Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hot pot is expensive!

Note: LJ Friends Collage / LJ Friends Pictures by Nardville.

At Awana, I was so tired that I put my uniform on backwards - I also read a "Fast Track Education Centre" sign as "Buttcrack Education Centre," which I really wouldn't want to know about if it were true! Told Chrystal that I was tired, and she thanked me for coming out - I would anyway, because of the kids and people who did count on me. I don't mind that the guys (Jason, Amos, Andrew, Golden) are being given more responsibility, especially with the store since Auntie Vivian and I can't do it all. Mike tried to train Auntie Vivian for the prospect of thievery while the guys talked about downloading DS games / cell phone contracts / the unfortunate name of "Dick Fok." Poor Samantha's dad... I told the guys that there was a reason that MEET THE FOKKERS was titled what it was - but not about the planes!

Also said hi to Joey and Benedict, and I have to tell B that dream of him that I had recently! Facebook, it is! Saw Henry, who said it would be a long day since he promised his nieces that he'd take them to see the newest VeggieTales movie. His sister's found a sitter for them on Monday, which is good. Chris says Sean LOVES swimming - truly excellent! Ian likes the shiny stickers, I can tell - he has them ALL OVER his handbook! I sense a cool present in this kid's future sometime... :D

Speaking of Facebook, Billie's invited me to join a group titled "RIP GreatestJournal." I will and have!

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We crack up on sleep deprivation!

Was way too tired last night to blog anything when I got home, so that's why you're getting Friday night adventures now. It's a change, haha. At least the edge is taken off my "totally dead" sleepy feeling!

After taking a quick shower, I was out of here - I decided to go to Great One to get some Gummy Choco (strawberry / orange / muscat grape) and some gum... spicy cinnamon, hypermint, watermelon / spearmint, pink, twisted green, and wild winter! Then I took the next bus to "my second-favorite intersection" - I was surprised when I heard my brother's voice telling Stanley that he had to pay an extra fare! Jon, Isabel, Julie, Mike, Danielle's cousin Kevin, Tony, and Stanley were on that bus to go to their hot pot outing on Garden City. My brother phrased it as "I have to be these guys' bus chaperon because they're scared of taking the bus in Richmond, haha." Oh, the plight of the Richmondite! Stanley denied that, while Mike said that it was always weird seeing people you knew on the bus when you weren't expecting it! Too true... will have to ask Mike in a few hours how it all went! Jon and I spent the ride talking about my outing with Grandma - it was okay, except for her thinking that the 407 stops anywhere and everywhere, even at stops where service was discontinued years ago! Sure, I miss the days when the 400-Richmond buses were routed through Vancouver too, but that's a CHANGE and in the PAST! Ah, she's just getting very confused and even her short-term memory is going! They all got off before I did (Jon: "See ya, Sarne!"), and I noted to Jon that I was officially late - but no worries!

Eric almost forgot about Maisie, but remembered at almost the last minute. Talked about dinner, weekend plans, my fault for red lights, Pho (salad roll for me), creation, Bible verses, asking / words, mushiness, opinions, and other things - typical wacky ride, sorta. I was determined not to let the misspelling of "roughage" or the "track" instead of "digestive tract" ruin my night - Eric worked hard on the sharing program, and it showed. Thought about things, and smiled when Jeremy sat by me - he'd had a tiring week, too. (he had brief power naps, and I almost fell asleep while we prayed!) Told him about Grandma's thinking that he had a girlfriend when he was talking to Karmie last week - who is a pastor's wife, but is NOT Auntie Ruby, hahaha. He thought it was funny, too. (I had to explain how Grandma's mind works, haha)

Jeremy, Martin, Lesley, Connie, Cindy, and I thought the pun in the program was way too funny, possibly because we were all sleep-deprived... that DID make me and Jeremy crack up, along with others! ("What are your thoughts on excretion?" "Describe a SENSE OF RELIEF that you felt from confronting someone about their hurting you.") One of the icebreaker questions had to do with what really made us crack up, and Jeremy turned to me and said that he knows what makes me crack up - he knows me fairly well, so I should say so!

We talked about P.E., Nintendo DS, faith as a relationship and not a religion, emails, children, God in heaven, sleep deprivation, and more. The "different woman" Teresa asked us some odd questions that had nothing to do with our discussion: "Should I drink some water because seeing you guys drink some made me thirsty? Do you live with a roommate? (to Jeremy) Are you tall because you sleep a lot? (to Cindy, who thinks nutrition had more to do with it... I told Jeremy that this was the oddest question I'd ever heard her ask!)" We were trying to suppress out laughter, but weren't very successful. Martin overheard something about feather dusters from Steph, Jen, Raymond, and Karen - AIYA! NO SWISH! *scared*

Jen, Jeremy, and I talked about his alcoholic stewing hen - the brandy didn't really light on fire like it was supposed to, but instead got absorbed into the cheap wine and juices of the chicken. Very boozy chicken, for sure! Talked to Chuck for some time - his parents are in town for three weeks, he's busy with work, and our holidays were good. Nice to talk to him, and Andrea thinks I'm SO cute for saying that K and I have decided we're in love! At least she was able to spend some time with Elaine while she was in town!

On the way home, I discussed Grandma's confusion with Steph and Eric. Steph said that both her siblings are sleep-deprived because we stay up for a long time at night talking to our significant others. (Mom overheard Jon trying to sympathize with Harmony: "Aww... you only slept for two hours last night?") Eric said that Jon was also talking to her as he drove him home from Gastropods last night: midnight here is 3 AM there! (the $35 dinner may not be worth it if it's the same feeling as the $25 Dine Out meals!) I also touched on a certain situation - yeah, it's hard. But as long as the original incident and such isn't being brought up out of the past, I'll be fine: my mental / emotional health will be better for it. I do okay when there are just passing references to the person in question. :P

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I knew there was a reason why I have a thing for the name Ian... ;)
But seriously, I know this is just a silly online quiz!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Busing all day...

Man, I just got in from spending time with Grandma, and now I gotta go out again to meet Eric at the usual place before Fellowship. Such is life - so busy!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Teunis sick, dumplings, Christmas Doxology, and sudden death!

Note: Dysfunctional LJ Family / LJ friends' secret love life / LJ friends on the set of Grey's Anatomy / LJ Romeo and Juliet blogquizzes. (by Kirei, Cami, and Katie)

Note to self: Do NOT put Blogquiz results in Tomboy Notes - the application seems to have a problem with that amount of HTML (or a large amount of text in general) while copying / deleting.

Man, I had a crazy dream last night... it started out with Sam, my sibs, Teunis, assorted friends, and me hanging out at Sam's place. Sam asked me how K was, and I said that he was fine - he was stuck working! We were supposed to go eat later in a school cafeteria, but decided to play with Lego instead. Suddenly, Teunis got sick, so we drove him past a brick building with "Urgent Health Care Centre" written on the glass doors in white type. We glanced at him to see how he was feeling, and asked whether he'd like us to go in there with him. He said he didn't need those services, since he felt he could wait it out at the regular hospital. As the one who knew him best, I was wiping his flushed forehead and his matted red curly hair, trying to provide some small measure of comfort. He smiled at me and squeezed my hand in appreciation - I told him not to talk too much, to which he grinned. Always the goofy, mischievous one... :D

After we got to a hospital, we waited there with Teunis until Sam mentioned that we'd be late for the cafeteria meal. I wanted to stay behind, but knew I had things to do at the church afterwards. Teunis understood, and hugged me gently in farewell... luckily, Sam said he'd stay behind. In the elevator, my siblings said that they'd get him a gift - good idea. In the cafeteria (which was near an ocean), I met Josh / Joyce / Tony / others. When the dumplings and noodles came around, most of my table had gone off to socialize. Tony and I knew we couldn't eat eight portions between us... maybe if Joyce were there, but she was halfway across the room! So we got the waitress to pile the extras on her tray and put the portions in the freezer for now.

Later, we went to church, where it was Christmastime. Jon was leading a combined worship at 7:30 AM, and Jeff was playing the piano. They were using HYMNS FROM THE FAMILY OF GOD, and included a lot of carols / a presentation in the service. Even the old ladies were getting into it! Jeff didn't need a page-turner, which was pretty good what with a long and involved score for a cantata and festive songs. Elaine M. got to close the service with the Doxology and benediction, even though she wasn't even close to being a pastor! People asked where Sam was, but I explained the circumstances. At 8:30, a bunch of other old people streamed in, and we decided to overlap services - good times.

Went downstairs, where Auntie Tracy said that Wilson had drawn something for Auntie Monica's birthday - it was a typical kid drawing with felt and crayon randomness. I met up with Cindy, who seemed to be sad over something. We checked out the toddler room, which was empty. Usually, Danielle and baby Anne would be in there, but maybe they were busy! Then we played with the kids, and helped with their Sunday School stuff. That is where the dream ended. No idea why I had it, as usual... it couldn't JUST have been Cindy's email last night about the sudden death of a teacher friend! Crazy subconscious!

Yay... the water here doesn't work properly. Wonder what's up with THAT!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Take A Chance On Me...

Not sure why, but I woke up with ABBA in my head: Take A Chance On Me, anyone? They just said something about "Lickman Road" on the radio, haha. That just reminds me of the trip Eric and I took to Chilliwack in December! It's kinda funny... or maybe it's because they're trying to determine who has the worst farts, hahaha. Yeah, I like the fart humor - and the rectal tube job is very bad! Must be one of the worst jobs ever - and as for farts and sulphur, well.... I knew they contained that substance!

I am also very scared now! I hope it isn't BAD, but I could get angry too...

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The OK Cupid inbox gets activity after sixteen months?!

Hmm. I got a message in my OK Cupid inbox, which hasn't seen any activity since late September 2006! This guy lives in Atlanta, and thinks I look cute. Well, I am in a relationship now, and 2368 miles would be way too long-distance for me in any event! o_O Even if it weren't for those factors, I would NEVER answer a communication titled "An intimate message" and calling me "dear" within the body! Never mind all these "secret admirers" that I seem to have on MyYearbook, which I haven't actively used in ages! Oh well. :P

I've also done a "3-1" twice in the past twelve hours. Oh well, at least I didn't need to do any double cleansings! I also got another weird phone call from Ontario: 416-224-8936 definitely isn't familiar to me!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Talking to Korey's friend Cory at the moment - interesting stuff, indeed. NAME COINCIDENCE, HAHAHA!

These lyrics to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody seem to fit my mood right now:

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go,
A little high, little low,
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me,
To me

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger, now he's dead,
Mama, life had just begun,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Mama, ooo,
Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

Too late, my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye, everybody - I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, ooo (any way the wind blows)
I don't want to die,
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning - very, very frightening me
Galileo, Galileo,
Galileo, Galileo
Galileo, Figaro, Magnifico
But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come, easy go
Will you let me go
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go! Let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go! Let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go! Let me go
Will not let you go! Let me go
Will not let you go! Let me go
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh baby, can't do this to me, baby
Just gotta get out
Just gotta get right outta here

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters to me,

Any way the wind blows....

I've decided to take Grandma to her dentist appointment on Friday, so should set my alarm accordingly. I know she's getting forgetful, and I also know she's afraid of busing there for the first time by herself. At least Dad can drop us off on his way to the church since he works late? Haha. I guess I'll have to bus her home after the appointment, so there will be no telling Eric (again) that he won't have to pick me up! It'll be interesting times, haha. (Mom thought the "Jeremy has a girlfriend!" story was bewildering, especially because Karmie's older than he is by at least ten or fifteen years! :P)

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Dream of a gunpowder conflagration and green paper butterflies!

I got a weird phone call from Michigan: 616-980-2604, anyone? Probably a scammer! In other news, Sara W. (sparkle_bint) added me to Facebook - yay! The Internet wasn't working for a bit earlier today, so I went out for a while. I got home to start the laundry and resolved to work on my BootyBase / reports because that isn't dependent on a connection, but the Internet was working again. One of these days... *sigh*

Had a weird dream which involved a gunpowder wire being placed near a church, and I was the only one who knew about it. The person who had placed it there had committed suicide by jumping in the nearby deep river. So I enlisted several people's help, since the fuse was due to go off at any time - we eventually told everyone to get out of the church since it was going to blow. Everyone did except one poor person who didn't get the message... the church blew up a few minutes later, with lovely pyrotechnics and sparks. It was definitely an emotional time, of course... especially since we'd lost a member in the conflagration.

Then we were transported to another church, where it was Christmastime. The ushers (including Mei Lin) gave us boxes of felts, crayons, green paper, and paints to express ourselves artistically during service. I helped the kids draw some very weird things, then two of the people in service started chasing each other into the Granville Island-like market next door. They ran up several levels of stairs, up a few ladders, and finally burst into a room where some of the kids were doing crafts on a table.

Then the two people killed each other in front of the kids, and then turned into a paper butterfly and a crumpled piece of green paper. Phil and Melia arrived afterwards (in thick winter wear), and wondered what had happened. After we told them, we mourned the death of the one who had become a green paper butterfly. The dream ended after we buried the green paper butterfly under a special tree, and after we buried the crumpled paper under a bench outside the market. No matter what we thought of the crumpled paper, we knew that he deserved the sacrament of burial!

Hmm. Possible triggers:

* saying hi to Mei Lin, who was ushering on Sunday
* talking to both Phil and Melia this past weekend
* seeing Jeremy folding his bulletin when he got "bored" ((I had to tease him about that!)
* seeing the kids drawing stuff on paper at the Marr residence on Saturday
* seeing the multicolored paper in the church photocopy room on Saturday
* giving out several boxes of felts and coloring material to the Awana kids on Saturday

No idea where the gunpowder and chase bits came in, though!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Not this again...

I woke up with a terrible stomachache, which I recognize as the beginning of stress illness. Truly, I hope it's not rearing its ugly head again. Maybe aspirin will assuage it - I know it's not something I ate yesterday at Jer's, failed eggplant experiments or not. :P

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Apple pie on top of apple pie? Man!

Why am I up at 4 AM?! Oh right... I remember now. :P

Overheard at Western - Ray apparently spent two hours reading it last week! It's a collection of funny things overheard at a certain university that Ray likes to make fun of. So amusing, haha. I read some of the excerpts over Nathan's shoulder, and figured that I'd also read the comments while I browsed the site at home. Here's to hours of endless amusement! Hahaha. ("if she can't speak English, she can't be a BLEEP!")

At dinner, we were all too stuffed from rice and chicken / roasted root vegetables / grain salad to even attempt eating the dessert of a weighty dense fruitcake and apple pie from Uprising Breads. Tony called Jon for directions, and apparently was VERY skilled at jaywalking across Kingsway / Main. Ray almost forgot that Tony was from Hong Kong, so of COURSE he'd be very good at it! When Tony revealed that he'd brought a HUGE apple pie from Safeway in a rain-soaked plastic bag, we all laughed! There were also some Ferrero Rocher chocolates from last week that Ray had bought, but forgotten about. I didn't want one, surprisingly enough - I was busy reading Jon's LEADERSHIP magazine! (interesting articles about autism, dealing with addictions, etc.) Smiled at Jeremy flopping down on the couch in his apron - I guess he was pretty tired! At least now I feel comfortable lying down on the floor / couch when I'm there - it's always a good comfy time, for sure. Jon H. came by later to chill for a bit, and confirmed the stoned waiter at the Naam.

Nathan was busy with his applications to various programs, which were due one day sooner than he'd originally thought. He told us about certain surprising stats at Trinity - 90% of men masturbate, and 35% of people have had premarital sex?! Probably the first one is something most men do... but Nate is probably right that the guilt factor is much higher when it comes to the second. Poked my head in Ray's room for a bit later, and he said that certain people hadn't eaten their share of chicken last week - that would have been me and Isabel, I told him. "Isabel or Isabella?" he asked - ah yes, he'd had trouble with that a while back too. Ray discussed weed, being drunk, playing a game while buzzed, Peggy, and some other stuff. He is definitely an interesting person!

We all laughed when Nathan pronounced "apricots" the Torontonian way, so Nate said that he'd have to rock back and forth and say it the right way to himself for fifteen minutes a day. After a certain amount of time, it would be HABIT even if he now associated rocking with the word "apricots"! I can SO see him in fifty years as an old man doing that, I joked. (long A instead of a short A!) Ray said that he'd have to get Janette to make cookies for him, haha. Nathan drove me and Jon to 41st / Granville - the lights were against us while we were trying to catch a 98! Listened to Jon talking to Harmony for the bus ride into Richmond, where we didn't feel like running in the intense rain once more in order to catch a late 407. Got home at 10:30, which I guess is reasonable - the bus wasn't too bad, haha.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

We definitely had one voice to confuse!

Yay! Jeremy has Mozilla Firefox's dictionary / spellcheck AND an Ubuntu setup instead of the crazy boxes he had before! I remember one time I came over and borrowed the computer, and left about twenty random white boxes for him to clear off the screen - I created one every time I moved the mouse to remove one, so gave up on that pretty quickly. Besides, I figured he'd know how to eliminate them! Crazy system, but it worked for him, I guess. Since his computer's also faster than mine, I have now removed all GJ-based stuff from my Gmail - woohoo! (I also had to increase the text size at least four times to make it readable - I'm getting old, kiddies! :P)

Discussed babysitting the pastor's kids, Grandma's dentist appointment on Friday, Gwyneth and Evelyn punching hard, Jenga Extreme, reports, and other stuff with my sibs on the way to church this morning. At church, I noticed Mei Lin was ushering - cool. I said hi to Raymond, who's coming to the dinner tonight... he took one look at the menu and decided he was going, haha. He's a cool new friend to have! Jeremy said that I should have seen the "recipe ideas" email thread these past couple of days - sounded amusing from what he had to say about it. Dianne told me to look at the invisible thread holding a banner up - it almost looked like it was floating! Phil's sermon was interesting, and I almost fell asleep while praying - oops. (I also glimpsed someone in the process of checking out the banner - almost literally bumped into him downstairs after Sunday School, too!) Said hi to some of the kids later on, then went outside.

Talked to John about his daughter Anne (who was wide awake in her carrier), and saw Sabrina and Auntie Eileen - yup, I'd seen baby Allison yesterday at Frances' baby shower! Said hi to Martin, then went to the back parking lot. Jon had said Eric might be going to the dinner, but he was nowhere to be found since he was counting offering envelopes. Kevin and I talked to Uncle Daniel about Gmail chat / the computer as a tool / his being sick for ten days straight - he couldn't sleep even with sleeping pills and such because his mind wasn't at rest! He couldn't just not go to work because he can't reschedule his patients' dentist appointments THAT easily! (it's an occupational hazard of sorts, we thought) Talked to Grace about giant booster rockets, meeting people, money, and having us over for a future Sunday Dinner. Said hi to Sheena, who I won't be seeing on Friday as they have a small group outing. Ivan, Mike, Lucas, and Sam were discussing how you can buy people on Facebook (they say it's based on popularity) - Grace and I decided that it was a weird application, and nobody could buy us! Tony doesn't have Facebook, so we advised him not to get into it. Greeted Emily L. when she came out, since everyone else had gone to Sunday School / 7-11 already. Julie took pictures, and Cordia bugged Rich about his birthday today. (we're getting old, that's for sure!)

Paid a lot of attention to Amanda during Sunday School since she was the only kid; afterwards, I interacted with Gwyneth / Evelyn / Edward / Rosanna / Christal / others. Edward asked me if it were possible to go around the world with your eyes closed if there were no objects or people in the way - I don't know about that! He, Gwyneth, and Evelyn were going around a pillar with their eyes closed, and bumping into each other and Henry when he came downstairs. Talked to William briefly about Facebook and the VCEFC group - I'll add Lisa, too. Went outside, where Auntie Ping asked me an unexpected question about whether I had a cell phone so she could call me! Nope, but she can look up my number in the church directory and call me at home, haha. Then I went back inside to talk to Karen I. about her busy day yesterday: baby shower, seeing friends, dinner, etc. Grandma was looking for my siblings, who weren't out of Sunday School yet. (Dad had an emergency board meeting) Uncle Johnny said hi and told me about Jon trying to find him songs.

Went to Pho, where we saw Auntie Fonda and her husband Kevin, Wilson, Christal, Wally, Jenny, Vania and her parents, Benedict's dad, J-Mak's dad, Gabriel's dad, and other assorted church people. Danielle, Kevin, Citrus, and Vanessa came in later - the girls wanted to hang out since they couldn't ski, but Kevin wanted to eat. Then again, Danielle was also starving. Steph and I had large #24 - yay for different fare than Friday! Jon came by after his meeting, and quickly determined that Eric was undecided about coming to the dinner tonight. I decided to stay out with Jon, which translated to "stay at Jeremy's while the guys go out to buy food." Jon got Steph to drop us off at Jeremy's on her way home, and Grandma somehow knew we were going to his place - hilarious stuff!

Grandma asked us a funny question about "Wu-So Lo" which only served to clearly demonstrate how the old-school Chinese mind works! She'd seen him talking with a woman after everyone got back from Sunday School, and automatically wondered if she was his girlfriend! I myself had seen the woman, and told my siblings that Grandma had seen Karmie, THE ENGLISH PASTOR'S WIFE! HAHAHAHA! (Grandma: "But I *know* the pastor's wife, and she wasn't Ruby!" Steph: "No... the ENGLISH pastor's wife!") Reminds me of the time that Kelvin Chan's mom had seen us hugging outside the church, and assumed that we liked each other in that way. Um, no... Shirley's brother is eight years younger than I! Then there was the time that Grandma saw Steph hugging Citrus (after he started dating Danielle - not that it makes a difference to us), and said this to our mom later: "She's lying! She DOES have a boyfriend!" Luckily, Mom knew that she was talking about Citrus and not some random boy at church! Oh man!

Chilled at Jeremy's for a while as he ate his random lunch of salad, fish, rice, and other things. The guys discussed interesting beer with saffron as one of the ingredients (Brewery Creek is cool, I'm sure!), armagnac, eggplant and tahini, hummus, stewing hen, chicken tagine with apricots and almonds, skillets, Dutch ovens, aluminium pans, big pots, and more. We're getting closer to being vegetarian / vegan with each recipe the guys do, Jon says. Jeremy and I managed to confuse Ray for a few moments when he came in - we said "Hey..." in unison (perfectly synchronized!) and with the same pitch! Ray came in and was like "What the heck?! I heard one voice!" Hahaha!

Later, the guys went out to buy honey / garlic / fairly sweet dessert to be paired with barley wine (chocolate torte at a bakery somewhere?) / various ingredients. I finished my pop culture / cognitive skills book which Nathan gave me for my birthday - Jon has read it before, and says it's a good one. Definitely makes you think about gaming and focus / reading / TV shows / social networks / mapping! Ray did an impression of a stoned waiter at the Naam - NOT "Nam" as in "Vietnam" since it's a local vegetarian restaurant! You don't normally push dropped knives on the floor while holding a big stack of plates! Just put the heavy stack of plates in the kitchen first BEFORE you go back and pick up the knife! Now they're back and discussing cooking, chicken with wings and backbone discarded, and more. Christon's providing a cinnamon stick and parsley along with other things. One last note: Ray thought parsley and cilantro were the same thing, and flopped down on the couch when he found out (again) that they weren't - not when the recipe calls for both, they aren't! Oh, Ray... *laughs*

Christon, Raymond, and Nathan arrived. Jon put on some weird music (The First Original Silence - Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth?!)... we discussed blogging, Xanga, banking, fellowship in general, Facebook, the holidays, the time it takes to maintain a blog properly, doubling / tripling recipes, school, and more. Things are looking up in the kitchen, yay!

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Yay for Karen and Teresa!

I'm busy doing Gmail filter / label work, what with GJ being totally screwed up. ARGH!

Karen called me earlier to talk about stuff - pretty good, especially since we talked about last night and such. Then Teresa called to ask about essentials; no idea about Richmond people, but I'll be a backup if things go pear-shaped!

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