Saturday, January 03, 2009

Matt and Elaine's wedding reception

High-scoring word of the night so far:

JADES (280 points) - against Christine B. [4W, two 2W; hook off OAKS for a plural to make SOAKS]

I hope the light here isn't turned on for some strange reason like it was yesterday. If I didn't know better, I'd swear someone else was living here! (never again... would be rather easy to tell here, too!) Seriously. I got up to do something, and noticed the light was ON when I'd definitely switched it OFF. After a "what the?!" moment, I turned it off again - and all was well.

Matt and Elaine's wedding reception went pretty well, even if I did get annoyed on the way over. (My mom asked me how much money I had on my body - that's a disgusting question which I refused to answer! It's supposed to be "ON HAND," heh.) I was at the table with my friends who were parents: Mel, Frances, Micah, Danny, Helen, Cory (Nicholas was at home), David, Rosenda, Ian, Gabriel (who wanted a wine glass!), Billy, Stella, Benjamin, Noah, Lily, Lee, Hannah, Gavin, Winnie, Megan, Sophia, John, Olivia, Anne, Warren, Lauren, Matthew (Brandon was at home), Chung, Karen, and Mattias provided me with plenty of distraction! Also saw Jessica Lai's parents AND Trudy's parents - yay!

We talked about recent life developments - Helen, Rosenda, Sophia, and a bunch of others didn't know that Jon was even engaged till they heard his sharing last week about how he was going to get married in five months. I guess it's natural for the parents with young kids not to know these things, heh. Steph is actually pretty lucky, haha! Discussed snow-related Facebook status updates, interaction with little kids, schooling, Winter Conference / the holidays, Montessori INTERVIEWS for a three-year-old (what are you going to ask the kid?!), maternity leave, parenting, nursing babies, transit delays, the current snowy weather, the cool video of the ceremony, and more. Matt and Elaine got married right at the edge of a volcano crater - wow! They haven't had a honeymoon yet since they've been busy hosting various receptions, but maybe they'll have one now. Andrea caught up with me (she'd called me before I left), which was cool. The wedding favors were Hawaiian Host Macadamia Nut Crunch - yummy!

I made faces at three-month-old Mattias when he woke up, and talked to him a lot since his mom says he likes that. It was kinda awkward when it came to toasting time because the baby was nursing.. meh, he can "CHEER" on his own! He held my finger for a bit, too! Talked to little Cory for a bit, and looked at a sleeping Gavin. Tried talking to Matthew, who will be four on my sister's birthday. Caught up with Lauren, and hugged her goodbye - it's been some time! Warren and Danny didn't mind helping me with the food, which was fine by me. I said hi to Sophia's daughter Olivia, and she actually waved and said hi back - cool! Ian liked the Chinese snack desserts since they had balls inside of them, and wondered what my dessert was - an almond cookie with a nut on top, heh. Interesting time out, for sure. Must ask Raymond / Jeremy how the engagement party was tomorrow - that'll be good. :D

Got home to find that Michelle Christmas had nudged me in a Scrabble Beta game, so I guess I'll be playing that. Michelle Cheung also had asked if I had Limewire - nope! Suppose I'll write on their walls, and send Jesse a message - it IS crazy that he's now friends with his mother!

Some more things from the Surrealist:

Reality TV Machine - I'm Angry, So What? - Only in a modern university would you find Simon Cowell and a group of parents learning to drive.

London Evening Standard headline generator

Ultimate Personality Test

Mutant Song Lyrics!

And here is a red Leslie,
I think of you, and let it go.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

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Bzoink shuffle meme: SESAME STREET and restaurants!

High-scoring word of the day so far:

ARENA (125 points) - against Colin W. [two 5W]

Jon and I just chatted on Gmail: I never knew you could make your text bold by putting it between asterisks! Sweet stuff! Apparently, we're having lunch with Harmony's parents tomorrow after church - it'll be interesting later with the wedding reception and the weather. GO AWAY, SNOW!

Here is the weekend's poo nugget: How can you be constipated and have diarrhea at the same time? A phenomenon called "overflow diarrhea" occurs when watery stool leaks around an impacted bolus of stool. Typically occurring in patients with fecal impaction, a condition in which a hard bolus of stool plugs up the rectum and prevents passage of normal bowel movements, this form of diarrhea can mislead physicians to prescribe anti-diarrheal medications, thereby worsening the underlying constipation.

Hey, here's an interesting shuffle meme which I have NOT done before! I'll use Corey's DVD for this, of course. Stolen from Amanda:

Music Lyrics Shuffle Survey

Song #1:
Artist: Voodoo Glow Skulls
Title: Bossman
What is the very first lyric in the song?: Hurry up, punch in.
Is that lyric significant to you in any way?: No.
What is the fourth line of the song?: Don't try to smile, coz he'll turn it into hatred.
Does that line make you think of a certain person?: Yes, unfortunately.
What is your favorite lyric in this song?: Pucker up and kiss his butt.
Song #2:
Artist: Children of Bodom
Title: Children of Decadence
What is the last lyric of the song?: We're slowly dying.
Replace the second word of that lyric with the word "potato".: We're POTATO dying. What the...
What is the ninth line of the song?: You wanna get closer and get a taste of death?
What if that lyric was the new theme song to Sesame Street?: Sesame Street would be about execution. Definitely not for the kiddies then!
What lyric in this song do you relate to the most or find to be the truest?: Don't try to come to preach over us and over me.
Song #3:
Artist: Operation Ivy
Title: Healthy Body
What is the chorus of this song?: Healthy body sick mind / You're working overtime / Healthy body sick mind / Too hectic, too hectic / Healthy body sick mind
If someone you like sang the chorus to you, would it be romantic?: ... HAHAHA. No, definitely not!
Replace the tenth word of the song with the word "beast": Expensive vitamin pills and wheat germ on your windowsill / BEAST schedule's hectic and you've got no time to kill.
What movie soundtrack would this song be perfect for?: Any movie that's about getting healthy!
Pick one word in the title of this song that you could name a pet: Paranoid. Not that I think it's a good name, but it's the best out of the alternatives!
Song #4:
Artist: Ministry
Title: Lava
What is the first lyric in this song?: Hot lava / Big Monkey flow / Chokin' on a color / Floating down like a rain ("Oh yeah")
What if your opinion of the entire song was based on that one lyric?: OH NO! It's the PSYCHEDELIC SONG!
What lyric reminds you most of one of your exes?: Make rotten grey matter / Not spoiled like the child who pops them two at a time
What if your #2 on Myspace quoted the last lyric of the song to you?: Candy says the above lyrics. I wonder if she's telling me that I shouldn't do that. (which I don't, by the way)
If this song title was a movie title, what would the movie be about?: Volcanoes, pills, and color.
Song #5:
Artist: Jack off Jill
Title: Girl Scout
What is the most offensive / vulgar lyric in this song?: Fucked by a star.
What if the 1st word in the song title was replaced with the word "hooker": Hooker Scout - HAHA! Oh man. Priceless!
What is the tenth line of the song?: To sacrifice what I believe.
Does that lyric remind you of a situation you've been in?: Yes, which is too bad.
Does this song have a deep meaning, or is it just straightforward?: I think it's straightforward. Then again, what do I know?
Song #6:
Artist: Misfits
Title: Static Age
What if your last name was included in the song title?: The only way it would work is if it were the first word of the new song title.
What is the fifth line in the song?: We're all blue from projection tubes.
Would that line be a good catch phrase for a commercial?: That would be perfect!
What is your favorite lyric in the entire song?: We're on a video rage.
Why is that your favorite?: Because it's true... we ARE all consumed by videos at least part of the time!
Song #7:
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Title: Happiness in Slavery
What if the 1st word in the artist name was replaced with the word "poop": Poop Inch Nails... hmm. Dunno...
What is the funniest lyric in this song?: Human junk... just words and so much skin.
What is the eighth lyric in this song?: Slave screams... he spends his life learning conformity.
What if there was a restaurant named from the first and fifth word of that lyric: Slave His... that doesn't really make sense. Maybe the first and sixth words, but then who would want to go to such a restaurant?
Is the word "heart" anywhere in the entire song?: Nope.
Song #8:
Artist: Ministry
Title: Worm
What if Marilyn Manson did a cover of this song?: That wouldn't be a good song. It wouldn't suit him at ALL.
What is the chorus of this song?: On and on and on and on... it goes on and on and on and on.
What if your #5 Myspace friend called you and sang the chorus to you?: If Kaitlin did that, I'd wonder what kind of drama was going on in her life!
What is the last lyric in the song?: It's like living in a house that's haunted every day...
Is that the best lyric in the song?: No... that would have to be Knife cuts through all that I wanted every day
Song #9:
Artist: GWAR
Title: Captain Crunch
Would the title of this song make a good title for a Stephen King book?: Nope.
What is the twelfth line in this song?: You enter the sex plague...
Do you even like that lyric at all?: Meh... not too much, no.
Do you know all the words to this song?: Definitely not.
What kind of mood does this song put you in?: A silly one, kinda.
Song #10:
Artist: Cradle of Filth
Title: Queen of Winter, Throned
Replace the third word in the title with the word "beaver": Queen of BEAVER, Throned - hmm. Has a slightly sexy ring to it, heh.
What is the seventh line in this song?: What sweet music they make...
Does that lyric bring up any memories?: Memories of Band class...
Would this song be good in a movie's fight scene?: Maybe if it were a very LONG fight scene...
What is your favorite lyric in this song?: Blessed be these spells of winter unto us that wait with patience in this secret garden to storm our way into another as yes undone...

Take This Survey | Search Surveys | MySpace Surveys
Survey found on Bzoink

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Yay for people who know a lot!

I love people who are interesting conversationalists. Enough said. *goes off, lost in thought*

Pasta with cream of mushroom soup as a base, with salmon and veggies on top! That is the best food ever!

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Legalist cowmen in a copse - yay for monsters!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

LEGALIST (122 points) - against Jeannie W.-Y. [3W, 2W]
FAVELAS (240 points; two 4W), COWMEN (256 points; two 4W) - against Susan H.
FACILE (135 points) - against Jason E. [3W, 2W]
DIGLOT (228 points) - against Kareen J. [5W, 4W]
COPSE (305 points) - against Alice P. [5W, 2W, 5L on P]
TEPIDITY (135 points) - against Frank S. [5W]

You Should Make 3 Resolutions

Get Fit

Get a Better Education

Spend More Time With Family and Friends

You Remember 60% of 2008

Okay, you were somewhat paying attention during 2008.

But you're not going to impress anyone with your knowledge of what went down.

You know the basics about what went down, but little else...

Let's just say you won't be writing the history book for 2008.

You Are 60% Kissable

You are quite kissable, and you probably get kissed often.

You're not as kissable as you could be, though. There's a little room for improvement.

Be prepared for a kiss at all times, even if it means carrying a toothbrush or mints with you.

And when the time comes to kiss, stay open and calm. Being nervous only makes you less kissable.

Which Pie Are You

Custard pie? SWEET.

Which Monster Are You

A mummy as a monster? YAY!


Trick-Or-Treat Quiz

You went Trick-or-Treating at and got

A $10 McDonalds gift certificate

Find out what you will get Trick or Treating at href="">

Which Pumpkin Are You

The SEXY pumpkin?! Oh my. o_O

How Romantic Are You?

How Romantic Are You

You are:

A Little Romantic

You are a little bit romantic. You can turn on the romance when you want to, but for the most part, romance is wearing matching sweatpants.

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How Friendly Are You?

How Friendly Are You

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Extremely Friendly

You are extremely friendly. We doubt you could meet a person that didn't like you. You are the life and soul of any party.

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How Feminine Are You?

How Feminine Are You

You are:

A Little Bit Feminine

You are only a little bit feminine. You could probably be a bit more feminine if you tried. Maybe try wearing a few more dresses.

How Feminine Are You? Find out at

No. I am ME. If you try to change me, too bad. I like being myself.

Are You Crazy?

Are You Crazy

You are:

Not Crazy

You are perfectly sane, or are you? Didn't taking this quiz seem a little crazy to you?

Are You Crazy? Find out at

See? That's what I always try telling certain people. Not my fault they don't believe me!

Are You A Good Cook?

Are You A Good Cook

You are:

An Okay Cook

You are an okay cook, but your skills probably end at anything beyond processed food. Maybe you should enroll in a few classes.

Are You A Good Cook? Find out at

Question 14 reminded me of someone who likes sending out weird lame emails. Yikes! Man, those were seriously annoying! Glad that era is over with, for sure!

Are you a TV addict?

Are you a TV addict

You are:

Not Addicted To TV

You are definitely not addicted to TV. In fact, we are not even sure you watch any TV.

Are you a TV addict? Find out at

Hahaha! This is the greatest result ever! Except maybe not. :P

Are You A Pirate

Are You A Pirate?

Congratulations! According to our experts, you are:

58% Pirate

Take the Are You A Pirate quiz and other Fun Quizzes at

How bad are you?

How bad are you

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A little bad

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What Career Suits You?

What Career Suits You

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You've got talent aplenty and the need to express your feelings, so use them in a job as a musician / artist / writer / poet.

What Career Suits You? Find out at

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Two wedding receptions in vastly different climates!

Spent some time talking to Raymond about skating tonight - it's probably safer to stay inside, since it may snow some more, and the roads are icy as it is. Of COURSE he doesn't want to risk damage to his car, and then miss out on the party tomorrow! He saw some poor driver stuck near Metro today: NOT GOOD! Says the Benjamin Button movie is good: of course, I've read the story already, heh. He's noticed most people who have declined going to Jon and Harmony's engagement party tomorrow cite a wedding reception in their reasons - that, or airplane flights. (not Josh!)

I cleared up the misconception he had about Matt and Elaine's wedding, too. Wished each other a Happy New Year (again?!) - I also told him to look up PROGERIA sometime. (Raymond says Brad Pitt is good, but he wouldn't want to be a teenager with acne and dementia - I agree! Progeria just ages you really quickly, and the kids look really wizened!)

Sweeney Todd video

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Dream about rollercoasters and vampire vanquishing

Bingo of the day so far:

IRONLIKE (125 points) - against Donna L.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

FITCHEW (120 points) - against Pat K. [5W]
SLANDERS (110 points) - against Kathy T. [5W, 2W]
ZETA (195 points) - against Danielle L. [5W; 3L on Z]
EXPAT (115 points; 5W), FIORDS [388 points; two 4W, 2L on F] - against Anastasia W.
IRONLIKE (125 points) - against Donna L. [5W; bingo]
NOVELIST (1350 points) - against Jason E. [two 5W, 4W]
BENZENE (100 points) - against Jeannie W.-Y. [5W]

Hey, I finally finished tagging all my Blogger posts - this rocks! Now it's time to make some private vows, heh. At least I had good talks with Erik, Corey, Z, Billie, and Chinese Eric! The latter's friends are right: he should really get himself a blog so we know what he's up to, hehe. (MSN and Gmail chat rock!)

Ah, the bliss of sleeping in! Got up just now, and had an interesting dream. My friends and I were sent out to rid the world of vampires, but one of our number was a half-vampire. That helped us, except when she'd spend too much time looking in the mirror to see whether her red hair was too stark against her white skin. (she kinda looked like Erik's sister!) We took over a spaceship, and managed to fit everyone in under covers. When we went to a community centre to extinguish the contagion there, my mom almost gave it away when she let the corner of an ID card peek out of her pocket while she was talking to some black girls.

I told her that the Criminology card was kinda visible, and the officer making his rounds MIGHT be able to see it. Luckily, she was able to hide it without being obvious about it, and then gave me a shopping list which included apple conditioner! After we had gone shopping for that and some other items, it was time to vanquish the vampires! We did that quite handily, and then went on a bunch of rollercoasters to celebrate - those went QUITE high up in the sky! The dream ended when we were counting our spoils, heh.

Eric had better not try calling me today, since I was quite emphatic about NOT going skating at the oval. He knows what I'm like on ice and snow, so it would not be a good idea, even for Fellowship-related reasons. If he does, I am NOT answering the phone! (and Manitoba called me again - NOT SURPRISED!)

Edit at 7: He apparently tried buzzing me an hour ago - good thing for me that the phone was off! I prefer to cheat death by staying inside, thanks.

Today's poo nugget - Doo You Know? If it's brown, flush it down. Stool's usual brown color is due to the presence of a compound called stercobilin, which is formed when the bacteria in our colon digest bile. Most daily variation in stool color is due to the dietary intake of various foods and medications. However, changes in stool color that persist for longer periods of time can be a sign of an underlying gastrointestinal disorder.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Michael rocks since Vaseline wishes are quirky!

Bingo of the night so far:

HOMILIES (195 points) - against Steve L. [somehow, this game showed up as being INACTIVE - very odd...]

High-scoring word of the night so far:

HOMILIES (195 points) - against Steve L. [2W, 5W]

Michael left me this wish on Facebook: *My Wish for You in 2009:* May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires and may happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! In simple words: May 2009 be the best year of your life!!! That's sweet... and George just wanted me to have fun and stay safe - you bet I will!

While I was waiting for the elevator earlier tonight so I could do my laundry, some lady wanted me to open the front door for her. Sure I saw her (and couldn't pretend I didn't see her OR hear her), but the elevator came just as I was debating whether to do so! True, it's not a high-traffic elevator or anything like that, but I'm not about to put down my FULL laundry basket and help someone when the elevator's here. Were the circumstances different, I might have been more willing to help. So I went upstairs and started the laundry: I heard some footsteps in the hallway, which sounded like the person was very pissed-off.

Then the lady opened the laundry room door, and proceeded to tell me that all she'd wanted me to do was PLEASE open the door. Maybe I would have, if I weren't doing something like, I dunno, WAITING FOR THE FRIGGIN' ELEVATOR?! Seeing as I don't make a point of standing idly around the complex, she would have been out of luck anyhow! "All I was doing was paying my rent," she whined - ah, shut up! At least she doesn't seem to live in my complex, which is a good thing! Stupid idiot - I don't care what she was doing, really! If Korey could read this, he'd tell me that this was karma catching up with me for all the bad stuff I did in the past. (just like those two little kids making fun of the way I walked in the summer that time) Good thing he can't!

Note: I have 556 Blogger tags now.

Edit: I just got this lovely message after I updated.

[21:11:06] NYPDagent8320922: My HIV test came back positive, and you're the only one I've fucked without protection salman rushdie location
[21:12:23] AlenaBrolxFlami: YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE COHO.
[21:13:48] NYPDagent8320922: ?
[21:13:56] NYPDagent8320922: wanna tinker with my stinker?
[21:15:38] NYPDagent8320922: wanna tinker with my stinker?


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YES! I can finally use my poo calendar!

Hey, I can finally use the poo calendar that Viv bought me for my birthday! (and here's a bonus link: Dr. Stool - maybe Steph should tell Terrence about this, haha!) I might keep this one for a long time, like Jeremy and Ray did with the Far Side calendar they have. Thank goodness I have a poop icon already, but I don't know 365 songs about the subject. Oh well... can't win 'em all! ;)

For fun, here's the Wikipedia entry. Hey, I didn't know Poo was the name of a playable character in the Earthbound! game... sweet!

This is the intro blurb and first "nugget" (haha!) of the year:


With universal appeal - after all, everyone poops - this straightforward, illustrated description of two dozen dookies (each with a medical explanation written by a doctor) details what one can learn about health and well-being by studying what's in the bowl. A floater? It's probably due to a build-up of gas. Now think back on last night's dinner - a burrito, perhaps? All the greatest hits are here: The Log Jam, The Glass Shard, The Hanging Chad... the list goes on. Sidebars with interesting factoids, 60 euphemisms for number 2, and unusual case histories all make this the ultimate bathroom reader.


Finally, what every bathroom has been waiting for - the POO LOG, a journal for recording and studying the uniqueness of each bowel movement. With handy reference charts, extensive checklists (shape / color / consistency...), interesting nuggets, and hilarious illustrations throughout, this journal makes every trip to the can into an e-loo-cidating experience.


Another day, another poo... in our hectic daily lives, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. Unless something is considerably wrong, you will spend a significant amount of time on the toilet in 2009 - the average person will poo between 100 and 1000 times. However, many of us will hastily perform the deed, flush without looking, and then fail to harness poo's power to improve our health. This daily calendar will serve to remind you - every day of the year - that going to the bathroom can be an educational and potentially cathartic experience.

We have scoured medical journals, global news headlines, and expert testimonials to present to you the following Daily Droppings. Use them to improve your own poo performances, and flaunt your Poo IQ by sharing these vital nuggets with friends and colleagues.

- Josh Richman and Amish Sheth, M.D.

Thursday, Jan. 1: Déjà Poo
Synonyms: Veggie Burger, Leftovers, Sloppy Seconds

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Aged cheddar, skating, and FAMILY GUY / FARGO: 2009 is finally here!

I'm glad 2009 is FINALLY here! Believe me, I learned stuff in 2008, but that doesn't mean I'm not glad it's in the past now! ;)

Jon picked me up yesterday afternoon, and fielded a phone call from Harmony on the way to pick up Eric (waved to Veronica): seems she'd be late, since she was making guacamole. (we discussed Raymond's change in plans as he'd heard about it) Turns out Myles dropped her off later, which was fine! Had pasta, quail, some interesting red bean-based Chinese dessert, curry, chicken wings, and more stuff while saying hi to Dave's parents and catching up with Dave himself... too bad Tiffany had to work! Talked about the IIHF Canada-US hockey game (yay for two LATE empty-net goals to make the final score 7-4 for Canada... Tavares also got a hat trick!), the Calgary-Edmonton game, Christmas, blogging, flights, delays, Dennis, wedding stuff, jokes featuring really rushed pre-marital counselling, and other things. When a player named Ryan Ellis was being interviewed on TV, I said this to Eric: "You can tell your Victoria buddy that there's someone out there with the same name as him! Haha!" (I discovered this about myself, Catherine Anderson (geordiecat76), Graham Hurley [Korey's Ontario friend], and of course many others!)

Mom got me my present from Auntie Esther (Laughing Matters: Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks), and I rejoiced because my book collection was in even numbers again. Eric thought the beer had affected me already, and Jon said he'd just get me another book if I liked even numbers so much - CHEH! The guy who wrote the book is featured in the PULSE every time we get it, as well - Dad said I was familiar with that, at least. Yup, and I read it during service most times! (Jon said not to deflect it and say that others probably did the same - meh, shut up! :P) I also got some socks of unknown origin from the family laundry (Jon said to take them!), and saw the green blingy sweater my mom was talking about at the Ho family dinner - I like THAT, but not the matching skirt! (I DISLIKE SKIRTS!)

Seems Harmony was trying to call a friend all day, but instead was calling a wrong number - oops! Grandma was a bit confused as to why there was no US goalie in one of the games, so Dad tried explaining to her the concept of pulling your goalie for an extra attacker... it didn't quite work, heh. Steph would love to be the Mountie making the post-game presentations to the players of the game, for sure! (too bad she's in Regina, heh) I had a bit of beer, and some powerful ginger ale - no pop in that house! Jon decided to see what the beer and ginger ale would taste like together, but selected ME to be the guinea pig! Then he added my Ceres red grape juice to the mix, and was about to add the coffee - ew, no! The ginger ale just seemed to overpower everything else, which is what I told him when he asked how it tasted!

Eventually we went over to Eric's for about five minutes, where the Great Champagne Exchange happened: you better believe we needed the fake stuff as opposed to the real thing! Eric, Jon, and I discussed his mother's cool Chinese ways on the way over, haha. (Jon dropped us off there before going back home to collect Harmony to go to Kendrick's) She can be like a Chinese mother, and not know it - she loves getting us food even AFTER certain SLB escapades, heh! Said hi to his parents, watched a tiny bit of AIR FARCE (Sloppy Second Joe?!), saw this cute blue musical wizard plush that Steph found for them, and got a New Year's hug from Veronica. Eric and I discussed emails, accents, certain friends, Fellowship plans, skating at the oval, fake heart attacks, and more on the way to Nathan's. I was transported into nostalgia when I saw a certain 7-11 on Granville, haha. (Grandma saying that Jon should have bought medicine at Yaohan instead when he was really mailing letters!)

Christon had to help me across the ice rink that was Nathan's front walkway, since Eric decided to find parking somewhere else. Turns out we got there at the same time as Jeremy - I don't mind his seeing me as petrified of the snow, heh. (it's happened before...) Nathan was actually home, which was a good thing since some time elapsed without our seeing Eric! After a while, we started to wonder what happened - then Nate got a call that Eric was stuck in the snow about two blocks away. I certainly didn't mind guarding the house while the guys went to relieve some strangers' kindness! Read some health / pharmacy magazine, had some Orville Redenbacher popcorn courtesy of Christon, quickly checked my email, and started on a 20th anniversary re-release of E.T. box set that Nathan got in the meantime.

Shared the seat and some popcorn out of a bowl with Jeremy, and didn't mind his placing his stuff on my jacket - it was brand new from Regina, I warned him. When it came time for Nathan to order his free pizza, it was entertaining! "Hi, I think I should have a free pizza on my account. What do I want on the pizza? *looks around room* Meat...? Anything else, guys? Mushrooms? Green peppers? HELP!" Hahaha! Had some Tostitos multigrain chips and salsa that Eric brought along, too. Amused ourselves by looking up Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa and chop suey - Eric had never seen the Chinese medicine before in his life, while I said I'd kinda grown up with it. Jeremy said it was the best stuff ever, and I tended to agree with him on that point!

Saw Nathan's dad go in and out of the room while doing laundry - Jeremy was surprised at the dryer buzzer noise, and thought that Nate's house just had random noises all the time, haha. Reminds me: I should do my own laundry! Ha, he should have been at the house a few years ago when the old TV was about to implode, and warned us by making a high-pitched noise which we could hear every time we went into the basement! Daniel was given a huge amount of money to replace it! We also discussed the perils of skating: if you tie your skates up and then feel they're too loose when you go out on the ice, then you have to go back OFF the ice and retie the laces! But then if you feel it's too TIGHT afterwards, do you REALLY feel like going back off the ice again and then taking everything off / putting it back on again!? Very ma-fan, to be sure!

Jeremy described the driving conditions when his dad drove down from Kelowna to pick him up at the airport: luckily, his dad is used to driving in the snow! It was actually snowing when they were in Abbotsford, and they saw these guys trying to race each other... not in THOSE conditions! The whole round trip took about 10.5 hours, which we figured was average given the snow on the roads. At one point, the powdery snow from other vehicles was covering everything: Jeremy was on the phone to his mom to tell her where they were, and suddenly couldn't see anything except white! In that case, you drive and hope you haven't turned the wrong way or anything! He also described a Kelowna Rockets game to us: the shots were uneven (27-11), the score was misleading, they got their own private bathroom (YES!), and it was still a good time even though he missed one family celebration! At least he wasn't delayed much coming home... there was a 45-minute unannounced delay while they were on the plane, though!

While we watched the UNCENSORED version of Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (2005), Jon called Jeremy to say that he didn't know when we'd be seeing him. That didn't surprise us at all, man! The movie was pretty funny - I won't give anything away except to say that you never know where people get ideas for sex changes and doppelgangers! We finished with about twelve minutes left to go till midnight, so Christon prepped the champagne while Nathan searched for something suitable to watch on TV. The Hong Kong countdown was hilarious (philanthropists and singers on stage, all bundled up?!), Nathan judged some based on musical quality, and we managed to find one from 1987 - that's not even a round number of years!

We found the Christmas tree / Yule log channels - those get high ratings?! Sweet! (and we noted the logs' changed positions every time we went back to those channels - "who's the hand that changes it when it's not on a 15-minute loop?") Saw a few shots of Elton John, some of Ryan Seacrest, re-informed Nathan that Dick Clark had had a stroke a couple years ago, and toasted each other at midnight. Also watched WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? and laughed at the low blows dealt Drew Carey by the improv comics! (Nathan thinks that Ryan Stiles and Jeremy kinda look alike, and have a similar eye mannerism - Jeremy wouldn't know about that himself! Reminds me of how my mom thinks Eric and Jeremy would be too similar to be groomsmen at Jon's wedding - I said, "tall skinny white guys with metabolism / diet issues do NOT all look the same!")

Nathan and Eric played some NHL 2009 - turns out Jeremy and I thought the same thing about the updates in the game. It doesn't automatically transfer data based on current hockey teams, which is too bad. We had to think of it like car models - it's like how the 2009 models came out in 2008! Then Jeremy asked if you could play the same team against one another: Nathan said you could, which made me think of STREET FIGHTER where you could do that too. THAT confused me the first few times I saw it, haha! (Eric says that the hockey uniforms are light and dark to distinguish individual teams, and the announcing in-game is hilarious since the lineups are exactly the same!) Jon called later to say that he was maybe half an hour away, which is about the time Christon decided to leave. "He called you LAME!" "Tell him that HE can drive my dad downtown tomorrow morning, then!" "He says to stay up all night till 5:30, and THEN sleep!" "Somehow, I don't think that's happening!" Hahaha!

By the time Jon did come over, it was almost 1 AM. Jeremy had gone into the Mount Pleasant cheese shop and asked for some aged cheddar, but was told that they only had five-year-old cheddar! If THAT'S not aged, we wonder just what qualifies as such! Jon made some chai tea, got a cutting board for the cheese, and happily took some more beer out. Asked whether I'd had any of Jeremy's stout IPA (or something), but I said that Jer had finished the whole bottle by himself! (the equivalent of three pints?! oh my...) We talked for a bit before watching Fargo (1996) - yay for wood chipper murders! Jon mused that he recalled watching this with Mom once, but she didn't like it very much! After a particular scene in which much profanity was used, I wondered if Mom had objected to the language - he didn't remember! (Jeremy: "Hey, it's in ENGLISH at least!" Hahaha!) Discussed dark comedies, other movies, Jeremy's parents thinking FARGO was uninteresting, Jeremy saying the movie was funnier with us than with his parents, and other things.

When the movie was finished, we watched the commentary while helping Nathan clear up and looking up hockey pool stats. Note to self: Don't attempt carrying four mugs at a time up the stairs, since you'll need to hang on to the railing! Jeremy left pretty much after the movie was done: biking home in the snow at 3:30 AM isn't the greatest prospect in the world! (some of us had been up since 8 AM or so!) Jon, Eric, and I left at 4 AM after Nathan attempted to take a power nap while leaning on the entranceway to the stairs. It was actually snowing outside, but Jon helped me - Eric figured it was easier if Jon drove me home, and he was right. No way was I going around the corner in that weather! Got home at about 4:30 after seeing a car spin out of control (nothing serious), and saw more traffic on the road than normal - it's the New Year's dynamic, man! Discussed accidental calls to Aaron Cheng at 1:30 AM for two seconds (I was trying to play around with Jon's phone to figure out who called him twice in the span of ten minutes), Harmony's real call a few minutes afterwards, Eric Ho, and other things. Quickly checked my messages before falling into bed: Lex, Rob, and Andrew wished me a Happy New Year... and I had to block another ICQ porn bot. Lovely...

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Jersey seems to like calling me...

Got ANOTHER weird phone call from New Jersey: 1-973-406-2024, anyone? Raymond almost gave me a heart attack (AGAIN) when he started a conversation with me through Gmail chat. I'm going to have to bug him about that later, haha! Talked about his brother Albert, Nate's plans tonight, wine, diapers changing your NYE priorities from clubbing, party-hopping, dinner, Eric, and more. Also got a Christmas card from John (snooooopy) in the mail - how cool is that?! "How much does it cost to buy Santa's reindeer? Nothing - they're on the house!" Hahaha, sweet! Hey, there's this red envelope here (NOT lucky money, unfortunately!) - it's a Christmas card from Sarah G. / Tonks! Nice to see she actually DID mail my card, hahaha. It'll be cool to see my friends later, although I don't know why I felt odd when Raymond mentioned his brother - of COURSE he has a family! (unlike my mother's instant assumption about Billie: "She must be sleeping over because she doesn't have a family, and she must be in a gang because you met her online!" HAHAHAHA!)

Now I can do my annual ritual of cutting up my old bus pass, particularly since Jon just called to confirm pick-up plans for about an hour from now! I told him to save the "smelly poo" endearment for Harmony, hahaha. (just maybe not in front of her family...) I'll get to see Dave tonight in spite of snow, too! Gotta shower before dinner and such, too! Quiz Farm has undergone quite a change since I last visited it regularly: it's all yellow and grey now instead of black and white?! (and divides quizzes into pages if they're over 20 questions, PLUS it has the Facebook / LJ / Blogger / etc. sharing application) Whoa, baby!

Edit at 5: Raymond says he changed his plans, but wishes me a Happy New Year anyhow. Sounds fine to me! Yay for change in more ways than one! The Beatles' Long and Winding Road was on the radio earlier - I hadn't heard that in a LONG time! (and the AMERICAN IDOL version does NOT count! :P)

You Scored as Griffin

The Griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

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Apartment rejection / Quintuplets!

Why am I up so early? I blame my upstairs neighbors being louder than usual when going through their morning routine... that, and the weird noises I keep hearing which sound like the heater! (hope it's not the MICE again!) Rejected a possible apartment because it wasn't central enough... I should probably have taken it, but I like being relatively close by things like the store and bus stops in case I need to get anywhere! All I can say is that I better get some sleep later on, otherwise I'll be CRAP at dinner and Nate's tonight! (when we watch people celebrate the New Year by being crazy, haha)

Can't wait for 2008 to be gone for obvious reasons... bring on 2009! At least I can now email Eric without the worry of a crazy timestamp, although I have done that before! (like, a LONG time ago when I was up because of Jolt Cola!)


NEW YORK - They're first-time parents - five times over.

A set of quintuplets was born Saturday at Staten Island University Hospital, spokesman Christian Preston said. He said the four girls, one boy, and their mother were doing well. Preston declined to give the family's name, but Tony Scherillo told the Staten Island Advance the parents are his daughter and son-in-law, Jamie and Kevin Ferrante.

"Everybody was ecstatic" on learning that the new parents were expecting five babies, said Scherillo, 67. "Nobody could believe it."

The babies - all delivered within six minutes by Caesarean section - ranged in weight from one pound, eight ounces, to about two pounds, four ounces, the newspaper said. It gave their names as Allesia Louise, Amanda Frances, Ella Lilliana, Emily Ann, and Matthew Sabatino.

Fertility treatments have made multiple births more common in recent decades, but quintuplets remain rare. The federal government's National Center for Health Statistics tallied 68 quintuplet and higher-order births in 2005, compared to more than 400 quadruplets, 133,000 twins, and 4.1 million births overall.

Hospitals in Houston, Phoenix, and Annapolis (Maryland) also reported quintuplet births this year.

Saturday's quintuplet birth was a first for the Staten Island hospital, Preston said.

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Post #4900: Let's wear togas to the wedding!

Post #4900 - only 100 away from 5000!

Earlier today, I got a weird phone call from New Jersey: 1-732-526-0154, anyone? Via Gmail chat, I learned that Raymond also wanted to give up in our current Wordscraper game. However, I won't permit him to do that. He'll just have to rack his brain for 100-point words, haha! Also got a Christmas card from Marilynn (headless_maids), which was nice.

The family dinner went well - I did have to mince along in the snow to get to the Subaru, and there was more wet snow when we left the restaurant! Was introduced to a bunch of people by Auntie, and said hi to Holly / Harmony / Brit / Myles / Peter... of course I was polite, haha. My grandma made a side comment to me about how Harmony's grandfather had big ears, and my mom wondered to me whether some woman was fat or pregnant... keep that to yourself, people! The dinner started at 6, but we didn't get any food till past 7:30 - that's normal, though. Jon just called Nathan (who got free pizza for helping a delivery driver get unstuck from the snow) and Eric in the meantime: Mom wondered if Eric ate curry, but of course he does. He eats everything that's not on his list of restricted foods, hahaha. She mentioned a "blinky" (read BLINGY) sweater, and Auntie Esther's gift... tomorrow, man! Talked to Holly's sister-in-law Suzanne, and her father-in-law Jimmy sounds like a gregarious sort of man. (her mother-in-law Phyllis has been overseas since November!) Jon was amused because our place cards had "Kitty's Mom" instead of Grandma's name, haha. They also had a friend named Kareen, which reminds me of Joe Wu's mom!

Discussed raw dog, so I told Holly not to invite my dad over to her place if she didn't want Varley to be eaten - too late! Of course, he was a guest, so he couldn't do what he wanted. Jon joked that he'd get Korey to be one of his groomsmen along with Eric / Nathan / Jeremy - that would be very awkward indeed if he were being serious! I told him about recent developments, and he figured that it would have to come with time... too right! Certain locations aren't exactly central for me, for sure. Talked about tuxedos, the church location, New Year's Eve plans (Dave, Auntie Grace, and Uncle George?!), homemade red wine, football, IIHF hockey and Kazakhstan, Vancouver losing 3-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers, cops, guns, TOGAS for the wedding (Harmony REALLY doesn't like that idea!), being sick of chicken because Indonesian cuisine doesn't include pork, feeding New York steak and cheese to the dog, and more.

Got home to discover Corey talking smack about Harmony's last name, so I had to put him in his place. Chinese Eric said hi, and so I talked to him for a while. Jon doesn't think much of his idea: "Booze / BT ..... get the Groom drunk out of his mind Bachelor party @ Broadway Church" - it got Eric sorta disinvited from the wedding, haha. Guess we'll see what happens in the future! (I kinda need to move, but would prefer a central location for obvious reasons!)

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2008 Recap, yo!

This is the 2008 Recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no?


* Had a Sunday dinner with Isabel, Jeremy, Jon, both Erics, Ray, and Raymond. It was one last hangout at Jeremy's before Chinese Eric went to Hong Kong for a new food quality job!

* Went to Nathan's to hang out with him, Jon, Chinese Eric, and Isabel. Watched a Spanish PAN'S LABYRINTH (fairies and fauns, oh my!) and a shootout win by the Canucks over the New York Islanders, while having Memphis slow-roasted pork / Southwest Chipotle chicken pizza with wings and yams.

* Went to the Marr residence for a baby shower honoring Mel and Frances. It was great to see all these kids and people I hadn't seen for some time, like Gabriel / Nicholas / Lauren / Warren / Elaine!

* Jeremy and I thoroughly confused Ray at another Sunday Dinner (featuring apricot chicken), saying "Hey" in unison. That Sunday Dinner was memorable because Tony brought this HUGE apple pie that nobody wanted to eat! (apparently, he was eating it for a week solid after THAT night!)

* Went to the Whip with Jon, Fred, Jeremy, and others - espresso stout as a cask night sounds good! Later, we went to Pho Thai Son, then to Nathan's to watch WHITE. Interesting movie, haha.

* Went to Missions Fest and then to Steamworks afterwards. The Motilone story was pretty interesting, and it was cool to hang out with the guys as usual!

* Too much snow and ice for Awana, TWICE in one club year! *sigh*


* Korey came for Fellowship, which was interesting. Yay for Pho and the little private time we DID get... then we went to Sui Sha Ya the day after.

* Had a Sunday Dinner at Phil and Grace's, after a Sunday School lunch / Our Town hangout. It was cool being there for the first time, and I got to know Szu-Wen / Raymond / Martin better. Dylan's "mattress" joke and Jeremy's "knowing you more" joke didn't go over well. Yay for seeing Joe again, of course!

* Mel and Frances' son Micah was born. (I also gave up MSN for Lent, at the very least)

* Got to have a White Spot lunch with Karen, so yay for that! Corey's Taiwanese penguin pen / cute tiny stuffed animal, prank call CD, and music DVD finally got here that day after a few weeks of anticipation. No, we don't know what's wrong with the Canadian mail delivery system!

* Had an SLB night at Long's Noodle House on Valentine's Day - that was awesome since we left a $27 tip! No, we didn't set out to shatter a record... that would have been GROSS!

* Had Melia's bridal shower and another Sunday Dinner / Darfur documentary (The Devil Came on Horseback) night at Nathan's on the same day. Interesting times!

* Got Windows back, finally - thanks to Eric, of course. :D


* Kenny and Winnie's son Connor was born on the 9th. He suffered a few health problems, but seemed to be recovering.

* Kept up certain friendships by email and Facebook; I like these alternate methods of communication!

* Gained a new friendship by the salmon and Project Upstream.

* Spent a few days in Chilliwack, which was just fine. Saw the NASTIEST bowl of rice EVER! Many thanks to Jesse for sending me that picture!

* Learned that Derek has a slow-growing tumor on his lung. :(

* Talked to Candy on the phone for the first time in months - that was awesome!

* Attended Sunrise Service - we were kinda out of it, but it was okay.


* Broke 400 points in a Scrabble game, finally! A couple days later, I got my first bingo that crossed two triple-word scores! (STARKEST for 167 points)

* Had another amusing family dinner with Rachel - we're Auntie Esther's little friends!

* Learned Elaine is engaged - WOW!

* Dallas got back, so I stored his stuff at my place briefly.


* Went to Jen's for an amusing dinner - lots of strawberries and smegma here, haha.

* Met Krista for the first time - bubble tea rules!

* Had to look after Grandma for a couple of weeks while my parents went on a European cruise. It was very interesting, let's just say!

* I had a 221-point bingo with BECKONED... oh my! :D

* Went to Shanghai River with Dallas, Jon, Nate, Aaron, and Grandma: good times talking about crazy weddings, random explanations of Chinese things, and more!

* Found out that Spoz and Kempy are on Facebook - YAY! (I got the super-freaky birthday memory, haha!)


* Started to realize certain destructive elements in a certain relationship - YIKES! Didn't start telling people about it till August, however.

* Really started to reconnect with David S. - that was GOLDEN!

* Had a random port night at Jeremy's with the guys... it was very nice to just sit and chat.

* Hung out at the Jazz Festival with Eric, Jeremy, Jon, and Harmony - we met Karen I. there!

* Melia and Angus got married!


* Had the Canada Day barbecue with David and Daniel Fellowships - it was a good turnout! Unfortunately, Raymond injured his finger! :( [went for bubble tea and such with Tony and a bunch of people later!]

* Played CRANIUM with a bunch of people at Chuck's place - definitely fun times!

* Korey and I celebrated our first (and only) anniversary at the L.A. Grill amid much tension, which was put aside. I don't think seeing me tipsy on white wine at the Safeway later on was good times, thanks. :P

* Went hiking with the Fellowship as part of a program - got to know Deb better, even if Maisie DID wander off! Later that night, I went to Erik's for a barbecue - it was GOOD TIMES! (yay for Teunis and Krista... and Sky High!)

* Jon preached his first sermon - it went well, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his sister. :P

* Found out that my last name can possibly be pronounced as "nidge" or "ninja" - WTF?!

* Discovered mouse droppings and torn-open packages in the most unlikely places (on the counter and under the sink?!) - that crystallized my resolve to move!


* Scrabulous was deleted from Facebook (stupid lawsuits!), so I replaced that addiction with Wordscraper. The random format allows me to have an overall winning record, at least! (to say nothing of making words for thousands of points!)

* Saw THE DARK KNIGHT with Eric and Korey - it was funny to meet Jon and Harmony there too!

* Had a great BC Day dinner at Christon's - it was interesting to try mead, and also to chat with Raymond for over an hour straight. YAY FOR FRIENDS!

* Watched some of the Beijing Olympics - lay off on the beach volleyball coverage next time, thanks!

* Had an amusing Facebook status war with Billie!

* Went to the thoroughly amusing church grad banquet - Budget Chicken / the Real Camel, anyone? I still like what Andrew said about his brother: "Through the years, Adam has changed both positively AND negatively! If you want advice on how to hook up with the ladies, I'll be there!" HAHAHA!

* Had a good Sunday Dinner at Alan's with Karen, Raymond, Tony, Sonny, Christon, Jon, and Nathan. Watched ZOOLANDER - too hilarious!

* Billie slept over here for the first time - Lemongrass Pho, funny MARIO Youtube videos, strange people, being "married" on Facebook, macaroni, and more! EPIC HILARITY! :D

* David S. helped me with looking at apartments - I definitely appreciate that! :D


* Finally broke up with Korey over insults and abuse and stuff like that. Later, I found out he stole from me - that's it. I am never talking to him again. Makes my head hurt to have written communication with him, anyhow! (WAY too much Netspeak!)

* Celebrated my birthday with Billie, Jasmine, Vivian S. (her POO calendar was the BEST PRESENT EVER!), Teunis, Vanessa x2, Danielle, Jen, Jon, Nathan, Christon, Krista, and Eric. YAY FOR FRIENDS!

* Created an all-5W board with proper tile distribution, and two extra S tiles to compensate for the lack of blanks. I bet I shocked Pat, Alice, Raymond, Angela, Billie, and others!

* Got my first MILLION-POINT bingo! Sorry, Alice. :P

* Went to Erik's for another barbecue - it was good times with Mystery Men!


* Started the blood games (BLOOD LUST / ELVEN BLOOD / CITY OF BLOOD / SKIES OF BLOOD) for distraction! Finished all available episodes in November.

* Moved out of the old church building, and into the new. Yay for Thanksgiving banquets and dinners! (plus movie afternoons with BARTON FINK at Nate's!) Way too much transitional time, heh.

* Teunis and Krista came over - we spent a cool couple of hours together! We found bottles of alcohol, which later turned out to be hazardous waste which I really shouldn't have thrown away! (FERMENTED PEE!)

* Andrea and I hung out at Paesano's and then went shopping at Superstore. I'm truly lucky and blessed to have a friend like her. :D

* Jon and Harmony officially got engaged - YAY!


* Had a FUN TIME at Vanessa / Melia / Emily's birthday party with a bunch of people. Jeremy K. finally knows who I am, since I had to get beer, heh. Apples to Apples is SWEET!

* Celebrated Jon's 27th birthday at Jeremy's. Got a chance to catch up with Peter and Holly, and talk to a bunch of friends. Always good times there!

* Met up with Erik at Church's Fried Chicken, which was good. A few days later, I went to his place again - it was good times with Iron Man!

* Went to Erik's to watch IRON MAN: met his friend Kaili in the bargain, and wrote a mini-essay in Krista's card too! Note: PRAYER!


* Went to Regina... the -47°C temps get to you after a while, but we all survived! Steph's back home now, too!

* Started to get Christmas cards and things from the awesome people at holiday_wishes and on my friends list! So good! :D

* Went to Chuck's for a "razzle-dazzle" food night: watched HAIRSPRAY as well. It's good to get to know certain friends of mine better!

* Went for a Ho family dinner - it was nice of Auntie to invite me!

* Went to Nathan's to watch movies and eat free pizza: always good times. :D

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2007-2008 Guestbook Entries

May 28, 2007 (Monday)

Eric H.: "Had a GREAT time hanging out and eating out with Leslie tonight at the Keg in Richmond. Then went back to her place to UPDATE my blog and then listen to some music. FUN FUN FUN!"

June 20, 2007 (Wednesday)

Eric M.: "No More Parties with Huge Kegs of Beer."

Korey just signed his name, haha.

June 26, 2007 (Tuesday)

Eric M.: "Time Magazines - $400. Table Cleaned - $2000. Screws Tightened - $1. Total - $2401."

Korey just signed his name, haha.

September 21, 2007 (Friday)


Jan. 8, 2008 (Tuesday)

Eric H.: "Hey Leslie. This is my last journal entry for the next little while as I am heading off to the exciting world across the pond (aka HK), hehe. I know I will really MISS you, Jon, Nate, white Eric, and many others. I will try to update / write a blog while I am over there from time to time so my close friends know how I am doing. So, I hope when I log on to MSN, we can catch each other and chat. Good luck with Korey... I know GOD will guide you guys to have a good future together. Your pal, E.H."

Feb. 25, 2008 (Monday)

Eric M.: "2.5 hours computer - $2.5 million. Answering machine - $$0.5 million. Word search - $10 million. Total: $13 million." [this is when he reformatted my Linux computer back to Windows]

April 30, 2008 (Wednesday)

Dallas: "School is out!"
Jon: "This place is sweaty!"

Aug. 27, 2008 (Wednesday)

Billie: " *evil laugh* " (this is when we got "married" because of what my mom thought she was on the phone, HAHAHAHA!)

October 18, 2008 (Sat.)

Eric M., as the Joker: "Mwa hahaha HA hahahaha Hi! ho ha HO HAH! HOOOOWL. Hahahahaha AHAAA Hihi ha Ho haha Light Howl! Bulb wahahaha!" (he drew a demented face; I asked for something WITTY, not demented! :P) [this would be when he placed Korey's stuff here for storage - I *still* think I should have thrown it all out!]

October 28, 2008 (Tues.)

Krista: "We shall get you posters. Time for new beginnings!!! Your superhero identity is safe with me. Your books are shelved non-standard, you rebel!!!"

Teunis: "Dragons! Happy nest / Enough reading for a while / Reading people rule!"

October 30, 2008 (Thurs.)

Andrea: "Had a great time at Paesano's and going shopping at Superstore with you tonight - I'm so full! Thanks for hanging out - we'll have to do it again soon! :)"

December 29, 2008 (Mon.)

Chuck: "Nice to see your place! It's BIG!! :) See you at church."

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Razzle-dazzle! / BAD COHO!

At least my last commenter did what he said he would. Andrea called me later in the afternoon, and we were off to Chuck's with a detour at her place so she could pick up some pepper and change out of her wet clothing. Stepping in slushy wet puddles is definitely not a good thing! Talked about Jon, Harmony, Vivian S., possibly being sick, the engagement party conflicting with Elaine's wedding reception (I still want to go to both, but CANNOT!), boundaries, awkward stuff, her trip to Toronto (she actually met Jen there!), and our respective holiday plans. I mentioned something about going food shopping, which was fine with her if it wasn't too late afterwards: this darned snow has made it harder for me to get out, which she understands. (Chuck ended up going with us since he was sleeping over at Andrea's before hanging with her family tomorrow. We picked up pasta, milk, orange juice, apple juice, frozen vegetables, and instant noodles. When they helped me drop off that stuff at my place, I made him sign my guestbook... ha ha ha!)

She decided to be a sneaky ninja and get in using emergency keys - I approve of this deviousness, hehe. Saw Johnny, Raymond, and Chuck busy cooking - talked to Martin in the meantime. He still has to work, but then he did go to Europe for a couple of weeks earlier in the year. Wondered what our Fellowship program was on Friday: Johnny and I had no idea at all. Then we remembered some email exchange about skating at the newly-opened oval, which I didn't really pay attention to since I don't personally skate. Bad Committee member, I know... in an aside to Raymond, I mentioned that Jon and I had been stuck in the traffic for we knew not what reason on the day that it DID open! Lesley wondered whether my brother was leaving, based on his sharing yesterday during church service: I wouldn't know since I wasn't there! Someone eventually figured that he was preparing us for that possibility since Harmony can't really get publishing work over here, and Jon LOVES LOVES LOVES Toronto! Chuck foisted a 2009 mini-planner / calendar on me, but I didn't mind!

Finally got to talk to Raymond a little later about Wordscraper, books, buying Pepsi at Blockbuster, marinated food, the Alibi Room's good beer selection, and more - always nice to talk to him! (and he offered me some cider first, heh) It was nice to spend the evening with him and my friends, too... he didn't seem to mind that I was by him a lot, heh. Johnny's stuffed potatoes were pretty good, and the ratatouille had a lot of veggies - sorely needed, haha. The pasta was pretty flavorful, as well. Lesley was telling us about how much Hannah loves Connie's niece Megan, and some cute stories about her. She now is affectionate to her baby brother Gavin, and told her mom: "When you and Daddy aren't looking, I pick my nose!" (Lily and Lee are trying to get her NOT to do that...) Then Lily asked what she did with it: "I eat it!" That's gross, but funny! Lesley was over the other day, and asked Hannah how it tasted: "Sweet!" Oh dear... interesting toddler!

We had some red wine with dinner, as well as some good cider and tea if we wanted. The guys talked about Casting Crowns, Nickelback NOT being a Christian band, Chad Krueger NOT setting a good role model example (I had to chime in with my own opinion), and other stuff. Dianne told us about curdled milk in India: her lactose intolerance is a GOOD thing for once! (and slip things in your pocket that you really don't want to eat!) She says that she doesn't remember Cindy being in the hospital as a kid for a month at a time because of asthma: she and their brother Tony had to stay downstairs while Cindy got things like coloring books to pass the time! (Tony's new in-laws came for Christmas, apparently) Johnny saw this big thing at Canadian Tire which is supposed to help you grow plants, but Dianne assured him that some people used it to grow weed. Then we got into a debate about whether there would be enough light for the marijuana - maybe up top, or you could use it for your seasonal affective disorder, heh. Raymond mentioned the Mats Sundin press conference tomorrow in an aside to me, and added that Sundin had got off the plane into Vancouver today... sweet!

Talked about flambé, pronunciation of certain words and names ("colonel" and "Siobhan"), my brother, my sister and work, wood leaves, sage not being in a typical Chinese kitchen (but Christon's chef dad has it!), the snow, and more. (apparently it's supposed to snow again on Friday...) After some time, we decided to watch HAIRSPRAY - it was still as funny as the time I watched it at Anthony's about a year ago. I was thinking some good thoughts during that movie, too... John Travolta is definitely hilarious! We weren't in a "thinking" mood, so elected not to play CRANIUM - the movie was better! Definitely a good night, made better by teasing Andrea and Chuck about how I could PRETEND to take them for granted! Hahaha. YAY!

Since I got home at about midnight, that means I didn't even HAVE to update to get this "lovely" coho:

[23:18:55] NigrSeedCoho: hey
[23:18:56] NigrSeedCoho: Sorry to creep you out, but I got drunk last night and masturbated on your dildo in the hopes I would get you pregnant. I MADE A TERDING VIDEO. WHAT?

Blah. These are not very nice!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Crybabies and Christmas cards!

Bingo of the day so far:

CRYBABIES (100 points) - against Alice P.

High-scoring word of the day so far:

CRYBABIES (100 points) - against Alice P. [bingo; 2W]

Got a weird phone call from New Jersey... 1-908-394-6094, anyone? I have six Christmas cards in my mail today - I won't mail my own late ones till the snow all clears! Someone gave me a L Scrabble tile on a silver chain - interesting! Kelli (neonrose5) gave me a Christmas card, Janina (mrshannibal) gave me a sweet homemade card, Karine (karineinthepool) gave me a Melboune postcard and some stickers [Melbourne [Victoria] postcard - Yarra River and city skyline], and Jennifer (tehgreenfairy) got me a Christmas card. SWEET!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

We WILL make plans for the shindig and New Year's Eve!

LJ and Blogger were not working as expected earlier. JG added me to Facebook - hey, at least I know who she is! Called Andrea to see if I could arrange transportation to Chuck's shindig tomorrow. I don't mind being there early - she has to confirm things with Johnny first, but it should be fine. Good thing I have a chance to see my friends before the Ho family dinner the next night! Jon says it's at the same place where Phil and Grace had their wedding banquet: ah, good memories of that restaurant! (Raymond's proposed dinner sounds good!)

Then the night after that is New Year's Eve - I still don't know what I'll be doing. Last year was fine: watching movies / sports / cartoons with people at Eric's was relaxing, and a change from what I did the year before. (crashing Kendrick's party with Jon and Harmony's tacit permission, haha) Called Jon to see what plans he had: going to Nate's or Eric's to eat pizza and watch movies sounds just our speed... and it proves that I WIN! No drunken parties with stupid people for US, haha! (too slushy and icy outside for me, though) Then I called my parents to see just what we're doing for the dinner - hey, fifteen minutes ahead of the dinner sounds good! It'll be interesting, and I'll have food taken care of, heh! WHEE! Mom mentioned something about a gift from Auntie Esther: yeah, Chris' mom said she had a book for me that she thought I might like. Maybe I'll get it, then!

Edit at 10: The INXS song Never Tear Us Apart is on the radio. That takes me back almost a year, man!

Edit at midnight: Hey, Little Steven's Underground Garage just played the Beach Boys' I Get Around! That takes me back to the 60s and my other life, before I got reincarnated! (just kidding) Definitely a great song, though!

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Dream: Blackberry porter on roadsigns

Decided not to go to church today because of the snow / slush conditions outside, so got some lovely sleep instead. Talked to Raymond for a bit over Gmail as well just now about marinated spareribs with Coke / Pepsi, plus Australian red wine. (it's for Chuck's shindig tomorrow - he wonders if that's acceptable for Wordscraper, haha) Discussed church non-attendance with Jon over Gmail yesterday, and heard that someone was traumatized! At least I don't have to hear dodgy Christmas music anymore, haha. Heard that the Detroit Lions went 0-16 this season, hahaha!

Had a weird dream to go with the sleep, too: Frances and I were in charge of a bunch of miscreants, who needed to go up a gold elevator to a special room. They took out a bunch of noisemakers and proceeded to run riot in the room - we had to get out their walkers and control them using fascist methods. Someone brought us up some crunchy lunch, which was immensely appreciated. We then were transported to Ryan Rd., where my sister met us with some newspapers. Noticed a lamppost in the bushes, complete with roadsigns: however, the roadsigns proved to be a beer menu instead! (blackberry porter, for one thing) The dream ended when I woke up - interesting, but not as crazy as it could have been!

The computer restarted just now, too... how annoying! Good thing I posted that Facebook note when I did, though! (approximately twelve minutes before restart time, haha)

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