Saturday, October 25, 2003

Steve and LJ Anonymous

now I know what Steve meant about LJ Anonymous..
I shouldn't really have asked for people's thoughts on me..
they just want to disguise constructive criticism as hatred..
of course there are things that I need to work on..
but honestly, the way some people snipe..
you'd think I had no redeeming qualities!
besides, it was an unintentional mistake..
so get over it, like I mostly have! sheesh..

at least one person was semi-nice to me..
all the others were full of vitriol and hate..
I got my own back at some others, though..
that always feels refreshing, under the cloak of anonymity ;)
still, I just wish people would realize I screwed up..
don't we ALL screw up at times? bleh..
should talk to my true friends about this..
"safe place" should really help a bunch, too.. I hope!

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Sharing personal stuff

I shared very personal stuff with my group..
had a great discussion about church dating..
relationships, temptation, focus / distractions..
inter- / intra-church dating, guys and fashion..
fresh faces / new blood, guys looking at girls..
guys seeing girls as sisters and not interesting..
girls should indicate interest without mixed signals..
a marriage without dating, just going out for coffee..
the unexpectedness of Ivan proposing to Karen..
(he did it in the middle of a church service..
and had to apologize the next week, too!)
guys making the first move, comfort with people, etc.
definitely very interesting.. learned a lot, too ;)

afterwards, I went to Red Robin's to eat..
everyone was SO surprised that Jon was studying!
Eric said that I'd get a mutated supervirus..
(that would be made up of everyone else's illnesses)
Hon said we should throw away our toothbrushes..
good advice when the worst of the illness is over!
Edwin and Hon were telling David to go to grad school..
Norman apparently shared from 9:15 to 10:30..
you can't stop him when he's got the power ;)
Nathan told us about his flu, which he's recovering from..
no green things were running away from him this time ;)

in the car, Eric asked if I valued money over friendship..
no, of course I don't.. but this isn't the right time..
I have no idea if it'll ever be, of course..
that's up to God, and I need to stop looking back..
yup, I definitely have found some peace..
more would be a nice thing to have, though!

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Things I can do without!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ETHAN.. I hope you have a fun one today! :) I think you're cute, and it's good that you can talk now.

Some Things I Can Do Without:

1. people telling me how I should feel
2. simple misunderstandings that blow up
3. repeating myself endlessly
4. people bugging me over my disability
5. hate and injustice in general
6. stupid repeating commercials on TV
7. endless spam mail in my inbox
8. people who insist on eternal gratefulness
9. lectures from my parents
10. news of crimes against children (esp. sexual ones)
11. dodgy TV show / movie premises
12. things that don't live up to their hype
13. viruses that hit you at the WORST time
14. sudden inconvenient changes of plans
15. baby names like Unique, Veal, Cappuccino, etc.
16. people who don't like me for no reason at all
17. violence against women and children
18. not being told things till the last minute
19. ads for erectile dysfunction while watching TV
20. infant fatalities that could've been prevented
21. dodgy "easy-listening" artists, like Celine Dion
22. being continually reminded of past mistakes forevermore
23. not being able to talk freely with my friends
24. maddeningly SLOW people when I'm in a hurry
25. people who dash my expectations

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Pink flambé jacket!

it's officially fall for me now, regardless of the calendar..
my brother referred to my "pink flambé jacket"..
he said it drew attention to and announced my presence..
says it every year, and I suppose that's very true..
you won't lose ME in a crowd if I'm wearing it ;)
(even if I am short, it's easy to look for bright pink)

oh yes, and I should change my clocks this weekend..
no more Daylight Savings Time for us..
but there's an extra hour of sleep.. sleep is awesome! :)
the computer will do it automatically.. how does it know?
weird computer chips in the drive, methinks.. :P

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Bodily betrayal

don't you hate it when your body betrays you?
I was two minutes from home when it hit..
luckily, I was right by the Health Sciences Centre..
still, the strafe bomb effects were so very YUCKY..
I'm not eating the seafood fettuccini at Milestones again..
the jambalaya fettuccini at Boston Pizza is fine now..
but there was a time when it wasn't.. (and I still had it!)
no, I don't think it's the fettuccini.. must be the sauces ;)
one shower and a laundry run later, I'm recovering..
that's one experience I don't want to repeat anytime soon..
even worse than about a month ago when I always had it..
note to my body: please don't betray me anymore..
I've had enough of that to last me a whole lifetime!
good thing I'll be all right, though.. music and friends rule :)

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Getting flirty with the newbies!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It has been awesome knowing you all these years.

I can't believe I was flirty at my safe place just now..
directed at a newbie, too.. oh well, he's a big flirt ;)
makes me feel giddy and light inside.. that's good, right?
granted, I've been flirty at other message boards..
and in IMs to certain people.. (painful memories, begone!)
flirting's what you make (of) it, I suppose..
this one won't bring me any hurt or pain, I hope..
besides, it'll be fun and not emotionally charged ;)
after recent events, that's all I ask for and hope to receive :P

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Sundae Smarties and Winners

had a good conversation with Yazmine tonight..
she understands how I'm feeling about a certain issue..
feelings and emotions were much discussed..
we're going to meet two Fridays from now.. (Nov. 7)
one of our destinations is the Richmond Centre dollar store..
(I told her about Sundae Smarties.. interesting and good)
later on, we plan to go to the Winners in Lansdowne Mall..
it's a discount clothing store, with brand names apparently..
(I've never been there, so it'll be my first time as well)
also discussed the hockey game.. (we beat St. Louis 3-2)
Cirque de Soleil, robberies, hair, Guinness World Records..
how people can do acrobatics and contortionist acts..
people who try to tell you how you SHOULD feel..
plus certain realizations we both had over the past few weeks..
yup, it's definitely a good thing to have a close friend :)
this is one person I won't be ending things with ;)

Edit on 5/23/05: She ended things with me over 50¢ - what the hell?!

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Rash mistakes

I do believe rash mistakes will be my undoing..
decided to send a negative test message to someone..
he'd been "temporarily unavailable" for the past few days..
kind of did it for laughs.. if he didn't get it, no worries ;)
that's not really what I think of him, as I explained..
got a "WTF?!" reaction, as well as a few AIM warnings..

when will I learn to think? apparently never.. *sigh*
mending fences left and right.. at least this is only the Net ;)
probably this will be more-or-less easily forgotten..
especially with something he's got going on (whew!) ;)
(although that makes it hard to hold coherent conversations)

there's another whole forum I won't be going to on the UB..
could go to it, but I really don't want to see a certain thread..
it might be bad for my headspace and tranquility..
I'll probably give it a month or so before it quits showing up..
eh well.. it's all part of a long learning process here..
I shouldn't really expect anything less from things, haha :P

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I'm oxidizing!

I engaged in some perverse pleasure yesterday night..
(no, it's not what you think it is.. honestly! :P)
felt deliciously evil and did it just for laughs..
even though I'm not sure what to feel anymore..
let's just say that negative stickers have their uses ;)

also REALLY yelled at my parents.. (in a dream, alas!)
I guess this proves at least one thing:
my subconscious self is less of a wimp than my waking self..
eh well, not much to be done about that kind of thing..
if I could tell them what I think without recrimination..
that would be so excellently awesome stuff, man! ;)

now I feel like an apple slice that's been left out too long..
you know what I mean, when they slowly go brown..
I'm not all black, but I definitely feel like I'm oxidizing..
I'll distract myself now with my safe place and my friends ;)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Perfidious blackguards

Sometimes I wonder if I have a black heart, or if I'm a perfidious blackguard. Then I realize that I'm not THAT much of a twisted, cold-hearted bastard if I regularly go all pink and floopy inside. ;)

There.. try and make sense out of THAT. :P

I just got back from shopping.. retail therapy rules ;)
bought yet more birthday cards, plus two wedding cards..
with these cards, I'm good to go till mid-February 2005..
(no, that's not a typo.. no eye doctor trips are necessary..
maybe I *am* insane, but at least it's positive joy!)
also got new stickers and Halloween teddy bears..
"Pasta Tuesday" at Boston Pizza also rocks the house..

got a chance to check my email when I got home..
Richmond Crew email about Friday plans is awesome..
Eunice doesn't have early Bible Study or a 7 AM shift..
Eric wants to borrow Jon's guitar and capo for worship..
(however, the guitar is busted.. there's a crack in the neck..
so it's split off quite a bit now.. and the capo's lost)
Brian and Erin should be reliable backup, which is good..
"Enrico Morrilloslav" also asks if I can leave at 6:30..
of course I can.. there'll be people around at church then..
things look pretty good to go, except for the guitar..
I'm looking forward to Friday night with my friends! :)

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Cards Received, 2001-2002

Cards Received, 2001-2002

Special 2001

Shirley: "Leslie, thank you for the birthday card. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. And thanks for getting Jon and Stephanie to write. Love, Shirley." (March 3, 2001)

AWANA: "Dear Leslie, Thank you for serving in Awana. Your dedication and enthusiasm have brought much joy to all the clubbers. May God continue to work through you in spreading His word. On behalf of the Awana Committee in Christ, Anita." (she included a photo of all the kids!)

Birthday 2001

Jocelyn: "Dearest Leslie, Hope your birthday is as bright and happy as you are! :) Luv you lots! :) Jocelyn."

Andrea: "Happy birthday, Leslie! You are such a blessing to me and others. Thank you for being a faithful friend! My prayers are with you! Love, Andrea."

Dawn: "Hey Leslie! Happy 25th Birthday to you! So, wishing you all the joy and happiness on your big B-Day! Love, Dawn." (she included some 10-year-old picture of a past birthday celebration, haha)

Chrystal: "Hi Leslie! It's so awesome knowing you as a friend and knowing someone to talk to during the week. I'm really glad that you phone me... it's so easy to talk about silly stuff with you. I really enjoy serving in AWANA with you. You're great with kids... especially David!! :) Turning 25 sounds so cool! You're so mature and independent already, a great example for me to follow. (but I don't think I'm ready to leave home yet...) Do you feel any different now that you're 25? I guess every birthday is special! Well, I want to wish you a super-duper BIRTHDAY! Love, Chrystal." (the card has Psalm 139:13-14 on it)

Calla: "Hey Leslie, Happy Birthday! Wow, 25? That's so cool... you must be so wise now. Any little bits of wisdom for me? I'm so glad I know you... you're such a cool person. It's really good. So do you feel any different? I hope you like your present. Anywayz, HAPPY B-DAY! Best wishes. Love, Calla."

Emily: "Leslie, Wow!! Can you believe another year has gone by?! That's just insane! :) Anywayz, I'm really glad that you're my friend! You're a good person to talk to about anything... anyhoot, HAPPY B-DAY! Love, Emily." (she drew a little sheep cloud!)

Nathan: "Hey Leslie! Surprise! I bet you didn't expect a birthday party this year, eh? You got a good little sis there! Well, hope your birthday's a blast! Hope your week, etc. is too! In fact, I'm certain it will be! Ya rule! Especially with those crazy long emails! Happy 21st Birthday! Ha ha! See? You're just like one of us! Young at heart! Yeah! So rock on, take care, and God Bless Ya, Leslie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLIE! In Christ our Lord, Nathan." (he drew a snazzy camel this time!)

Nina: "Be free, enjoy and live your life to the fullest. It only comes once. Happy Birthday, Leslie. So did we surprise you, or what?"

Daniel: "Leslie, you are a wonderful caring person. May the Lord bless you on this, your birthday. Thanks for being such a great friend!"

Michelle: "I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Enjoy the party, eat lots of cake, play with all your presents! May the Lord bless all of your days."

card from Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine

Vanessa: "Well, what to say other than Happy 25th Birthday!!!!! :) I'm so glad I get to share this very happy day with you! You have such a loving and wonderful (AND energetic! hee hee!) sister to be thankful for! I hope this day will be one of your favorite memories! :) HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!!! Love always, Vanessa. :P"

Winnie: "Leslie... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl!!! I am very happy for you. You are a sweet, considerate, friendly person who treats everybody with respect and love - I really admire that in you. Thank you for setting such a shining example of what it means to live in Christian community! You're a wonderful sister in Christ. Love always in Him, Winnie. :) P.S. Jenny is on-call at the hospital, but she also wishes you the very best birthday! :)"

Connie: "Hey Leslie! Happy birthday!!! It's been neat getting to know you through the years in Fellowship, Bible Study, and church. Congrats on reaching the quarter century mark! Hope you enjoyed the surprise! Love, Connie."

Dianne: "HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY! Hello! Hee hee... aren't you surprised?! Anyways, I hope you enjoy your birthday and make the very best of it. Keep partying, you party animal! :P Happy 25th birthday!" (she drew squiggles, balloons, and two faces named Moe / Joe)

Cindy F.: "Hey Leslie! Happy 25th Birthday! My, this is an exciting time in your life! Have a great time, and I hope all your wishes come true! God Bless You! :) The stickers are so you can use them for AWANA. Love, Cindy."

Tim and Maxine: "Dear Leslie, May your year be filled with peace and joy as you turn to God for strength and to guide your steps. Congratulations on your 25th Birthday. In Him, Maxine and Tim." (the card has Philippians 4:8 on it)

Billy, Stella, Helen C., Sophia, and Winnie: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLIE! Hope you have a great birthday! Thanks for being such a good and caring friend. You have not only been a great friend, but a sister in Christ. May God bless you in the years to come. We as brothers and sisters in Christ will always keep you in our prayers. Your present is what's in the box AND a subscription to Time magazine! Hope you like it! :) In Christ, Billy and Stella / Helen / Sophia / Winnie." (the card has Philippians 4:19 on it)

Frances: "Dear Leslie, Enjoy your special day! Your sister in Christ, Frances."

Uncle Y.C., Auntie Catherine, Chung Yan, and Chung Ming: "Happy 25th Birthday! May God bless you always!" (the card has Psalm 36:7, 9 on it)

Lesley: "Hey, Happy Birthday!! :) You deserve the best. Thank you for always remembering my birthday and sending me Christmas and birthday wishes every year. I'm so sorry for not reciprocating your awesome gesture of sweetness. You know, you have a very special gift - a gift of encouragement. I'm always extremely encouraged by your love for people. I'm encouraged by your gestures of kindness - how you make the effort to talk to me on Sundays and Fridays, and the occasional phone call. Keep it up! You're a special gift from God, and a very precious gift!! :) And he has a plan for you because he loves you. (Jer. 29:11) I know you like writing because you're always doing such every time I see you, so I hope you find the journal a good tool for you to keep your deepest thoughts. Love in Christ, Lesley."

Yazmine: "SURPRISE! Wow!! Isn't it GREAT! I hope you're having a wonderful time. Happy 25th birthday, and may you have many more to come. God bless and guard you always. Thanks for being such a good friend. Always, Yazmine Loquia." (she drew a weird creature with its tongue sticking out)

Eddie: "Happy Birthday! 25, eh? Wow, that must be soooooo sweet. I wish I knew what it was like. I guess I'll have to wait. Anyways, I hope this year will be awesome. God Bless You. In Christ, Eddie."

Eunice: "Dear Leslie, I could never say Happy Birthday without saying that Richmond is the best place on earth first... okay, enough. Thanks for the parties at your place... I hope you have an awesome time at your very own birthday party. You're an awesome sister in Christ. Love always, Eunice."

card from Eunice's parents

Connie Lucas: "May you enjoy your day, and every day to come. One day, I'll learn to spell your name correctly. Every time I write, it comes out a different way. With love, Auntie Connie."

Elizabeth and James: "Have a great birthday, Leslie!"

Mark: "Hey Leslie! So this one's for you, the Queen of Birthdays! Sorry I had to miss your party. I would have dropped by, but Ontario's pretty far away! Hope you had a ton of fun, and were maybe at least a little surprised? Maybe not! Happy Birthday and God Bless! Your friend, Mark."

Cindy Y.: "Leslie: You are always with me during those hard times, and you helped me a lot (also, thanks for calling me to get up.... just kidding, never do that again, okay?) And I'm so sorry to send you this late birthday card... hope that you don't mind too much, haha. Anyway, Happy Birthday. Yours, Cindy."

Karen Chan and Jason Y.: "We would like to wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your special day, and all of the best!"

Christmas 2001

card from Shannon N.

Yazmine: "Hope your Christmas is merry, and your New Year is full of happiness. Thanks for being a good friend. Take care of yourself, and God Bless! Forever, remember... Yazmine Loquia." ("forever" is apparently only three and a half years more!)

Cindy Y.: "Leslie: Thank you for helping me not only my English, but also my daily life! So, may you have every day full of surprises and fun! Yours, Cindy."

Tim and Maxine: "Dear Leslie, May God continue to bless you over this Christmas season and guide you in the New Year. Love in Him, Maxine and Tim."

Natalie: "Dear Leslie, Another year has gone by and another year of friendship has evolved. I want you to know I'm thankful for your friendship. Each time we meet, it's nice to get a smile from you and a hello. Thank you for always asking how I am doing, and inquiring about Brad. It's nice. Merry Christmas... may you feel God's love this season. Love, Natalie."

Elizabeth and James: "Leslie! Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year that's full of blessed things!" (the card has Matthew 2:2 on it)

Vania: "Leslie, thanks for always getting me birthday and Christmas cards. :) Luv always, Vania."

Vanessa: "Dear Leslie, I hope you have an awesome holiday! Thanks for your card! Love, Vanessa. :)"

Minli: "Dear Leslie, Thank you for always so nice to me. When I counted my blessings of the year, I felt that God blesses me so much by rewarding the sistership and friendship to me. When I move to Richmond, we may have more time together. You are always welcome to drop by my place. May Christmas bring more happiness to you. Yours, Minli."

Cindy F.: "Hi, Leslie. Merry Christmas! This time of the year is always exciting, isn't it? I miss the Awana kids already! They're so sweet and cute! :) Are you coming to Winter Conference? Hope so! :) Bonne Noël!" (she drew a Christmas tree and a wreath)

Dianne: "Hi! Anyways, wish you the best this season and a fantastic New Year! Merry Christmas!"

Karen, Kelvin, and Kenneth: "Dear Leslie, We wish you much happiness and blessings this holiday season and for the New Year!"

Irene: "Dear Leslie, Thank you for your gift of care and concern! You are a model for us all - constantly remembering others! God bless you! Because of Him, Irene."

Special 2002

Becky: "Hey Leslie, Jon, and Steph! Thanks for the birthday card! I wasn't expecting anything. Even though it's only a card, I appreciate it. :) Besides, it's the thought that counts. I know we haven't known each other for long, but I'd like to get to know you all even better... so I hope I'll get the opportunity. I've gotten to know you (Steph) a little better, and thanks for your friendship. I haven't had the chance to really get to know you, Leslie, and it could be that you're in David Fellowship - but that's no excuse, eh? Hopefully, I'll get to know you even better through Awana. :) And Jon... well, let's just say there's still time to get to know each other. It's never too late. :) So, once again... thanks for being so thoughtful and sweet. Thanks for remembering my birthday! I've heard, Leslie... you are good when it comes to knowing birthdays. Wow."

AWANA: "Dear Leslie, You're an awesome secretary! Thank you very much for your dedication to serving in the Awana ministry. Your love for the children can definitely be seen and felt. May God continue to bless you abundantly as you continue to grow in Him. I look forward to serving with you again. Love in Christ, Anita.(on behalf of the Awana Committee)" (the card has Romans 12:9-12 on it)

Birthday 2002

Lesley: "Leslie, so sorry I can't make it to your birthday dinner. Hope it'll go well. It's amazing how the years have gone by. Already we're in our 20s. Hope this year will bring you much joy, especially the joy that is only found in Christ. Thanks for always being such a great sister in Christ to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) Love, Lesley."

Dawn: "Well, just wanted to say Happy 26th Birthday! Wishing you all the joy and happiness on this very special day! I'm sorry that I can't make it to your birthday dinner, but I hope you enjoy the gift! Love, Dawn."

Elizabeth and James: "Happy Birthday! Love, Elizabeth and James."

card from Shannon

Erin: "Dear Leslie: I hope you have a wonderful year filled with lots of smiles, friends, and good times! Are you talking to Steph much? Miss her yet? :) Thanks for always being so thoughtful and caring. I'm always so encouraged by your love for others. May God continue to lead you and guide you as He blesses others through you! Love always, Erin." (she gave this to me TWO YEARS LATER, haha!)

Cheri and Bob: "Dear Leslie, sending you wishes for a beautiful birthday! May you have a wonderful 26th! Love, Cheri and Bob."

card from parents

Steph: "Sarney! It rhymes with Barney. Happy Birthday. And remember... Just Be REAL! True Bain."

Anita: "Dear Leslie, Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best on your special day! Love, Anita. :)"

Phil, Melia, Chrystal, and Emily: "HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY!! :) Smile, no, smile even more! Cuz today is yours! Enjoy all the blessings in life. Each day is another testimony of His faithfulness to us. Thank you for being our faithful and loving friend." (the card has Psalm 81:4 on it)

Ivan and Karen Choo: "Dear Leslie, Happy 26th Birthday! It's a pleasure to celebrate this special day with you. We appreciate your friendship and enjoy seeing your cheerful smile every wee. Thank you for including us in your birthday celebrations. May God bless you greatly this year. Love in Christ, Karen Choo and Ivan Choo."

Nathan: "Hey Leslie! Now I get to write a nice birthday card! I can never top your powers though, Les! Instead, I shall just use my wannabe artistic prowess! Presenting... *drawing of camel* Of course! Yay!" (the card has Isaiah 43:1, 7 on it)

Rick: "Happy B-Day, Leslie!! Hope you have a good year, and all your wishes come true."

Nina: "Happy Birthday, Leslie. May all your dreams come true this year."

Connie Lucas: "Dear Leslie, Enjoy your day and have a super year!"

Yazmine: "Warm thoughts are being sent your way. Enjoy your birthday party. May you have many, many more. Best wishes!"

Mark: "Hey Leslie! Hope you have a great birthday! God Bless. Your friend, Mark." (the card has Psalm 16:11 on it)

Joe Y.: "Happy Birthday, Leslie!! May the Lord bless you in every way this coming year."

Special 2002

Elizabeth: "Dearest Leslie, how are you? Great, I hope. James and I are at Whistler for a week - just the two of us. We haven't been out a whole lot because we're both battling colds. We've been watching lots of TV and playing various games. Not that we haven't had our exciting moments - our car was vandalized, so we had to call the police on our first morning here. Later that day as we were hanging around in the den, a black bear casually sauntered past our window alongside our patio. (yes, we are on the ground floor!) Next night while we are attempting to sleep, coyote yelping could be clearly heard! Anyways, on to more important things like thanking you for the gifts!! They were much ENJOYED and APPRECIATED! I'm sorry I haven't contacted you in such a long time. I've been fighting infections of all sorts, week after week. (lung, yeast, bladder, etc.) It really is getting ridiculous! On top of that is the stress of knowing we'll have to move out within a year!! Our neighbors sold their half, so naturally we must do so as well. It's sad and stressful just thinking about it. Well, let's get together soon! Take care and God Bless ya! Love, Elizabeth."

Kelvin and Evelyn: "Dear Leslie: Thank you for coming to our wedding and sharing in the beginning of our new life together. Your presence was an honor and blessing to our families and us. Thank you also for your kind gift. We love the beautiful picnic set! We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Wishing you all the best and our love, Evelyn and Kelvin."

Ethan: "Dear Auntie Leslie, Uncle Jonathan, and Auntie Stephanie: Thank you for remembering my second birthday, and for the cute teddy bear. I'm really blessed to have friends like you! Love, Ethan."

Mike, Amanda, and Ethan: "Dear Leslie: Thank you very much for your gift - the photo frame for Seren is very thoughtful, and we really appreciate your kindness and generosity."

Danny and Helen: "Hey Leslie, We're so happy to have you as part of our wedding day. Thank you for listening to me every Bible Study, rambling about wedding stuff. Thanks for the photo frame album! Thank you! Luv, Helen and Danny."

Joe and Helen: "Dear Leslie, Jonathan, and Stephanie: Thank you for coming to our wedding, and sharing our joy! We appreciate the set of pots you got us... very practical! They are great! Love, Helen and Joe."

Tim and Maxine: "Dear Leslie, thank you for your lovely frame. We are trying to find the perfect photo for it. Thank you also for coming to spend the day with us. Yours in Christ, Maxine and Tim."

Christmas 2002

Dianne and Cindy: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Leslie! I hope it snows!"

Julie, Brian, and Denise: "Dear Leslie, Have a Merry Christmas."

Becky: "Hi Leslie. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you have lots of fun during this Christmas season. Thanks for your Christmas card. Take care."

Melia: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You are the most thoughtful person ever. You inspired me to write cards this year! God bless. :) Love, Melia."

Yazmine: "May you have a very Merry Christmas. Happiness, joy, and good health throughout the New Year. God Bless."

Vania: "Hey, so... the dinners were fun, hey? Great job in AWANA, babe... see ya every week!"

Emily: "Leslie, how are you doing? Hope everything is going well for you! You know what? I find it amazing that you remember, like, everybody's birthdays and stuff! That's crazy! :) Must have a good memory! Anyways, it's been real fun serving with you in Awana! All those cute / crazy kids! Anyhoot, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Chrystal: "Hi Leslie! I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of joy and happiness! Yay, you get to spend Christmas with your whole family now that Steph's back. Thanks for being such a caring friend. It's so nice to have someone to talk to on the phone during the week. The AWANA kids are so full of energy. It's so much fun just watching them sing and run around. I hope you have lots of time to relax over the holidays!"

Vivian: "Hey Leslie! Amusing joke I recently heard: What would a Japanese tourist wear in Alaska? An Eskimono! Hehe. Come on, it was funny! :) Merry Christmas and have a very happy New Year's! God Bless!"

Total: 71

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Enigma and the Soup Dragons

I feel in a "posting song lyrics mood" today..
these songs are cool, and I don't hear them enough ;)

Enigma's Sadness, Part 1

Latin Original

Procedamus in pace
In nomine Christi, Amen.

Cum angelis et pueris,
fideles inveniamur.

Attollite portas, principes, vestras
et elevamini, portae aeternales
et introibit rex gloriae
Qius est iste Rex glorie?

Sade dit moi
Sade donne moi.

Procedamus in pace
In nomine Christi, Amen.

Sade dit moi
qu'est ce que tu vas chercher?
le bien par le mal
la vertu par le vice
Sade dit moi pourquoi l'evangile du mal?
quelle est ta religion ou sont tes fideles?
Si tu es contre Dieu, tu es contre l'homme.

Sade dit moi pourquoi le sang pour le plaisir?
Le plaisir sans l'amour.
N'y a t'il plus de sentiment dans le culte de l'homme?

Sade es-tu diabolique ou divin?

Sade dit moi
Sade donne moi
Sade dit moi
Sade donne moi

In nomine Christi, Amen.

English Translation

Let us go forth in peace
In the name of Christ, So be it.

We shall find the faithful in the
Company of angels and children.

Lift up ye heads o ye glorious gates,
and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors,
and the king of glory shall come in.
Who is the king of glory?

Sade tell me
Sade give me.

Shall we proceed in peace
In the name of Christ, Amen.

Sade tell me
what is it that you seek?
The rightness of wrong
The virtue of vice
Sade tell me why the Gospel of evil?
What is your religion? Where are your faithful?
If you are against God, you are against man.

Sade tell me why blood for pleasure?
Pleasure without love?
Is there no longer any feeling in man's Faith?

Sade are you diabolical or divine?

Sade tell me
Sade give me
Sade tell me
Sade give me

In the name of Christ, Amen.

The Soup Dragons' I'm Free

Don't be afraid of your freedom

I'm free
To do what I want
Any old time
I said I'm free
To do what I want
Any old time

I say
Love me hold me
Love me hold me
'Cause I'm free

To do what I want
Any old time
And I'm free
To be who I choose
Any old time

I say love me hold me
Love me hold me
'Cause I'm free

I say love me hold me
Love me hold me
'Cause I'm free

To do what I want
To be what I want
Any old time
And I'm free
To be who I choose
To get my booze
Any old time

I say love me
(Love me forever)
Hold me
(And love will never die)
Love me hold me
'Cause I'm free

Do you hear what I say
These are the words me hear from my grandaddy
Come on
These are the words me hear from my grandaddy
Who say nothing in this world like when a man know he free
Free from the lackamissa
Free from the dee
Free like a butterfly
Free like a bee

These are the words me hear from my grandaddy
Said it's nice to be free
Nice to be free
Free from the lackamissa
Free from the dee
Don't be afraid of your freedom

'Cause I'm free
To do what I want
Any old time
(I'm a new creation)

'Cause I'm free
To do what I want
Any old time
(Don't be afraid of your freedom)

'Cause I'm free
To do what I want
To be what I want
Any old time
I said I'm free
To be who I choose
To get my booze
Any old time

there you go.. those songs are the shiznit ;)
now, I'm off to Boston Pizza and Richmond Centre..
got stuff to buy up / mail / look at..
and I might as well have a "Pasta Tuesday" special..
(the first I've had since everything went down..
I try to have one at least once a month or so..
because that stuff is pretty darned good, haha!)

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Don't fluff up the bus pass thing again!

note to self: do NOT fluff up the bus pass thing again!
check ALL the incoming mail very carefully from now on..
(thank goodness it's not the experience it recently was)
my determination shall be more intense than in July..
(then, I was escaping from someone's bad temper..
it's irrelevant that I don't talk to that person anymore)
it will be set like fire and ice.. a bloody good combination!

I definitely don't want to repeat last year's experience..
that was a dreadful realization last Dec. 19 on the B-Line..
going home from Crankpots in City Square mall..
between Aberdeen and Capstan Way stations..
had to mail in a note and a $10 replacement fee..
no, the pass is NOT FREE, even though it might be cheap!
taking the bus can still be inconvenient, even with the pass..
get THAT through yer heads, all you people! cheh!

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

I need a human radiator.. / Cheerful murk / Quizzes

If it's way too cold for me now, I wonder what I'll be like when winter comes. I think I need a human radiator.. Spoz is apparently good at being one, but that's going to do me a bloody lot of good if he's all the way in Adelaide!

one day, they'll look upon this website in wonderment..
"what the heck was SHE on about in life?" they'll ask..
things will be cheerfully murky, and they won't know :P
but here is the hilarity record of the week.. laugh, or else ;)
and for your pleasure, the BBT tally follows..
yes, it truly is good stuff if you've not tried it.. believe me!


"What's every ten years called? A century?" -- Yazmine, getting her units of time *seriously* mixed up. (Tuesday, Oct. 14) [nope, it's called a decade :P]


jackfruit @ orange-awning Pho place on Kingsway (where we used to go all the time after church!) [Sunday, Sept. 7]
green apple @ Dragon Ball [Wednesday, Sept. 17]
honeydew @ Daimasu [Friday, Oct. 10]
green apple @ Dragon Ball [Saturday, Oct. 11]
lemon @ Little Tea House (Metrotown) [Friday, Oct. 17]

don't ask me stupid questions that I don't know the answer to..
no, I do NOT know what's going on in the neighborhood..
and don't you lecture me about stuff, either..
I definitely won't be receptive to those tactics at all..

now my parent-directed rant is over.. here's the good stuff :)
didn't get to talk to hardly anyone today..
I was busily trying to avoid certain people..
it paid off, as not having to go to any meetings is a blessing ;)
went out to lunch with the cousinly element, as well..
that was also a very good happening, haha :)

next week is the church AGM.. best bring something to do..
if I bring my Bathroom Reader, I know what Eric will say:
"the church balcony isn't the bathroom.. don't read it here!"
(or something very similar.. I know his joking manner very well)
speaking of Eric, I definitely hope he gets well very soon..
foils are deeply needed, and he's one of my favorite people ;)
let's see if this week will be a good one or not :P

You need help... I do believe you've lost what was left of your sanity! I'm gonna suggest you get locked up!

Sanity quiz
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Orange: You are super-happy and friendly, but also a little strange... you are a great friend, but often no one understands you because you tend to speak out in odd ways.

The Color Quiz
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You are yellow!  You like being around people and having fun...
You are yellow! You like being around people and having fun...

Color Quiz
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You are Binglobes!
You are the random thing I have created called Binglobes! You aren't a very nice random thing.. but that's okay, cause I love you anyway...

The Quiz of Randomness!
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You are sour. You're the "sour section" on the tongue... you're like lemon juice being poured into an open wound. You're probably an alcoholic and like to beat the hell out of people. At least you're not afraid to be yourself... and at least you aren't salty!

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you are cool

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PURPLE!!! YAY!! oh, um... NONSENSE!!!! YAY!!!!

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u r a worm wearing lipstick

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Vampire quiz
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