Saturday, September 15, 2012

Talking plants, Amos the Dragon, Terry and Arcbolt monster

Karen let me know that she and Lincoln couldn't make it tonight since she had a prior commitment, which is fine. Photobucket seems to be working again, so YAY! Chrystal called me, but I was busy talking to James at the time. I called her cellphone at 3:45, but she was probably busy with setting up the first week of Awana, so I called the church at 5. Uncle Eugene answered (YAY!), and got her for me. Chrystal thanked me for calling her, and said that she probably wouldn't be able to make it tonight, but wanted to take me out next week for my birthday. Since she said that, I said that Monday would probably do as it's my actual birthday. She seemed surprised that I had no plans on that day, but it's cool: the weekend will be eventful, as Chinese Eric said! (tried calling him to let HIM know about things, but Auntie said he'd already left?!) As for what else to do by myself on my actual birthday? I honestly don't know! Sorting through mounds of stuff is probably going to happen...

Stuck in Lifecod, waiting for the Spirit Crown Festival to start!

OH MY GOD, it's a talking plant on the mountain near Monstoru where we can find the Seed of Reasoning to help Amos NOT be a dragon every night! o_O

Amos the Dragon: SURPRISE!

Terry with the Arcbolt monster:

The King at Dhama Shrine: "May all the world know, Ressa the Lesser Demon IS A NOW A Beastmaster!"

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Mid-Autumn Festival, Havarti, mooncake, and plans

Mom said something about mooncake and Grandma in an email, so I had to call to see what was up. I told her that Uncle Michael had told me that they wouldn't be coming on Sunday, hahaha. She invited me to dinner tomorrow if I want to see Havarti / Steph, but I thankfully have pre-existing plans because of MY dinner. Also, she said something about the Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncake with Chinese ham in it. Hm... I got her to pick me up on Sunday afternoon, so Chinese Eric won't have to come out and meet me at a Skytrain station, or drive me home afterwards. He IS a good friend, but I won't take advantage of it.

Me: "Mom, I should tell you about this... *does so* " Mom: "CHEH! Of course you should tell me!" Me: "... I TOLD YOU, RIGHT NOW!" o_O

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Friday, September 14, 2012

NO SEQUENCE BREAKING FOR YOU! / Spirit channeler Tania

Can't sequence break in DRAGON QUEST VI, so have to replay the game again! I was just going to skip the boring Lifecod festival bit, thanks to the codes... and Photobucket is refusing to upload any pictures now!

Eric called at 5 to see if I'd arranged tickets with Chung... since I'd been feeling very anti-social then, no! I did ask him to drive me to Joey's tomorrow, and he jokingly said no. Same for when I asked him to do me another favor and remind people about the dinner. CRAZY!

Wow! The hero's sister Tania IS really a spirit channeler in Lifecod during the festival!

San Marino old man: "I am Sandy! Why have you come?" No, Sandy is your granddaughter!

Hey, there's a Vivian at the San Marino ship place! "You're adventurers? Have you met a travelling swordsman?" Nope, but we'll meet Terry soon at Arcbolt!

"HE we are. Welcome to the cape near Reidock"?!

Nun: "I'm wish" there was a way to help the Reidock King and Queen, who are both asleep...

Here's Iria with the party at the Amoru Cave!

Chancellor: "The King of Reidock is a woman?!"

Queen Shera with the party... a woman king, indeed!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

People lining up to hang out with me?! GOOD FOR EGO!

Called Chinese Eric tonight, and we talked for a while before his mom had to use the phone. No big deal; I understand how these things work! I told him about thinking of post-dinner doings, Uncle Michael / Aunt Leslie not coming on Sunday since they need to pack, the weekend details, white Eric trying to get me out of the house on Friday (we'll see), Grandma, Mom being utterly exact (that's how parents are), and birthday doings. He HAD called me earlier to see whether I knew anything about white Eric and the football game on Saturday; nope, I don't know if he has tickets. Although if he DID, I would kill him since he said he'd go to my birthday dinner first! Then he asked whether I was surprised at Jeremy's news that Red Robin's is now closed down; you bet! He said that we'd all be like our parents in some way; probably true!

Says I can call him on Saturday if there are any more details, although it would be good if white Eric drove me since parking on Broadway on the weekends is a pain. He says that his sister has stuff to do on Saturday, so later DOES work out for him. That's what I was thinking, so we'll see. Eric thinks that people would line up to hang out with me, hahaha! Then I called Joey's, and it turns out that they don't take reservations from 6 to 9... apparently, we shouldn't have too much of a problem since they have a lot of dining space. I certainly HOPE not!

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OOPS files / Falshion as Pegasus

Amanda R. added me to Facebook; I know her as zuridea, of course. Talked to Talia on AIM briefly last night, too. SNES9x seems to work so far... *fingers crossed*

What the heck is an OOPS file?! I found it mildly amusing, anyway!

Of COURSE our wild horse Falshion is the legendary Pegasus in Reidock town! Considering what happens WAY later on in the game in the Pegasus Tower (which I've only heard about), this has to be true!

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Almost all DRAGON QUEST VI items!

Got the codes for all these items Sir Elric's page, and figured I should do this DRAGON QUEST VI picture post now. I'll try SNES9x tomorrow, although it seems to have less space for codes. Maybe it won't have sound issues, though I'm not so sure on that.

Cypress Stick to Dragon Killer:

Sword of Temptation to Chain Cross:

Morning Star to Staff of Antimagic:

Magma Staff to Demon Claw:

Magic Fang to Big Bowgun:

Rusted Sword to Chain Mail:

Half Plate to Mystic Armor:

Mirror Armor to Clothes Hiding:

Water Flying Clothes to Bunny Suit:

Leather Shield to Metal King Shield:

Shield of Sufida to Headband:

Silver Tiara to Slime Helm:

Platinum Mask to Super Necktie:

Ruby of Power to Fairy Water:

Wing of Wyvern to Nut of Life:

Nut of Magic to Royal Letter:

Seed of Reasoning to Ende's Tools:

Beautiful Carpet to Book of Babbles:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Imagine my surprise when Eric copied me on an email to Chung about tickets to the Missions Conference dinner on Friday, his mother's birthday! That earned him a death threat: if I say that I want tickets, I'll HAVE to be there! I just want a lot of solitude, all right?! Good thing I've carved out the downtime from yesterday evening to maybe Saturday's dinner... I guess Friday would be the breaking point. Then I discovered that the STUPID FUCKING EMULATOR RESTARTED COMPLETELY ON ME! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?! NOW I HAVE TO INPUT ALL CODES AGAIN FOR EVERY GAME!

Here's the party at the DRAGON QUEST VI Medal King's Castle, receiving Sexy Underwear as a reward for bringing him over 100 Small Medals!

Prince Holse is behind Hassan!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poutine, Lindt chocolate, pub glasses, and Grandma

So much for not going out till Thursday - my laundry detergent cup is ruined after doing some laundry, so I had to get another one. Thank goodness I can shop on my OWN schedule! Found some pub glasses at London Drugs which were $1.20 each, so I bought four of them... good to have spares around, just in case! Also bought a 300g on-sale Lindt dark chocolate bar (the sale expires tomorrow), and some Ruffles sour cream and bacon chips. Then I went home to put it away before going out again for A&W poutine at the Richmond Centre food court - Troy Anthony is to blame for this, since he was posting pictures of said dish in Puckheads! Since I was out anyway, I decided to go see Grandma at Dogwood - I knew my mom would make a big deal out of my not coming today. I didn't go last Tuesday (but I went the next day!), and to hear her go on about it, it's like I never visited Grandma last week. *rage* When my parents offered to let me tag along for baby-minding, I said no. Then when my mom said I should call her if I needed a ride to the long-term care home tomorrow, I said I probably wouldn't be coming out. YAY FOR "ME" time, until the weekend anyway! They gave me some white nectarines for Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie, plus measuring tape to size out Grandma's feet / shoes before they left.

Grandma thought I was Steph AGAIN, and wanted me to eat food there; no thanks! Uncle Michael offered me two throat lozenges and a banana, which I took. We talked about transit, Aaron coming in November, their not coming to Sunday's dinner since they needed to pack, the long days involved in driving from Burnaby to Dogwood and back again, China, cruising, the Blue Jays-Mariners game, a monkey in a classic movie, and more. It was nice to actually talk to him, heh. When I decided to leave at 6 after Grandma had finished her dinner, I had JUST missed the Cambie bus! On the way home, two stupid bicyclists didn't see me and almost ran me over! FUCK!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

DRAGON QUEST progress / Steve L. / Beefy Beef

I've finally progressed further in DRAGON QUEST VI than I did before the game originally froze on Thursday! :D I just hope it doesn't do that AGAIN... I'll be sure to save my SRM files just in case.

I sent Steve L. an email to wish him a happy early birthday; even though the time difference between here and Adelaide works in my favor, I still wanted to do so. I probably shouldn't be using Myles and Brittney's wedding as an excuse, but WHO KNOWS how busy I could be on that Saturday... o_O

The parents picked me up, and gave me a shortened pair of pants, plus some HELLO KITTY candy (which will be for the children), ready-to-eat pizza, and cooked chicken. Thank goodness I could put everything in the fridge and closet! We met up with Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie at Dogwood; Grandma looked worse today, and Aunt thought someone had hung her! She did have a mark on her neck, but you never know! Of COURSE my mom had to make a big deal out of my sitting in the middle because of "being polite to guests"; no wonder I'm aggravated, since I'm sure she does it to annoy me! I do recognize my need for downtime, so I'm not leaving the apartment till at least Thursday! Grandma thought I was Steph, but it was okay. I picked up three more pairs of pants there.

We went to Beefy Beef for lunch; I had spicy noodles and shaved ice with lychee / coconut jelly / pudding. Also got to talk to baby Ayler, who was pretty active, and fussy if he didn't get to look out at the bright sunshine from the window. We went to Trafiq coffee shop while Jon and Harmony met up with Jeremy at Matchsticks coffee shop. I had a chocolate eclair, but no coffee. Jon wanted a ride to Richmond, so we had to stick around town for more than an hour after dropping Uncle and Aunt off at Dogwood. We went to Oakridge library, which was okay. I managed to see Jeremy at the coffee shop; he had received my email, and I'm pretty sure THIS restaurant (Joey's) is still open! He'd gone to Chinatown and the surrounding area, and noticed a bunch of places which weren't open anymore: "What? These things changed, and I didn't notice till now?!" The car ride home was filled with animal naming and such. Jon and I offered to pull Mom's whiskers out for her, but she wouldn't hear of it. I got home at 4:40, which was plenty good enough for me! (well, I wanted to be home an hour before, but it didn't happen)

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

No "me" time! / Randal, Cindy, Chrystal, and Dogwood

Mom called to say that we'd be having lunch with Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie tomorrow since Jon wants to see them. Dammit, I had been looking forward to some "me" time! Oh well, maybe Tuesday... no, I can't just let it go! She said that Jon and Harmony have a baby exercise class, so I told her that it was important! Apparently, we're meeting them at Dogwood and driving them around again because they might get lost / not like driving, so I can already tell I'll get shoved into the middle seat. *sigh*

Randal emailed me to say he'd come on Saturday ("I'm free then, but I'll charge a fee for my servies thereafter"), and Cindy said that she was actually babysitting. I called Chrystal to see whether she was free that night, and she said that she could come after Awana, so that sounds good too.

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Red Robin's is CLOSED?! Joey's it is!

When Eric picked me up this morning, he was amazed that I was on time - ha ha ha. We talked about the news, my birthday dinner, DRAGON QUEST error messages, Hurricane Leslie (Dennis beat you to it!), and more. When we got to church, I sat near Jeremy and Christon, and we shared amusement over weird music and such in the service. Poor Stanley had to stand in for an absent Scripture reader, and Pastor Dan got excited over the strangest things! After service, I was exiting the sanctuary when that weird Native guy looked at me - I gave him my best "who the heck do you think YOU are?!" look, of course. (Eric got to hear plenty about this "social interaction" later!) Auntie Catherine wished me a happy birthday, so I thanked her; Pat overheard this, and echoed the wishes! I told Jeremy about my birthday plans, but he informed me that Red Robin's was CLOSED - WHAT THE. Lincoln later said that he'd seen the Metrotown location all torn up and under construction, so it must be true! Karen said to send her the details of whatever it ended up being; I also promised Jeremy, Christon, Kevin, and Randal some emails. Lincoln said that there was a Joey's on Broadway, which was like Red Robin's and the Cactus Club, so I said I'd look it up when I got to a computer. (I have, and it seems okay)

I saw Jon later talking to CHUCK, so I had to update the ugfart on everything related to Mom, family drama, Uncle Michael, Aunt Leslie, fighting for the bill, baby LAI-SEE, being HAK-HAI, and "Chinese conflict resolution - don't talk about it." At least they seemed okay with each other yesterday... though now Mom says there's no dinner since Aunt Leslie already made plans. Fine by me - more gaming and non-social time! Chatted to Andrea about pregnancy; they'll come back in February with the baby, heh. Saw Brian and Amy back from their wedding, and talked to Denise about my birthday plans; she's leaving for Hawaii tomorrow since she has to be in a wedding! I said hi to Deb and baby Declan, who was interested in my hat and the bling on my London Drugs shirt. Stanley was confusing Harrison and Amos by saying that he was three times their age, so I asked Harrison how old he was. Then I got him to add seven (his age) and seven, but he didn't know 14 plus seven! When I gave him the answer, he rushed upstairs to tell Amos, haha! Also talked to Gino and Quan briefly about origami paper cranes / Paper Craft / Joseph Wu, and asked Emily about Chrystal - not here today! Vivian told me about the BBQ on Friday, and wondered where I'd been - well, since Eric had to go do something, I wasn't there!

Went upstairs myself to find that Shira was the only person in Toddler Sunday School because David, Evelyn, Ashley, Anastasia, Ramen, and James have all gone to kindergarten! Natalie and Mattias arrived later, with a sleepy Marcus being outside. Talked about toy food, watermelon, light rice crackers, drawing, birds, trains, and more while I did tag prompts. Some of the older kids came in at the end: Jonathan (in Gr. 4), his sister Ashley, Ramen, Anastasia (with her dad Danny), Rachel (in Gr. 4, who hates running around Vancouver Christian School) and her grandma, Arthur, and Esther. When I got downstairs, I saw Sean (who's in Gr. 4) and his brother Ian, who's in Gr. 6 - these kids grow up fast, and I remember when they were babies! Eventually, I talked to Kevin and Christon about Saturday; Eric and I were out of there soon. (Hien and Julie said bye) Not for Pho with everyone else, but to go to the Canucks team store (by PNE / Playland) to see if he could exchange something. No dice there, but it was worth a shot. He said that he should have told me to get a ticket for Friday's dinner, so I should email Randal about it. Maybe I just won't go, is all... and he thinks I'll get Eric Ho to drive me on Saturday, haha. We'll see! Also talked about WINTER, Mantique, DUCK TALES for the NES, save states, no patience to restart a game from death, my being "drunk" or crazy, French "The Cheat is not dead!", and more.

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Emulator ERASING game?! / Teething baby winter dream

I was NOT FUCKING IMPRESSED that my ZSNES emulator decided to ERASE my DQ6 game... ugh! "Save State 0 Too Old" - damned error message! At this rate, I'll get to know the game up to Amoru Cave quite well, since this is the third time I'll have played it! Eric also got on MSN right when I was going to bed; he asked if I was going to church today... I guess so, since I'm awake AND have saved pasta. :P

I went to sleep and had a dream that Eric and I were buying chocolate wine for Phil, but we stopped off at a local school first. That school was in the middle of exercise drills, so Jamie Nivala led the entire student body up and down a bunch of stairs. We found out exactly what was going on as we were herded outside: there'd been a bomb threat called into the building, but it turned out to be nothing. My dreams aren't logical, since OUTSIDE is not a good place for that situation!

To celebrate our narrow escape, we had a bit of the chocolate wine, then hightailed it up into the mountains to pick up a bunch of people from a conference... they needed a break from their teething babies! Eric apparently knew a bunch of Chinese, and was practicing it with my parents in regard to a Veterans Displacement Centre we could see in the snow. This was the first time that my parents had seen that area in the wintertime, and the first time that I was up there with them in Eric's car! (in the dream world, I'd always been there in Eric's company, ranting at him about Mr. Creep all the way) We got to the conference centre and admired the bright yellow walls as a backdrop for colorful sports jerseys (which Phil also wanted), where baby Ayler was apparently teething at three or four months old! Amos was crying because he wanted to get away from David. Emily, Mike, Vernon, David M., and others were trying to entertain babies or calm them down; the older ones just wanted Vernon's chips and popcorn, while playing with the brightly-colored toys! We were playing "catch and release" with the toddlers in the first lane of a deserted highway when my alarm went off. o_O No idea what triggered that one - talking about the winter with Chinese Eric, maybe...

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