Saturday, June 11, 2011

KUMHO Tires, Harmony, volume / TMI, beachy days

When I got up, I called Jon to see whether they'd be at church tomorrow; they will, so I'll get them to sign cards before they leave. Then I called Steph to update her on all the "HARMONY" sightings in Burnaby the other day, plus the KUMHO tires. She's also been to Amarosa, which is pretty good. I figured that was fine, and then she asked whether I'd gone to the doctor, so I updated her on that too. Of course, I had to react in my normal way with VOLUME when she asked whether I was pregnant or going through menopause; then we looked up various things on the Internet, and read out symptoms.

I think that combination of VOLUME and TMI about hormones was what finally made Teunis get up, hahaha. Poor guy! We discussed his opinion on the hockey post-game show, water, comedy, fixing Kaili's laptop, needing to turn the "noise" off at 9 if it goes to Game 7, Quirks and Quarks, and more. I just missed the bus after having an omelette for lunch - CRAP! At least I still have a couple hours before absolutely HAVING to leave again!

Edit at 2:25 - I got to London Drugs, where the alternative drug was ready. There was no charge, which is good for me! I got home and looked on the leaflet that they give you, and they apparently waived the $1.05 fee. NICE! When I called my sister to tell her about this, she told me that they'd had compassion on my "condition" - WHATEVER! She'll probably be at church tomorrow, which is good; I have cards for her to sign / give away after Jon and Harmony do! (Dianne's birthday, Dianne's going-away, Lisa's grad, Lisa's birthday) Teunis and I also discussed Sook-Yin Lee, his rather strong opinion about advertising / commercials, and Adbusters. MIND RAPE, Serj from System of a Down says... yikes!

You Are Thoughtful

You need to know someone a long time before you open up. You are enigmatic and reserved.

You are a visionary. You have big ideas for the future.

You are inventive and easily inspired. You like to put your spin on things.

You work best alone and at your own pace. You have a quiet and low key way about you.

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Friday, June 10, 2011


Talked to Robin briefly on Facebook chat, which is good. However, I got to the London Drugs pharmacy only to find out that the drug which Dr. Ruby prescribed me isn't made anymore - what the?! Guess I'll be going back there tomorrow! Teunis came home briefly to say that he and Kaili were meeting up to go to Lee's (a used clothing store in Surrey - oh, Surrey...) and he'd be back after the game. Of course, he wasn't surprised that downtown was packed already at 2 PM onwards; the bridges were basically stopped, and he was frustrated. Hey, I'm glad that downtown is packed, as I hear the same about the Skytrain! We also discussed insects, eggs, green beans, powder, expensive playoff tickets, and more.

Eric buzzed me on MSN to say (in hick redneck fashion) that he wasn't going to Fellowship - oh good, because I wasn't planning on it, either! Yes, I did have something for Cindy to give to Dianne, but I'll figure it out later. CBC played Matthew Good's WEAPON over a montage of shots from this round of playoffs... YES! This Milestone's promotion for "Girls Night on Games Night" is seriously wrong, to me. I know PLENTY of girls / women who are hockey fans, and would rather watch a hockey game with the girls (and the guys!) rather than have a girls night out that conflicted with the game! WE WON THE GAME 1-0 ... YAY FOR MAXIM LAPIERRE! ONE WIN AWAY FROM THE FIRST STANLEY CUP IN FRANCHISE HISTORY! Also discovered that William Murphy had unfriended me on Facebook - FINE THEN!

Boston Bar BC Changes name to Vancouver Bar for the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Boston is quickly becoming a bad – and banned – word in British Columbia. Not only did the Boston Pizza restaurant chain quickly change its name to Vancouver Pizza when the hometown Canucks drew the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals last week, but an entire town has removed Beantown from its handle.

Boston Bar, a community of about 800 people located 130 miles northeast of Vancouver, has renamed itself Vancouver Bar, ordering replacement signs for June. Even in such a tiny town, there's a Tim Hortons restaurant down the road – but you won't be able to buy any Boston Creme doughnuts. The beloved Canadian doughnut chain started by the former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman of the same name is no longer selling products in B.C. with the name "Boston" in them.

Candy sent me a Step Echo CD called Jagged, too:

1. Just As Messed (3:05)
2. Crazy (3:11)
3. Champagne Cocktail (2:29)
4. Pieces of Me (4:04)
5. Become You (5:05)
6. Jagged (3:28)
7. I'd Be For You (4:20)
8. Eyes of a Stranger (4:24)
9. I Love It (2:50)
10. Living Without Your Love (3:51)
11. Maybe (3:29)
Total: 40:16

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Hockey fans can disturb geeks ANYTIME! / Tampa Bay / Wedding colors

Hmm... apparently, my subconscious thinks the Canucks really should have played Tampa Bay in the Cup Final! Oh well... GO CANUCKS GO IN GAME 5 TONIGHT! ♥

If Teunis knows ways to get out of downtown before the hockey game and such, then GOOD FOR HIM! I'm also the only one who said anything about hockey on Kaili's "geeking out downtown on Friday" status, so it's a good thing she has me around - otherwise, she and her friends would be wondering WHY so many hockey fans were disturbing them, hahahaha! As far as I'm concerned, hockey fans can disturb medieval / comics geeks ANYTIME as long as it's not too disruptive!

Your Wedding Color Should Be Blue

You are super duper sensitive and find it hard to get out of a sad mood.

You are in touch with your sixth sense. If you have a strong feeling about someone or something, you listen to it.

You're the type of person who still believes in changing the world. You passionately believe that things should be better.

You are compelled to help everyone around you. You are naturally selfless.

"If you have a strong feeling about someone or something, you listen to it." - yes, especially with Mr. CREEP! UGH!

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

HARMONY excess, escalators, Canucks pride, Leanne, Vanessa, and GELATO!

I spent a LOT of time removing over 1000 Facebook apps, then decided to play some Subwoofer in the hopes that the admittedly repetitive nature of FUZZY LOGIC would get Teunis up and about even if he wasn't feeling good. Hey, he's the one who said he needed to go to the bank! :P (it worked, though!) Vanessa called at 1:45 to see if I was still up for Metrotown: OF COURSE, so I was outta here at 2 after making a doctor's appointment for 2:30 tomorrow and calling Steph to tell her about that - NO, I AM NOT IN THE THROES OF MENOPAUSE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Vanessa picked me up at 2, and introduced me to her brother Mike's Australian girlfriend Leanne, who's here for her other brother Rich's wedding. We were off to Metrotown to see if we could find any suitable clog shoes - after looking in any number of shoe stores (Freedman / Aldo / Guess? / the Bay / etc.), we couldn't! Discussed the spiders in Australia / bubble tea / Sydney / New South Wales / abuse / standing up for yourself / family stuff / rhyming names / Teunis / Kyle / Krista / having the last name HO / Wayne / Newfoundland / Orange Julius / New Westminster / escalators / Amarosa restaurant (Italian food!) / La Casa Gelato / AC-DC / perfume / lamb / pasta / more. I saw HARMONY BARBER, MALE AND FEMALE HARMONY, HARMONY HAIRWORKS, MR. HO's restaurant, and plenty of Canucks flags and such! I even had the GO CANUCKS GO! flavor at La Casa Gelato, and got a Canucks shirt for $10 off regular price at Winners! Then again, I also saw KUMHO Tires... oh my! Got home and discussed Robin, personal stuff, being nocturnal, shelves, a week's deadline, and more with Teunis.

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Really bad drunk rappers, hilarity potential, Better Facebook, and expressiveness

Teunis told me that some drunk guys were being really bad rappers in the parking lot when he got home - hahaha, I bet there was some loud music going on! As hilarious as it would be to bring someone by and watch them wig out because that's what they may deserve, I probably wouldn't do that. Unfortunately, she smoked him in Scrabble! Ah well... we also discussed Kaili's fashion sense and on-sale clothing. I also installed Better Facebook to see if it would improve my browsing experience. Looks a bit busy with clutter, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon! Dave and Tiffany both say that he's a PHD now - YAY! :D

You Are Somewhat Expressive

You are the type of person who has a lot of thoughts... too many to express all of them.

You are astute and downright smart. Your intelligence is subtle and shrewd.

When something is important enough, you will tell people about it. You like to mull things over for a while.

You are deeply intuitive. For you, gut instincts will always trump logic.

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Word Facts for June 4-10, 2011

Word origin for the weekend of June 4-5, 2011: Afghanistan - The -stan part is easy: it means "the country of" in several Central Asian languages. But what of the Afghan? "Afghanistan" enfolds an uncomfortable, ever-shifting alliance of tribes, the most populous of which (the Pushtuns) make up about 40 percent of the population. None of the tribes is called "Afghan," though the country's currency is. The name is a curiosity apparently coined by British administrators who hoped that a common name might create a unified country - something that hasn't quite worked out.

Word origin for June 6, 2011: marijuana - Wacky tabacky, weed, marihuana, Mary Jane - the mildly narcotic plant known scientifically as Cannibis sativa has been called countless names. One, in the language of the Carib Indians of Central America, was maraguan. The Spanish heard that as the woman's name Maria Juana, which has given rise to abundant spellings over the centuries.

Word origin for June 7, 2011: mummy - Not the British word for mother, but that of an embalmed body, "mummy" takes its name from the Arabic mumiya, which in turns comes from the root mum, meaning the wax used in the embalming process. The word first appears in English in about 1400.

Word origin for June 8, 2011: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours - Artemus Ward, the pen name of nineteenth-century writer Charles Farrar Brown, was a master of homespun expressions, in this instance one that suggests a relationship of mutual benefit. Ward/Brown borrowed the sentiment from the French philosopher Montaigne, but the turn of phrase is unmistakably American.

Word origin for June 9, 2011: paisley - A standby of the psychedelic era and a favorite in hippie revivals ever since, "paisley" has its origins in the century before. A textile mill in the Scottish town of Paisley specialized in making the cloth, which originally took only one form and was thus called a "Paisley shawl." Designers eventually figured out other uses, and "paisley" became more widespread throughout the nineteenth century.

Word origin for June 10, 2011: Play it again, Sam. - In the early 1970s, college audiences rediscovered the 1942 film Casablanca, in which a young Ingrid Bergman asks a pianist to play a favorite tune, As Time Goes By. "Play it once, Sam," she says, adding (a couple of lines later) "Play it, Sam." By some alchemy, Woody Allen heard the word "again" in the exchange, and he called a film of his from 1972 Play It Again, Sam - a misquotation that has lived on ever since.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Human League, the Prodigy, Crazy Town, Madonna, Amanda Christian, and wood

James and I had fun exchanging Youtube videos via Facebook this morning / afternoon - HUMAN NATURE, BREATHE, MR. KRINKLE, BUTTERFLY, the Real McCoy, and more! Teunis called to let me know about the meat pie and banana loaf; I was debating NOT calling him back because he spent time with that bitch Jasmine yesterday, haha. He did also say that he found another place, but he didn't get it after all. He came back before 4, saying stuff about wooden shelves - no clue, man! Called Jon to say that I wouldn't be making it to Jeremy's after all, but if anyone has anything for Friday (which he can't do), I'd be up for it!

Christon sent out an email about Bible Study conflicting with Game 5; YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Vanessa sent me a Facebook chat message about Metrotown tomorrow afternoon at 2 or 3, and staying for dinner because of rush hour; that works! Amanda Christian added me to Facebook, too. Talked to Mike T. for a bit over Facebook chat about his silly hockey comment, S2, silliness, AIM, LJ adding, and more prior to the 4-0 loss. Then Teunis said he was going out to repair Kaili's laptop - why am I not surprised?

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Frosty receptions, 1990s hits with James, weird banana loaf, and dances

Teunis sent me a message last night to say he was playing Scrabble at Jasmine's - well, you just guaranteed yourself a frosty reception, buddy! Then James buzzed me on YM; we talked for a bit about basketball (Dallas Mavericks), weird names, SNAP, Boy George / Culture Club, the Human League's Don't You Want Me, other 1990s hits, my voice, and more. When I got up, I found banana loaf in the fridge for some reason, but was relieved that I could turn on Team 1040 ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT like it SHOULD be on game days!

You Should Ballroom Dance

You strongly appreciate beauty. So much in this world is exquisite to you.

You believe in living in the present. There's nothing but the here and now.

You are conventional and traditional. You don't feel a need to change what works.

You are a simply happy person. You feel fortunate to have so much light and laughter in your life.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Everyone loves you when you're dead, man! / Long elevator rides / Random Words

Went to Richmond Centre and was back home in less than an hour (with Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness [Neil Strauss] more discounted than usual because of the Canucks promotion) to shower and do much-needed laundry! I also had a honeydew bubble tea at Big Orange while I was at the mall, just because. This afternoon, I had the LONGEST elevator ride EVER from doing the laundry, thanks to two little East Indian kids playing with the elevator buttons on the second and third floor - I should have just taken the damn stairs! After that, I accidentally washed my debit card / photo ID / Chapters card, probably making them non-working... UGH! Jeremy says Game 4 is at his place tomorrow, probably with pizza - I said I'd try to make it before 5:15, haha.

From Matt: Random Words and Random Text Generator.

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YAY FOR JAMES! / Chapters promotion for team gear / Sugar rushes

James unexpectedly buzzed me on YM last night after that brutal game, so of course I talked to him about personal stuff at first - YAY! (plus venting, Vancouver, chewing, Rush in Austin, awesome stuff, family, and more) This morning, Teunis said that he's officially got the new job - NICE! Since Chapters IS honoring the Canucks gear promotion (I called them to make sure), I'm going there later today! (and FOUR GAMES for Rome?! REALLY?!) Lisa also graduates today, so WOOHOO!

You Are Sweet Because You're Fun

You are inventive, creative, and completely ingenious. You are extremely gifted.

You're not just a thinker... you're also a doer. You can put almost any idea into action.

You make lots of discoveries. You are intensely curious and always exploring.

You are understanding and perceptive. You get where others are coming from, even if you don't agree.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

UGLY 8-1 losses... but yay for Jessie, Carmen, and Robin's gypsy tunes!

Jessie and Carmen added me to Facebook, which is cool. (but Winnie Pang UNFRIENDED me, which is NOT COOL!) Talked to Robin about stuff, which is always nice. Vanessa says she may not have to go to Metrotown, since she found some cute red shoes - interesting! Teunis and I talked about commercials, gambling, sacrilegiousness, penalties, game misconducts, fines, Brandi, the hockey game, Aaron Rome's clean hit on Nathan Horton (sending him to the hospital), going walkabout, lotion, perfume, work, Jasmine / noise, plans for tomorrow, and more. The game was filled with Boston goals, a few in the last seven minutes... 8-1?!

Robin shared this catchy cabaret tune about gypsies, which is going to be stuck in his head for days - NICE!

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Brave admissions, respect for life, unrealistic wife expectations, and big cats

Teunis and I discussed patterns, meat pies, cleaning, egg tarts, pie crust, what he'd miss here, appreciation, Jasmine, toilets backing up, and more last night. I finally admitted some stuff to Dave, and then sent off an email to Eric immediately afterwards. Of course, he thought that I must have been SOBER to do such a crazy thing, but said I was brave even if I did freak Dave out! Yeah, there WAS that risk... although Dave has since messaged me back to say that he'd still love to be my friend, and that he respects me for life. Hahaha, that does sound like what he'd say! This morning, Teunis and I discussed GAME OF THRONES / Team 1040 / unreasonable expectations for wives / the hot weather / banana loaf / waiting.

You Are a Lion

You are just in all your actions. You want to be seen as both honest and fair.

You are wise and discerning. You focus on what really matters in life.

You have ideals, but you try not to let those ideals get in the way of living your life.

You are conscientious. You are diligent and reliable, even when it isn't easy to be.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

9/10/11 - cute, and thank goodness it isn't 9/11/11!

When Eric picked me up this morning, he wondered whether I would have gotten Billie's message if I were sleeping - I'd have checked the computer before leaving, OF COURSE! We discussed venting and Praise 106.5 instead of Team 1040 since they were replaying the game; I can understand that he doesn't want to listen to a game he already witnessed, for sure! When we got to church, I talked to Paxton for a while about baseball, said hi to baby Micah, then talked to Nathan about the hockey game. Steph came in on time - she'd had to Google what time service started, though! I kept up an "amusing" running commentary, hahaha. After service, I talked to Jon / Harmony / Hien / Victor / Enoch (looking for Deb) / Auntie Rebecca / Sam (Manitoba Moose / Winnipeg Jets or Whiteout) / Emily (wedding RSVP) / CHUCK AND ANDREA on THEIR ANNIVERSARY (Thursday - NO HOCKEY, PHEW!) / Melia (Jose and Shally are getting married on 9/10/11 - cute!) / Angus / Yvonne, who's relieved her wedding is NOT on a hockey day at ALL. Of course everyone was talking about the hockey game, too - Steph didn't care if people were yelling at Skytrain stations as long as they didn't do anything dumb! Not surprised that over 12,000 people were in Surrey's viewing area, or that people were still partying at 5:30 AM, hahaha!

Steph and I got a picture with Joey, since it's his last Sunday with us before he leaves for Toronto. I went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School, and saw Ramen / Shira / Jessie / Rachel's grandma / Mattias (who SPIT at me when he wasn't obsessed with glue - BAD!) / Ada / Ashley / David / Evelyn. Played with them, admired their drawings, and talked to them about stuff. From there, it was off to Tsui Woo - we discussed Norman's wedding yesterday (Denise / Brian / Alan / Tracy / Melia / Angus were all wondering WHY THEY'D SCHEDULE THE WEDDING DURING PLAYOFF SEASON at the banquet while checking their phones!), Teunis, the Steveston Tall Ships, Auntie Stella possibly being appalled at the swearing in the Fan Club Whitecaps section, cruises, passports, and more. Stopped off at Steph's briefly so Mom could learn to use Steph's remote, and then got dropped off at home. Teunis had been cleaning a lot, and we had DISCUSSIONS about stuff like gum / audio / silence / podcasts / hockey (DEAL WITH IT!) / Jasmine being triggered by throbbing bass (HAHAHAHA! DEAL WITH IT!) / requirements / Kaili / general craziness. Vanessa said that she has to go to Metrotown on Thursday - YES! A NON-HOCKEY DAY!

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Siobhan, Craig, rescheduling with Billie, Tsui Woo, and more

Siobhan C. added me on Facebook, and then talked to me about Craig Fleming, who's a racist homophobic ass. UGH! When Teunis got home at 12:30 AM, I decided to talk at him about hockey even though he isn't really a fan of it; hey, he talks to ME about SCA stuff, so I figure fair is fair! At least he had a good time with Jordan, but he usually does anyway. At 2 AM, Billie wanted to reschedule the trip to Metrotown since she's not feeling 100% - I BUDGETED FOR THIS, AND EVEN CLEARED OUT MY SCHEDULE! But I do understand, since it sucks to go somewhere when you don't feel like it / aren't feeling up to it! (like the BORING meetings...) At least she isn't vocal about disliking hockey!

This morning, I called Eric since I was actually up at 8:30 AM - he was doing sound, but could roll with my actually being there. Then I called Steph to let her know, and she wanted me to call Mom - I accordingly did, and apparently we're going to Tsui Woo for lunch. Why am I not surprised?! I told her that I had to get off the phone so I could eat (and keep the line free for Eric), so at least she did that after talking at me about T-shirts and such. Had some yogurt before Eric called to tell me that my apartment would self-destruct in eight minutes - har har, very funny!

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