Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sidekicks do NOT belong in a toaster oven!

Just got off the phone with my parents - Dad said that Jon had told them about our getting Grandma a ticket for grad banquet. I think he might have thanked me for thinking of Grandma alone at night, but I'm not sure... probably not. As long as Grandma knows about it, and doesn't start cooking dinner at 5 on Friday! Mom said stuff about Sidekicks; you do NOT put them in a toaster oven, contrary to what she thought! She thinks I need to come over so I can use their new toaster oven; I should be fine if there are instructions with it!

Besides, my Monday and early Tuesday is way too busy to even contemplate coming over even half an hour before they leave on their cruise! (Billie, Richmond Sushi, the mall, Committee Meeting, sleeping over, other things) Mom then talked at me about Steph buying takeout, things in the freezer, Sidekicks and a case of mushroom soup "since I know you like that stuff," Delissio Pizza, keys tomorrow, not buying drinks at Dairy Queen (I KNOW!), Dairy Queen being Burger King, not letting Grandma cook too much (especially rice on the stove), rice cookers, the microwave, Eric, and other things. I'd let them hold onto my grey bag with my luggage, but I might need to pack more! (and I found Corey's original package of digestive biscuits on the table in a bag... YIKES!)

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Bridgeport, lip balm, lip shimmer, lip gloss, and PharmaCare

Finally stopped procrastinating long enough to find out where the Bridgeport bus stop is: RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! I could have saved SOME time (maybe) that time I went to meet Billie at Richmond Sushi a few weeks ago... UGH! But forewarned is forearmed, so I can use that knowledge on Monday morning when I go to do the same thing! Then I went to London Drugs to fill my prescription: I remembered PharmaCare, so I paid less than $6.50 for stuff which would have cost $25.71 normally! The pharmacist said the possible side effects would include breast tenderness, tingly fingertips, and slight nausea - yay, hormones! :P

Spent a lot of time looking at lip balm (got Nivea Cherry Lip Care on a rounded stick, and the London Drugs Natural Beeswax), and decided not to get Burt's Bees lip shimmer - I wasn't sure if it was shimmer or gloss or what, and even the coupon didn't do much to persuade me. I remembered what Corey told me a long time ago about marketing and "deals" - this would have been "buy three at our sale price, and get one free!" and I wasn't really going to buy it anyway. But they did have champagne, "radiance," guava, fig, watermelon, cocoa, rhubarb, papaya, and other flavors! Of course, it was also $6 for one tiny little thing. *sigh*

Saw digestive biscuits with caramel; I was tempted to buy a package, but didn't. However, I did also get four 50-100-150 watt light bulbs... my only beef with those is that they're pastel, and provide a hint / nuance of pink. Oh well, I will need those in future! Got home, cleaned, packed oatmeal cookies and chili pants, and talked to Corey about basketball. Forgot about the mini packs of Kleenex, so have made a note to myself in BOLD ORANGE SHARPIE to get plenty of those the next time I do a big grocery run.

Facebook quizzes taken from Mike B., Gretchen, and Adam:

Leslie just took the "What is your combat specialization?" quiz and the result is Officer.

Leslie took the Who stares through your window at night? quiz and got the result: Creepy doll. It's watching you closely. It wants attention because it was deserted by its previous owner. (Reminds me of CORALINE...)

Leslie took the What do people say behind your back? quiz and got the result: They think you are hot. (Somehow, I don't think so...)

Leslie just completed the survey Declare Your Real Major with the result of "Economics or becoming a Shaman." You are fascinated by finance and how money works, so you can comprehend the true meaning of the universe. (WHAT?! HAHAHAHA!)

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Bobby Singh was in the paper! / Hiding dead bodies in boxes / Dylan and Deb

Talked to Teresa about Trinity, my problem, VBS, lights, Edmond and Alysia's wedding tomorrow, CCM summer camp, the girls, working, her sister, highways, commuting / traffic, SFU, and other things. Doctor's appointment went fine... Auntie Stella apologized that I had to wait for almost an hour (and commented on my reading material of USELESS HISTORY), and Auntie Ruby said stuff about wacky hormones and things that were almost like birth control. Went home after that, found a 24 HOURS column about my old junior high classmate Bobby Singh (LIONS!), and figured that I'll get my prescription tomorrow at London Drugs since I'll have more time. (I can get mini packs of Kleenex there, too!) Called Eric (while talking briefly to Billie about stuff) and said to call me back if he wasn't lying in a ditch somewhere with two broken bones... hey, I'm morbid! He did call me back (discussing rides from Sam or Ivan), and said something about worship practice at the church before heading to Dylan's, so I guess I didn't mind another Subway meal at Superstore!

Picked me up at 6:20, and told me about a CORONATION STREET character who hid dead bodies in boxes, and put a tablecloth over it when he suddenly had guests come over. SO BRILLIANT, but Eric won't allow me to get any ideas from that! Too bad, because I can think of a few people whom I'd like to do that to... including the people whose heads I envision every time I try to slam Eric's car doors CLOSED! (most of the time, it doesn't work - Grandma is going to have a LOT of trouble with it!) Discussed my "new style" (Italian BRAVA shirt with raspberries and a fork / moderately light black pants / purple hat), Flying Wedge Pizza, Jeremy, Christon, Nathan, the townhouse dinner, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA (I neither normally watch nor participate in the show!), Andrea, my waiting for calls at night from guys (haven't done that in MONTHS!), holidays from work, games, classic lines, oatmeal, plans for next Monday and Friday (WORK!), and more.

When we got to church, I confirmed the timeline with Eric before heading to Subway to get a Veggie Delight sandwich. Also tried a Tetley Tea infusion (not bad!), and got some more ice water in my metal bottle. Read a little, and also wrote some tag prompts in order to NOT be tempted to shop. As it was, I got out of there at 7:45 or so. Sat on the stage in the fellowship hall rather than dragging a chair over to Eric / Nathan / Cordia / Isabel. Learned that Nathan hadn't eaten lunch OR dinner, and was understandably feeling VERY much like dying - Isabel and I confirmed that he looked like he was about to pass out or something!

After talking about questions and trying to find things (PENCIL CASE!), we were off to Dylan and Deb's place. Eric and I discussed codes, leet speak, messages, voicemail, noticing things, City Square Mall, numbers, addresses, slow idiot drivers, and other stuff. We got to the apartment and talked to Dylan / Deb / Vanessa / Melia / Kevin / Johnny / Nathan (who got there after actually eating something) about the Psalms, yogurt, laws, temples, grad banquet, money, the church kitchen, work, quirky books (GOD CHICK / EASTERN STANDARD TIME), Nathan needing an English wife, English slang, weddings, Barcelona, flight prices, the Harmonized Sales Tax (ugh!), Heathrow / RyanAir, and more.

Later, we answered various questions while being "interviewed" - good times! The Santa Cruz yellow lemonade reminded me of my own Santa Cruz pink raspberry lemonade at home in the fridge, but since I was full from dinner, I just had one chip without salsa. When we got outside, Nathan and Eric made plans for tomorrow - Nathan couldn't hear Eric telling him to bring his rubber chicken, so I yelled it out to him. Eric thought that could be embarrassing to yell in public, but I think that it's okay since the neighbors don't know me, and I don't know them! (besides, it's not like a sexual thing!) On the way home, Eric and I discussed plans for the next few Sundays, Grandma, mishearing things, offering, sound, worship, auctions, a certain stupid person (who JUST showed up in my email - my reaction is unprintable!!!), not closing the door properly, and more. Good times! Got home and re-found my bus pass and Care Card (among the sticker sheets), made a note to remember PHARMACARE, and talked to Corey about heads blowing up from the movie Scanners. Also determined that I should never buy Herbacin lip balm again (and I just bought it for $3!) because the stick breaks VERY easily! When I go to get my prescription, I'll get another kind of lip balm!

Poo nugget for this weekend: The First Throne - This date in 1561 marks the birthday of John Harrington, godson of Queen Elizabeth I, and (more importantly) the inventor of the modern toilet. His famous work, entitled A New Discourse upon a Stale Subject: The Metamorphosis of Ajax, included a description of the flush toilet. In an appropriate show of respect for this great man, potty-goers across the globe now refer to their toilets as "the john."

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Ride offers, doctors, stickers, surprise, colored sign tagging, OCD, ghosts, and love

I decided to stop procrastinating and call the doctor's office... apparently, I haven't been there since March 2003?! Yikes! Actually got an appointment at 2:15, so I definitely want to take a shower and such before leaving! Teresa then showed up on MSN to offer me a ride to the office at 1:45 if I wanted it, since she was eating lunch around there at 2 - sure, why not? That way, I don't have to worry about the bus being late or anything! Of course, I did thank her for it!

Another thing that surprised me today: I GOT STICKERS IN THE MAIL! This doesn't surprise me, as Jasmine and I were discussing it the other night, but it only took two days to mail! Guess this is like the time a package got to Kamloops within 24 hours or so! It was stuff she was going to throw out, but she asked if I could use them: of course! Hmm... an assortment of sea creatures (fish / crab / lobsters / seahorses / clams), a Canada flag, yellow happy faces, ladybugs, flowers, BC SPCA animal stickers (rabbits / owls / END ANIMAL CRUELTY / horses / cats / dogs), shiny letter stickers, shiny cloud and star stickers, and hamster / animal food / cat / turtle / pet / newt stickers. COOL! THANKS! :D

Here's a "colored sign" tagging picture I got from one of Kaitlin's friends:

Facebook quizzes taken from Laura, Julie, Chris R., and Daniel:

Leslie took the When Is Your Next Relationship? quiz and got the result: In the Next Month. A month can be a long time, but the time will fly, and you will be very happy when you get them!!

Leslie completed the quiz "how OCD are you?" with the result not really. You are not OCD. There are times when you do freak out when certain things happen but not enough that you are considered OCD... just every once in a while.

Leslie took the Which ghost sleeps in your room? quiz and got the result: little boy. This little boy died in the late 1800s from a bad flu. He was a spoiled little child, but was never spoiled with love. He isn't happy, and sometimes his bad energy can affect your mood and even your dreams! Be careful with your anger in your room, because this ghost isn't a saint.

Leslie viewed her Love Zodiac Profile for the zodiac sign Virgo. If you are Virgo: You appreciate honesty in your relationships. You like to dominate your relationships. You take great care of the person you fall in love with. The commitment level you show is very high in your relationships. You tend to be a slow, sweet lover. You know how to make your partner feel very special. Loyalty is extremely important to you in a relationship. You do not like public displays of affection. You like to get mushy at times. You are protective about your relationships, and do not like taking risks.

Your kissing style: Your kisses are nice and very sensual.

To attract you, the opposite sex must be: well-dressed, down to earth, trustworthy, appreciative, etc.

You are more compatible with - Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn.
You are less compatible with - Aries, Libra, Aquarius.

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Love, licking my face, HYSTERIA, and diarrhea

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren, Adam, and Julie:

Leslie took the how many people love you? quiz and got the result: Three people. Two people are gonna be heartbroken. (SO NOT TRUE!)

Leslie took the What are the initials of the person you will marry? quiz and the result is R.S. They are fun and hyper, and completely obsessed with you. They might lick your face sometimes, but that's their sign of affection. Also, they're up for anything.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which 80s Song Describes You?" with the result Hysteria. You seem to be a little on edge. Perhaps you've inhaled too much hairspray? Maybe you've been driving your Ferrari in the fast lane for too long? Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Peel off your leather pants, put on some Bob Marley, and skank around your living room for an hour.

Poo nugget for Friday, August 7: Number Three - Sometimes Three Is Not A Lucky Number - This type of diarrhea makes you feel as if you are urinating out of the wrong end. A Number Three is often a violent discharge, sometimes with very little warning, and may often be accompanied by tremendous gaseous emissions. As you feel its sudden onset, your sense of relief that you made it to the toilet in time is quickly replaced by the ill feeling associated with the release of a number three. This type of poo is not pleasant. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sirloin steak, Extreme Herbal Mint, Burt's Bees, Herbacin, and Glysomed

Due to certain things happening, I think I need to schedule an appointment with Auntie Ruby, and call her tomorrow (did this today with no answer at 3:30) - Googling bears this out, as does my worry over my body. This would also be why I had a peppercorn Angus top sirloin steak at Milestones before going to London Drugs. Bought reinforcements (this will remain unopened till I get to Grandma's), a toothbrush to replace my existing one at the townhouse (ditto), on-sale Extreme Herbal Mint toothpaste, on-sale pomegranate / honey Burt's Bees lip balm (which I've never tried before), scented Glysomed hand cream (TRUST THE GREEN!), SunRype apple chai tea, pomegranate Tetley Tea infusions, Scope mouthwash, pads of paper, on-sale Herbacin lip balm, and Excel gum. Gotta stock up and such, haha. When I got home, I threw away some more stuff... and I found two more pairs of black pants! Also started packing to go to the townhouse, too.

Leslie's just got their Munchkin Name from Name Generators. I just got my Munchkin Name. It's Hippie Munchkin.

Facebook quiz taken from Leslie:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Daria character are you?" with the result Jane. You are the artist, and most of your time is spent displaying your tormented soul on a canvas. Although you dislike your classmates at Lawndale High as much as your best friend Daria does, you are willing to give the occasional person a chance (as you do with your boyfriend Tom). If you need an escape from your brother Trent's band practice, you can be found getting pizza with Daria.

Fidela tagged this photo of me from Megan's bridal shower:

(Chrystal, me, Melia, Cindy, Vanessa, Emily, Jenny, Megan, Andrea, Winnie, Connie, Fidela, and Dianne with little Megan and her blue balloon)

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Garfield, Christmas, Snoopy, Halloween, and REJECTED icons

Uploaded a few new icons, plus the Little Terror one... the first one's from my GJ days, so it's kinda not new! The last one is from Rejected - YAY!

Andrea called five minutes ago, saying that we'd have to hang out when she gets back from Toronto, since she hasn't gotten her car back yet. At least she let me know, unlike some people I could name, haha.

Your Walk Says You're Approachable

You are intelligent, thoughtful, and even philosophical. You like to go unnoticed for the most part.

Other people see you as humble and down to earth. You don't put on airs.

You are careful, thoughtful, and detail-oriented. You tend to test people's patience, but your patience pays off.

You tend to be all work and very little play. You are too responsible to let loose.

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Andrea finally called! / I'm only half-Asian?! / Chamber pots

Andrea called me back at 9:45 PM, which is what I had been waiting for. I even passed up Nathan's farewell townhouse dinner to do so, which is fine by me. Discussed bad reception, her car situation, calling early or later tomorrow, Chuck's mom, Hamilton, Steph being in Toronto for a wedding, reconnecting with high school friends, chatting, pregnancy, Richmond, running errands, and more. Also made plans with Jasmine to meet at a White Spot on the 25th, since my Grandma duties should be over by then!

Facebook quizzes taken from Adam and Darren:

Leslie took the How Asian are you? quiz and got the result: You are 50% Asian. You have nice long hair. (So what's the other half? :P)

Leslie took the What Chinese Symbol Are You? quiz and got the result: De - virtue, moral. De means virtue, moral, heart, mind, kindness, etc. It is also used in the name for Germany, i.e., De Guo.

Poo nugget for Thursday, August 6: Doo You Know? - Chamber Pots - A chamber pot consists of a bowl-shaped container with a handle, usually kept under a bed. Chamber pots remained in common use until the nineteenth century, when the introduction of indoor flush toilets started to replace them. Chamber pots are still in use today, in areas lacking indoor plumbing. (such as rural parts of China) They have also been redesigned as a bedpan for use by the very ill.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Digestives, blueberry pie, popsicles, editing, Converse, and DRAGONBALL Z

Went out to celebrate an anniversary of sorts, and determined that I shouldn't go to Boston Pizza, but keep it to the Richmond Centre area - but first went to Shoppers Drug Mart. Bought three separate units of things which I sorely need now - the price seems to have gone up to $10?! Got a blank card with blue popsicles on it, plus a mailing box for the biscuits, after I made sure it would fit. Saw one box of chocolate digestives for myself, as it would melt in the heat if I tried mailing it to Corey. Also spotted one box of ordinary Peek Freans digestives for Corey himself, since I took the wrong knapsack from home: it was the red-and-white one as opposed to the free dark blue one we got from the Ministry last year.

Decided to go to White Spot, and found a good combo on the menu: a beef burger, Caesar salad, and BC blueberry pie (with LOTS of those!) for only $11. After that, I spent about an hour and a half reading outside White Spot - one library book was due since someone else had requested it, and I was almost finished another with about eighty pages to go. Then I went to the library to do one tag edit since I won't have a chance on Mom's Internet Explorer! Got someone else's computer time again, since the person didn't bother to log out - yay for extensions! Must go home to see if Andrea called, and if Corey responded to my grin-filled message about FREEDOM! :D

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren:

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Dragon Ball Z character are you?" with the result Gohan. You are Gohan! You are probably the most gentle and loving of all. You are intelligent and sweet. You have a personality that everyone enjoys. You are seen as weak, but when your anger erupts, you are stronger than anyone! Your heart is filled with love, and you are merciful towards anyone who stands in your way as a threat. You make wise decisions, and are beloved by everyone.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Converse color are you?" with the result Black. You have a darker outlook on life. You like loud rock / punk music, and hate the top 20. You're hardcore, and don't like a lot of color in your wardrobe. Black Chucks are a perfect addition to any of your outfits.

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Physical freedom for a YEAR - I'm very happy!

This thing just restarted. Good thing I wasn't in the middle of typing anything!

It's been a year of physical freedom from a certain someone, so now I have to celebrate! Maybe I'll go to White Spot or Boston Pizza... or even some Chinese place will do, since he HATED Chinese food! Hahaha! Then I need to mail Corey's digestive cookies already - I well remember the "pouf is BAD even if it's a joke" and "he's a threat even if he's in Colorado!" incidents. I should have broken up with him right there since that demonstrated insecurity, heh. After that, I need to go to the library!

What happens at the Naruto sleepover? by TentenRox
Your Name?
Your Age?
Your Favorite Character?
Naruto:Watched 'Blade Trinity' and had Nightmares.
Sasuke:Sang Opera.
Tenten:Laughed because Naruto had Nightmares and screamed in his sleep!
Kiba and Akamaru:Ate five cakes whole.
Gaara:Screamed like Temari.
Sakura:Threw pie at you!
Lee:Fought with Naruto and won!

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East Cobb, cheerleaders, popularity, and the social circle

This thing restarted overnight! Not surprised...

Facebook quiz taken from Kaitlin:

Leslie completed the quiz "What high school in East Cobb do you belong to?" with the result Kell High School. You like your friends more than your parents, and you really like dark colors. You don't like to be at school, as you'd rather be riding horses or playing sports. You have an average-sized house, and have a big open yard. Your friends are probably on drugs, and a little wild. You try to live life at its fullest. You like performing arts and football, your school doesn't have as much spirit as the others, and your cheerleaders are a joke.

You Are Somewhat Popular

No doubt about it, people like you. You have a core group of friends you can depend on.

You are quite socially active... though you wouldn't win any popularity contests.

Like most people, you could stand to make a few more friends.

Venture outside your social circle a little more often. You might be surprised who you meet!

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Dog death / Let's Go to the Mall / Colon / Chen's Noodle pictures

Candy says that her Rottweiler (Laxx) will have to be put down. The dog bit the German Shepherd's ear through - Isis, I think. Bad all around, especially if the Rottweiler was a rescue from friends that she's had for a few years now. But maybe it's a good idea if she and George are fed up with it!

Scotty Vanity's Let's Go to the Mall, via Corey. (I think this is HILARIOUS!) "Well, listen to that song, and you'll probably like it so much that you'll sing and dance along with it and forget everything else. It's pretty funny. Unfortunately, I've been to the mall they're in (Mall of America - there's a sign)... I know they were there a lot later than me, but it's still kind of scary. This guy has a bunch of videos, and they're all about the same level of crappiness. The mall's in Minneapolis, or the other one next to it, whatever that's called... Twin Cities area in Minnesota."

Poo nugget for Wednesday, August 5: Dr. Stool Says - When Bigger Isn't Better - A colon polyp is a benign collection of abnormal cells that can be detected and removed with colonoscopy. There are two main types of polyps: hyperplastic and adenomatous. Hyperplastic polyps are benign growths that, except in rare cases, do not turn into cancer. Adenomatous polyps are pre-cancerous and should always be removed. The general rule is that the larger the polyp, the more likely it is to turn into cancer.

Steph tagged me in two photos from yesterday's dinner at Chen's Noodle House... YES!

Typical sibling shot:

A more normal one, with a horrified-ish Grandma / Harmony / Jon / me:

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yay for understanding friends! / sexy zodiac signs and more

This thing just restarted! Talked to Billie about the Committee Meeting on Monday, and she seems okay with staying here while that's going on. I had to thank her for being so understanding; this kind of thing happens to her, too. We're not giving up our chance at FUN! Of course we'll meet up shortly after 12 next Monday to do another EPIC SLEEPOVER - first stop, Richmond Sushi! Jasmine also sent me a message about stickers - sure! Candy said something about a Kenworth or engine trucker hat - I'll also take the Kenworth, since I'm not an engine type of person!

I told Corey about the Karma Phone call linked in my last entry, and this is what he had to say about it: "Yes, I have heard this call about a million times... why are you calling it "the KARMA phone call," eh? There's a better one where he tells the telemarketer (who is selling burial plots) that he's going to kill himself, and he's been praying for a sign to show him that that's the right thing to do, and wow! He can really use a burial plot, so this is the sign he's been waiting for!!! I have like three albums of calls by Tom Mabe. There's a series where he calls telemarketers in their hotel rooms at a telemarketing convention at like 3 AM, pretending to be a telemarketer, of course."

Facebook quizzes taken from Candy, Julie S., and Jane:

Leslie took the How Sexy is your Zodiac Sign? quiz and the result is Virgo - The Virgin. Dominant in relationships. Sexy. Someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.

Leslie took the What would you most likely get arrested for? quiz and the result is Theft. Congrats, you're a klepto! ;)

Leslie took the How COUNTRY are ya? quiz and the result is 25% Country. You grew up in a rural area that you like to call "the suburbs." You don't really know much about the country, but you have seen it before when you went to visit your grandparents on holidays. You would only visit the country if you had to, and you DON'T like to fish, camp, or do anything that would have you outside... well, unless there is a pool or hot tub involved. The most country you will even be is wearing a Trucker hat; you do play a guitar, but it's DEFINITELY not acoustic. So you're content with just seeing the country on TV, and reading about it on a blog!

Leslie took the What Should You Say During Awkward Silences? quiz and got the result: That's my toenail! You have to point to something without laughing to make this successful.

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Dream of learning schedules / You can't tell me there are no mice! / Quizzes

This thing restarted overnight! I somehow didn't notice this, but Edmond added me to Facebook sometime in the past few weeks... o_O [have also encountered a potential snag, but I will conquer!]

Got this video from Kelly: Corey would love this prank call! People who get unsolicited telemarketer phone calls can fight BACK... it's called KARMA!

I had a dream where I was in the middle of a huge school setting. Most of my fellow teachers were sleeping on mattresses in the gym, because there was nowhere else to put them. A lot of my friends from church were there, too. Rich tried to get us all together for a picture, and I knew that it didn't matter if I looked at the camera since there were 300 other people there. However, then I thought that I should be with my sister, so I went over there. She proved to be a jumpy little thing, and blocked my view.

After getting her back for that, I went to a relatively clear area. Later, I left the room with the other teachers. The person who scheduled classes and lessons looked remarkably like one of Harmony's thin relatives with curly hair, haha. She was on top of things like many people's vacations and scheduled time off, so everyone clustered around her to learn what their schedules would be like for the upcoming year. I somehow didn't get a chance to learn mine, so I followed her to her office. After I explained that I wanted my personal schedule, she told me to wait. I was looking at the tack boards and memos on the walls when I was AWAKENED by knocking on my door at 10 AM! UGH, I hate when that happens, particularly when I'm not expecting it! It interferes with my sleep! How do you know I don't have a sleep PROBLEM which I'm trying to fix?! (I don't, but what if it were TRUE?!)

Turned out to be Hester and the pest control guy who came by last month. That means it's been a month since I've seen Chinese Eric, heh. Pest control asked if I'd actually SEEN anything - no, but I'm hearing the mice! He then told Hester that I didn't really know what I was talking about, particularly since the handyman had come by a couple weeks ago to block off some access points. EXCUSE ME?! You woke me up and then told me this?! If I hadn't just woken up, I'd have told him off! Just because I'm only hearing the mice and not really SEEING them doesn't mean I don't want them gone even from the walls! No wonder I'm looking to move! (have compiled a list of phone numbers, which I'll call when I'm feeling more like myself)

Leslie took the What 2009 Movie Are You? quiz and got the result: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Leslie took the What 2009 Movie Do You Belong In? quiz and got the result: Twilight: The New Moon. You love the thrill of a forbidden romance. After being attacked by a vampire and having the love of your life leave you, you are left to find solace in your best friend, who happens to be a werewolf.

Facebook quizzes taken from Julie S., Kelly, and Veronica:

Leslie took the What pet should you have? quiz and the result is Cat. You got "cat" because you're lazy.

Leslie took the What hit 2009 song are you?!? quiz and got the result: All-American Rejects, Gives You Hell.

Leslie took the How Asian Are You? quiz and got the result: 70% Asian.

Leslie just took the "Which element are you?" quiz and the result is Water. Water is the element of change. The people of water are capable to adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything. Water is usually related to being good, impressionable, gentle, sympathetic, sensitive, and selfless.

Leslie just took the "What is your vampire power?" quiz and the result is You are a mind reader. You knew everyone well enough when you were human that you can read their minds, now that you are a vampire. You can read everyone's mind now, but you can't read shields.

Leslie just took the "which Horror Master are you" quiz and the result is Leatherface. He's the chainsaw-wielding monster who cuts you up into tiny pieces. Not only does he do this, but he finishes you off with a little BBQ sauce. (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Leslie just took the "What video game character are you?" quiz and the result is Master Chief. You are a super soldier trained to fight under the worst circumstances. You strategically fight and say very little. (from Halo)

Leslie just took the "Are you a psychopath?" quiz and the result is Dark Defender. You are a good person. But sometimes you get sick of all this violence, those murderers or rapists. You think that justice sometimes sucks and that if you want something done, you should do it yourself...

Leslie just took the "how dumb are you?" quiz and the result is you are dumb. Luckily, you're just dumb. (THIS QUIZ IS DUMB!)

Leslie just took the "what mythical creature are you?" quiz and the result is werewolf. You are an average person, but when upset (or during a full moon), you become a savage beast. You can control it, but be careful... you may bite someone, and they will become the same.

Leslie just took the "Which Totally Manly Badass are you?" quiz and the result is Chuck Norris. You are awesome. You will Roundhouse Kick whoever thinks they can disrespect you.

Leslie just took the "What type of Vampire are you?" quiz and the result is Master lurker. You attack in a broad range, and command a decent amount of territory.

Leslie just took the "How kinky are you" quiz and the result is Boring. You are boring as hell... can't you just try some kinky shit at least? Jesus!

Leslie just took the "Are You A Vampire, Werewolf, or Zombie?" quiz and the result is You're A Werewolf! You're a loner who has a tortured soul. You go out in the daytime, and fear the night. You have a strong libido, and can be a bit of an animal at the right time. You have a bad temper which can escalate quickly. Sometimes you can't even control yourself! You hate anything silver. Your favorite colors are White and Red.

Leslie just took the "What will your wedding dress look like?" quiz and the result is Modest Wedding Dress. You will love your comfortable dress that's modest and goes just right with your body type.

Leslie just took the "Do you have a Dirty Mind?" quiz and the result is The Dirty One. You have a dirty mind. Although you are not yet a mastermind, you can understand all dirty jokes and create them yourself. You enjoy being dirty, and it is present quite often in your life.

Leslie just took the "What Type Of Angel Are You?" quiz and the result is Anger / Fire. You are a very angry person, and are related to fire. You are aggressive with those around you, and not many understand why. You are likely to push people away in order to restrain your anger issues. You are very like the jealousy angel: for example, you are demanding. You were likely to have a harsh childhood, or a shocking and unpleasant moment in your life that changed you. For whatever reason, you think pushing and hurting those around you is the way to go, whether you notice it or not.

Leslie just took the "What job will you get in the after-life?" quiz and the result is God's Messenger. You will be God's annoying messenger, spreading news to all the Gods in the heavens. High pay, for God is a generous man.

Leslie just took the "What's your stripper song?" quiz and the result is Rob Zombie's Pussy Liquor. Great medium tempo to set up some easy or complicated pole tricks and keep good timing. Also the best timing to dance anywhere on the stage.

Leslie just took the "How Much Do You know About Sex?" quiz and the result is 50/50. Just A Rookie, But Not bad.

Leslie took the PLAY MASH! quiz and got the result: You Will Live On the STREETS. You will Marry: Daniel. Drive a: Honda Civic. Occupation: Singer. Live in: New York City, NY.

Leslie took the Who is trying to contact you spiritually? quiz and got the result: Roland. Roland lives in your house and he wants to contact you. His message is: "Please, will you not open the curtains in the day? I would like to rest." Roland is a friendly ghost, but easily annoyed. He waits in the master bedroom. If you get up at 5:51, you will see him humming by the windowsill.

Leslie took the Which hair color are you? quiz and got the result: Fiery Redhead.

Leslie just took the "What do your eyes do to people" quiz and the result is Devour. Your eyes devour people whole, engulfing them in an ocean of emotion, and they lose themselves inside them.

Leslie just took the What type of dog should you have?" quiz and the result is German Shepherd. Powerful, loyal, and very protective. These are the words that friends and family members would use to describe you. You are fierce, and you will put yourself out there to protect what you stand for. Your courage is mind-blowing, and your bravery can save lives. A German shepherd is the perfect match for you.

Leslie took the What does your name REALLY mean? quiz and got the result: Your name means night. Silent, calm, drop-dead-dashing, and incredibility intelligent.

Leslie took the Who wants to KILL you?? quiz and got the result: Your brother. He may seem friendly, but he wants to kill you.

Leslie just took the "First letter of the person who is thinking of you right now" quiz and the result is N. N... thinks of you from time to time and is hoping to hang out with you real soon. (I wish I knew someone whose name started with N...)

Leslie just took the "How Do You See The World?" quiz and the result is Logically. You like to base off your perception of the world by what you know. By logic. You're the type to double check, and most likely keep everything real. However, there are two types of logical people. (A) Those that base off their perception by what they have learned. (B) Those that base off their perception by what they believe in. Because you are a logical thinker instead of going by what you feel, you tend to question yourself. It's no different from doubting.

Leslie just took the "What type of funny are you?" quiz and the result is Sarcasm. You aren't funny at all. People often misunderstand your humour, thinking you're just a bitch, which is often the case. Your heroes include House, Dr. Cox, and any emo North Shore teen wearing a T-shirt saying "Sarcasm: it beats killing people."

Leslie just took the "What's inside your soul?" quiz and the result is Wrath. Your emotions are a swirling torrent. Raw fury is what drives you. Your personality can mainly be described as undying rage. You never back down and take every insult as one insult too many. Logic is engulfed in the flames of your anger. (C'mon. You HAVE to answer the questions in a certain way! *grin*)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which TRULY Badass Historical Female Are You?" with the result Queen Elizabeth the First. Surviving her mother's beheading, her father's disdain, numerous uprisings, and smallpox, Elizabeth I proved that a woman didn't need a man to be powerful. Refusing to marry because she saw how easily women could be castigated and cast away, she was a strong and devoutly independent woman. This, however, doesn't mean she didn't enjoy a dalliance or two, or that she wasn't feminine. A beautiful and feminine woman, aside from Robert Dudley and a few other rumoured boy toys, she loved jewelry, esp. pearls, fine-smelling things, clothes, and a luxurious bath. She also kicked Spain's ass, with a little help from the weather, then known as "divine providence." Buck the current trends, set your own, and kick some ass, just like Queen Elizabeth the First..

You Are Western

You see yourself as an individual - and you're driven to be as successful and happy as possible.

You know you only have one life, so you want to live it as well as you possibly can.

You see life as a service. You believing in serving yourself, your family, your friends, and even the world.

You believe that one person can change the world, and you'd like that person to be you.

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Clown, CANTERBURY TALES, Nicholas, and farting

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

Leslie took the Who watches you at night? quiz and got the result: Clown. He sits there staring at you on a rocking chair because he knows you are scared. You will wake up and feel weird until he or YOU dies.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, August 4: Canterbury Tales - This famous fourteenth-century masterpiece by Geoffrey Chaucer contains a blatant reference to farts. In the "Miller's Tale," the character Absolon is tricked into kissing the buttocks of his rival, Nicholas. As Absolon leans in for the smooch, Nicholas farts in his face. Now that's great literature.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Mom should look into birth control, man...

I got to Chen's Noodle House first before anyone else... I am GOOD! Jon and Mom came in, but left to move the car. When Steph got there, they were back - Mom wanted her professional opinion on her parking spot. Hey, it's a holiday and nobody's working past a certain time, hahaha. Steph told us that she's now a bridesmaid in Angela's wedding with six days' notice, but she doesn't mind. Jon wondered why people would have panic attacks over that duty - maybe the cousin's afraid she won't look good in the dress? Liz is due anytime, so Steph might be in Toronto for the baby's arrival, haha. Verified things with Steph while doing an impersonal signing of Holly and Peter's anniversary card: that was Mom's idea! Harmony showed up from busing it, since Jon had to teach people in Richmond anyway.

Auntie Wing said that Myles couldn't make it because of Christian Fellowship, and we said hi to Uncle Joe. Had a lot of food, and even Grandma had a lot on her plate! We had to have SLB, crunchy rice, and lots more - we thanked Jon and Harmony afterwards, for sure! Steph spotted Henry with his sister Teresa and her kids Gwyneth and Evelyn - they looked tanned, but Steph had a good tanning job since she's been watching her friends compete in the World Police and Fire Games in outdoor Burnaby! I asked Jon who had gone to the Grouse Grind outing yesterday: apparently, there were twenty people who came out. (Wesley, Megan, Andy, the perfidious blackguard, Cindy, Eric, Jeremy [54 minutes!], Connie, Elaine, Matt, etc.) Told Steph some TMI stuff, and she was surprised!

The younger people managed to fool Grandma into thinking that Jon actually bit Harmony, then we all laughed and gave the game away. My sibs and I took a typical NG picture with fists, too! Discussed Holly's HOT work as an Aldergrove movie extra (makeup and wardrobe?), Peter "practicing to work at a Chinese restaurant" (Steph would have tipped HIM!), murder books, that woman who gave birth at age 61 (Mom should get birth control!), large families, not believing in contraceptives, and Dad not being able to cope in the heat. Also talked about Grandma leaving her knitting bag at Tsui Woo / some other thing at the hairdresser, Steph leaving during the prayer yesterday since she was TIRED, speeding, burned-out cars, cousins, financial fraud, "under the table" work, eighteen-hour days, Erin, detachments, and Nathan's dinner.

Someone brought up leaving a body in the trunk of a car since July 16 during intense heat, as happened in a recent case - that female sex trade worker was LIQUEFIED! Jeremy noticed the BAD smell since he biked past it for a few days on his way to work nearby, but he thought it was garbage - poor traumatized guy! Mom wanted to go to Timothy's, but we were all too full. Jon looked at Steph's text messages for a professional opinion on the CANON IN D, while people discussed dehumidifiers - yeah, you have to empty them, but at least Jon and Harmony got theirs on sale!

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Boobs and hands are physical QUALITIES?!

Note: LJ Future Life Memegen, by cries_of_sorrow.

This thing JUST restarted! Ugh! Steph called to see if I needed a ride to dinner - nope, since I was planning on going there by myself!

What is your best quality??? by lissakatie
Best Physical QualityBoobs
Worst Physical QualityHands
Best Personal QualityYou're super-sensitive
Worst Personal QualityYou think, "just stop while you're ahead! =)"
How Many People Like You For You?

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BLEACH profile

The computer JUST restarted! Edit: And again ten minutes later!

What is your Bleach profile? by ccpopstar
Hair color...Dark Green, almost black...
Hairstyle...It's up in a ponytail...
Eye color...Red
Since you're a soul reaper, what company are you with?4th! Better have good healing skills!
Best FriendSosuke Aizen
Worst EnemyToshiro Hitsugaya
How strong your soul reaper powers are...
Zanpakuto...It's a whip...
Weapon of choice...

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David in dreams, five flats, analysis, being systematic, and displacement

I dreamed that David Ho had to help me retrieve something from a snowy roof, but we had no luck. Not sure what that means!

Mom emailed us more detail about what to do when they're gone next week - and I see she included Harmony in the email, finally. That's the way it should be, and various schedules have been revised. Everything seems to be okay for now, at least. Gotta create more Google Documents!

Leslie completed the quiz "What's your Musical Key?" with the result Ab Major. You are peaceful and devoted. You are very devoted to your family and friends, and can always be relied on for support. You prefer quiet evenings at home to the hustle and bustle of work... but you are a rational, intelligent, and reliable employee. (Wow... five flats!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jessica G. and Laura:

Leslie completed the quiz "Personality Analysis: What is Your Most Dominant Trait?" with the result Analytical / Systematic. The organizer and thinker. You are very perceptive, and pay very close attention to detail. You are highly critical, and a bit of a complainer. You have a difficult time making decisions if you don't have all the facts. You find it much easier to follow a routine or scheduled itinerary. People can count on you for great advice because you can analyze a situation very fairly, and give a fair opinion even if it's one that they do not want to hear. Be careful! People with this personality trait tend to be very pessimistic in nature, which can kill other people's cheerful moods. Loosen up! (So right! My sister thinks I don't need to know EVERYTHING before I make a decision - um, yes, I do!)

Leslie took the Test your English quiz and the result is Level 5. Great...

Your Defense Mechanism is Displacement

You have a lot of pent-up emotions, and they tend to come out fairly inappropriately.

You tend to take things out on those closest to you... because it's safe to do so.

While you are able to get some emotional release, you're hurting the people who love you.

Even though it may harder to confront what's really going on, it's probably for the best.

Sounds like someone I know rather well, in fact...

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Tracking Fat Bastard, and pooping out locators

Shally added me to Facebook - yay! Corey and I talked about Beatmania and mice, mostly. I have NO idea where the mice are getting any food since it's not like I leave it around for them to take, unlike a certain other person who didn't care!

Poo nugget for Monday, August 3: Poo Tracker - In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, an attempt is made to track Fat Bastard by placing a locator up his butt. The next day, however, Fat Bastard goes to the bathroom and poops out the locator. However, all is not lost. Analysis of Fat Bastard's dump demonstrates a rare breed of plant grown on only one island, the one where Dr. Evil resides.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Apparently, I'm a blueberry! / Granville Island pics

Parents picked me up at about 9:15 this morning, and we were on our way to church. The ride was uneventful, although my mom says she thinks that Grandma appreciates my coming to look after her next week, even if she won't say anything directly to me about it. Told her that I probably had plans on Wednesday night - gotta keep the schedule free to hang with Andrea when she gets back before she heads east to be with her future family! Apparently, my parents leave a day earlier than I thought they would, but that doesn't affect any plans I have. Mom talked at me about proper use of emergency lines / Auntie Ruby's professional expertise (like I would EVER knowingly abuse either of those services!), plus what to do in case anything did happen. Because of this, I was thinking about non-emergencies a bit TOO much during service, heh. Mom also said that Steph was back in town earlier from Angela's wedding than I thought she was, but I'll confirm with my sister later maybe.

Spotted Sanne with her two kids in the parkade when we got there - I said hi to them, and looked at Saskia's drawing of a house / sun / people. Crowded in next to Calla, Johnny, and Harmony - of course I had to sit by family! Even if Jon had been sitting in my spot, he was leading worship. I liked how they allowed Jonathan to rock out on the drums during the last song, haha! Saw Steph briefly; she left early because she was tired from working till 5 AM or so. Jon offered her some coffee, but she declined. I quickly completed my "return to Awana" form during the announcements and benediction, heh. Later, I talked to Phil and Nathan about computer stuff and other things after confirming tomorrow's dinner reservation with Harmony... 7 PM at Chen's it is! (I didn't talk to my mom about this either, haha)

Said hi to baby Gavin (who LOVES watermelon, and holding my finger!) and baby Mattias, who wanted to take my keys. I'll let him TOUCH them, but he can't take them home! The kids are all cute... I talked a bit to Saskia, Jenna, Noah, Benjamin, Hannah L., Joshua, and Keenan. Joshua let me look through his binoculars, heh. Discussed China fireworks, life, enjoyment of eating, naps, Coquitlam, the Grouse Grind, lunch, legs, stings, shooting people at paintball, parenting, and other stuff with Jeremy / Eric / Cindy / Shally / Harmony / Christon / Kevin / Calla / James / Sanne.

Had two pieces of watermelon (plus some blueberries) myself before going up to help with the toddlers. Auntie Fonda said that Asher was back in Hong Kong, and I knew this was the last Sunday I'd see Charissa and Caleb. Little Margaret complained of an itch on her leg - I looked at it, and determined that it wasn't too bad. Amanda said that I was a blueberry... I know I was wearing my blue Engrish shirt and a pair of pants which Eric described as "grape-ish," but come on! The kids had fun pretending that the Jenga blocks (previously "dominoes") were strawberry, chocolate, and cake... but we had to put a stop to their pretending that the blocks were pee and poo! When Auntie Fonda said that it was her turn to provide the snacks, I told her that she was too late! Hahaha! Buying an extra box or two of cookies / biscuits every few weeks is NOT going to break my budget of what is affordable and what isn't! ;)

Gave them one white chocolate chip cookie each (Auntie Fonda wouldn't take one since she has diabetes), mentally re-calibrated the tea biscuit distribution for the next few weeks, and ate a cookie myself before giving one to Amanda's sister Hannah S. When I went downstairs, I gave the other two (still inside the Ziploc bag) to Ada for her sons Ian and Sean, who said hi to me. Sean was taking one of Ian's gummy candies from HIS large Ziploc bag, haha. I looked for Auntie Rebecca, and finally found her talking to Uncle Edwin at the reception desk. Sure, I could have put my form in her box, but I thought it was better to give it to her in person instead of trying to figure out which box by the elevator is hers!

Drank some water from the cooler, then figured that maybe I should give my grandma some. So I took a fresh cup for that purpose; she thought that I'd drank from it already! No way, man! Then I entertained myself by talking to Gerard, Nina, and Emily. One of their friends had a box full of maple cookies, which SMELLED way too sweet! Discussed those cookies, having lots of sugar in general, sour candy, my family, summer camp, and more. Nina and Emily's questions were reminiscent of the ones I asked people when I was their age! (almost nine, and ten) "Do you have an older brother or sister? What are their names? Where are they? Does your dad go to church, too? How old is your mom?" (Nina, on my mother and her age: "She looks old, but she also looks young!") Told them that my dad was also an Uncle Alan (they were waiting for Alan to drive them home), and they said that there were a lot of Uncle Alans in the church. Well, there is Winnie and John's dad, plus Edwin and Karen's dad who just died, but they don't need to know THAT!

Went to lunch at Tsui Woo with Pastor Fulton, Auntie Teresa, Alan, Polly, and my family. Grandma seemed very surprised that Jon and Harmony weren't with us, but I told her that Jon had gone for lunch. There is NO WAY that I have the skills to translate "Grouse Grind / hiking" into Chinese for her! Learned that Polly is Conrad and Clementine's aunt - I remember them from years ago, plus their parents Kim (guy) and Sharon! Apparently, they're at Willingdon now. Also learned that Pastor Fulton is 71 and retired. I had my book for company, yay! Saw Darren briefly since he was there with his family too. When the bill came, Alan attempted to put some money in for it, but he was foiled by Grandma - of course, you're not going to fight an old lady for the bill!

On the way home, Grandma experienced some distress as she couldn't find her knitting bag... it had been given to Darren's family. Guess I'll have to really watch her belongings if she takes them out of the house! "White Kid" (Eric) and I will have to convince her to leave her knitting bag at home when we go "cham gah" (my rough translation of "congratulate," which might very well be wrong!) Jon at the grad banquet next Friday, haha. I'm sure if I invoke her grandson's name, she'll do it... well, hopefully. She'd better not forget that it's Sunday if Eric has to be at church early for sound duty or worship those two mornings! Yikes!

Richie tagged a couple of photos from the Granville Island scavenger hunt:

Let's see if we can all fit in the kids' entrance to the Kids' Market! (Grace, Vivian, me, Richie, Jeremy)

WORK IT! ("Performance WORKS") I have plenty of "working it!" experience because I am an NG, haha. [Vivian, Jeremy, Grace, me, Shally]

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Tea biscuits in Ziploc bags, digestive biscuits ready to be mailed

This thing restarted overnight! Earlier last night, I packed a bunch of tea biscuits in Ziploc bags for the toddler Sunday School, so I wouldn't have to take a box to the townhouse later this month. (I ate the leftovers) I can't believe it's August already! Also made sure to put the box of digestive biscuits in one of my knapsacks so I hopefully won't forget to mail it to Corey at some point. Corey linked me to a video on how to do a keg stand - that would be a bad idea for me, and he KNOWS it!

I've learned my parents are going to Ireland, Scotland, and England on their cruise: Guernsey, Cork, Blarney Castle, Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, and Paris! Must talk to Eric tomorrow about a ride to and from church (for both me and Grandma) on the 16th and 23rd. From what he said last night, I think a ride for us to the grad banquet on the 14th is pretty much assured unless we both end up forgetting. That would be a BAD thing to do! I like how Mom explicitly told Jon to make sure he takes Big G out, hahaha.

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