Saturday, March 13, 2010

Riveters baring all to the swine with violins! / Good phone timing for Eric!

High-scoring words of the evening:

SWINE (165 points) - against Joyce J. [5W, 3L on W, hook on AXLE for a plural]
QIS (130 points) - against Lisa T. [double 5W, hook on PARADERS for a plural]
VIOLIN (160 points; 4W), WED (156 points; 4L on W, double 4W, hook on COMBE to make COMBED) - against Joanne F.
YAH (120 points) - against Deirdre B. [5W, 2L on Y, hook on MAIN to make AMAIN] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
BARES (160 points) - against Patrick M. [4W, 5W]
RIVETER (120 points) - against Nicole T. [2W, 5W]
WICK (120 points) - against Cheryl Ann C. [2L on W, 5W]

Decided to call Jon and Harmony to see what they would say about the dinner. I told them both about my dream last night, for sure. Jon thinks he can't trust me to not act like a poo, while I argued that Mom has a history of public meltdowns. Harmony reminded me that it wasn't about me or Mom... I know it's about Grandma! I assume I'm still banned from calling the house, so I'm not going to do that. Told Harmony that I'd settle for Mom being fake-nice like she is to everyone else, even though maybe I shouldn't have said that. Jon says I kinda have to swallow my pride... yeah, maybe... but MOM has to stop her behavior. Not likely, but I just hope this thing will be okay. Eric also called from his cell to inform me that he didn't have to be at church early... 9:10-ish sounds fine to me!

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Wedding planning drama, bracelets with stickers, air mail, and GIANT-PRINT Bibles!

Before I went out today, I watched a couple of hour-long shows on the DRAMA which can ensue while planning your wedding... they were pretty good! (now, I'm watching FAMILY GUY) Used some time to make bracelets for Sunday School with stickers, write Corey's birthday card and Olympics postcard, and then put Corey's stuff in the bubble-wrap envelope... along with Cadbury eggs and Mr. Big chocolate bars. While waiting for the bus, I used my Chinese on a couple of old ladies who were trying to figure out how to get to the Canada Line, heh - that went well enough. Went to Seraphim first to see what Bibles they had, and they actually had GIANT-PRINT Bibles. I'll have to buy an extra-large Bible cover next month, but that's okay even if my savings account is depleted now!

Reflected that it was too bad the Canada Line wasn't in operation when SOMEONE wanted Subway all the time, haha. Then I went to the post office to mail Corey's stuff... air mail is better in this case because it's time-sensitive. Corey should be back today sometime, and if it gets there after he leaves again for Taiwan, maybe his parents can ship it over, haha! On the way home, Ramynder Greyval saw me on the bus, and said hi - cool enough. An old lady wanted my seat because she had to hang on to something... gee, that's the same reason why I took that particular seat! Of course, I let her have the seat. It was also raining when I got home, so it was a good thing I went out when I did! Took the opportunity to throw out some stuff, hah.

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Mickey Pun is a GIRL?! / Redrum / Cute girls / Murder / Knife-throwing dream

Yesterday while we were talking about ouija boards and stuff, Kevin told us that he'd discovered that Mickey Pun is actually a girl... WTF?! We thought she was a guy! While doing the dungeons yesterday, I discovered that you can apparently collect too much inventory - at least, you can't use the wands! Now I have all sorts of stuff that isn't showing up in my inventory list! Redrum time, and I'm not surprised. Took out the garbage, and saw this cute little girl about two years old, who was helping her daddy to take out the recycling (milk jug) - she waved and said hi and bye! CUTE! Also discovered that the foyer of the apartment building smelled like pot - yay? Just heard about this bizarre Ontario murder - yay for morbidity! Think I'll catch the Paralympic opening ceremony at 1:30, since I missed it yesterday. Martin and Sabrina also say the Awana sleepover was pretty rowdy - I'm not surprised that nobody got any sleep!

I think my subconscious is flipping its LID over this imminent birthday dinner for Grandma. Check out this dream: my parents getting me up in the middle of the night to yell at me about nothing, their not being impressed that my Fellowship bed was longer than the really short one I had at their house (apparently I slept over at church sometimes in the dream!), my mother actually bunching up my pajamas while I was wearing them, my dad throwing a Cutco knife in my direction in the dark kitchen, and Grandma not really knowing what was going on. She wondered why the knife was embedded in the floor. I felt sad as I got the sheath for it, and wondered what I'd do.

Scott and Jon came over with a Nintendo system - in a MARIO game, Scott's middle name was Gregory, and they had to grab a lot of coins in a level before they ran out of time. But they also had to contend with Goombas and Thwaps (the things that suddenly drop from above), and an extreme time limit while being very tiny and invincible. They eventually found an exit in a plant, and finished the level with 22 seconds left. After that, my old friend Nina came over to discussed Metrotown and Melissa with my sister - they called people "Melly" during the conversation, and made things appear normal. I just stuck with the guys. When everyone left, the crap started again - yup, as in real life. Appear normal in front of witnesses, but let your real demonic personality forth when everyone leaves! UGH.

You Should Say J'Adore

If you were to visit Paris, you'd simply fall in love with it. And you would never want to leave.

Every little thing would delight you, from the food to the art to the people.

And who knows? If you were unattached, you probably would fall in love with a French person. They're pretty hard to resist!

You are ready to adore Paris. You were born to be a Parisian - all you have to do is get yourself there.

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Parallel universes, powers, principalities, and party whips

Eric picked me up, and I almost immediately started ranting about Mr. Creep and his saying hi to me. "Rough week?" he asked... not really, considering I spent four days in blissful downtime! I also said that we HAD to have lunch with him on Sunday - even Raymond or Randal wouldn't have been TOO bad, because at least I can look at them without feeling creeped out for some reason! Then Eric said that I probably wouldn't have to see him as Bible Study was off-site this week... oh good, my shower earlier was not in vain, haha! He thought that I was crazier than he was, and brought up inviting the small group to my place before curling, because then I could hang out with them. Luckily for my "I hate people!" tendencies, this was not to be! I also brought up the issue of having my mom at Grandma's 90th birthday dinner - no, I haven't talked with Jon or Harmony. This would be why an off-site Bible Study is a BAD thing!

At church, we wondered why the parkade was CRAMMED - we found out that it was a district conference! (nothing to do with the Awana sleepover, which happened later in the evening) We went upstairs to find Cindy, Kevin, Vanessa, Albert, and Carmen standing around trying to decide what to do. Luckily, our usual big room was open, so we took that. Lesley, Dylan, Deb, and Dave came later on... and we wondered where Johnny was because he was supposed to lead. Poor Cindy had to totally wing it from the article on the armor of God / the evil powers and principalities of this world! Talked about good stories, God, technology, the environment, spiritual battles, supernatural beings, not being able to say "Jesus," Lesley going to counsel Daniel Fellowship (YAY! LESS NAME CONFUSION!), Billy, Hannah, Cindy's new job at Vancouver Christian School, Dave's job search, my grandma's birthday, and other things. I sat by Dave, and noted that his leg bumped mine a few times, but it was okay. He had to move his shoe off my knapsack strap when I was looking for Kleenex in there, too. Ah well, it's all good!

Later, Eric wanted to see if anyone was up for getting together before curling, but nobody wanted to. Dave said that he'd had lunch with Wes and Dianne, and curling is harder than it looks! I'm not surprised! It was pretty cold outside - when I was able to get DOWN the stairs because I froze on the last step - stupid darkness around! Dave had a bandanna around his mouth and nose - that's a good idea if you're cycling at night! My joke about his being the TMI King / Overshare King this week didn't work because he thought I said that I was Strawberry Shortcake! After last week where he thought I said something other than "I'm not stalking you on Facebook," I don't think I can be understood that much! I actually said "WHAT?!" with a squeak at the end - yup, it was the NG shrillness! (which Eric had to hear a couple more times, but I think it's Dave's first time with that, hahaha)

On the way home, Eric said that he might not be home for most of tomorrow (it matters not to me what he's doing!), but he should be there during the hockey game. Good thing, then. He joked about a parallel universe in which I was Mr. Creep's wife, because he didn't sign that paper to help out with Kids Night.... good thing this isn't REALITY, man! Then I said that I had my own version, where I could ask Dave to lunch without making it look weird because of the guy-girl thing. Eric said that I'd be doing that while married to Mr. Creep - NO! THIS IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT ONE! Discussed the Smoke Monster, LOST, Claire, characters, age, being old, the age formula for dating, and more.

Trivia fact for Saturday, Mar. 13: What sport does the U.S. Congress have to thank for the term "party whip"? Fox hunting. During the chase, a rider (known as a whipper) rides behind the pack of hounds, and cracks a whip to keep the dogs from straying. The British Parliament borrowed the term, shortening it to "whip," to describe party functionaries charged with mobilizing party members for crucial votes. The U.S. Congress later adopted the term.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dream of Dave, affection, duck, and Coke distraction from apologies

High-scoring words of the afternoon so far:

ANIMALIC (124 points) - against Katie R. [4W] {good deficit-erasing word!}
JEE (210 points) - against Linda W. [5W, 4L on J]

Had a weird dream where my friends and I were hanging around at a house party - I was writing stuff down, and noted a crowd outside on the rocky path. Dave noticed my focus, and laughed, grabbing my hand. He said that they were gathering to watch kids do skateboard tricks and have fun, but I preferred to stay with him - that was quite fine, heh. He was smoking a teeny cigarette, which I forgave him for in the dream, haha. After a while, my sister came in and invited us to an impromptu duck dinner, but I had to remember the plate for the duck. This looked like one of the greenish-blue and white plates my mom uses for the plants in real life, actually.

We went to the duck dinner in another part of the house, and I remembered the plate and the large plastic cups for the drinks. Everyone was just sitting on the floor, being affectionate and touching each other on the legs. This was apparently normal behavior, so nobody batted an eye. Dave and I didn't care, so joined in... but mainly kept to ourselves, resting heads on each other's shoulders and hugging. A while later, Steph and some other sporty girls (like Dorcas) had an announcement about an anniversary dinner, complete with cheer routines.

Then a guy expressed distaste over the state of some utensils - yeah, those were from a previous house party! Ew, old stuff! Later, my mom wanted to talk to me by the fridge (which was stocked with salad and drinks) - I told my sister that we were more alike than I'd previously thought, and she wanted to apologize. Luckily, Johnny and a few of his friends knew what was going on, and distracted me. One of them was smoking while helping to carry a garbage bag outside - he said that Johnny had a drink for me. Johnny then smilingly offered me a Coke and alcoholic beverage in a small glass, assuring me that it was quite good. I thanked him by hugging him - I was about to accept my mother's insincere apology! Then the dream ended. I think I know a couple reasons why I had this dream, but won't say. Got up to find that Hester had given me a couple of mousetraps - she wrote a note, referring to me as my last name. Uh, thanks...

You Are a Thinker

You are a dreamer and an idealist. You are much more concerned with how things should be than how they actually are.

You believe that what people do is much more important than what people say. You take careful notice of everyone's actions.

You tend to be quite rational. You try to think with a clear head, and you don't like it when your emotions get the better of you.

You confront challenges head on. You actually enjoy solving problems - even when they seem impossible.

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Sheila Lotus / I don't like these teaching ideas... / Li Po

High-scoring words of the night so far:

LOTUS (120 points; 5W, 4W), SHEILA (180 points; two 3W) - against Jennifer H.
GRACIOSO (160 points) - against Peg P. [two 5W]
ATRIP (225 points) - against Becky A. [two 5W]

DAMMIT, THIS THING JUST RESTARTED! Called Auntie Ying, who seems to be really excited about new teaching ideas that she picked up for Bible Study Fellowship: paints and Play-Doh would be a bit messy, and telling the kids to listen when you use marching and jumping would make a lot of unnecessary noise. I know kids make noise, but you don't really want to exacerbate it, or take the kids out for a long time. The Bible Study Fellowship kids have two hours in their smaller classroom, and it's true that Frances and I used to do watercolors and Play-Doh. However, I don't think we ever encouraged them to learn about the Holy Spirit while playing! It's a way of communication, but that's about it. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm NOT feeling it... if she gets Rachel's grandma and Jessie to clean up any mess, then I don't think I'll be bothered, haha. Boy, I'm grumpy!

Uncle Peter says he'll take the twins and Linda to church from now on (they live near the old church - pushing a stroller uphill for a few LONG blocks doesn't sound fun! They seemed to love the books, if David's "Choo-choo, Mama!" was any indication! Told her that it was Conor's birthday on Sunday, and expressed doubt whether I'd make it to Grandma's 90th birthday dinner on Monday... maybe if Mom doesn't say anything during the dinner! Talked about care homes, the NOTIME gum from Japan, large-print Bibles, and a book that Phil recommended to her.

It's called THE MYSTERY OF MARRIAGE (by a Langley guy!), and is apparently very good and not like an ordinary marriage book. Well, I told her that there are some problems (like abuse) which are simply not solvable! (I'm not talking about people divorcing because they simply don't like each other anymore!) Apparently, she knows a couple who are having marriage problems (she either doesn't know or doesn't want to specify what these might be), so she wants me to pray that this couple will be receptive to this suggestion of the book. I don't know if I do that sort of thing, haha. At least this Sunday will be interesting, but I'm NOT a fan of losing an hour of sleep! UGH!

Trivia fact for Friday, Mar. 12: According to legend, how did the great Chinese poet Li Po die? While drunkenly trying to embrace the moon's reflection in the Yangtze River, Li Po - also known as Li Bai - fell from a boat into the water and drowned.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dream of custom coats, and sister crying in the shower to ANGIE / Tokyo / NO HELP

Had a weird dream where my friends and I were just sitting around our old church for some reason. It was announced that Carina and Daisy would be getting married in a double wedding ceremony at 7:05 and 7:31 that night at the white house near the church. We went for coffee first near the church before going through the house, where there was snow on the ground. Then we decided to check out my apartment, but the lights weren't working for some reason! Called the manager out on it, and then returned to the white house near the church. There were CLOSETS full of different colors and styles of coats which we could have for free, but I didn't like any of the ones available. Blue? Pink? Long? Short? White? Brown? None of them suited me for some reason, so I asked if I could make a custom one from a gumlike material - I certainly could.

Joey (who was going to Hong Kong soon after) and one of the Daniel guys (with glasses) were "party guard DJs" at the double wedding celebration, and they had bulletins for everyone; they were also getting updated on the Canucks score. When the game ended, Toronto had won 3-0. This news was so distressing to Steph that she had to cry it out in the shower as the Rolling Stones' ANGIE played over the loudspeakers. When I tried getting her to leave, she wouldn't - and the dream ended because a car horn honked outside the window in real life. I don't know about that one, man... people keep saying that it snowed in Vancouver, but there's none here in Richmond. The gumlike material must be the NOTIME gum from Tokyo! Other than that, I don't know. Daisy is already married, for one thing!

Speaking of my sister and Tokyo, I got her postcard in the mail: "Yaz is Lard! Greetings from Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. Yaz would enjoy the heated toilet seats here. What a reality!" I also got an email from her which says that Mom is willing to pay me $100 if I stay at the townhouse for two weeks while they're away in May... somehow, I don't know about that even if I don't have to see them. If she thinks I'm helping her out, she must be insane. I know Grandma's birthday dinner is coming up too, but don't know if I'll make it to that, either. I also saw a status message from Dave saying that he was in leopard print briefs... I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW! Reminds me of Korey's leopard print THONG, for one thing. "TMI" was my comment on that one, haha... he knows he rules, but really now.

Your Face is Trustworthy

There's just something about you that people find soothing. You put people at ease.

While it's true that you have a trustworthy face, it's also probably true that you're a trustworthy person.

You are honest and dependable, and it shows. By living an ethical life, you never have to worry about being "caught in the act."

You are relaxed, and smile often. Your eyes light up, and your face doesn't show much tension. People can tell a lot about you from looking at your face!

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117 people for CURLING?! / Best Actress

Eric invited 117 people out to the curling event taking place two weeks from now! I thought he was CRAZY, and said so after I answered the Evite to say "not unless I suddenly gain the ability to NOT look like a klutz on ice." After my shower, I got out to find that he'd replied to say that it was probably easier than sorting through that number of email addresses. True, but still. I was also going to have some red or yellow soup, but figured I should not be attempting to make it when the best-before date is July 22 or September 7, 2009. *sigh* Noted that Golden seems to have deleted his Facebook account again, too.

Trivia fact for Thursday, Mar. 11: Who accepted her Best Actress Oscar statuette with the words "Hello, gorgeous"? Barbra Streisand, in 1969 when she won for her film debut as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl - in which her opening line, spoken as she looked at herself in a mirror, was "Hello, gorgeous."

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dream of smoking, parks, affection, Aidan, SUPERNATURAL, and crazy pictures

I had a weird dream in which I was waiting for some friends outside at a park. It was almost evening time, and Lesley was looking for little Rachel. I was on a bench, and two people I knew then sat on either side of me, taking a cigarette break. For some reason, the guy (not the girl!) asked if it were okay - I said it would be fine as long as he made sure the smoke wasn't downwind. After his smoke, he asked if it would be okay if he hugged me - I said it was fine, and leaned my head on his shoulder. It was nice... soon afterward, Lesley showed up with a sleepy Rachel, and said that Eric would pick me up. Fine by me!

As advertised, Eric showed up some time later. He wasn't surprised that I was being affectionate with a friend, and said we needed to leave soon. I went willingly, and later told him that a feeling of warmth had pervaded my heart... he just shook his head, heh. We went to someone's house, where Subena was watching SUPERNATURAL with a friend. Some kids were around, like Aidan from Awana - I played video games with them for a bit before I decided to take a laptop and check my email. Jon and Harmony had emailed me from a bunch of different email addresses (but it all showed up in the same Gmail conversation), and they wanted me to see various crazy pictures: weird poses, a purse full of money, and more! Apparently, Subena was getting irritated since her friend had mentioned her on Twitter as "* @ edsu" ... but she couldn't see it because I had the only computer connection in the house! The dream ended soon afterwards, and I don't know why I had it!

You Are Flamboyant

You are a colorful and creative character. You are always thinking up new projects.

You have a loud personality, and people find you very entertaining. You are quite charming.

You don't have much of a filter on your words or actions. You just do whatever you feel like.

You are energetic, quirky, and hyper. It's hard for you to focus at times... you're too busy having fun.

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Corey not being home for long / Shallow sea

Corey's going to teach in Taiwan now?! OH MAN.

[22:35:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: ... and I still haven't gotten around to mailing your stuff yet
[00:05:22] mrptptpt: well, I might only be home for a couple weeks after I go home on Saturday.. they want me back here ASAP
[00:07:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: do your parents know this?
[00:08:05] mrptptpt: yes, I've been emailing them the whole time I'm here... and I called home today, too
[00:09:26] AlenaBrolxFlami: dammit.... why can't I mail this package?
[00:33:43] mrptptpt: I dunno
[00:47:43] AlenaBrolxFlami: now I want some more seaweed... I swear, I'll buy like 800 things of seaweed
[00:56:03] AlenaBrolxFlami: guess what I found in the stuff my sister gave me from Japan (almost all gone by now)
[01:08:51] AlenaBrolxFlami: Apparently, the Japanese make NOTIME gum, which seems to be a substitute for brushing your teeth. HAHAHAHA!
[01:27:54] mrptptpt: no time?
[01:36:08] AlenaBrolxFlami: I assume "if you have no time to brush your teeth... you surely have time to pop this into your mouth, so it does the work for you!"
[01:36:50] mrptptpt: wow, you can read Japanese!
[01:37:34] mrptptpt: oh yeah, I also have chocolate bubble tea right now, and it's pretty good
[01:37:59] AlenaBrolxFlami: no, I can't.... I'm ASSUMING that's what it is from the "NOTIME" name and the picture of the toothbrush on the package
[01:38:09] AlenaBrolxFlami: I haven't had that in MONTHS! Maybe even YEARS!
[01:38:29] mrptptpt: oh well, I can read Japanese :P I have to use that to read things to Jane sometimes even, since there's a lot of Japanese products here
[01:40:00] AlenaBrolxFlami: oh, okay
[01:44:42] mrptptpt: I don't know enough Japanese words for it to be useful, but tons of names and even descriptions are in katakana, which is usually really just English words
[01:45:00] mrptptpt: so katakana words are readable for the most part
[01:45:55] AlenaBrolxFlami: well, that's good... these packages just have Japanese characters on them
[01:46:38] mrptptpt: yeah, probably katakana ones :P
[01:47:45] mrptptpt: there, that will show you how to read all the katakana letters (the more squarish ones, not rounded)
[01:47:46] mrptptpt: just say it in a stereotypical Japanese accent, and it'll translate to English :P
[01:47:55] mrptptpt: sometimes saying it out loud is required to figure it out
[01:48:11] AlenaBrolxFlami: hahaha, okay... right now, is bedtime :P goodnight
[01:48:15] mrptptpt: also, since Japanese doesn't believe in using spaces between words, it can be hard to figure out which words are what
[02:05:21] mrptptpt: well, I can't fucking find information about a visa for Taiwan, and it's annoying
[02:07:09] mrptptpt: everything is different, and the US government and Taiwan government sites don't really tell me much..........
[02:07:17] mrptptpt: they said I don't need a visa, and now they say I do
[02:07:31] mrptptpt: then they said I had to pay 6% tax... now they say 20% tax
[02:07:43] mrptptpt: the girl we're dealing with doesn't seem to know what she's talking about
[02:08:04] mrptptpt: actually... first they said I need a visa, then they said I don't, now they say I do

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Mar. 10: Which sea is the shallowest in the world? The inland Sea of Azov, which is about 47 feet at its deepest. Located between Ukraine and Russia, it's linked to the Black Sea by the Kerch Strait.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Erotic proxy, anyone?

High-scoring words of the evening:

PROXY (105 points; 5W), EROTICA [158 points; two 4W] - against Kelly W. [a man]
CLEAVE (105 points) - against David R. [two 3W]
GRIPEY (224 points) - against Jessica K. [two 4W]
EYESORE (220 points) - against Deirdre B. [5W, 2W]
UNSOLVED (100 points; 2W, 4W), KIER (106 points; 5L on K, 4W) - against Kristi M.

I decided that I was burned out on editing (for now?), so went back to Wordscraper / Word Twist. This thing just restarted, too!

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Escalator and ex dream / No Dana / MICE! / Relationships

Had a weird dream where my friends and I were chasing each other throughout a huge building, trying to complete various time challenges. Citrus went right down an escalator in order to shave more time off his completion. However, that didn't help him at all. After we completed everything, we went to someone's house to hang out. For some reason, my ex was there, and wanted to talk to a chick named Susan using FB chat instead of MSN because it would be more discreet. No recording of history, for one. That sounds like something he'd do in real life, too. I grabbed his laptop and used his Facebook for a while, too - ha ha ha. Everyone was having candy later when the dream ended! Not sure why I had the dream... unless it was the escalator thing in the downtown insanity after the gold medal hockey game, heh.

Almost fell asleep in the bathroom, so took the opportunity to get some more rest. Got up and then heard mice - I KNOW THEY'RE AROUND! Noticed Dana unfriended me on Facebook - oh well. I did a lot of editing yesterday, so I hope for the same today. Discovered that Dave is anal, too - paper iron, indeed. :D

You Are Not in a Relationship

You probably have figured this out already, but you aren't even in a relationship.

If you don't have a special someone in your life, then this is a perfectly fine result.

However, if you do have a partner and still have gotten this result, then you're in deep trouble.

Your relationship doesn't have intimacy, passion, or commitment. Get out now while you can!

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Laundry and static electricity / Spicy sauce / PF Flyers sneakers

Did some laundry tonight, and watched COLD BLOOD again - I'm liking that show! Discovered that microfiber stuff does generate static electricity, so fabric softener could help if it is rubbed on the surface. Hmm.

[22:07:12] Flami: There's "lat jeung," but I don't know what it is in English..... "tobian jiang" used for ma po tofu. could be spelled in different ways.
[22:08:55] Corey: well, pick one
[22:11:56] Flami: you're supposed to pick one
[22:12:16] Corey: I don't want to
[22:46:49] Flami: nice font change :P
[23:05:44] Corey: it's not a font change, I just told you what it was
[23:05:54] Corey: that's what English looks like when it switches to Chinese language typing on me randomly in the middle of typing
[23:06:37] Flami: well, I didn't get that message because Trillian decided to freeze again!
[23:07:03] Corey: she has the English version of Windows, but has Chinese typing enabled, and you can switch between English and Chinese on the language bar. well, that just randomly changes from EN to CH in the middle of typing half the time
[00:33:07] Corey: Jane says that just means "spicy sauce"
[00:33:22] Corey: but she gave me something last night that was just called "spicy sauce," so maybe that's what I had
[00:42:16] Flami: yeah... I really wouldn't know
[00:43:34] Flami:
[00:43:56] Corey: I don't know, I don't think it had all that stuff in it
[00:54:54] Flami: that's the stuff I am used to in restaurants and such
[00:57:44] Corey: well I need it in bottles :P
[01:01:35] Flami: sriracha definitely comes in bottles :P
[01:07:17] Corey: you didn't say sriracha! but that's not a good one since we have that at home
[01:07:18] Corey: p;;.;ppl, juuuju bhyuu hj uy yu yyyy nmbhgty====**I'
[01:08:52] Flami: well, I'm sure other chili sauce comes in bottles, too...
[01:09:06] Flami: I see the rainbow-lover is back again :P
[01:12:27] Corey: and she just ate all my crackers, and got crumbs all over my arm :P I told her that she could have them... Jane's parents caught me raiding the fridge for medicine that Jane was helping me find, so they thought I was hungry and brought me food, even after they figured out what I was really looking for (Jane was on the phone :P)
[01:25:23] Flami: haha, oh no!
[01:30:45] Corey: my stomach is messed up today, so they're worrying about everything I do :P
[01:30:52] Corey: I think I'm fine now, though
[01:33:03] Flami: what happened? aftereffects from the bubble tea?
[01:34:04] Corey: well, maybe, but I've had tons of bubble tea with no problems... I got pretty messed up yesterday evening after finishing some bubble tea. could have been something from lunch yesterday
[01:35:25] Flami: what did you have?
[01:36:45] Corey: some burrito thing, I think maybe I told you about that
[01:37:03] Corey: and kung pao chicken and your favorite steamer thingamafuck
[01:38:01] Flami: oh, Corey, so crazy

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Mar. 9: What does the PF in PF Flyers sneakers stand for? Posture Foundation, which was the name patented for the sneaker's insole by manufacturer BF Goodrich in 1933.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Your "boyfriend" isn't really in it for LOVE, Kyla...

Marcos is in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and is trying to rewire the bomb so he can blow himself up. Or he's trying to take a few years off his life. Actually, I guess that's what the bomb is for. According to Agent Owen, it's going to take 40 minutes to cut into the chamber, but he has a plan. I have no idea what he was talking about, because he still has this deer-in-the-headlights look. Either he's going to come up huge for CTU at some point in the near future, or he's going to blow a mission because of his youth and inexperience. Or he'll die in the next few episodes and head to the big CTU in the sky alongside Agents Dessler, Buchanan, Cassel, and the Asian guy who plays "Kwon" on Lost. I think his name is Daniel Day Lewis. Apparently, Wayne Palmer put Marcos' father in prison for four months, and that drove him to suicide. I wonder what ever happened to Wayne... You know, besides Viva Laughlin.

Dana and Cole are back at CTU. Cole says "we have to act naturally." So, in other words, Cole needs to stick with his two facial expressions, and Dana has to keep putting her needs over those of the country. So far, the scene unfolds according to plan. Dana wants to talk about "them," and Cole is more wooden than Pinocchio. Bubba notices Dana's change of clothes, and she is no longer dressed like a cocktail waitress. Bubba reads them the riot act, but because they're series regulars, he decides to reinstate them, although Dana has to answer to Chloe now. That should be interesting. The IRK terrorists (Hmm... I wonder if they did that deliberately – it kind of looks like "Iraq," doesn't it? Maybe those are the initials of their airport in Baghdad or something) have Marcos under surveillance, and want to make sure he goes through with his suicide. I finally looked it up, and the leader's name is "Samir." This is the second time they've used that name for an antagonist. I guess I can understand. I feel like they've had 8 Hassans so far.

Samir and his men are back at their warehouse (or maybe it's a different one – who knows?), and they admire their rods. They also check out their nukes. Chloe and Dana are already clashing, and Chloe tries one of her trademark "supportive speeches that end up sounding incredibly condescending." Meanwhile, Arlo's talking about his drones again, and starts hitting on Dana again. Good to see everyone at CTU is focused on doing their jobs. Jack goes in to talk to Marcos, and he gives Marcos a lesson in international politics and diplomacy. Jack tries to reason with him, but Marcos won't listen. Eventually, Marcos says he's willing to die for his cause, but his eyes hint at some ambivalence. Kudos on a good acting job by – uh – whoever plays Marcos. I'm sure he'll pop up on Heroes next season, because that seems to be the trend now. If Heroes is still on the schedule next season, of course.

We have a winner! Kayla Hassan is in bed with Tarin, and they definitely win the award for longest love-a-thon. She gets a call from her mother, but he makes her ignore it so he can do it with her again. Man, this guy is a machine! President Logan and Vladmir could learn a few things from him. President Hassan meets with his wife, and he looks like he'd rather face a firing squad than deal with her. She yells at him for losing his way, and he promises to change. You know what he really wants is to have her arrested and tortured by his secret police, but I guess that won't be happening.

Marcos' mother is packing up a suitcase when she gets a visit from Cole. He notices the suitcase, and he looks like he just discovered the cure to AIDS. Or maybe he's concentrating. Or maybe he looks like he just read his reviews for Scooby Doo 2. Dana gives Bubba a status report, and he reads her another riot act. So, for those of you who haven't picked up on this plot string... Bubba is pissed off, but wants to keep Dana around. But only if she gets back into that black dress she was wearing earlier in the day. Okay, I made up that last part. Stephen Root makes his debut, and he sounds like a Southerner, too. He's a probation officer, and he wants to know about Kevin. He wants to meet and talk about our favorite dead hillbilly, and like an idiot, Dana agrees to talk to him. Well, so much for Dana putting her job before her personal life.

Agent Owen is back, and he's sweating bullets. I wonder if he still has his baby teeth. Or if his voice has cracked Peter Brady-style yet. Cole comes in, and Jack looks relieved he doesn't have to talk to Junior anymore. Cole brings Marcos' mom to the hospital, and Jack wants to use her to get Marcos to come out of the chamber. After all that time in there, he's going to look like a teenager again. Maybe he'll even look younger than Agent Owen. Dana calls Cole and, of course, she distracts him with her problems. Cole actually gets in a good line about how she should just lie because she's good at it. Ouch.

Jack gets the mom to cooperate, and the IRK people are worried he's going to crack. Marcos' mom tries to talk him down, and Marcos goes into overacting mode. Okay, I take back what I said about him earlier. He's worse than Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. Chloe finds out someone has tapped into their signal, and that can't be too much of a surprise. I think CTU uses Windows Vista or something. Their idea of a firewall is a dialog box that asks terrorists if they're sure they want to continue to the secure government server. Marcos says goodbye to his mom, and arms his bomb. Jack then goes the extra mile, and he promises to make sure his mother will die. He even promises to escort his mother to the blast site and expose her to the radiation. This is like what he did to Saunders in Season 3, when he threatened to expose his daughter to the virus. Anyway, he gives Marcos a graphic description of what happens when someone gets radiation poisoning, and tells him that his mother's death will be on him. There's the Jack we know and love.

Marcos agrees not to detonate the vest, and gives a series of guttural moans that sounds like he's either throwing up or doing what Tarin was doing earlier. Okay, maybe he can forget about that future spot on Heroes. Samir tries to detonate the vest while Jack tries to deactivate it. Jack asks for a name from Marcos, and he says that Tarin is in on it. Jack realizes he won't get the vest deactivated in time, and he throws Marcos into the chamber. He tries to close the door, but can't get it shut in time. Marcos gets blown to smithereens (we even see his blood on the door – nice touch), but Jack is unharmed. That's right. Even with all the oxygen in the room, Jack still wasn't harmed by the blast.

Hassan finds out about Tarin, and Hassan has an "I told you so" look on his face. Hassan tells Jack that Tarin escaped from custody, and Jack is like "Was CTU escorting him?" Kayla talks to her mother while Tarin is in the shower. Kayla finds out the truth, and gives up her location. Oh, this isn't going to end well for her. Kayla needs to stall, and she tries to sex him. See what I meant about this not ending well? Tarin actually decides not to, because he needs to get to the State Department – at 3 AM. She manages to sneak away into the bathroom, and was actually able to keep her head somewhat. Jack wants to set up a perimeter outside the hotel where Tarin and Kayla shacked up, so we know that Tarin will be breaking through that perimeter in a few minutes.

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Calling chopsticks a car, and confusing "uncle" cultures

Relevant Taiwan conversation until my Trillian froze:

[01:07:12] Corey: you better not, I just bought you a present yesterday! and it wasn't the first one :P so be nice
[01:08:13] Flami: well, I was only doing that because I told Eric that I was going to yell at you just like I was doing to him.
[01:10:07] Corey: I found a better thing, but that one was all in Korean, so I changed
[01:14:23] Flami: I got stuff from Japan today!
[01:14:35] Corey: like what?
[01:15:35] Flami: Japanese crackers, Watering Kiss Mint gum, dark chocolate fudge Clodhoppers (okay, maybe those aren't from Tokyo :P), a peanuts package ("Energy For The Good Life"), spicy sauce in a tube, and a chocolate pie
[01:19:35] Corey: what kind of Chinese spicy stuff do you know about? something I can get in a jar or something I can bring home? Jane doesn't seem to know that much about that. I want to bring something really really hot home for my sister's husband
[01:19:48] Corey: or I guess there's tons of Japanese stuff here, too
[01:22:06] Corey: and Thai and all kinds of crap :P but it seems like most of the really spicy things are just things you go buy "ready to eat," not really sauces to buy
[01:25:27] Flami: hmm... I don't know
[01:25:43] Flami: XO Sauce, but I wouldn't call that extremely spicy
[01:26:18] Corey: we went to Carrefour (like a French version of Wal-Mart that they have here for some reason), and they had a lot of things... but I didn't really know what was actually hot, and she didn't either. there's about 9 billion little shops, some of which must have spicy things....
[01:29:50] Flami: probably... I really don't know much about that, either
[01:31:40] Corey: well you know a lot of Chinese people, so ask some :P
[01:36:38] Corey: oh, I met a Chinese person from Vancouver :P well, from here, but lives in Vancouver now
[01:36:52] Corey: Jane has an aunt and uncle that live there, and the uncle is here
[01:37:27] Corey: and I had that thingy you like today... in the steamer whatever
[01:37:29] Corey: pork ones
[01:37:40] Corey: si long bao? I don't know how to spell it :P
[01:39:46] Flami: YAY! SIU LONG BAO! YAY YAY YAY! :D :D :D
[01:41:36] Corey: with kung pao chicken, and some soup stuff made of rice and corn, and a beef burrito (what the hell are burritos doing here?? it seemed like a Chinese thing though, so I think that's just English menu weirdness :P it was easier to have Jane's aunt translate the Chinese menu than try to read the English one they brought for me
[01:42:10] Corey: I tried to explain that that was Mexican food, and this very Chinese restaurant probably doesn't have that, so it looked funny, but I don't think she really understood :P
[01:44:18] Corey: she says she understands me more than it probably looks, but she doesn't always know how to reply well
[01:44:34] Flami: beef burrito?! that does seem out of place
[01:44:58] Corey: well... it kind of was a burrito, but it was a fried thing, cut into slices, and had a lot of cucumber and stuff inside
[01:45:17] Corey: probably not a tortilla though, but something flat and similar
[01:45:45] Flami: I don't think I've had that before
[01:52:06] Corey: they had pork ones, too. I ordered pork, but they said they only had beef today, so beef it was. I actually didn't really want that at all, but she thought I did since I was talking about it :P it was all right, though
[01:54:24] Flami: haha, oh well... at least you didn't have too much fried food and stuff like I did tonight - fried wonton, yam fries, and more
[01:54:43] Corey: dinner smells very fried :P (almost dinner time)
[01:55:13] Flami: oh well, I guess I spoke too soon maybe :P
[01:56:20] Flami: but man, there were at least 10 fried items at dinner... we didn't see the healthy side of the room till later
[01:57:33] Corey: I'm not really even hungry... I had bubble tea, and it feels like I'm totally full from that... I finished it like two hours ago, but it was too much. I'm not sure why since it's a small one
[01:58:27] Flami: I think I'll be totally full from this dinner to last me till tomorrow - good thing, since I no longer have any leftover pizza because the fridge door seemed to be ajar all day
[01:58:53] Corey: bjar it next time
[02:00:20] Flami: no such thing
[02:03:47] Corey: well, crap
[02:04:00] Corey: I feel like I'm going to puke if I try to eat anything, and Jane isn't here to explain
[02:04:51] Flami: just how much stuff is on the dinner table?
[02:05:19] Corey: uh... wo shiang shur, kashur wo bu hoy? (I want to eat, but I can't).. not sure if that works
[02:05:27] Corey: oh yay, Jane is on MSN now, finally
[02:07:30] Flami: oh good, maybe she can tell you how to say that... I recognize three words out of that
[02:14:06] Corey: well, you don't speak Mandarin, do you? plus I don't know how to spell anything right :P that's just sounds :P
[02:22:52] Flami: I hear some of it at church... and I know wo is "I" ... shiang sounds like a nasal version of the Cantonese word for "want"... and shur is "eat," by context - I probably have heard that at church, too
[02:27:26] Corey: shiang is want... and it's not nasal :P Jane says it's really shiang yao.. or just yao, but my lessons said shiang, so that's the one I know how to work with :P
[02:28:18] Flami: that sounds like "want to have" from my understanding of Cantonese, but whatever works - and she would know
[02:28:50] Corey: that's probably about right
[02:30:51] Corey: in other Chinese news, Jane's mom tried to teach me "get out of the car," but I thought she was saying "shoes," and I was confused
[02:41:25] Flami: yeah, that would be confusing - what a mental image!
[02:45:10] Corey: the two words are close, I don't remember how to say them right :P
[02:47:43] Flami: understandable
[02:48:14] Corey: I think I called chopsticks a car once, too
[02:49:48] Corey: they both end in tzu, and I can't remember the first part very well (the most important part :P)
[02:50:28] Corey: I still can't tell you how to say chopsticks, and they've tried to teach me that one about a million times :P if anyone says it, I know it, but I can't repeat it well. I finally figured out how to say bubble tea, though
[02:51:00] Corey: oh, and did I tell you that assuming I come back here, I have a job now?
[02:53:02] Flami: hey, my sister-in-law also got a job this week - good work!
[02:53:49] Flami: you said that if you did well in a demo, you could have a job or something, so this works
[02:58:25] Corey: well, the demo with kids went well, I guess.. they never actually told me that, but since they offered me the job immediately afterward, I think it's safe to say that it was good enough
[03:07:31] Flami: that's good... my sister-in-law is doing full-time freelance work
[03:07:38] Flami: contract work
[03:09:43] Corey: oh, and I forgot to tell you earlier, Jane's niece calls me "Corey su su" (Uncle Corey), and it sounds like that's going to be more than just a fun title here pretty soon
[03:19:00] Flami: sounds good
[03:19:35] Corey: oh yeah?
[03:20:39] Flami: well, unless either of you rejected a proposal outright
[03:21:31] Corey: huh?
[03:21:36] Corey: I don't think you got what I was saying
[03:21:44] Corey: right now, they call me "uncle" even though I'm not one
[03:21:58] Corey: news from home says that's not going to be the case anymore
[03:22:15] Flami: yeah, I know about that Chinese cultural thing VERY well
[03:22:51] Flami: well, if she calls you that and it's not going to be a fun title, it might be a serious one - like marriage!
[03:23:11] Corey: news FROM HOME... about being an uncle!!! this isn't that difficult! :P
[03:23:47] Flami: and if you're saying what I think you're saying, then... WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING PREGNANT?!
[03:32:03] Corey: because they want to, I guess!
[03:32:03] Corey: apparently, that will happen around Halloween
[03:32:04] Corey: well, the baby
[03:32:21] Flami: baby?
[03:32:31] Flami: oh yes, the baby...
[03:32:55] Flami: ha, so will my friend's pregnancy

You are McDonalds

You are a positive, friendly, and welcoming person. You are someone who can always be counted on.

You are loyal and true to your friends. And in return, your friends are very loyal to you.

You are a steady and reliable person. You are always up for some fun, but you take care of your responsibilities first.

You are a bit old-fashioned, and you don't change much over the years. That's a good thing, because people love you the way you are!

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Mr. Creep really should stop bothering people! / 35th anniversary! / Sandra Bullock

Eric picked me up this morning, and he joked that I owed him a million dollars. I instead gave him two, since that was his change from Subway the other night. He'll have to be satisfied with that, haha. Discussed a bunch of random stuff (plus wedding invitations - Joe - and the Olympic mascots - I AM NOT SPOILING THE KIDS!), and he possibly could have watched the Oscars tonight. When I got to the church, Auntie Esther saw me - she's definitely nice! Inside, I saw Quan, so asked where her sister was: "She died." NICE! Mr. Creep saw me since he was talking to the people who were on the worship team (STOP BOTHERING PEOPLE!), so said hi. In a perfectly tired tone of voice, I told him to stop hitting on me. I know he's not hitting on me, and I don't think that anyone who says hi to me IS doing that... but if I say something clearly ridiculous like that, maybe he'll STOP!

I talked to Emily / Nina / Gerard about the Olympic mascots for a bit after saying hi to Johnny. Saw Hien, so we completed our monetary transaction; good thing the table in the foyer was empty! Her mom thanked me, heh... it wasn't a problem! Kept on looking at the elevator, as if I expected to see my parents at any minute - good thing the morning service let out before that happened, so I went in the sanctuary quickly.

Said hi to Jeremy, Ivan (who didn't get my FB message?!), Connie, Harmony, Jon, and Deb - discussed Walmart, cheap things, capitalism, arrangements, Steph's Tokyo stuff for me in a reusable CANADA bag, the weekend, yesterday's talk, and more. I was happy that I didn't have to use the same Communion tray as Mr. Creep, haha. Passed the peace civilly with Randal, which is good. Broached the tax subject with Jon and Harmony; when I said I was acting in self-defense when Mom hit me first, Jon seemed to think it was self-justification. I dunno, man... Harmony thought that Dad would be easier to talk to than Mom. TOO TRUE! Good thing my mom isn't going to discuss the sermon with me anytime soon - it'll be more fodder for her "you should be eternally grateful!" Asian Mom thing. BLEH!

After that, I said hi to Andrea / Emily Choi / Mike T. / Megan (with a pretty princess crown) / Allison before moving into the fellowship hall. Got some coffee, baguette bits, and salsa while saying hi to Keenan (whose dad Tim said he wouldn't get any snacks if he didn't say hi back) - still cute! I thought I saw Dave from the other side of the room, but didn't want to look like a stalker. As it happened, he made the first move when I was by the table - I asked where he'd been, and he was cycling since it made him feel better. Sounds good to me, man! I liked how he leaned down to hear what I was saying when I said that I didn't want to be a total stalker! He laughed and said my post added some color to his Facebook wall - fair enough!

Luckily, I saw Auntie Anita outside the fellowship hall, so briefly explained the letter I got - I was happy to let her take it so she could look at it later! Met new people named Katie and Grace, and Quan said that her mom was yelling at Hien to go to bed at 3:30 AM. (they share a room - Quan is kept up by her sister's typing) Went upstairs to toddler Sunday School, and saw Michelle L.'s sister Jessie - she has two kids now, but her son has a most weird name: RANEN?! Not a typo for "Ramen," I assure you! (his younger sister's name is Shira - their cousins Ryan and Ethan are about 10 and 8 now) Told the kids why I wasn't there last week, but left the descriptions of crowd insanity out of my explanation. Amanda was feeding me toy food - so cute! David and Evelyn seemed to like their DORA / THOMAS books - I knew they liked those things! Their mom Linda told them to kiss me on the cheek - CUTE!

Conor wanted me to see that he could put shapes back in a box - so cool! I didn't mind when he wanted to see the boat visual aid (Jesus walking on water!), because then he could take it home too! Since I know he wants to hug me, I let him do that within reason. Amos was wearing a Quatchi shirt, too. Jason was just around, but not crying a lot like last year. After that, I went downstairs to see what was going on for lunch - Mr. Creep had already reserved a table for us at HAPPY KING. WHY HIM?!!!! Although I must say that it's much less stressful telling Eric that I don't need a ride home as opposed to my parents. He asked whether I was going with them, I said yes, and he was like "Okay." Not "I'm going with people to do this!" "OH MY GOD!!! DO YOU HAVE A RIDE HOME?!!!!?" *rolleyes* (I get that Mom is concerned, but MAN...)

Jon, Harmony, and I saw Grandma with Pastor Ted and Auntie Grace. We talked to them for a bit, and told Grandma that she'd be 90 next week. Grandma thought that Harmony's birthday was before hers, but that's not the case! Jon joked that we'd make her drink a lot of beer, haha. At lunch, I was okay as long as I didn't turn to face Christon; I chose my seat with some strategy, heh. Talked about genuine Christian fellowship, what we as Christians are called to do (love and not like - in general, sure), the Whistler retreat, food, seafood, Cordia and Lanie also getting baptized at Easter with Jen, Harmony's new job, Wesley, Lesley, Dylan, Deb, vegetables, survey answers about the number of ingredients in Chicken McNuggets, pasta, Nate not changing a bit (based on his Facebook / blog posts), and more. I didn't give an answer when Mr. Creep asked us whether we'd be at dinner tonight - it kinda helps that I'm an introvert. Or maybe what I said to him earlier finally shut him up when it comes to me - I'm sure Eric will have something to say about it on Friday, though!

Spent a lot of time at Chapters, where I heard some teen try to convince his mom that the F in F MY LIFE meant "flowers." HAHAHAHA! His argument of "But these stories are on a website!" was met with "But you don't know if these are true!" (he wanted her to buy it for him, heh) Read about weird 911 calls, the mother-daughter relationship, and craziness - found a FARTS humor book, and looked for REALLY large-print Bibles. Had a buttered scone at Blenz after some Chapters employee called me out for wearing a dragon hat, then bused to church after FINALLY getting a 9 which went further than Broadway Station.

The church was absolutely PACKED, with tables EVERYWHERE! Saw Harrison and his mom at the elevator, and noted that my mom scrunched down in her seat as I passed. I'm not going to say hi to you, so you don't need to do that! Spotted Rich, Christon, Karen, and Lincoln, so went around with them. Asked Rich to carry my stuff upstairs - I saw Dave, which was good. SO MUCH FRIED STUFF! (wonton, patties, yam fries, duck, etc.) There was beef, steak, salad, fruit, red bean stars, desserts, and more besides. Said hi to Michelle C.'s sister Emily, and had to ask her again for her name - yikes! Talked to Grandma for a bit when the dessert lineup happened. Upstairs, Rich and I talked to the others about Steph getting Harmony some bright pink underwear from a Tokyo store and NOT a vending machine! Apparently, Dylan was quite taken aback by the color! Discussed the HST, as well.

After I ate, I went downstairs to see what was going on. Harrison said hi to me - cool. Saw my dad without my mom for once, but was too scared to approach him about the taxes - and I'm not scared of TOO much! Talked to Andrea, Cindy, Dianne, and Dave about stuff. Dave noticed my dragon hat - I TOLD YOU THAT I HAD ONE OF THOSE! Liked his tiger shirt, but of course didn't say so. I was fine with sitting in the sanctuary, but I wanted to be in a different section than my parents. Sat near Jonathan, Jeremy, David Ho, Steven, Andrea the Awana kid, Martin, Billy, Danny, Benedict, Reigan, Jinny, Aaron, Jason the Awana leader, and others, Saw Allison, Anita, Jeff, Joshua, Keenan, Tim, and Maxine too.

I saw Mr. Creep go up to Rob Stewart (the district superintendent) and his wife, then introduce himself. STOP TRYING TO INGRATIATE YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE! The slide shows recycled older slides - 33 years of stuff instead of 35?! It was interesting, though. Later, I talked to Golden and Mike about stuff. Nathan and Natalie just liked popping the balloons. I said hi to Grandma, who wanted to know if I were going with them - I would NOT put myself in danger! She asked if White Kid was driving me home, but I told her that he wasn't there because he was sick! (close enough, since I don't know how to say "he has the flu" or "he's recovering and resting from being sick")

Then I was asked by my dad (who was ALONE) whether I had a ride - I accidentally called Uncle Joel by another name! I was thinking of his son Sam, and said "Uncle Sam" without checking to see if it was correct, oops. (I needed sleep...) I seized the opportunity to ask about the tax stuff - next week should be fine. Trust me, it's well worth it to wait around a lot for Uncle Joel (in the kitchen) than to be in the same car as my mom! It wasn't too bad waiting for him with that in mind, heh. Catching up on the entire day when I got home wasn't too terrible, either. Found Japanese crackers, Watering Kiss Mint gum, dark chocolate fudge Clodhoppers, a package of peanuts ("Energy for the Good Life!"), chocolate pie, and some sort of spicy sauce in a tube from my sister - great! Also discovered that I'd somehow left the fridge door ajar ALL DAY - no more leftover pizza since that definitely contains meat and cheese! To be safe, I also threw away the Ribena / chili sauce / butter. Crisis, I curse you! Vanessa also left me a message on MSN about some dinner that I apparently made a Facebook reference to - probably tonight's.

Trivia fact for Monday, Mar. 8: In the 2000 movie Miss Congeniality, which state did Sandra Bullock represent in her role as an FBI undercover agent posing as a beauty pageant contestant? New Jersey.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dream about Easter Bunny, toilet paper on grass, and spending / Safari animal

All I remember of my dream is that it involved the Easter Bunny, toilet paper on the lawn, and an attempted list of my spending. Much better than my nightmare! Eric just called, expressing surprise that my phone was on - well, I generally turn it on when I'm expecting a call, or when I'm fairly confident that nobody will call. Don't ask me how that worked last night when Auntie Ying called to tell me something that could have waited till today. Oh well, I'm out of here now!

You Are a Giraffe

You are a down-to-earth and realistic creature. You are able to take the long view on things.

You worry more than most people. You tend to see what's coming before anyone else does.

You are very quiet and reserved. You prefer being an observer to being the center of attention.

You enjoy routine. You need structure in your life to feel truly happy and relaxed.

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Olympic mascots! / Hien / More downtime is GOOD! / Coconut meat

Went out earlier to see if I could find a Collectors Box of Olympics mascots for Hien at the Broadway London Drugs. I did, and also picked up two on-sale five-packs of instant noodles in chicken flavor and beef flavor. She says she never told me to get it (which is true), but since I did, she can pay me back - good, then!

Auntie Ying called to say that she was planning to see her aunt post-surgery downtown tomorrow, so we'd have to reschedule my seeing her place (even though I've been over previously...) for another time. Oh good, I need the downtime anyway! She said that she didn't see me at the Gordon Smith talk tonight - well, no DUH, lady! I told you yesterday that I wasn't planning to go, remember? I don't think this is a guilt trip, but she did say that maybe they had recordings - maybe, but I won't take advantage of them! This means I need a ride TO the banquet as well - maybe I'll just tell Lesley that I can't go. Eliminates the headache! :D

Trivia fact for Sunday, Mar. 7: What is the dried white meat of a coconut called? Copra.

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