Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stupid idiots who call while I'm sleeping should be killed as per the Salamanizer / Finally winning / Quizzes

People who call while I'm sleeping can go to hell, especially if they don't answer the phone when I do! (as per GWAR's The Salamanizer: "Ladies and gentlemen, there is much killing to be done tonight, so let us be about our bloody business!") Unless it's Sam... then, I wouldn't mind. Y'see, he has an interview today and will call me when it's done. However, it's supposed to last a few hours. So I guess we'll see when he does call me. To shower or not to shower... that is the question. :P

Thank goodness the Canucks won 3-2 against the Columbus Blue Jackets via a fluke goal yesterday! At least that five-game losing streak is ended... Morrison's puck went in the net off an opposing player. :D Next game is tomorrow... I asked Corey what he was doing then (since it's his birthday and all), and he said he had no idea. So I suggested that he eat the rest of the curry chips and read the Bathroom Reader: apparently, the chips are almost gone! Definitely good, then!

Note: What my LJ friends do at night Blogquiz, by Cheezer.

Leslie's Fortune

for March 18, 2006

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day! / Teasing / Horrible quiz / Videos courtesy of Corey and Wilson

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is the text of the card I sent to Cassandra recently:

When Irish eyes are smilin' and Irish smiles are big,
When Irish hearts are hopeful and the piper plays a jig,
When Irish stew is bubblin' and the soda bread is hot,
And Irish tea is steepin' in a little Irish pot,
When the room is warm with laughter and the songs are bright and bold,
And there's poetry and magic in the stories that are told,
Isn't it a blessing?
Isn't it just grand to know a little part of you belongs to Ireland?

This is my funniest green icon, even though it's not specifically for the holiday. Hee hee. :D

This entire quiz should be taken out back and shot, along with its creator. UGH!

Corey's been helping me with the Matt situation as per the Seattle Phone Pranks CD: taking into account international shipping and such, I should charge him $10-20 on a money order or cashier's check. "Since he'll be paying in US $, that's like 50 billion Canadian! Go for like $15-20, then that covers shipping plus gives you some profit to spend on me for sending you that in the first place. :P Do a cashier's check or money order... those are as good as cash. Personal checks aren't.. the bank sure will take the personal check, but it's safer to go with the others. If his check bounces or whatever.. you're screwed. The other two are pretty much like cash, once you have them, you have it. A check is a piece of paper that says you get that much, and then the bank goes and gets that money. Say $15.37... burn an audio CD for him, not a data CD. Looks like it fits on a CD. It's about 74 minutes.. the length of a normal CD. The ones you have are probably 80 minutes, though. Nero can probably make an audio CD without having to convert the mp3s beforehand to WAV files... just open Nero and pick audio CD. :P"

Some weird Japanese comedian that calls himself "Hard Gay" and yells a lot. (courtesy of Corey, who told me to disregard the last part of the URL since it's nothing gross :P)
Some guy playing the Simpsons theme on his guitar. (courtesy of my cousin Wilson, who warns me that YouTube is HIGHLY addictive... I think so, haha!)

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Boo to Quizilla... yay, Zenhex! / Corey's help and cheer

I have now discovered that I don't like Quizilla's new CodePaste for the results that I get... it's a little HTML-heavy for me. At first, I thought there was something wrong with it when I couldn't see the HTML results on the page like I could before! Thank goodness for Zenhex's result codes, which is what I'm used to... their quizzes are even dated, yay! Note to self: I should scroll down and copy all the possible results with their scores, as well. It'll be interesting if I ever look back on it, haha. :D

With a bit of help and teasing from Corey, I managed to get the email sent out to Matt as to pricing and how he'd pay me. I was a bit foggy on the exchange rate, but Corey set me straight... and then asked whether it took all night to send an email. Of course not, but I want to make sure things are phrased correctly and such. As it turned out, Matt was fine with the price I set and the method of payment, so things are a go as soon as he sends me his address so I know where to send the Seattle Phone Pranks CD when I get around to burning. (when I get a bit of money, heh)

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Lunch and Jax

Some things take more time than expected, but nothing to be done about it.

At least I got a jacket out of the deal, plus lunch. Wasn't sure if she was buying black pants, so maybe another time for those. Besides, I really wanted to get home and take care of certain necessities. :P

Seriously though, people should stop trying to get me to buy stuff when I can't afford to. The temptation is why I shouldn't go out at all.

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Seattle Phone Pranks / Emoticons / My lame comeback line

I got an email last night from a guy named Matt Torres who saw a message on my blog about the prank calls I have when he did a search for Seattle Phone Pranks. Says he'll pay me and would really appreciate it if I can get him a copy of the Seattle Phone Pranks, since the guy he got it from moved to Sacramento. (he has a 15-year-old cassette with the calls on it which has been played so much that it is really hard to hear on one side) He thanked me for my quick response just now, and wondered if it would be too much to burn a CD and send it to California... I won't be able to do it right now, but maybe in a couple of weeks! It might be easier just to burn him a CD of ALL the prank calls (700 MB), since the Seattle Prank Calls are only 12.7 MB. I'll just go with what he wants, heh. So we'll see how that goes... Corey says that I should get him to Paypal me the money, but I don't have an account there! I'll wait on responding to Matt till later when I talk to Corey about Paypal accounts and stuff, heh.

MSN Emoticons
List of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons
Trillian Emoticons

Leslie's lame comeback line:

"This again? You sound like a broken record"

'What is your lame comeback line?' at

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Loyalty Userpics / How Irish I Am / Dyeing Babies / Icon Meme

I did the default / oldest / newest / happiest / saddest / angriest / cutest / sexiest / text / quote / overall, etc. icon meme elsewhere. :D

132 pics elsewhere just rocks. :D

Some idiot who wants to dye his cat.
Some idiot who dyed her baby.

You're 20% Irish

You're not Irish. Not even a wee bit.
Not even on St. Patrick's Day!

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Corey and pointy stars, animations, curry chips, and beat-up boxes

As I predicted, the Canucks lost to the Predators tonight: 5-0. Aiya!

This grew out of a remark I made about stars being pointy:

Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says: ......
Corey says: ............
Flami: so
Corey: so how long does it take to get on MSN anyway?
Flami: ...... I've been on for at least half an hour, yo :P
Corey: not sending anything to me :P
Flami: you're supposed to notice when I'm on and send the star to me :(
Corey writes: [a sun drawing]
Corey: (solar flares!)
Flami: ....
Flami: stars are pointy, see?
Corey: my drawing is not pointy!
Flami: that's because your drawing is insane :P
Corey: is not :P go look at pictures of the sun! it's a big ball of fire with huge flares
Flami: you KNOW what I mean by "star" :P
Corey writes: [a star inside a circle]
Corey: like that?
Corey: that's not pointy! the circle blocks the points!
Flami: how can you do that?!
Corey writes: [Like This!]
Flami: ........ seriously!
Corey writes: [With my Mouse!] [drawing of mouse]
Flami: ...... I can't
Corey writes: [Actually, my mouse is cordless]
Flami: still
Corey: look at the bottom of the window.. below the send / search buttons
Corey: there's two buttons... the one it's already on allows you to type, the other one lets you draw :P
Flami: you are insane. no such thing
Corey: there is too
Corey: what version of MSN are you using?
Corey: did you use the Mess patch to get rid of everything or something? :P
Corey: you probably disabled all the useful buttons too
Corey: instead of paying attention to what you were doing :P
Flami: you lie!
Flami: is not
Corey: want to see the buttons via my webcam? :P
Flami: you were the one who told me to get rid of a few things with the Mess Patch
Corey: not EVERYTHING?
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says:
well, not everything. no
Flami: it looks like the normal 7.5 window except for what you're talking about

Corey is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to accept (Alt+C) or decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

Corey says: well, accept the webcam request and you'll see what I'm talking about
Flami: and then I can see if my stuff is there intact :P

You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.

Corey writes: [Hi!]
Corey: hi
Corey: see?
Flami: uh, hang on
Corey: ........
Flami: I see the send / search buttons...
Flami: and something else that looks like an A
Corey writes: [squiggle]
Corey: f*ck
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says:
Corey writes: [F*ck] [drawing of finger with a lightning bolt from thumb]

Flami: ...... okay, so what version do YOU have?! [he tries showing me his screen]
Corey says: 7.5
Flami: I can't even read that
Corey: this feature isn't really new....
Corey: it's been around for a while
Corey: you probably just disabled it with the mess patch
Flami: okay
Corey: run the mess patch again and just disable ads and stuff
Flami: can I do that now?
Corey: I think you have to turn off MSN while you do it, but yeah... you can run it however many times you want
Corey: you can turn everything back on

Corey has stopped viewing webcam with you.

Flami: ....
Flami: okay, so my stuff DID get there?
Flami: I saw some red stuff.
Corey: some red stuff?
Flami: yes..
Flami: some red stuff with a 20 on it..
Corey: yes, it got here! :P my dad gave me the box and psychically told me what the contents were

Corey is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to accept (Alt+C) or decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says:

You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.

Corey: the box was really beat up, so I asked if it was open or something
Corey: 20 pack boxes blank CDs with cases came in
Flami: see? that's what I saw before!
Corey: with games in them now
Flami: ... well, that's not mine
Flami: hahahahahahahahaha
Flami: you look evil
Corey: you're the one that sent a card with Satan on it :P [he shows me the card]
Flami: I did not
Flami: that was a cute thing
Flami: that's a lobster
Corey: [devil animation]

Flami: .......
Corey: uh, that's a devil :P
Corey: hellfire, pitchfork, horns...
Flami: yeah, but I didn't choose it because it had that on it :P
Corey: hey, I just found an animated GIF from that Riki-OH: The Story of Ricky movie [shows me some animation of two characters slapping each other in the face]
Corey: smashy smashy
Flami: indeed..
Corey: the whole movie is stuff like that :P insanely violent, almost cartoonish stuff
Flami: so how long did it take you to open the box?
Corey: like two seconds. there was already a big tear at the top, so I just ripped it open more :P
Corey: the box was really beat up :P
Flami: there was?! [I see the box... tear at the top, as advertised]
Corey: I did most of that, but it was started for me :P
Flami: ... I know the box had like tape and such on it, but I didn't think it was that bad
Corey: anyway!! my dad psychically predicted what was inside by shaking it and listening to the contents before handing it to me, but I was busy fixing his computer and didn't open it until later, so I didn't realize he just read the contents on the customs thingy on the side :P
Flami: gee, if he can read my handwriting, there's hope :P
Corey: [Yoshi animation]
Flami: do I want to know what that is?
Corey: [Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi animations]
Corey: it's Yoshi!
Flami: I see
Corey: oh, and I just almost closed my HG250 4 times in one set... didn't quite make #4, though.... my #2 will fall soon.... at least it better!
Flami: fall?!
Corey: the giant will fall! ie.. I'll close the damn thing
Corey: [two dancing banana animations]
Corey: [an animation of a finger flipping me off]
Flami: dancing banana!
Flami: COREY! Stop trying to flip me off! [then he did it on the webcam]
Corey: Blue skeleton
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says: .....
Corey says: yes, you want to click that
Corey says: since you'll ask anyway
Corey says: [animation of a girl in a black dress undulating]
Corey: [P animation]
Corey: [stick figure animation with blood]
Flami: hold on
Corey says: no!

Corey has stopped viewing webcam with you.

Corey says: [weird animation]
Flami: I wanted you to eat a curry chip on camera
Flami: what the heck was THAT?!
Corey: I haven't tried them yet..
Corey: I suppose I can

Corey is inviting you to start viewing webcam. Do you want to accept (Alt+C) or decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

You have accepted the invitation to start viewing webcam.

Corey: so will I be making funny faces? I haven't had one yet, but the open bag indicates hot
Corey: so... whenever you're ready, I'll go for it :P
Flami: dunno... depends on your spice tolerance
Flami: it does say SPICY curry for a reason
Corey: well, let's try one then... watching? :P
Flami: yup
Corey: uh... that was much weaker than expected :P
Flami: uh... try some more then
Corey: ok
Corey: these aren't that spicy :P
Corey: I used to get these habanero chips that almost caused involuntary tears :P those were good
Corey: these are good, though
Flami: those things you describe were good, yeah
Corey: the ones I'm describing are some local Colorado brand :P
Flami: the ones I was thinking of were something else :P
Corey: the store here only has jalapeno CHEDDAR now... the cheddar part ruins that
Flami: that's it? oh man
Corey: these are good, but they hardly register on the spicy scale :P I'm sure my parents would think they're hot
Corey: I think the store has Jalapeno Doritos or something... but mainstream chips are usually weak
Flami: yeah, compared to some things I've had, they aren't that hot, but they're all right
Flami: my sister thinks they're good, but kinda hot
Corey: these are mostly pretty small :P maybe because of the shipping process :P
Flami: haha, probably... don't tell me they're all crumbs and small pieces
Corey: not crumbs, but they're not very big :P
Corey: like that
Corey: that's about as big as they get
Corey: normal Lays chips are much bigger :P
Flami: hmmm.... let's see the chip again
Corey: uh, I ate it
Flami: something else, you know! [he shows me another small chip]
Flami: yeah
Corey: about like that
Corey: the box looked like it'd been squished :P
Corey: maybe customs likes to jump up and down on international packages or something
Corey: Jane's boxes are usually really beat up too
Corey: boxes within the US.... not a dent :P
Flami: maybe it's that squishing the boxes to verify contents
Corey: usually
Flami: haha, maybe.
Corey: maybe we have higher quality cardboard...
Corey: Jane's ant launcher box that I sent her arrived there completely intact
Flami: really?! whoa
Corey: her boxes get here looking like Ace Ventura delivered them
Corey: if you've seen the start of that movie
Flami: haha, yeah... I certainly have
Corey says: or STUPID & SON MOVING
Flami: no
Corey: you suck so you don't know what that is, but I'll find it :P
Corey: I found it!!
Flami: uh
Corey: well, that didn't play smoothly... but there's a moving van with that on the side, and as a lady walking her dog walks by, the mover guy starts flinging boxes into the back, with lots of breaking glass noises, scaring the crap out of the lady :P

Corey has stopped viewing webcam with you.

Flami: oh okay, yeah...
Flami: that did look kinda insane
Corey: I should send those to you :P I only have the first two series on my computer, though... I have all three on DVD
Corey: they're hilarious :P just doing stupid sh*t to confuse people in public mainly :P
Corey: like the one where they put a spotlight on a guy walking down the street at night, and a fake police officer asks him to turn it off :P
Flami: speaking of what we should send each other, I really should have made a trip down to Lonsdale Quay and bought some Death Rain habanero chips
Corey: or when the police guy flags down a car to tell them not to stop
Corey: those sound good :P
Flami: eh.. next time
Corey: aside from dying
Flami: dying? from eating them? eh, I guess..
Corey: well, they're called DEATH rain!
Flami: well, you don't take the names of hot sauces literally.. do you?
Corey: sure, when making jokes about their effects
Flami: okay, hold on now...
Corey: holding
Flami: Sammy J. Peppers hot sauces
Flami: skeleton and baby!
Corey: oh baby
Flami: so what did you think of that post?
Corey says: there's some website that sells like concentrated stuff that you're only supposed to use a drop or two of.... they put it out in limited editions that people pay tons of money for.. I forget what company that was
Flami: those six-pepper spicy sauces might be similar
Corey: I think I found it... "death sauce"
Corey: Extreme Food
Corey: click hot sauces near the top for their normal stuffFlami: you know, the box arriving beat up reminds me: someone sent me some chapstick with caffeine in it in an envelope.. and the envelope looked torn when it got here, too...
Corey: they should take better care of the mail :P
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says: they should...
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says: although now that I remember, they don't have the extremely hot chips at the Lonsdale Quay store... but maybe elsewhere?
Corey: I wouldn't know :P
Flami: I live in a giant bucket! says: I know
Flami: oh man! we lost the hockey game 5-0 tonight!
Corey: oh no!
Flami: yeah... okay, now that you're presumably awake and such... I'm switching to AIM and we can do this Mess Patch thinger
Flami: ( the last 2 times I did it, you were sleeping :P )
Corey: okay, goodnight then
Flami: ......... COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corey: [animation of girl in a black dress undulating]
Corey: go for it :P

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Corey got his birthday presents!

This is how Corey told me that he got his birthday card / Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader (#18) / curry chips / stickers in a shoebox:

[17:49:34] mrptptpt: toilet book!
[17:50:02] AlenaBrolxFlami: ...... no toilet book
[17:50:09] mrptptpt: no?
[17:51:31] AlenaBrolxFlami: no :P you want one, just wait. that, or buy one yourself :P
[17:51:45] mrptptpt: well... we can talk about toilet books, curry chips, and stickers later... it's dinner time :P
[17:54:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: fine, we can do that... shower time here :P

He usually has this weird way of telling me when he gets things from me... see last November's Christmas card entry for more evidence.

Wish I could get together with Billie since it's Spring Break and all, but there's just no good time. Too bad... at least she can go to the Persian New Year party at Ambleside tonight! :D

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I hate random annoying IM conversations!

I did what I had to... now I feel sad, but also happy at the same time. Go figure.

I am very annoyed at people who act like this over IM. Yes, this is the entire conversation of last night. I'm not leaving anything out.

[19:46:33] GrmnKristina: do you not know what that means?
[19:46:45] AlenaBrolxFlami: who the heck are you?
[19:46:55] GrmnKristina: i'm yuna
[19:47:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: and I have no idea who the heck that is either
[19:47:35] GrmnKristina: and your point is? the point of iming is to make frinds
[19:47:52] AlenaBrolxFlami: .............. not if it's unsolicited
[19:48:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: *blocks person*

Sure, one point of instant messaging is to make friends... I did that years ago: Corey, Spoz, and Darren were all found from random ICQ searches when I was bored. But maybe if she'd said "hi" or something other than a weird random question with no context... I wasn't in the mood to chat to random people then, anyhow. I searched for her screen name, and came up with this match. Three of her four icons are the same as mine: Trogdor, Dear Heart, and Online Journal. Oh well...

Reminds me of when Misty tried to get me to call her friend in Maryland three years ago...

Note: LJ Friend-O-Meter Go-Quiz. (REDUX)

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Edit Tags button and the Tags Management Page work for me again!

Autosave has rescued me once again. :D

Yay! I can use the "Edit Tags" button again! Before, it would give me an error message telling me that my journal was invalid... WTF?! I tried Support with little luck, since my computer clock was not out of sync. (maybe if I'd been using my sister's laptop, which is permanently on Toronto time for some reason) So then I chilled on it for a while, and then I decided just now to try it again since I have a fast connection now... it works! But never fear, I won't be inflicting extremely long tag lists on you unless I seriously feel like doing so... I think those days of 2005 are long over! (yes, there are pre-2005 entries with tag lists longer than some of your entries, but I tagged them all in 2005 :P)

On a related note, I can also manage my tags via the Manage Tags page once again also. It used to just give me a bunch of HTML no matter how much I refreshed the page, even though I knew (as with the Edit Tags button feature) that it had worked in the past. That's a good thing since I need to delete tags with 0 uses, as well as various misspelled tags I've accumulated. So I went to my tags page, and started opening the "0 uses" tags just in case they were really used once or something on private entries. I wondered why certain entries showed up all the time, but then I remembered that those entries HAD been filtered from Chris Sykes. When he unfriended me (oh, happy day!), I edited most of those entries to friends-only and deleted the two "non-Chris" filters. I didn't realize that the tags for those entries would count as not being used in the tags page, but I do now! I'm an OCDL, and know that there are some "0 uses" tags that truly haven't been used, so I want to delete those rather than the ones on those other entries. :P

I've also incidentally discovered that the maximum number of tabs you can have VISIBLY open in Firefox is 40. If you have more than 40 tabs, the extras DO open... but they're in the background and you can't see them until you delete the overage.

Back to the grind, then... :D

Hockey-related news: The Canucks lost 4-2 to the Dallas Stars (and we'll probably lose to Nashville tomorrow), and hockey great Boom Boom Geoffrion has died. :(

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Don't prank call me at 3 AM, dude....

Corey tried prank calling me at 3 AM... he didn't get to talk to me since I turned the phone off after two rings. It's not like I'd have a legitimate reason to answer, since I know of no urgent medical conditions in my family. So he was foiled! *demonic laughter*

[03:11:27] Flami: I live in a giant bucket!: .... who's calling at 3 AM?! bleh... going to bed.
[03:13:07] Corey: didn't answer then, I assume?
[03:14:38] Flami: no, I turned the phone off..
[03:14:54] Flami: no idea what it was doing on in the first place
[03:15:17] Corey: you leave your phone off?
[03:22:19] Flami: sometimes
[03:24:24] Corey: why? :P
[03:26:35] Flami: so it won't disturb me if I'm sleeping.......
[03:26:51] Corey: and how often do you get calls when you'd be asleep? :P
[03:27:06] Flami: you never know, with my sleep schedule
[03:32:52] Corey: I suppose :P
[03:37:03] Flami: yeah
[03:37:59] Corey: well, when you don't turn your phone on, it makes it really hard to prank call you at 3 AM!!!!!
[03:38:31] Corey: though all the services I've tried won't make free calls to Canada.. so I don't know if it was really me that made it ring :P
[03:41:42] Flami: that better not have been you, yo :P
[03:42:40] Corey: probably was since that was right when I was trying to make this stuff go through.. but they all denied Canadian calls!!! the video one might have done that, but I wouldn't turn on my camera for them, so maybe they cut it off
[03:42:57] Flami: ................
[03:43:38] Corey: I really want to prank call you with IP relay services, but none of them work outside the US anymore...
[03:43:57] Corey: they used to work anywhere! I prank called someone else in Canada a long time ago.. and someone in the UK
[03:44:03] Flami: .... and how long have you been wanting to do this? :P
[03:44:36] Corey: just listened to something where people made pranks using them, so I figured I'd mess with you.... you're awake, and it won't mess up your Internet connection :P
[03:45:36] Flami: I'm not awake
[03:45:44] Corey: oh no? :P
[03:45:55] Flami: it's the yin-yang :P
[03:46:18] Corey: what? :P
[03:47:00] Flami: milk coffee and milk tea mixed together
[03:50:02] Corey: and that makes you sleepy?
[03:52:38] Flami: ... no. the caffeine in it makes me stay awake, and now I don't want to be awake
[03:53:01] Corey: even though you could potentially be prank called by me?
[03:58:51] Flami: not now
[03:58:56] Flami: maybe some other day
[03:59:25] Corey: well, once I get free calls from the Internet working, I can do it any time of the day!! :D
[03:59:44] Flami: aiya
[03:59:57] Flami: going to bed for real now... later
[04:00:02] Corey: okay :P
[04:00:06] Corey: goodnight
[04:00:15] Corey: dream about the Giver
[04:00:23] Flami: ........ I don't think so!
[04:00:34] Flami: you should go to bed too... it's 5 AM
[04:00:44] Flami: and YOU can dream about that site you tried directing me to :P [some raincoat fetish site]
[04:01:04] Corey: I haven't seen it recently, if ever :P
[04:01:17] Flami: so why do you even have the link?!
[04:03:07] Corey: it's on a list of links to other sites :P
[04:03:26] Flami: uh-huh, sure :P

Note: LJ Doctor Who series blogquiz, by Bilbo.

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Tag Space / Boobs / Wounded Chiron / Tell Me Something!

Making progress on my "filling up tag space" project, which gives me something to think about other than earlier events. Also made plans with my grandma for Thursday at 12:30, since she sounded way less cranky than she did last week. (I wish her daughter took her example, however unfilial that may sound!) I better not oversleep... and I should probably remember to set my alarm, heh.

Right now, Corey and I are discussing boobs / Jessica Alba / arousing images. Don't ask. :P

Do you have something you wish you could tell a friend / enemy / lover / family member, but just can't? Without naming names (for the sake of privacy), act as though I am that person and tell me.

The Ever-Wounded Chiron. I am the wound that disfigures you. With my compassion, all wounds are healed.

What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

That's actually true in some aspects! o_O

Here are some more quizzes. :D

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2 optimism, 3 faith, and 0 logic!

Spiritualists rely on faith more than anything else. They will always believe in a supernatural power over scientific reasoning. Although they may worship different deities (God, Allah, Buddah, Zeus, and so on), the underlying philosophy is the same. Most spiritualists will seek higher answers in religious works, rather than philosophical reflection, and they tend to be fiercely devoted to their beliefs, even when all evidence points against it.

Famous spiritualists include: Blaise Pascal.

The opposite of Spiritualism is Regressionism.

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Well, I have Christ's true power... which is better than Satan. :P

I'm 32% freak!!

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Already? Ha, I just go there for the quizzes. For now, anyways... o_O

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sewage floods and Lent

Man, I think I've worn a groove in the spacebar!

Church was okay this morning: there was a basement sewage flood this past week, and the pastor made it sound funny. "I was on the phone with the city and begged them to come... please, we are a church and we use the bathroom a lot! It's like Noah's Ark except in reverse! So the city came within 15 minutes!" There was new carpet downstairs since the old one couldn't be salvaged.. no wonder all the boxes in the back corner of the basement were out of order yesterday, since there was a recurrence!

Talked to Dianne about the hilarious emails and her crazy sister: Cindy got sick when she couldn't afford to. Jen said she'd forwarded the links to her siblings, which is cool with me. Danielle thought they were hilarious, while Helen K. thought that they wouldn't be important since she got a few copies of the same thing! (thanks to Randal) Her baby Nicholas looked awake and alert, while Maxine's baby Joshua was trying to eat his own sunglasses. Thank goodness he didn't get his mother's birthday card!

Sam, Citrus, J-Mak, Vania, and I were joking around about Lent later on. Since Lent is about giving up something you like, we figure that Sam could theoretically Lent his own brother: "Jeremy, I'm Lenting you. Get out of the house and find somewhere else to live for the next few weeks till Easter!" Then J-Mak figured that Melia could Lent her boyfriend Angus by that same rationale since he's her significant other!

Had lunch with my parents. I'll say one thing about the ride home: I don't deserve to be yelled at / insulted for expressing my opinion and the true version of events. I was extremely glad to get home! Let's just say that I should never attempt to be superior to an Asian parent, because they'll always have more ammo than I do, whether it's relevant to the conversation at hand or not.

Two bits of parental hilarity:

1. Dad: "I hope your computer crashes. Then you'll be twisting your thumbs!"

2. Mom: "Ice?! I thought curling was played on a smooth surface!"


~ will teach you to ~

Manipulate a lie detector test

'What will your business card say?' at

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Fire alarms twice in half an hour?!

It's very sunny outside, but cold... heck, I was awake at 8! (way early, I know) Then the fire alarm had to go off at 8:30... as I type this, it's going off AGAIN at 8:47. So of course I went outside, as you do. (I had my granola bars and banana with me, too!) Apparently, there was nothing really wrong... it just had to do with water leaks and fixing certain things in the wiring. It would be nice if the management fixed these things when they were supposed to, especially in an old building such as this!

Once, the fire alarm went off at 4 AM as I was trying to sleep: I'm not sure whether I prefer 8:30 AM or 4 AM if I had to make the choice. Both are not the best options, heh. Too early for either option, and I'd prefer it if they went off in the afternoon... yes, I know I can't control them. *sigh* Oh well, I'm getting really tired of listening to the fire alarm, so I'm going to go outside and read while I wait for my parents! Catching up on my friends page will have to wait till this afternoon post-church!

Never mind, it just stopped. I hope this isn't a harbinger of the day to come... o_O

Note: LJ What are you thinking? blogquiz, by Sarah.

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Stupidity and hockey

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so stupid. Argh!

For my own reference.

The Canucks lost 2-1 to the Dallas Stars tonight, too. Next game is Monday afternoon... a home-at-home series. Yay. Not.

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