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DRAGON QUEST 6 Enemy List, #1-245

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON QUEST 6. This walkthrough (CORY!) helped when I was playing the game, this walkthrough by IKON helped to find hidden items, and this enemy list helped as well. Codes page, and another one. Detailed directions to Castle Grace and the Armor of Orgo, since the walkthroughs were too general.
I also found detailed directions to Zenithia Castle. To access the Bonus Dungeon, you MUST level up ALL classes to at least FIVE STARS. Notes to self: MUST EQUIP THE FOUR LEGENDARY ARMAMENTS before attempting to enter Cloud Castle! (Sword of Ramias, Armor of Orgo, Shield of Sufida, and Helm of Cevas) Luisa's Place is in the Greed Town CASINO!
All screenshots from my own playthrough of the game. The only exception is the Glacos boss fight. I forgot to grab a screenshot, and then made a save state! Then I had no patience to replay the game, so got one from a Kenshin1913 Youtube video.

Notes to self: Cast REMEMBER to recall the IMPORTANT clue in the cave, where the guy is looking for the Shield of Sufida!


Spotted Slime

Furrat (recruitable)

Gray Bat

Cave Worm





Lipps (recruitable)

Dark Hobbit [Reidock boss; get Antique Ring]


Tower Guard [Tower of Trials boss]

Gas Cloud

Nelson [Tower of Trials boss; for Broken Heart]

Arrow Dog



Tail Eater

Elder Tree

Big Face

High Mage

Slime 1 (recruitable)

Well Demon [boss outside Grandma's House]

Baby Goyle


Mud Doll (recruitable)

Hell Hornet

Slime Knight (recruitable)

Metal Slime 1

Bloody Paw [Dream Seeing Cave boss; for the Dream Seeing Liquid Drops]

Death Slave

Red Slime

Silence Sheep

Flower Mage


Horror Beast [Amori Cave boss]

Biggs [Torukka boss; get Eliza back for the mayor]

Smok [Torukka boss; get Eliza back for the mayor]

Poison Zombie [Mirror Tower boss]

Demon Mirror


Onion Man

Death Farena



Flame Man

Killer Goose

Stone Beast

Fairy Dragon


Archfiend Mudo First Form [DEMON KING boss; Cave to Mudo]


Evil Pot

Rotting Corpse (recruitable)

Heat Cloud

Lesser Demon (recruitable)

Magic Bat

Dancing Jewels

Man-Eater Chest

Slave Soldier




Devil Armor

Sleep Horn

Burning Breath

Hell Beast [Castle of Mudo boss]

Healer (recruitable)

Demon Pot

Hell Guard [Castle of Mudo boss]

Chameleon Man

Archfiend Mudo Second Form [DEMON KING boss; Castle of Mudo]

Piero [Castle of Mudo boss]

Archfiend Mudo Third Form [DEMON KING boss; Castle of Mudo]



Sea Flower

Sea Ghost

Octopus Jar Boy

Killer Wave

Cloud Giant

Dancing Carrot


Ghost Manatee

Dog Sniper

Monstora [Monstoru boss]

Garcia [Arcbolt boss]

Scott [Arcbolt boss]

Holidy [Arcbolt boss]

Brast [Arcbolt boss]

Horror Walker [Arcbolt Tunnel boss]

Fighting Panther [Arcbolt Tunnel boss]

Big Iguana

Poison Carrot

Hell Viper [Arcbolt Tunnel eggs]

Skull Rider

Super Tensk (recruitable)

Jamiras [DEMON KING boss; Land of Happiness]

Marine Slime



Wind Mage 1


Puppet Man


Dark Goyle



Well Mimic [Holstock boss]



First Trial [Baptismal Cave boss]

Second Trial [Baptismal Cave boss]

Third Trial [Baptismal Cave boss]

Bomb Crag (recruitable)

Poison Killer

Metal Rider

Winged Snake


Dark Horn (recruitable)

Fusion Dragon

Hell Onion

Chaos Lizard

Evil Driver

Wyvern (recruitable)

Slime Snail


Spotted Slime Boss


High Orc


Metal Babble (recruitable)

Cursed Lamp

Lamp Mage

Haunted Mirror

Miralgo [Miralgo's Tower boss; release Princess Erika from the mirror in Foan Castle]

Hell Pirate

Iron Turtle

Flying Duck

Man o' War


Evil Statue

King Eater

Living Dead

Mud Lobster

Killer Machine 1 [Underwater Castle boss]

Guardian [Underwater Castle boss; Prison Town boss]

Aqua Hunter

Ocean Naga

Hell Dorado


Glacos [DEMON KING boss; Glacos' Palace]


Marine Serpent

Great Pelican

Deep Biter


Frost Cloud

Strong Animal

King Slime (recruitable)

Slime 2 (can chant, and then fuse into a King Slime)

Dragon Soldier

Magic Fly, in Slime Arena

Spotted Behemoth or Healus Slime, in Slime Arena

Axe Dragon, in Slime Arena

Megaborg, in Slime Arena

GiveLife Rock, in Slime Arena

Killer Machine 2, in Slime Arena (recruitable; Cloud Castle boss]

Stone Hulk, in Slime Arena

Killer Bat, in Slime Arena

Hell Jackal, in Slime Arena

Last Tensk, in Slime Arena

Evil Wand, in Slime Arena

Berserker, in Slime Arena

Land Armor, in Slime Arena [Cloud Castle boss]

Demon King, in Slime Arena

Champ [Slime Arena]

King Merman

Stun Bat


Evil Fly

Octo Sentry

Steel Mage [Lifecod mini-boss]

Zushio [Lifecod mini-boss]

Berserk Orc [Lifecod mini-boss]

Boss Troll (recruitable; Lifecod mini-boss)

Demon General 1 [Lifecod boss]

Hell Cloud [Cloud Castle boss]

Terry [Cloud Castle boss]

Duran [DEMON KING boss; Cloud Castle]

Death Hole

Legend Horn

Killer Moth

Dark Mage

Hologhost [Pegasus Tower boss]

Lamp Demon (recruitable; Pegasus Tower boss)

Devil Papiyon [Pegasus Tower boss]

Killer Jack [Despair Town mini-boss]

Bone Prisoner


Hell Blaze

Evil Hawk

Tiger Claw

DeWitt [Greed Town Forest mini-boss]


Sorrow Giant [Prison Town boss]

Prison Guard [Prison Town boss]

Zozogel [Prison Town boss; impossible to defeat unless you massively overlevel to Level 80 or above]

Dogma [Prison Town boss on the left; impossible to defeat unless you massively overlevel to Level 80 or above]

Akbar [DEMON KING boss; Prison Town]

Hell Crusher

Mummy Wisp

Demonic Lamp

Metal King Slime

Zuikaku [Prison Town boss, inside Masarl's mind]

Shoukaku [Prison Town boss, inside Masarl's mind]

Battle Rex (recruitable)

Bone Fighter

Bull Savage

Cursed Mirror

Dark Dream [DEMON KING boss; Bonus Dungeon]

Dark Satan

Death Staff

Deathtamoor First Form [DEMON KING boss; Deathtamoor's Castle]

Deathtamoor Second Form [DEMON KING boss; Deathtamoor's Castle]

Deathtamoor Third Form [DEMON KING boss; Deathtamoor's Castle]

Deathtamoor Left Hand [DEMON KING boss; Deathtamoor's Castle]

Deathtamoor Right Hand [DEMON KING boss; Deathtamoor's Castle]

Evil Franken

Granite Titan

Killer Demon

Mad Wave

Metal Slime 2

Muscle Animal

Ocean King

Satan's General

Scary Dog

Slime Behemoth

Troll Bomber

Winged Devil

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