Saturday, December 10, 2011

Triple Action Relief Gold Bond lotion with medicine! / 4-1 win over dirty Senators

The Canucks scored four seconds into a power play, and just 70 seconds into the hockey game in Ottawa! Too bad people were injured because of the Senators' dirty play, but the Canucks won 4-1! Shortly afterwards, I went to London Drugs to find lotion. While browsing, I couldn't resist picking up two more packages of Voortman's Cookies - yay for Shortbread Swirl! Found some Gold Bond body lotion; I've heard good things about the Triple Action Relief extra-strength medicated green bottle, so I picked some up even if it wasn't on sale. (maybe that's what Christon should have picked up for Wesley last week, haha) Since the instant noodles were also on sale (four packs of five for $5?!), I picked those up along with some almond milk. Now I'm home, and it's time to take a shower!

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Jonathan Gillis, Jonathan Chan, soul spices, NO MORE TRIPLE LANOLIN LOTION

Jonathan Gillis unfriended me also, but that's FINE since I never really interacted with him, and my sister isn't FB friends with him anymore! (only Vanessa is) Then again, Jon Chan commented on the wrong photo, telling me to "wake up" three times. I did get a notification of "Crap," so figured it was a mistake, especially after he deleted the comments! HAHAHA!

The Triple Lanolin mango lotion I bought only ten months ago is starting to turn goopy ALREADY! UGH! Guess I'll have to replace it LATER!

Your Soul's Spice is Basil

You value deep, authentic relationships. You're not big on small talk.

You are deeply spiritual, even if you don't talk about it much. Deep down, you are good with yourself and the world.

You are unpretentious and natural. You couldn't be another way even if you tried.

You have a beautiful soul, and it shines through in the way you treat others.

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Baby Madeline / 2011 Checkbox Form Survey

Nathan says that his niece was born to Daniel and Michelle today - Madeline Reine is a beautiful name, for sure! Also talked to Vanessa on MSN for a bit, heh.

In 2011, I have...

[X] broken a promise
[] made a new best friend
[] fallen in love
[] fallen out of love
[] been in over two relationships
[X] lied
[X] gone behind my parents' back
[] cried over a broken heart
[X] disappointed someone close
[X] pretended to be happy
[] kissed in the rain
[] kissed on a first date
[] slept under the stars
[] kept your New Year's resolution
[] forgot your New Year's resolution
[] met someone who changed your life
[] met one of your idols
[X] changed your outlook on life
[X] sat home all day doing nothing
[X] pretended to be sick
[] left the country
[] almost died
[X] given up something important to you
[] lost something expensive
[X] learned something new about yourself
[X] tried something you normally wouldn't try, and liked it
[X] made a change in your life
[X] found out who your true friends were
[X] met great people
[X] stayed up till sunrise
[X] pigged out over the summer
[X] met someone from LiveJournal in person
[X] cried over the silliest thing
[] partied more than five times
[] was never home on weekends
[] gotten into a car accident
[X] found a person I never thought I'd become really good friends with
[X] had friends who were drifting away from me
[] had someone close to me die
[] had a high cell phone bill
[] wasted most of my money on food
[] had a fist fight
[] gone to the beach
[] seen a celebrity
[X] gotten sick
[] liked more than five people at the same time (... thank goodness, no!)
[X] had a wasted night
[X] became closer to a lot of people

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Kathy, Live, Black Balloon, Karla, Walse Muppets, and WTF

Seems as if Kathy unfriended me from Facebook, right after I wished her a happy birthday?! WTF?! Live (blackballoon) mailed me a Norwegian postcard, and I got a Christmas card from Karla; YAY!

Your English is Somewhat Americanized

Hmmm... the way you speak English is very interesting. You sound like someone who grew up everywhere!

There is definitely an American influence on how you speak, but that may be just from television and movies.

It's hard to predict how you'll express yourself with language. You have a rich vocabulary.

If there's one thing for sure, it's that your way of speaking English is distinctly you.

A Muppets / Kermit the Frog reference in the FINAL FANTASY V town of Walse:

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

4-3 comeback shootout win in Montreal / Alkaline Trio song

I went to sleep at 12:40 or so, and woke up at 4 in time for the HOCKEY GAME half an hour later - YAY! It was a crazy game, where the Canucks were down 3-0 and THEN mounted a comeback. (as usual!) When the game went to overtime, I couldn't take it... then it went to a shootout, and we won 4-3! FINALLY, A WIN IN MONTREAL! Figured it was time to do laundry and start FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE, too.

Which Alkaline Trio Song Best Describes You? by kilo
Full Name
Birthday [MM/DD/YYYY]
Favorite Color
Relationship Status
Pick a word that describes you:
A friend is someone who...
The Alkaline Trio song that best describes you isRadio
Your lucky Alkaline Trio lyric is:"Sweet blasphemy, my giving tree, it hasn't rained in years..."

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The Diagonal Test / Done FINAL FANTASY IV!

I FINALLY FINISHED FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE... yay for save states! Also couldn't really sleep again, but what else is new?

You Are a Peacemaker

You value loyalty and harmony. You try to bring people together.

You believe that there is more common ground than others realize. You strive to find it.

People see you both as reserved and sweet. You are never overbearing.

You tend to be very sensitive and observant. You truly see people for who they are.

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Dawn, Chinese Eric, Lemongrass, addictive video games, and hanging out

Dawn messaged me, Megan, and Steph for our addresses so she could send us some wedding invites. Chinese Eric got on MSN to say hi, so of course we talked for a bit! Discussed how we were, church, Roberto Luongo's injury, the 6-0 win yesterday, how we should hang out before Christmas ("the Boston Pizza thing"), Nathan being back, white Eric possibly being "thrilled to death" from the Grey Cup game, his possibly needing my help to reach white Eric, the cold weather lately, video games being addictive, and more. Vanessa and I talked about Wal-Mart, Pho, and Lemongrass.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Holiday cheer and my spiritual style

I got a Christmas card from April (abw92) today in the mail - holiday cheer, indeed! :D [Vanessa also got on MSN to say we should do lunch since she'll be here for a while from Victoria after next week, heh]

Your Spiritual Style is Natural and Nurturing

You are grounded, stable, and secure in who you are. You don't second-guess your intuition.

You would never be accused of taking yourself too seriously. You are able to lighten up when needed.

You see the magic in each moment. You try to never take your life for granted.

You're a bit of a flower child, and you love to be outdoors. You see nature as a gift.

I wouldn't say I *love* to be outdoors...

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NHL conference realignment, 6-0, hat tricks, and dentist appointments

Heard about the NHL conference realignment; interesting! Went to the dentist and talked to Sean for a bit, and was glad to be home! Listened to the hockey game later... Luongo and Booth were injured, but DANIEL SEDIN HAD A HAT TRICK, and HANSEN HAD TWO GOALS in a 6-0 win over the Avs! (three goals in 1:53) Schneider (the goalie) even got an assist on Edler's goal, haha. :D

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Defeating Zeromus! / Lunar Ruins / Naked comfort

I DEFEATED ZEROMUS LAST NIGHT! Now, to do it again with different characters to unlock the rest of the Lunar Ruins! Didn't get too much sleep, but implemented an OCDL idea I had for a FB photo album before I got stymied when tagging - letters and months, anyone?

You Are Somewhat Comfortable Naked

You don't mind being naked if the occasion calls for it, but you don't go out of your way to flaunt your stuff.

You are okay with your bod, but you're definitely not in a hurry to show it off to the world.

Over time, you've been able to accept your imperfections and possibly even love them. They're what make you special.

You don't have to strip down to know that you're happy with who you are. Deep down, you love yourself.

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Monday, December 05, 2011



Later, I got a rare Dragon's Whisker from a Blue Dragon without even looking for one!

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5-1 win over Calgary / MR. CREEP IN DREAM?! / Julie S. and snowmen

MASON RAYMOND FINALLY RETURNED TO THE CANUCKS LINEUP FROM HIS INJURY! It was a 5-1 WIN over the Flames, too! Talked to James on YM briefly during the proceedings last night, but then largely ignored him halfway through the second period... hey, I'm enthralled by hockey! Julie S. says she got my Christmas card; YAY!


You Are Calm and Content

You are calm and relaxed. You seek out serenity and tranquility.

You are agreeable... to a point. You know when it's time to do your own thing.

Building real and deep relationships matters to you. You are a person of substance looking for others of substance.

You are accommodating and peace-seeking. You do your best to make others happy.

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

CHECK EMAIL AND DON'T CALL! / What Part of Baking Are You?

As I thought, I finally fell asleep at 6:30-7 AM, so church was NOT an option! At least I emailed people at 5:30 AM to tell them this; of course, I still got a phone call from Eric in the morning. CHECK YOUR EMAIL, DUDE! Also finished my Halloween candy, just in time for my dentist appointment with Sean on Tuesday - oh, joy! :P

You Are the Sifting

You find meaning in your career. You would be lost without work that you love.

You are incredibly competent and intelligent. You've had a very high success rate in your life.

You can't deal with routine, rules, or structure. You're easily bored.

You are a dynamic, energetic person. You tend to change quickly and often.

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Taiwanese sushi, conveyor belts, Flan Princesses and Sirens

Corey asked me about the sushi I had, then said they were going out for sushi because it's Jane's mom's birthday. Sushi in Taiwan is pretty cheap, it seems!

[12/3/2011 5:46:21 AM] Leslie: I got almost a pound of brandy beans earlier, since it was only $3.27, and my friend bugged me about being drunk :P
[12/3/2011 6:08:33 AM] Corey: so how drunk are you?
[12/3/2011 6:09:32 AM] Leslie: I am perfectly sober
[12/3/2011 6:11:00 AM] Corey: well, go fix that
[12/3/2011 6:12:11 AM] Leslie: it's 6:15 AM - too early for that
[12/3/2011 6:50:10 AM] Corey: it's never too early
[12/3/2011 2:20:52 PM] Leslie: now that it's 2:20 PM, it's still too early, even if I am at home by myself :P I'm going to get some gingerbread candy canes and sushi
[12/3/2011 7:30:59 PM] Corey: what kind of sushi? we're off to get sushi too, for Jane's mom's birthday
[12/3/2011 7:32:07 PM] Leslie: nothing special - just mall sushi. I overbought on Christmas chocolate and shortbread again, too. Oh well. have fun.
[12/3/2011 7:35:02 PM] Corey: I mean what kind? like California rolls? or real sushi with raw fish? they mostly have Nigiri sushi here (a big block of rice with a big piece of fish across the top
[12/3/2011 7:36:27 PM] Leslie: roll-type, like spicy tuna roll
[12/3/2011 7:50:44 PM] Corey: those don't have enough meat, too much rice :P
[12/3/2011 7:52:27 PM] Corey: fish! lots of raw fish!
[12/3/2011 7:53:13 PM] Corey: nigiri has a big piece of fish, you can barely get the whole thing into your mouth :P but if you take bites, it'll just fall apart
[12/3/2011 7:56:03 PM] Leslie: ooh, that reminds me - if you ever come over here, you need to go to a place called Samurai Sushi. now, THAT has big pieces of sushi and fish in gneral
[12/3/2011 8:04:19 PM] Corey: Sushi here is cheap. one plate (two pieces of nigiri sushi) is NT$30, like US$1
[12/3/2011 8:07:15 PM] Corey: they just measure it by plate and you take whatever you want. at the end they count the plates
[12/3/2011 8:08:08 PM] Leslie: what?! that is cheap, man. sounds like a buffet style. BUFFET SUSHI! HAHAHA
[12/3/2011 8:08:33 PM] Leslie: and after I finish with this Gigas Worm, I'm taking a shower. back later.
[12/3/2011 8:10:53 PM] Corey: they have a conveyor belt that moves around, and you grab what you want. it's better to ask them to make things for you, though.. same price, and you get exactly what you want... but still, if you see something go by, you can take it
[12/3/2011 8:11:36 PM] Leslie: I've seen that kind of setup before, too... we never used it since the sushi there seemed to be more expensive than the other stuff which was actually on the menu :P

I was getting 700 Sirens yesterday because these guys CAN drop Pink Tails (which can be swapped for Adamant Armor at the Adamant Grotto) for everyone in the FINAL FANTASY IV party, albeit super-rarely:

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