Saturday, October 29, 2011

7-4 CANUCKS WIN with Chinese Eric and Pizza Hut!

Decided to give up on MOTHER 3 because of the lack of infinite oxygen codes! Chinese Eric came over and brought his portable TV; we discussed his sister Erica having my bowl for a party (at least it's being used!), commercial breaks, the Canucks-Capitals game, the Caps tying the game at 3-3 on a penalty shot, Roberto Luongo's goalie mask, cable, fan reaction to Luongo being polarized, his diet, Mike Gillis / Tom Larscheid, the six-second TV delay as opposed to the instant radio broadcast, that asshole Paul, drinks, gas, Chris Higgins, wings, Teunis, ordering Pizza Hut online, water, Caribbean stuff, Jon and Harmony / divorce rate in church / relationships / God, orange juice, Nathan, money, cash, and more prior to his leaving to pick up the large pizzas. It was a balance: beef, mild sausage, Stuffed Crust, cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, SUPREME SUPER, black olives, ham, Italian sausage, and sauce!

When he got back, we ate and watched the hockey game... it ended up being a 7-4 Canucks win! Talked about Halloween costumes,, genitalia, BATTLE OF THE BLADES, Steph / Lisa, the Awana picture frame, the movie about J. Edgar Hoover (we can see that another time!), SERVANTS, white Eric, urban legends, Germany and Japan having some insanely weird stuff, my low-tech blue guestbook, and more. He even took out the pizza boxes for me, which was great! It's a good thing we can swear around each other, haha! Now I get this email from Steph: she and Lisa want to have a sibling dinner on Halloween night... WTF?! I can only imagine that they have a shitstorm announcement!

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As I thought, white Eric tried getting me out of here via MSN last night - no go, especially with the weekly tradition and my having to restart the computer twice during said brief conversation because it was getting slow! Made mushroom soup with vanilla soy milk; it's a bit sweet, but it still works as something to warm me up temporarily! Had a good time gaming and such, until I got stuck in the ocean of Tazmily Village! Stupid oxygen tank not being infinite... I know it's realism, but I won't be able to continue! The code I did find for it didn't work, either! *grumble*

You Feel Bored By Halloween

You don't understand what the big deal is about Halloween. You don't hate it, but you don't really like it either.

You'll drag yourself to the door to hand out candy, but you're not dressing up. That's for kids.

You think Halloween is pretty much the same every year. You're pretty much over it at this point.

It would take a lot to get you excited about Halloween, and this year's new costumes aren't going to do it for you.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Chinese Eric / Roadside Café Oracle

Chinese Eric got on MSN last night to see what my plans for today were: since Bible Study is just the EPITOME OF EXCITEMENT (sarcasm!) these days for me, I'm staying home even though I know white Eric will try to get me out of the apartment again! Hanging out tomorrow is totally doable: it's the usual "grab dinner and chill at my place" thing, which is awesome! Discussed movies, the Capitals game on Saturday, my TV, his portable TV which he offered to see if the TV would work, Jon and Harmony, Halloween, and more. Always good! :D

You Are Quirky

You laugh at life; none of it can be taken too seriously. You have a high craziness threshold.

You are entertaining and a total charmer. You know how to liven up a group of friends.

You respect the earth and truly love nature. You wish that everyone was able to live in harmony.

People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life. You aren't going to change to make others happy.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jambalaya fettuccini, understanding of frustration, and gelato

Called Hester to let her know about the front door, but she says it was fixed earlier today; I would HOPE so! Vanessa got on MSN to let me know about a plane crash in Richmond; no wonder Denise was complaining later about being stuck! Chrystal called to see if we could meet "earlier" since she was downtown with her mom after doing some stuff; since her "earlier" time was the original stated time of 7, of course I'd be fine with that! When I was about to go out, Chinese Eric called me, but I said I was leaving then - of course he understood! Met Chrystal at London Drugs, freaking her out when I came up behind her to call her name! We went to Boston Pizza for dinner; I had jambalaya fettuccini while she had chicken salad. Talked about the offensive Paul, Jon, Awana, Auntie Rebecca making the picture frames herself, the Canucks, Golden, Angus' sister Merle making Micah's birthday cake, understanding of my frustration, insults, her parents, Hong Kong, Emily and Mike, forgiveness, alone time, my being too nice, Teunis, forgiveness, both Erics, nervousness, gelato, counselling, and more. Browsed at Indigo Spirit for a while before going our separate ways - pretty good! Eric hasn't called me back yet, but that's perfectly fine!

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Billie, Que Pasa twins, FUCKING possessives, and hot beverages

Turns out that Billie N. and I were both having Que Pasa blue corn chips last night during the hockey game - what a coincidence! No, I don't have a camera in her Kelowna place, hahaha! I was having them plain, but she had hers with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. Unfortunately, that didn't help the outcome of the hockey game, as St. Louis won 3-0 for our third game out of ten where we were shut out. I finally finished my passion fruit and lemon ginger Côte d'Or chocolate bars, but they weren't what I was expecting. NEVER AGAIN! Deb finally emailed me back, saying I didn't have to get her anything since she figured I might be busy - TOO BAD!

You Are Black Tea

You are optimistic and trusting. You expect the best from people and usually get it.

In your opinion, the best things in life are free, easy, and fun.

You don't mind being a leader, but it's not a position you seek out. You'd rather be part of a team.

You are totally comfortable with where you are in life. You accept yourself and your life circumstances.

Here's a great picture that Kevin G. found! I was the first person he thought of when he shared this on Facebook, haha!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Italian Hazelnut Truffle, baby oil, and Goldfish as an alternative to no sugar!

Went out in rainy weather to Zellers at Lansdowne to see if they had sweatpants - nope, and it was the same story at Sears when I went to Richmond Centre. (but I did get new dark panties from there!) There were plenty of winter coats, but that's not what I was looking for! I did do some banking, encountered an asshat on the bus who called me "dear," was reminded of the inexorable approach of Christmas, and got some stuff done at least. Got on-sale pads and on-sale baby oil / an inexpensive baby shower card as a gift for Deb at Shoppers Drug Mart, browsed books at Indigo Spirit, browsed expensive sweatpants at Old Navy, had a strawberry bubble tea from Flaming Wok, had lunch from Good-Ah! in the food court (steak sandwich - needed a fork from A&W), and bought stuff from London Drugs. Italian Hazelnut Truffle chocolate bars, on-sale French Vanilla Coffee Crisp, honey Goldfish as an alternative to sugary Halloween candy for Mattias (respecting Karen and Chung's wishes will go far!), and toilet paper will do for me! When I got home, I talked to Teunis briefly on MSN and sent Deb an email about her gifts.

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Chinese Eric, joke guest appearances, paying bills, and LOVE!

Called Chinese Eric last night only because I thought he'd called me earlier, but I guess not! We did discuss life stages, his and Nathan's former classmate having twins already, health, his maybe going to Fellowship on Friday as a "joke guest appearance," hanging out on Saturday evening, chilling, God, priorities, and more. Always good! Then I was stuck outside in the cold weather for a bit after throwing stuff away... stupid recalcitrant front door lock on this apartment building! Thank goodness I remembered about the side door entrance!

When I got up today, I found that someone had called me from Eric's number at 11... hmm, I think I'll look into that later! Then I did the responsible thing, and paid my Shaw / hydro bills before going to the bank.

You Are a Love Fan

You may not be addicted to love, but that doesn't mean you don't seek it out.

You love falling in love, and you think that getting carried away is a big part of the fun.

You sometimes lose your head when you fall in love, but you usually find your way back to reality.

You are a romantic, but you're also a realist. You know that love can't be perfect.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Debbie, Kennedy, Fassad, Yokuba, Salsa the monkey, and DUNG!

Debbie Schmidt added me to Facebook; I suspect she's from Our Place. After some looking around, I was right: she just goes by Debbie on there. Then Kennedy "Kenny Grace" M. added me, but she's from the Canucks FB fan page. The Canucks lost 3-2 tonight, too...

This is a funny screenshot from MOTHER 3. With the monkey (named Salsa) and its brutish master Fassad / Yokuba, you can fight Dung Beetles in the desert. Sometimes they drop Dung, which you can leave with Wan Sum Dung in order to get five free experience points for your party! (I've received 10 or even 50 once when it was "premium high-quality" dung, haha)

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Jamie and Game Boys (dream) / MOTHER 3, Mandy, Chinese Eric, James, and brains

Found a working version of MOTHER 3 with translation patch, so I'm playing that! Talked to James briefly on YM last night; always good! Shortly afterwards, Chinese Eric tried calling me, then got on MSN instead - MUCH BETTER! I updated him on everything, which included Paul being a complete and utter ASSHOLE! Of course Eric agreed with me that he had issues, and doubted the "non-believer" assertion! If he's up for it, we should definitely hang out on Saturday! Also emailed Mandy back when it showed up in my inbox at 2:30 AM, as opposed to when I got up and would need to update myself with everything else first, haha. :D

Went to sleep and had a dream where I was trying to read ANNE OF GREEN GABLES books on a Game Boy, and recommended it to Jamie (jaebird) - she tried it, and said it didn't work. Instead, she was going to buy me a totally NEW Game Boy for reading books! I was very surprised and said she didn't have to, but she insisted. Interesting! When I got up at 11:20, I called Barry to set up a time for food shopping: next Tuesday at 2 works well from the "discounted Halloween candy" standpoint, for sure! Hopefully, I'll be up by then!

You Are Brains

You are a very cerebral and brainy person. You like to think everything through at first.

You are well aware of the world that exists outside your head. You selectively participate in it.

You are happy being less physically active and more mentally active. Thoughts and ideas are what interest you.

You can get tired of being out in the world, being social, or having places to be. You never get tired of thinking, though.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Brandi, Chrystal, EARTHBOUND ZERO, transgendered Hansel?! / Italian Food

Added Brandi M. to Facebook because she's a sane Canucks fan, haha. Also made mushroom soup and am playing MOTHER 1 (EARTHBOUND ZERO) because MOTHER 3, BREATH OF FIRE 1, and LUFIA: FORTRESS OF DOOM crashed / had serious glitches! Called Chrystal at work (after noticing a missed call from Barry - that's what happens when I get up at 3:20 PM, oops) to set up our next hangout time: Thursday evening at 7 was the only night I could do so this week due to hockey games and the weekly tradition, so I'm glad that worked for her!

For some reason, I dreamed that the skinny and Chinese Uncle Hansel wanted to be a short and dumpy transgendered European woman named Elsa... he would definitely NOT want that in real life, haha. Most of us supported him in the dream, and wanted to know what his wife Cathy thought of the idea. He got a sad look on his face, then went to help all the kids (including Gerard) prepare chicken salad in the old church's kitchen! WTF?!

You Are Loved

You are completely loyal and totally devoted to your friends. You stay true no matter what.

You have a sensuous side that partners are a bit surprised by. You have a tender heart and touch.

You're the perfect combination of simplicity and divinity. You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be.

You get yourself into sticky situations at times, but you have the grace to recover beautifully.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

EARTHBOUND ZERO / MOTHER 3 / What's Your Ideal Weather? / What Should You Get a PhD In?

Discovered a fan translation of MOTHER 1 (EARTHBOUND ZERO) and 2, plus MOTHER 3 last night. Had an incipient headache at 2 AM, so had to go to bed. Felt like dying till I finally got to sleep - now that I'm awake, I feel lots better! :D

Your Ideal Weather is Heavy Rain

You don't mind being around others, but you prefer to spend the bulk of your time by yourself.

You don't mind spending a little more to indulge your cravings. You like to pamper yourself.

You like to think everything through throughly and carefully. You don't make snap decisions.

You don't dislike alone time... in fact, you savor it. You grow and learn the most when you're by yourself.

I must say that the description fits, but I don't like heavy rain personally!

You should get your PhD in Education

You have a lot of inner strength, and you can dig deep when you need to. You are resilient.

You are both patient and persistent. You don't give up on anything or anyone.

You have what it takes to be an amazing educator - no matter what the subject is or who the students are.

You are good at meeting people where they are, and you'll work hard to make sure they learn what you are teaching them.

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