, and you do everything you can to help.

You feel like the injustices in the world are your injustices, and you fight to fix them.

You have a deep appreciation for the differences that make up the world.

You feel like you have something to gain from every culture and country.

You Are Break Dancing

You are a rebel and a rule breaker.

You are uniquely you, and you love expressing your individuality.

And while you're different and a bit weird, you're no slacker.

You're extremely hard working. Having unusual talents is not as easy as it looks!

What These Fireworks Say About You

You are focused, single-minded, and intense.

You don't let others see your intensity often, and when they do, they are quite surprised.

You burn brightly, but you also burn steadily.

You have the endurance to get the one thing you desire most.

You Are Pretty Charming

While you're not a natural charmer, you can be charming when you want to be.

And lucky for those around you, you usually feel like turning on the charm.

You project a happy, calm image - even when you're feeling the exact opposite.

You make people feel great about being around you... though you're not always up for putting in the effort.

You Are a Fork

You are truthful, direct, and straightforward.

People find your honesty to be a bit piercing at times.

You are driven and wildly ambitious.

You know what you want, and you take the most direct path to getting it.

What Your Workspace Says About You

You are not organized in the least. Everything in your life pretty much survives off chaos.

You tend to work at your own pace.

You are proud of your life, and you want your co-workers to know how great it is. You're not afraid of some subtle bragging.

You are still trying to figure out your ideal career. You could quit your current job on any given day.

At work, you tend to be an extrovert. You enjoy working with other people and drawing people into your work space.

You Are 90% Yankee, 10% Dixie

You're so Yankee, it's possible you've never even been to the South!

EWWW! Who would have fried pickles?!

You Are a Snake

You have extraordinarily sharp senses.

You sense what's going on almost before it happens.

You connect with the world. People instantly feel close to you.

You are a natural protector. You take good care of your friends.

You are an ambitious person. Your ambition drives you.

But while you are ambitious, you are also humble. You are thankful for everything you have.

You Are a Strawberry Shake

You are a truly sweet person... but not too sweet.

You're a little too sassy and funky to be considered a sweetheart.

You love to flirt and tease. And people love the attention you give them.

You are a true extrovert, and you make new friends easily.

You Are a Salty Person

When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab a bag of chips over a bag of cookies.

There's a good chance you're male (men prefer salty snacks)...

Or at least, you feel very comfortable in male-dominated environments.

Your taste tends to be complex, sophisticated, and adult.

You tend to crave your favorite restaurant meal... or mom's cooking.

I like being around guys because I'm more comfortable with them. NOT because I'm looking to get with them!!!

What the House Test Says About You

You have a high opinion of yourself. You think that you are quite important in the scheme of things... definitely more important than most people.

You can't stand community-oriented people and annoying "buy local" campaigns. You prefer to live the best life possible, and that doesn't really involve many other people.

You are a calm, contemplative, and smart person. You take ideas very seriously.

You look attractive, but mostly because your rely on your natural good looks to get by.

You are moved by romance and love. You are optimistic about people, and you love hearing about happy endings.

This is NOT the result I imagined! Just because I like mansions and libraries...

Your Attention Span is Long

Your attention span is amazingly long.

You can concentrate well, and your mind doesn't stray easily.

Even if you have a mundane task to complete, you can get it done easily.

Because you don't get distracted, you accomplish more than most people.

Your self-discipline is your greatest strength.

You can will yourself to do almost anything. All you have to do is put your mind to it.

What the Beach Test Says About You

You tend to be a very social person. You live for your friends and family. You can get social burnout occasionally, though. You aren't a total extrovert.

You fall in love with ease and confidence. Even if you've had bad experiences in the past, each new love is a reason to start completely over.

You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions.

Your sense of humor is very physical. Your facial expressions or spot-on imitations of people are hilarious.

You Are a Little Negative...

You can be negative from time to time, but you rarely go overboard.

You have a realistic view of the world, and most people appreciate your honest insights.

Like everyone else, you have your darker moods.

But when you're feeling super negative, you keep your feelings to yourself.

Your Gemstone Says...

You are simply joyful. You find it easy to have peace of mind.

You tend to think positive thoughts. It's easy to control where your mind goes.

You have great mental powers and self-discipline.

You are able to dream big. You definitely aren't afraid of failure.

You Like Names That Are Classic and Timeless

You prefer quality names that have stood the test of time.

You don't like anything that's trendy today and outdated next year.

Names are important to you, and naming someone should not be an social experiment.

You are the type most likely to name someone after a family member.

Some female names you might like: Andrea, Elizabeth, Hannah, Julia, Marie, Nicole, and Victoria

Some male names you might like: Aaron, Benjamin, Christopher, Jonathan, Matthew, Thomas, and Zachary

Yup! :D

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are not a particularly modest person. You're proud of who you are, and you don't care who knows it.

You are incredibly cautious. You'd rather miss out on something than make a mistake. No one would ever call you wild... but they would call you responsible.

You are a very open minded, liberal, and flexible person. You love many things. You tend to have tastes that range from down home to cosmopolitan.

You tend to have a one-track mind. You prefer not to multitask.

You can be a bit dramatic and over the top sometimes. You are bold in every way.

The only problem with that is.... I DO MULTI-TASK!

You Are a Great Listener

You are the perfect person to talk to.

You are patient, empathetic, and encouraging.

You provide subtle, but important, feedback.

You let people say everything that needs to be said before you weigh in.


What Your Fridge Says About You

You like to be surrounded by things you love. You aren't exactly greedy, but you can be materialistic at times.

You tend to be a fairly thrifty person. You splurge occasionally, but you're mostly a saver.

You are a very adventurous person. You love to try new things, and you get bored very easily.

You try to be responsible, but you don't always succeed. Your heart is in the right place though.

You are likely to be married - and very busy.

Psh! NOT married, thank goodness!

Your Response is: Stay Calm

You don't have much of a fight or flight response.

In fact, you'd rather do neither. You don't like getting worked up.

You are able to approach most threats calmly and rationally.

You don't let your emotions get the best of you!

You Are in the Anal Stage of Development

According to Dr. Freud, you are stuck in the anal stage of development.

If your parents didn't discipline you enough as a young child, you may be messy, reckless, and defiant.

If your parents disciplined you too severely as a young child, you may be uptight, stingy, and passive aggressive.

No matter where you fall, you are likely to have a few problems with authority.

Your Independence Level: Low

You are slightly independent, but you usually don't do your own thing.

You rely on the advice of others... or no advice at all.

As a result, you often end up making decisions that you regret.

Listen to your intuition. You really do know what's best for you.

Your Body's Element is Water

You are a joyful, relaxed, and luminous person.

You love people. You live for making new friends and helping others.

You are enthusiastic, and the ideal person to work with.

You don't mind doing hard tasks, and you have a generous spirit.

Your energy tends to be: conserved

You power color is: black

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