Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Little dragons in Chinatown / Quizzes

today went all right, as we actually went to Chinatown..
maybe I'll get a little dragon there next week, since I want one now.. Michael doesn't have to send me one if possible!
we're leaving at 6 AM tomorrow on the Chinese bus tour..
I don't know how well I can handle that, but I think grace will be the key to all of this..
at least I've avoided major blowups with people so far..
let's hope the rest of the trip will be like that.. help?!

You are Roxanne level of boring. How shameful!

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you are a banana split

the most pointless quiz ever
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You know me well - too well, actually.

The Quiz That Everyone Will Fail
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You are DAVEN: tall, dark, mysterious, and oh-so-sexy. All the women want you. All the men want to be you... well, just like you. You, my gorgeous friend (or should I say fiend), are the first vampire to enjoy the freedom of eternally dark space.

yet another quiz on my characters
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Email exchanges are interesting! / Quizzes

the flight into Toronto was okay.. watched MEAN GIRLS and SHREK II in-flight, and struggled with my headset..
met Melissa's parents and brother, who seem very nice..
it was interesting to see Steph again for sure..
having "email exchange" with someone is very good..
we'll get introduced to Toronto daytime traffic tomorrow..
going to UTM downtown campus to get stuff done for Jon..
maybe this trip will get better, but I guess we'll see ;)

you are fun and weird and high off life... dunno how I got those results for ya, though....

another stupid quiz
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You are.. a fighter. Whether this is your innate nature, or just that something bad happened to you along the way to make you this way, you tend to go after people that piss you off with a vengeance -- and, to be quite honest, sometimes you scare even very close friends. And you're damned proud of that talent. You like to think you're unpredictable and crazy -- but let's face it, you're really not, that much.

You've really got a great personality, and the people you give your loyalty to you give you loyalty forever, but sometimes your aggressive and overbearing nature tends to get in the way of that. And sometimes you can get overprotective of those you love. Occasionally, you fear change, again most likely relating to the probable bad thing that happened to you early on in life, because it means new opportunities to fail and get hurt. You hate failing, and although you have a very high sense of honour and your own unique moral code... a lot of times, you find yourself trying to find ways around that to get what you want.

Sometimes, you're your own downfall, holding yourself back so that you don't hurt anyone you love. But you do it too much. Pretty much, you either try too much or not at all, and you are often very cynical, given that you've seen a lot of things. You need certain types of friends to make sure that you don't lose hope or give up in the middle of something, because you're actually an important person in the whole scheme of things.

More often than not, you find yourself fighting for the good guys, and you also have a tendency to get used to your limits, since you're so reluctant to admit weakness in yourself. Your fears are all rather unusual; you'd rather die than let a friend down, and you don't give a flying fuck about your own safety, frankly. But in the end, it's all good, because you'll be surrounded by friends, yes?

The Em Personality Quiz
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You are just so rational, right? You are a box. A black box, even. And black matches everything. Oh my, that's practical.

the ITEM quiz
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Oh My Goddess. That was exquisite. I don't smoke, but if I did, I'd need one now! *fanning myself* Where did you learn all of that?!

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You are a purple triangle that watches porn. You're naughty! ;)

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Last entry till sometime in September!

Quick update: I had much fun at the greasy Bon's Breakfast this morning, talked to a bunch of people at church about my trip, signed up for yet another year of helping with the kids at Awana on Saturdays, and then had lunch (half-price pizza and some beer) with my brother / Jeremy / Tally at the Yaletown Brewery. Dianne was going to get a "Uranus" shirt from Seattle, but it cost too much.. oh well. ;) Eric H. gave me the Boredoms CD finally.. yay for friends! Talked to Hien and David about the trip.. I'll see if I get them any books, as I've got to get postcards... Jon and Eric M. are doing some double CD-ripping as I type.

Talked to my sister on the phone too, even though I'll be seeing her tomorrow sometime. Just learned that I'll have to get up at 6 AM on the first morning of the tour (Wednesday), which is definitely something I'm not accustomed to! I guess I'll survive... ;) Jon's move-in date to residence is Sept. 3, and the tour lasts about a week.. dunno what I'm doing the rest of the time. Oh well... I'll miss everyone!

I still don't know how I feel about this trip, but I talked about my feelings to Eric H. last night: he's been there and done that, and advised me to stay positive. He even wished me a good trip this morning, and reminded me of what we'd said last night. Gotta love these golden friends! :D

This is the last entry from me for a couple of weeks, I think.. I'll try to check in from time to time, but no guarantees. Stay safe and well, and I hope you are all here when I get back!

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