Saturday, June 25, 2005

Seeing people, Mounties, and babies at Jeff and Anita's wedding / Alcohol, Slang, and Personality

Jeff and Anita's wedding was great! They looked so happy, and we were all excited for them! I saw a lot of people, some of whom I hadn't seen for some time: Brad and Natalie (who are in Calgary); Josh and Joanna L. (who are in Toronto, and he says he misses my emails); Vernon and Sarah C. (who needs a name for her baking business); Warren, Lauren, baby Matthew, Joe, Helen, baby Nathaniel; Mel; Ed (who's in Seattle); Kenny, Winnie, and baby Megan; Michael, Amanda (who's pregnant with kid #3), plus their kids Ethan and Seren; Larry, Sandra, and little Joshua; Lucas and Hannah; Ted, Tracey, plus their kids Melissa and Emily Lee; Susan, plus her kids Sheldon and Kalena; Kingsley and Kittie, plus their kids Adam, Justin F., and Natassja; and many more people. As I was saying to someone, weddings are good for that sort of thing! I saw a bunch of the Awana leaders, my friends, and teens, too: Isabel, Tina, Julie S., Elaine S., Mark, Emily Lam, Phil Y., Melia, Vivian Lam, Sheena, Helen and Danny, Sophia and John (her dress was so flowing, you can't tell she's pregnant... so she joked about leaving the baby at home!), John Law, Phil C., Karen Chan, Karen Choo, Billy, Stella, Cindy, Dianne, Rich, Irene, Citrus, Danielle, Denise, Justin L., Frances, Justin C., Clement, Nathan, Randal (who's already started the book I gave him last night), Lesley (who's going to China on a missions trip next Friday), Tim and Maxine, Jackie, Emily C., Maisie, Sam, Joey, Michael, Margaret, Hannah L., Hannah W., Michelle C., Mary, Sarah, Lillian, Daniel, Chung, Esther, Wes, Jason, Lee, Lily, Quan, Hien, David, Michelle W., Julie C., Priscilla, Joanna K., and others. All the people I hadn't seen in a long time look different in some way, especially the kids! Everyone's pregnant and having babies, as well: Rent-A-Baby, for the newest summer fashion accessory! ;)

We talked about the wedding, the "reject party" at Melia's later on for all the people who weren't invited to the banquet, summer plans, life, updates, and the reception food. I wish I'd gotten Josh's email address, but I might get it later on if I see him tonight... I'm not sure that he's invited to the banquet. He thought that I always carried a pen with me: normally I do, but I was in too much of a rush this morning to even take a handbag. Instead, he put his digicam on "microphone mode" and had me say / spell my email address for him.

Jeff and Anita had an honor guard of some RCMP officers there, and Steph was looking at all the Mounties. At least one of them had a wife and baby, so he was off-limits! It was an interesting wedding, since I've never been to one with officers before. The program was neat, too... Anita was "bride / team leader / wanted for possession of an officer," Jeff was "groom / co-team leader / wanted for theft of Anita's heart," Esther (the maid of honor and one of Anita's sisters) was "wanted for causing excessive laughter from team leader / instigating a wedding riot," the best man was "wanted for espionage and loyal allegiance to co-team leader," Sabrina (Anita's other sister and the other maid of honor) was "wanted for aiding to commit a wedding," and Jason Y. was "wanted for failing to appear as an usher." Hahahaha!

Looking forward to tonight's banquet! :D

Pictures to come when I get around to checking my sister's ImageStation / deciding which ones to steal. ;)

Your Virgo Drinking Style

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Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!
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Death, birthdays, weddings, and bubble tea

Tonight was lo-fi. It was raining very hard where I was, but it was sunny where my siblings were. Go figure... it's just a 10-minute drive between the two places, as well! So when I went to the townhouse for dinner and announced that I hated the rain, my family was surprised! Eric wasn't feeling well, so he wanted to let us know so we wouldn't worry... Steph said he sounded weakened on the phone, poor guy. Hope he feels better soon.

I gave Randal a birthday card, and a book that he'd expressed interest in borrowing. It doesn't matter that I haven't finished it yet, since I have a pile of unfinished books at home anyhow! He was surprised that I'd remembered, but I confirmed with my sister that I did remember almost everyone's birthdays!

When I asked Silvester how his week was, he told me that his father had died of liver failure at age 57. Ouch, I don't think that was expected at all. I'll certainly be thinking of him, and am amazed he managed to make it tonight! :(

Talked to Jen, Danielle, Jackie, Emily, Sheena, Chalaine, Andy, Helen, Frances, Connie, Jenny, Randal, Derek, Dylan, Dianne, Karen Grace, Ryan, Angus, and some other people about philosophy / Iran / communism / movies / next week's barbecue at Spanish Banks / other things. We're all excited for Jeff and Anita's wedding tomorrow, and wish them all the best! Frances was waiting for her husband Mel for a long time! I got a ride from Helen to / from the banquet tomorrow, which is a good thing! (I hope Danny doesn't take too long with the truck in the afternoon, heh) Adela and Andy were talking, and she saw a guy with a gun who wanted to go into the Pho restaurant and shoot people... very scary!

Later, we tried convincing Angus to join us for bubble tea at Oasis. Apparently, he's so popular that he had another party to go to.. oh well. Dylan dropped Jon off at a Skytrain station so he could take in some of the jazz festival at Gastown. Sounds dodgy, but as long as he gets home in time to go to the wedding tomorrow.... and gets enough sleep! Karen Grace, Ryan, Steph, and I went to Oasis. I had lychee, Steph had papaya (which she forgot she disliked until she tasted it), Karen had coconut ice cream with pearls, and Ryan had green tea ice cream with pearls. Talked about the wedding, Steph's interview, Karen L., Margaret, Jeff, and my mom's melodramatic emo act around my sister's leaving again. It's only an interview, so it's not PERMANENT! Heh.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Nice BATMAN BEGINS reference by Eric M. (possible spoiler?)


"Nathan must have exploded [from all the siu long bao last night]... as if someone used a microwave to vaporize all the water inside him."

Nice Batman Begins reference, Eric M.! *thumbs up*

Sorry you're sick, though... get better soon, since we need you! :D

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Siu long bao heaven, and BATMAN BEGINS

A bunch of us went to this restaurant called Shanghai Wind to eat dinner. Nathan was in siu long bao heaven, since he hadn't eaten any since last year in Shanghai. (I loved the Shanghai noodles myself, plus the surfboard noodles!) We ate nine orders of those (72 in total), plus a lot of noodles / rice / onion pancakes / other things. Jon took a picture of eight vinegar plates, and remarked that our meal gave new meaning to the term "Tower of Power." Next time, we could just order those buns plus maybe one veggie item... that would truly be an awesome tower... up to the ceiling, even! (good thing Hon wasn't there, or he'd order his favorites like a BEAST!)

We talked a lot about stuff at dinner... some people got to burn Danielle. Nathan was describing these giant siu long bao that you could suck the soup out of with a straw. Danielle remarked that they'd be about the size of her head, and Steph said: "At least it's not hollow!" She was about to laugh at that until she realized that it was a shot directed at her! Nathan made a remark that she had a lower centre of gravity than he did, and he caught heck for that one.. we really do love her, haha. At least it wasn't my brother doing the burning!

We ordered so much food that we didn't think we could finish it. But we did, and were proud of ourselves for doing so! ("We are the champions, people!") When Erin asked for the bill, we were afraid that the bill would be like $200 or more... then she burst out laughing, so we feared the worst. It only came out to about $83, so that was really cheap! (no need to be all hak-hai [polite] about it, even as we debated the origins of the name "lazy susan" :P ) We should definitely do it again, especially since we know how cheap it is.. $9.50 a person would barely cover your tab in a Western restaurant! For dessert, we had red bean crepes: Jeremy described it as deep-fried red bean desserts, which was accurate!

We also discussed various durian concoctions at length: durian ice cream, durian gelato, durian deodorant, durian bubble tea, durian air freshener, durian stinky tofu, etc. Steph said that Mom didn't like Jon's friend Christine for some reason.. Eric even said that she'd told HIM to "watch that girl." (oh no!) Let's just say we rediscovered the fun of eating Chinese food with your friends and not your parents... if we wanted to order nine things of Chinese buns, our parents would think we were CRAZY and not humor us! *laughs* (Eunice says her parents would think it was hilarious, though!)

Jon left after dinner to go play at GCBC, with promises of going for bubble tea at Estea later. (free cakes for the "ladies," hahaha) We all felt like giant dumplings afterwards, and Eunice even said she felt like she was pregnant! Eric, Emily, Steph, Jeremy, Nathan, Eunice, Danielle, and I all paid Erin $7.50 for her discounted movie vouchers before we all split off to go to Silvercity and watch Batman Begins. I went with Eric, who asked me if I'd been doing much blogging or forum chat this week: maybe a little less than usual because of being out more than usual, but it's still cool. :D

At the theatre, they were marketing Mountain Dew Energy with caffeine.. it was pretty good, and we got a bunch of free samples. My sister didn't think I should have any, but then she's always that way when I have caffeine or alcohol.. she thinks it makes me more hyper than usual. We were there long before the previews started, so we got to watch the advertising loop one and a half times over while talking to each other about stuff. (how my mom always mispronounced names like Stephanie, Danielle, Citrus, etc.) Nathan commented that Eric was too near the girls, but that I was perfect. Jeremy and I discussed certain ads which were a bit incomprehensible: "go to our gas station, and the gas will be in the form of money in your purse!" / "eat a Mars bar, and you can recharge dimmed electricity!"

The movie itself was okay, and even I appreciated it. It just basically sets up the story of Batman... it's a dark prequel, with a lot of good lines. (I have inner strength to get through my personal life, haha!) Afterwards, we saw an ad for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... the preview freaked Danielle out, but Nathan and others definitely want to watch it! It comes out on July 15; according to Nathan, that's a holy day where the world screamed WOW... but according to Danielle, it's just "humor Nathan day." I told Eric and Jeremy that I'd tell them the real story later, haha. Jon called Danielle's cell, wanting to know if anyone was up for bubble tea. Everyone was tired / had to go home to get up early, so we all left instead. Working all day and then going out at night is DRAINING... but then, my brother's always been crazy!

Good times, indeed... I must sleep earlier, though!

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Wings at Dix with Jon, Jeremy, and Nathan (Pho, movies, food, and more!)

This entry might have come earlier had Shaw not been doing maintenance when we were at Nathan's... *sigh*

Earlier tonight, my brother invited me to go have wings with Nathan and Jeremy. I wasn't going to come out, but then changed my mind half an hour later. Erin picked me up a while later, and dropped us off at Nathan's. On the way there, we discussed plans / Hillsongs (Jon and Jeremy love belting out the chorus to There Is Nothing Like, haha) / The Arcade Fire and their album Funeral / the stress that Erin's brother Darren is feeling over his French provincial exam. Jon should call him up and speak to him in French to make him practice, haha... it's easier if you've been through French Immersion like my siblings!

After Jon and I got to Nathan's, we discovered that he had all sorts of weird NES roms on his computer. Yes, the music DID sound that tacky back then... and not just for Darkwing Duck either! Jon and I looked around his computer, and discovered a list of questionable hacked Mario games... Nathan just grabbed a whole bunch of games without really paying attention to what he was putting on the computer, haha. Here's a selection:

* Mario Satanic Freak
* Mario Potato
* Mario Tokes A Doobie
* Mario Marilyn Manson
* Gothic Mario Bros.
* Mario Fro
* Mario Freddy vs. Jason
* Fucked Up Mario Bros.
* Final Fantasy Mario
* Mario Nude
* Mario Opposite
* Mario Dragon (a Double Dragon hack)
* Mario Line World
* Mario Hyper
* Mario Pimp Bros.
* Mario KKK Bros. 1 and 2
* Mario Mania
* Mario Lottery
* Mario Retro Bros. 3
* Mario Super Fucked Up Bros.
* Mario 69
* Mario Alice Cooper
* Mario Bizzario
* Mario Crappy
* Mario Cigarette
* Mario Diaper

After that, we left to meet Jeremy at this pub called Dix. On the way there, Jeremy called to see what sort of wings we'd like: teriyaki, hot, and whatever else was fine with us! (we eventually finished 60 good-sized wings!) Nathan told us that his Trinity advisor had made a "Michael Jackson appointment" joke earlier: yes, of COURSE he's a Christian! (the teachers have to be, but the students not so much... Jon knew a guy named Trevor Rosencrans who got a soccer scholarship there) We found Jeremy easily enough, and discussed a bunch of stuff there:

* tomorrow's plans with Emily (Steph will be her slow partner for the Grouse Grind, and she wants to go to De Dutch Pannekoek House for breakfast afterwards)
* that Mario Nude thing we found on Nathan's computer (Jeremy says that it would only be one extra pixel, except when Mario jumps... yeah, we don't want to know! o_O)
* Scotch ale / South African Shiraz wine / lager / amber ale (Nathan likes wine better than beer, unlike the rest of us :P)
* tomorrow evening's plans to go eat at Shanghai Wind and see Batman Begins with Citrus, Danielle, Nathan, Jeremy, Eric, Eunice, Steph, and Emily
* how Nathan still owes Danielle dinner for that "motherhood" comment he made two weeks ago (maybe tomorrow will be it, haha)
* Szechuan cuisine and the Chongqing restaurant on Commercial / 12th
* dim sum, Shanghai noodles, siu long bao ("little dragon balls"... Chinese buns with soup and meat inside them), and other Shanghai cuisine
* how Nathan STILL wasn't over his cold after a month (eating ice cream when you've just healed isn't going to help, and neither is not getting enough sleep!)
* how drunk we were after two beers (yeah, I was laughing and snorting :P)
* some website that Jeremy read which mentioned that you can drop your blood-alcohol level every 40 minutes or so by 0.02
* the Oakland Athletics-Seattle Mariners game which went into extra innings
* Faiths In Conflict by Vinoth Ramachandra (Jon got it at Urbana three years ago, and is only getting around to reading it now!)
* a fight over MSN / text messaging / a girl that Nathan kinda overheard while in the pub washroom
* seeing beyond the superficial (50 cents, for example :P) in friendships... they say that there's got to be something more behind Yazmine's ending the friendship than the negligible amount of money involved (true, but I haven't talked to her in the month since she hung up on me!)
* Salo, which is this graphic movie about torture... Jon read some reviews about it on IMDB, but thinks he'd barely be able to stand watching it!
* how Nathan did have a DVD burner, so he can burn Corey's DVD for us (yay!)
* Jeremy and Jon wanting to make a HUGE pot of Pho according to some online recipes they found
* weekend plans, concerts, Broken Social Scene, Anita's wedding, jokes, and the jazz festival

After all that, Jeremy biked home while the rest of us went to Nathan's. Nathan promptly took a nap which lasted from 11:35 to about 1 AM... we blamed the alcohol, even though he's been trying to increase his tolerance. (darn the Asian red-face gene!) I tried occupying myself on the computer, but the Internet didn't work after a while due to the aforementioned maintenance. Jon watched some of The Way Home while bugging me about stuff. The Internet worked a little later on, so the guys did some preliminary research on the Book of Common Prayer for Jon's leading Sunday worship this week.

Later, Nathan drove us home. Jon kept on mishearing things: "full moon" is not "fool," haha. Nathan remarked that Shanghai Wind (this tiny restaurant across the street from Richmond Centre) reminded him of breaking wind, hahaha. We noticed the full moon outside while listening to Sloan, and Nathan blamed his craziness on that. (like the alcohol wasn't a factor, too!) Very good times out! :D

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer Love Style / More Quizzes

At least I'm a good friend of his. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll actually talk to him about it, haha.

My sister shouldn't send me three emails in a row, either. :P

Your Summer Love Style is Head Over Heels
This summer, you're ready for a total head spin crush.
You've done the summer fling thing before, and now you want something real.
You're looking to fall head over heels in love this summer...
Even if you don't know who you'll fall for yet.

Ha. As if.

Take the quiz:
Which Inuyasha Character Suits you best? girl only

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Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Inuyasha (You scored 2)
* Sesshoumaru (You scored 2)
* Naraku (You scored 1)
* Miroku (You scored 1)
* Kouga (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Which character from The Sun and The Moon are you?

Artemis is the twin brother of Cero... he is a very evil and hateful man. He loathes the human race, and wants no more than to destroy everyone save him and Cero. That is, until it comes down to either him or Cero ruling over the world. At the end of The Sun and The Moon, the world is taken over by either light or darkness, good or bad, the sun or the moon. Artemis will do all that he can to destroy his brother so he may finally live his dream.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Cero (You scored 0)
* Artemis (You scored 2)
* Eryk Andreas (You scored 0)
* Kade (You scored 0)
* Scarlett Eclipse (You scored 0)
* Galen Springs (You scored 0)
* Acydria Rurik (You scored 0)
* Rowan (You scored 0)
* Lakia (You scored 2)
* Shayla (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:


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Take the quiz:
Do You Judge?

No... Thank you for not being a bitch
you're nice. I just judged you.

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* You're not perfect, either! (You scored 0)
* Yes. (You scored 0)
* No... Thank you for not being a bitch (You scored 5)

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* Glam Goth (You scored 0)
* Stoner kid Goth (You scored 2)
* Punk (You scored 2)
* Cybergoth (You scored 1)
* Rivet (You scored 0)
* Beauty goth (You scored 0)
* Not goth at all. (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What Broadway Musical Are You?

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Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Cats (You scored 1)
* Miss Saigon (You scored 1)
* Rent (You scored 3)
* Les Miserables (You scored 2)
* The Lion King (You scored 1)
* Phantom of the Opera (You scored 1)

Thank goodness I'm not gay, in fact! :P

Take the quiz:
What kind of god are you

Athena: Athena was the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. She was the smartest of the gods. You're a clever person, but nosy and a bit of a know-it-all. Watch that, and don't spend all your time with books... spend some with friends and family,

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Zeus (You scored 1)
* Athena (You scored 2)
* Aphrodite (You scored 1)
* Artemis (You scored 1)
* Hera (You scored 2)
* Hephaestus (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
Which of My Rings are You?

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Would I Have Sex With You? ..::quiz 2::.. (for guyz and gurlz)

Oh yeah, you have a good chance! :P (note: only add me or email me if you are 16+)

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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* Hell Yea!!! (You scored 1)
* Probably! (You scored 2)
* You Have A Slight Chance! (You scored 1)
* HELL NO, WEIRDO!!! (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
what kind of girlfriend are you? (girls only)

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Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* okay (You scored 1)
* perfect (You scored 0)
* not very good (You scored 1)
* obsessive (You scored 2)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Difference between men and women / Emily over / Quizzes

I got in touch with my sister's friend Emily... she's coming over around 1 AM. Of course I'll still be up then! :D (I'll get off the Net at around 12:30, and play a lot of Spider Solitaire or something :P)

Is it true that men explain who they're talking about, and women don't? Maybe I need to work on it even if I don't do it all the time, haha. Or am I really like that? I dunno... perhaps. :P

More detail from Corey and me

[18:20:34] Flami: Em's coming at 1 AM! :O
[18:42:58] Corey: who?
[18:45:04] Flami: Emily! :P my sister's friend
[18:48:35] Corey: and how would I know that?
[18:52:00] Flami: because I just told you :P
[18:53:25] Corey: after I had to ask...
[18:58:16] Flami: you do that to me ALL the time.... :P
[18:59:02] Corey: I do not, that's your trademark :P saying names I obviously don't know with no explanation as to who they are
[18:59:55] Flami: sure, whatever you say :P
[19:03:22] Corey: you do that practically every time you talk about someone :P
[19:10:41] Flami: more examples?
[19:11:44] Corey: I'm not going to go dig through history, but you always do that :P
[19:12:42] *** "Corey" signed off at Tue Jun 21 19:12:42 2005.
[19:13:10] *** "Corey" signed on at Tue Jun 21 19:13:10 2005.
[19:14:42] Flami: no proof?! aiya.
[19:15:24] Corey: should I need it?? you just say names like that pretty much every time you say a name... you haven't noticed? you're the one saying it :P
[19:17:48] Flami: you know, that's a difference between men and women.. or so I've heard :P
[19:18:37] Corey: what is that supposed to mean?
[19:22:25] Flami: men explain unfamiliar names to people, and women just go on blithely talking about them without an explanation
[19:28:22] Corey: everyone else I talk to explains who people are
[19:29:39] Flami: hey, I explain who people are! :P
[19:33:12] Corey: if I ask :P
[19:36:54] Flami: I don't do that all the time!
[19:45:13] Corey: a lot :p
[19:50:39] Flami: so would you like more explanations? :P
[19:50:40] Corey: I am currently idle.
[19:52:23] Corey: well, I wouldn't have to ask every time that way... :P

Take the quiz:
Your own fantasy journey...


Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Vampire (You scored 1)
* Werewolf (You scored 1)
* Demon (You scored 0)
* Pagan (You scored 2)
* Human (You scored 0)
* Zombie (You scored 0)

Take the quiz:
What Weezer Song Are You?

Only In Dreams
You are Only In Dreams. This is a very sweet love song. You are probably a very loving, caring person. If you aren't going out with someone, don't go and look for just anyone because you're lonely. I'm sure anybody would be lucky to have you wait, and I am positive that you will find the perfect one. If that doesn't work out, it is obvious that they were not the one.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Butterfly (You scored 2)
* Say It Ain't So (You scored 0)
* No One Else (You scored 1)
* Only In Dreams (You scored 5)
* Lullaby For Wayne (You scored 2)
* In The Garage (You scored 1)
* The World Has Turned And Left Me Here (You scored 1)

Take the quiz:
What is your Perfect type of guy?

The Perfect Guy!
Your guy is perfect..... you do all the right things for him, and you guys will get very far in life

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* The Shy Type (You scored 1)
* The Wild Type (You scored 1)
* The Fun Type (You scored 1)
* The Perfect Guy! (You scored 2)

Take the quiz:
What band are you... different results from last quiz.

You love AFI. You like the way they keep it speedy, but still have semi-depressing lyrics. If you love their new album, Sing The Sorrow, then you also like the fact that Davey has a very romantic slow voice and can make anything sound welcoming and lovely... like dancing on someone's grave. Congrats on this choice. I love AFI, also.

Quizzes by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

* Green Day (You scored 2)
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* Rancid (You scored 0)

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Are you Happy (and how happy)

Go do something you love, and always feel terrific!

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Freakish Cause of Death

Run over by train
Next time, take the bus

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* Abducted by aliens (You scored 0)
* Decapitated by hubcap (You scored 1)
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* Didn't get to bathroom in time; bladder burst (You scored 0)
* Sewer alligator attacks from toilet (You scored 0)

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are you going to hell?

you will float to heaven
you are a goody-goody, and God is awaiting your presence

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What Are YOU?

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* Normal (You scored 2)
* Lost (You scored 0)
* Strange, Alone, and in the Corner (You scored 0)

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Thai food with Jon, Emily, and Melody

My sister buzzed me earlier today on MSN, with news from Flime. Jon let me know that he was going to dinner with Emily and her friend Melody later on, at some restaurant on Robson. That sounded good to me, even if Steph wasn't going since she was keeping Rachel company on an overnight trip to Seattle. Later on, my brother let me know more details, with directions to call him since I was taking a shower. Accordingly, I did: the bus trip didn't take that long at all. Jon met me at the bus stop, saying that we were going to a Thai place on Burrard instead: SalaThai was quite good. Since it was our first time there, everything on the menu looked good! We finally decided on pineapple fried rice, appetizers, spicy green curry with chicken, and seafood with bamboo.

We discussed Surrey (since Melody lives there), gelato, Mondo Gelato, La Casa Gelato, Mario's, Derrida, philosophy, North Vancouver, Jeremy, the Downtown Eastside, durian shakes, Ty, scenic routes, Stanley Park, Sean and the Night Market / Michael Bublé / Usher / outreach, singing, Pho, coffee, bubble tea, Dragon Ball, Regent, critical theory, history of Christianity, courses, plans, musicology, worship, MCBC, church, Gilbert, Fellowship, Steph, and various other topics. To Emily, the gay population here seems out there and way less isolated than in Church St. in Toronto. Jon wouldn't want to go to a gay bar, since he's afraid he'll get hit on... as it is, he's never really frequented Davie St. here! I mentioned naked bike riding, since there was some nude ride last weekend here to raise awareness about alternative methods of transportation. Emily thought that went on all the time... o_O

I remembered a story Keith told us once: he used to live in Surrey, and it once took a pizza delivery guy TWO HOURS to find his place! Em says she'll stay with me tomorrow, and probably up until she goes to Whistler on Friday... that's fine with me. Jon says he's gone out to eat every day since June 9; I bet Mom would not be impressed! He also mentioned chasing Ty around the house with a durian last summer, haha. Walking from Chinatown to Granville Island isn't boring if you have friends to talk with, and the Grouse Grind isn't boring if you have friends to pace you. Jeremy once smoked a pipe (tobacco is a stimulant for him, apparently) halfway up the mountain too... his grandfather used to smoke pipes, too.

Very good times, and more to come later in the week. :D

You Think Michael Jackson Is Guilty

Q: Have you seen the new Michael Jackson candy bar?
A: It's white chocolate with no nuts.... (but kids like it)

Your Daddy Is Mike Tyson

What You Call Him: Old Man
Why You Love Him: He knows best

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Gifts, church, weddings, babies, kids, friends

The "gift of the year" involves a plastic turkey toy thing with an "egg" that you squeeze out... kinda like a pooping keychain. :D

Not much happened at church today, although we saw some huge fire on the way into Vancouver... so horrible! Talked to Dawn, her parents, Geoff, Andrea, Chuck, Danielle, Citrus, Sam, Helen and Joe, Nathan, and Frances. Didn't get much of a chance to talk to Eric, but he was there! A bunch of us admired baby Nathaniel and his sunglasses: Joe says that the baby can recognize their voices, sleeps more now because he's been trained, and seems really alert and such for his age. (almost three months old) Jon was supposed to see Jeremy or go to the Dragon Boat Festival, but opted for Ultimate with his mailing list instead. (but did kinda make plans with Brian) I kinda wish I had plans, but it's also nice to relax. :D

Jeff and Anita announced their upcoming wedding: he joked that you could see Rich for tickets to this event with food / people in red (RCMP), since he was the go-to man for the church picnic and Summer Conference. We're definitely looking forward to that!

At the toddler class, I saw Charissa... I haven't seen her since sometime last year because her parents Adrian and Ella went to Calgary or somewhere to do Bible translation. Apparently, they're back for a summer course. I haven't seen Ian in some time, so it was good seeing him. Little Irene recognizes me now too, yay! Clara asked Frances why she spoke English: because we're in Canada! :D

I'm going back to the townhouse later for a Father's Day dinner. It'll be okay, haha.

Note: LJ Funeral Memegen, by MrClown.

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