Saturday, August 07, 2010

BORING_PEOPLE Chat 5, Part 2 [08.07.10]

Cast of Characters, in Order of Appearance angelcerv25, AKA Angel (angelcerv25) me, AKA Leslie (glowing_dragon) Flagrant3D3lict0, AKA Chandi (amigone) AmethystBrackish, AKA Kat (brackishkitten) Mikaela, AKA embryogirl julieiskeygrace, AKA Julie (keygrace) NyquilSteve317, AKA Steve (nyquilsteve317) PrettyKitty51015, AKA Lauren (laurentums) [19:24:12] angelcerv21: whatcha guys think about the wikileaks stuff? [19:24:51] AmethystBrackish: WTF is that? [19:25:01] angelcerv21: Wikileaks [19:25:17] Flagrant3D3lict0: I haven't heard of it. [19:25:21] angelcerv21: it's all the stuff the US gov't has been hiding about our failed wars [19:25:28] angelcerv21: and they keep decrying it [19:25:29] AmethystBrackish: I posted my if you really knew me. Kinda boring. I wanted to add more, but my ADD is like "ooohhh shiny" [19:25:44] angelcerv21: and a surprising number os US folks think it's awful what they're doing too [19:25:55] angelcerv21: but i'm like, how? we're exposing their dirty secrets, this is good [19:26:10] angelcerv21: ooh ok i'll read it [19:26:32] angelcerv21: they post all this classified stuff [19:26:33] Flagrant3D3lict0: oh wow. [19:26:36] angelcerv21: whistleblowers send it in [19:27:23] angelcerv21: the video of our military shooting up Reuters reporters, and the van that rushed in to help them, seen it? It's horrifying and it was a military secret until Private Manning sent it on to wikileaks [19:27:43] angelcerv21: now he's arrested and in a Kuwait jail, because he also sent along thousands of afghan war cables and info [19:28:18] angelcerv21: poor guy was betrayed by his friend... a former whistleblower himself, the fucking asshole heart goes out to the Manning guy [19:28:25] angelcerv21: he'll never see the light of day again [19:28:44] angelcerv21: you gotta check it out [19:29:06] Flagrant3D3lict0: :-( [19:30:24] angelcerv21: i know [19:30:29] AmethystBrackish: anyone know any good movies that are out right now? [19:30:35] Flagrant3D3lict0: I don't. [19:30:42] angelcerv21: supposedly, Inception is good [19:30:58] angelcerv21: but i go for indie movies because what they're putting out lately just sucks major monkey balls [19:31:00] AmethystBrackish: Already trying to find a copy to download [19:31:14] angelcerv21: watch Zombie Strippers [19:31:16] angelcerv21: you'll love it [19:31:18] AmethystBrackish: oh no [19:31:32] AmethystBrackish: I saw a preview for it... [19:31:38] AmethystBrackish: *shakes head* [19:31:47] angelcerv21: oh it's fun [19:32:16] angelcerv21: i did a feminist paper on it - Zombie Feminism. My teacher loved it so much, she wants me to expand to a whole new concept and submit it to the spring research symposium [19:32:27] angelcerv21: i showed the movie to my class [19:32:31] AmethystBrackish: lol [19:32:52] AmethystBrackish: Maybe I will because I love me a zombie movie [19:33:00] angelcerv21: watch XXY - a foreign film with subtitles, a little-known gem. It's about a hermaphrodite.... maybe that's why I love it so much [19:33:07] angelcerv21: i love zombies too [19:33:26] angelcerv21: 28 days and weeks later? AWESOME [19:33:36] angelcerv21: loved that take on zombies [19:33:46] AmethystBrackish: I seriously watched one of the crappiest I've ever seen just to watch them say brains everytime they bit into someone's scalp [19:34:02] angelcerv21: which one? [19:34:19] AmethystBrackish: Sadly I don't remember the title [19:34:46] AmethystBrackish: I wish I did, I'd download it. They made more of them too [19:35:03] AmethystBrackish: they were on the SyFy channel I believe [19:35:20] angelcerv21: there are some movies that are so bad they're good [19:35:23] angelcerv21: like troll 2 [19:36:06] *** julieiskeygrace has joined the chat. [19:36:18] angelcerv21: we got another one [19:36:25] julieiskeygrace: oo people are here! hooray! [19:36:31] angelcerv21: yep not tons but a few of us [19:36:47] julieiskeygrace: better than zero :-) [19:36:54] angelcerv21: nyquilsteve may come later he said, he's on his phone [19:36:57] AmethystBrackish: Have you ever watched a movie and thought this movie is awesome, then a couple years later you watch it again and think that it's the worst acting you've ever seen [19:36:58] angelcerv21: hahahaha [19:37:05] angelcerv21: hmm.... [19:37:13] julieiskeygrace: man this is such a novelty :-P [19:37:22] julieiskeygrace: i have never ever used aim to talk to anyone before [19:37:32] angelcerv21: it's new for me too [19:37:43] angelcerv21: i got it for the express reason of talking to BP friends [19:37:56] Flagrant3D3lict0: :| [19:37:56] angelcerv21: normally i'm a yahoo chatter [19:38:03] julieiskeygrace: sorry if i'm interrupting some deep conversation with my giddiness :-P yeah same, i'm normally msn [19:38:23] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm suffering from best-friend-gets-a-girlfriend-and-ditches-me-while-completely-ignoring-my-feelings syndrome. [19:38:26] angelcerv21: we were discussing movies...can't think of a movie i loved then didn't like later... [19:38:41] angelcerv21: is your best friend male or female or something else? [19:38:47] Flagrant3D3lict0: male [19:38:49] angelcerv21: aw [19:38:52] Flagrant3D3lict0: He thinks with his cock. [19:38:58] Flagrant3D3lict0: he's ignored his kid [19:39:05] angelcerv21: i'm not fully male, but i do that sometimes too [19:39:11] angelcerv21: he has a kid? [19:39:12] angelcerv21: damn [19:39:23] Flagrant3D3lict0: I met his ex-girlfriend in high school - they were together for 7 years, and I got to know him. [19:39:32] Flagrant3D3lict0: He warned me he is Shiva - he destroys what he cares about. [19:39:45] angelcerv21: shiva doesn't do that [19:40:03] angelcerv21: shiva has a glorified fierceness, but is not destructive toward love [19:40:36] julieiskeygrace: uft, not a good syndrome.. i've had that before.. he sounds not cool [19:40:56] angelcerv21: i'm furious with my now "ex girlfriend"... ew, what an ugly word... but i miss her, too [19:41:27] julieiskeygrace: no wonder, its still not been that long, has it? [19:41:28] Flagrant3D3lict0: He's awesome. I love him dearly. [19:41:33] angelcerv21: she hasn't been home in days... she came home today because she was here when i got home, and then she promptly left [19:41:54] angelcerv21: she told me july 21 she didn't want me anymore [19:43:34] julieiskeygrace: i really really want to say something comforting, but i'm aware how insincere EVERYTHING sounds over IM, but I really feel for you, my bf dumped me... not quite so brutally, but in the same "don't love you any more fashion" ... it took me so goddamn long to get over, so I do kind of understand how it feels [19:43:37] julieiskeygrace: its awful [19:43:50] angelcerv21: hang on [19:44:17] angelcerv21: my increasingly annoying neighbor [19:44:38] angelcerv21: calls me "angie" and always needs my phone, vacuum, something or other [19:44:49] julieiskeygrace: hahaha, nice.. [19:44:53] angelcerv21: my vacuum sucks at sucking, so i said no [19:45:21] julieiskeygrace: lol good (y) is it not pretty late to be hoovering anyway, or is it still early there? [19:45:37] angelcerv21: it's 7:45 PM right now [19:45:40] angelcerv21: not too late [19:45:48] angelcerv21: i don't have to take my meds till 9 [19:45:58] angelcerv21: and even then, they take awhile to put me to sleep [19:46:15] julieiskeygrace: ahhh, still late enough... you managing to get some sleep nowadays? [19:46:40] angelcerv21: yeah, the meds help with that, but i'm groggy in the morning unless i have coffee, which is a crucial morning thing [19:46:56] angelcerv21: i didn't sleep much last night, i didn't take my meds [19:47:18] *** AmethystBrackish has left the chat. [19:47:29] julieiskeygrace: ah yeah, I used to be like that with energy drinks... just a bad habit, though... managed to get out of it. was last night the night out I think i read about? [19:47:30] angelcerv21: aw, another one down [19:47:34] julieiskeygrace: awww, guttin [19:47:39] angelcerv21: yeah [19:47:45] julieiskeygrace: how was it? [19:47:46] angelcerv21: i was drinking [19:47:51] julieiskeygrace: bad idea? [19:47:51] angelcerv21: it was a fun show [19:47:58] angelcerv21: the paddles and pasties show [19:48:07] angelcerv21: i had been going over a year, with my girlfriend [19:48:29] angelcerv21: i wasn't going to go but this friend i have, colin, knew she wasn't going to be there, so he talked me in to coming [19:48:33] angelcerv21: he has a big crush on me [19:48:58] angelcerv21: i was only going to stay an hour or so, and just take my drugs later [19:49:16] angelcerv21: but i ended up staying for the whole show, and getting drunk in the process - vodka tonic, hurricane, and a bloody mary [19:49:26] julieiskeygrace: awww, is he nice? (even though i'm assuming he's not an option atm), yeah that's always how it starts out... "i'll only stay for a wee bit" :-D [19:49:35] angelcerv21: hahahahaha, yep [19:49:37] angelcerv21: he's really nice [19:50:02] angelcerv21: he has global minor developmental disabilities, but you wouldn't know unless he told you (or if you live with him, as he says) [19:50:09] angelcerv21: so he gets SSI [19:50:14] julieiskeygrace: what's that? [19:50:16] angelcerv21: that's social security income [19:50:21] julieiskeygrace: ahhh right, [19:50:24] angelcerv21: an american thing for people with disabilities [19:50:33] angelcerv21: i found out i could qualify because of my bipolar [19:50:39] angelcerv21: my bipolar is pretty acute [19:50:52] julieiskeygrace: ahh yeah, we just have disability benefit. not too cryptic :-P yeah? do you need to apply for it? [19:51:00] angelcerv21: i wouldn't be surviving too well without my drugs and i don't even have my mood stabilizers which is aggravating [19:51:12] angelcerv21: yeah it's a long process, and they deny you by default [19:51:16] angelcerv21: so you have to appeal [19:51:25] angelcerv21: except colin got approved the first time [19:51:36] *** guaaaache has joined the chat. [19:51:40] angelcerv21: my neighbor has it too, for depression/anxiety [19:51:41] guaaaache: hmm [19:51:51] julieiskeygrace: sounds like here... they're so stingy... they make you do really degrading things to prove you reeeeally need it [19:51:54] angelcerv21: but he also has a felony background, what else can you do? [19:51:55] guaaaache: oh, my internet is working again [19:52:01] angelcerv21: same here [19:52:07] angelcerv21: cool, wondering where you went [19:52:13] guaaaache: what degrading things? [19:52:21] julieiskeygrace: yeah, my mum gets it, and she went for her yearly checkup thing, and they made her strip off and show them her scars... [19:52:21] angelcerv21: for SSI [19:52:23] julieiskeygrace: :S [19:52:29] angelcerv21: whoa [19:52:37] julieiskeygrace: yeah, she was really goddamned upset [19:52:38] guaaaache: what the fuck. [19:52:48] guaaaache: that's so fucking insensitive [19:53:00] julieiskeygrace: yeah, cause she had a C-section when my bro was born, and there were massive complications... they were all, prove it. [19:53:08] angelcerv21: that would trigger my bipolar for sure, anything invasive... that's why i haven't tried to go for it [19:53:25] angelcerv21: i already know how callous they are [19:53:31] julieiskeygrace: yeah from what i hear its really horrible, so if you do go for it, expect the worst :-\ [19:53:35] angelcerv21: i'm extremely private [19:53:41] julieiskeygrace: yeah same, i could never do that [19:53:53] angelcerv21: i question my ability to deal, i guess [19:54:08] angelcerv21: things that don't bother most people, little things... really bother me [19:54:11] julieiskeygrace: i'm lucky though cause i'm an incredibly healthy indivdual, worst i have is asthma :-) [19:54:14] angelcerv21: or upset me some way [19:54:14] julieiskeygrace: yeah? [19:54:24] guaaaache: like what, angel? [19:54:32] angelcerv21: well, we all deal with inconveniences [19:54:37] angelcerv21: when i have to deal with them, i lose it [19:54:48] angelcerv21: i break things, my temper shoots off, i cry, i hide for days [19:55:08] angelcerv21: i will self-medicate or hurt myself [19:55:17] angelcerv21: i will attack others [19:55:32] angelcerv21: i couldn't find my wallet one day [19:55:36] angelcerv21: this was back when i had a job [19:55:52] angelcerv21: i broke my dresser, broke my girlfriend's clock, and couldn't go to work that day [19:56:39] julieiskeygrace: wow,, is it just like your coping mechanisms don't work? [19:56:44] angelcerv21: exactly [19:56:49] angelcerv21: they are poor [19:57:09] angelcerv21: so i feel compelled to keep as much order and control in my life as possible [19:57:17] angelcerv21: then i'm not so ... prone to anger and aggrvation [19:57:22] angelcerv21: but shit is inevitable [19:57:25] julieiskeygrace: yeah understandably, that must be awful [19:57:27] guaaaache: I don't cope well with things either, but I usually just shut down and refuse to do something [19:57:46] guaaaache: I can't handle stress at all, and I don't know how I can learn to [19:58:13] julieiskeygrace: yeah? stress is one of those awful things i find that you just never get used to :-\ [19:58:18] angelcerv21: stress, when it is about school, actually helps push me a bit [19:58:25] julieiskeygrace: yeah same for uni [19:58:30] angelcerv21: if it's at work, i alienate [19:58:30] guaaaache: it seems to motivate a lot of people [19:58:38] julieiskeygrace: it'll give me a kick up the arse [19:58:48] guaaaache: but I seem to get stressed way more easily than other people [19:58:57] angelcerv21: i think my temper and lack of control might calm down if i could just get my damn lithium or depakote [19:59:11] guaaaache: even if I have to answer a question in class, I start feeling anxious... and if I'm not sure, I get it wrong... I stop responding until the teacher moves on [19:59:11] Flagrant3D3lict0: I hated meds :-( [19:59:17] angelcerv21: but they're saying no psychiatrist til october! I forsee myself going to the emergency room before that [19:59:24] angelcerv21: i don't like them either [19:59:29] angelcerv21: but i'm worse off without them [19:59:31] Flagrant3D3lict0: I gained 90 lbs on Risperdal. [19:59:38] Flagrant3D3lict0: Now I'm fat and crazy instead of crazy [20:00:01] angelcerv21: oh my goodness, really? Did it increase your appetite? [20:00:09] Flagrant3D3lict0: It was horrible. It really did. [20:00:16] angelcerv21: wow [20:00:27] angelcerv21: my Seroquel does that, but I need to gain weight bad [20:00:38] Flagrant3D3lict0: Seroquel left me somnolent through the day [20:00:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: even at 25 mg [20:00:40] julieiskeygrace: i remember my dad always told me when i was stressed to make a list of all the things that were bothering me, then score off the ones i had no control over, then score off the ones i can't fix right now, then what i was left with was like one or two things, so it calmed me down a lot.. i do that a lot. [20:00:42] julieiskeygrace: brb toilet [20:01:08] Flagrant3D3lict0: Bipolar isn't my issue though, it's something else [20:01:12] angelcerv21: I weigh as much as my 16 year old self, almost 25 though [20:01:14] angelcerv21: what is it? [20:01:25] Flagrant3D3lict0: PTSD. [20:01:32] angelcerv21: the things i can't control bother me more and more, even when i tell myself i have no control...that scares me more [20:01:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: the atypical antipsychotics helped my brain stop doing the non-stop racing thing [20:01:40] angelcerv21: I've been diagnosed with that too [20:01:53] angelcerv21: right, that's why they give them to me too [20:02:08] angelcerv21: the atypical line of them are used for lots of things besides actual psychoticism [20:02:20] Flagrant3D3lict0: *nods* [20:02:48] angelcerv21: i've been diagnosed with that, but psychoticism is usually accompanied with something else, is caused, at least in me, by other aggravating factors [20:03:00] angelcerv21: that's when they put me in restraints recently at the hospital [20:03:09] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm a psych major. It was hard to read the parts in my book about PTSD. [20:03:18] guaaaache: me too! [20:03:23] Flagrant3D3lict0: whee!! [20:03:24] guaaaache: I mean the psych major part [20:03:27] angelcerv21: I'm a psych major too, and it's been most therapeutic sometimes [20:03:34] Flagrant3D3lict0: It's the wounded healer thing. [20:03:37] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:03:39] guaaaache: it sometimes depresses me [20:03:43] Flagrant3D3lict0: It's a path of self-discovery. [20:03:55] angelcerv21: the psych I saw after the bad hospital incident said lots of mentally ill folks get degrees in it [20:04:05] guaaaache: I've heard that too [20:04:10] angelcerv21: he showed me a book about bipolar and psychosis disorderd written by a lady with bipolar [20:04:13] guaaaache: we're more likely to be interested in it, I suppose? [20:04:21] Flagrant3D3lict0: well, we certainly have a vested interest. [20:04:27] angelcerv21: intensely [20:04:31] angelcerv21: this shit affects us directly [20:04:35] Flagrant3D3lict0: but now that I'm "better" or "functional," I want to help others too. [20:04:47] guaaaache: more likely to be able to come up with new solutions and treatment, I'd say [20:04:50] angelcerv21: the stigma terrifies me... I think by majoring in it and getting a PhD, I can hide it better or something [20:04:52] guaaaache: since we can better understand how things would work out [20:05:20] guaaaache: I'm terrified of not being smart enough to finish [20:05:41] angelcerv21: i'm terrified of not being accepted to grad school [20:05:43] guaaaache: and i'm childish so I can't motivate myself well to do things even if I want them badly [20:05:46] Flagrant3D3lict0: When I took a class on counseling, it said that a number of counselors (what I want to persue) are indeed 'wounded healers' [20:05:54] Flagrant3D3lict0: Angel - have you considered athabasca university? [20:06:01] Flagrant3D3lict0: they have an open program for a Master of Counselling [20:06:10] Flagrant3D3lict0: that's where I go - it's all online/distance learning [20:06:21] Flagrant3D3lict0: that way I can work 32 hours/week and still take 4 classes [20:06:26] angelcerv21: they should be... how can a mentally healthy person really relate to the suffering of a mentally ill person? How can someone who's never had anything bad happen to them really relate? [20:06:34] angelcerv21: athabasca, where is that? [20:06:49] angelcerv21: oh online wouldn't work for me [20:06:58] guaaaache: that's why I dislike most of the people in my classes... they're all so normal [20:06:58] Flagrant3D3lict0: Northern alberta, Canada [20:07:14] Flagrant3D3lict0: Angel - you hit the nail on the head. [20:07:15] guaaaache: if they weren't, I think I could tell from various hints... but maybe I'm being arrogant [20:07:18] angelcerv21: i require structure, classes i have to get up and go to, teachers i have to face [20:07:42] Flagrant3D3lict0: ohh. I'm all "this bed feels great" and I'm smart as hell so classrooms make me crazy. [20:07:42] angelcerv21: no it makes sense [20:07:51] julieiskeygrace: I completely agree with that, I don't mean it in a bad way but I have no idea what any of you are talking about, and even if I did know the definitions of the conditions and read up on material, still like shit would I have any idea what you're talking about! [20:08:07] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [20:08:18] angelcerv21: i think that's what my gf doesn't want to admit [20:08:27] angelcerv21: she doesn't want to deal with my mental illness side [20:08:30] angelcerv21: anymore [20:08:36] julieiskeygrace: its no bad thing, if you've not had the experience then you can't know it.. [20:08:41] angelcerv21: i think the time i was in the hospital scared her over the edge [20:08:50] julieiskeygrace: but just admit that... [20:08:51] julieiskeygrace: yeah? [20:08:57] julieiskeygrace: when was that? [20:09:25] angelcerv21: um...june i think or close to july i'd have to examine my livejournal because i recorded it there [20:09:34] Flagrant3D3lict0: brb. I'm thirsty. [20:09:47] guaaaache: is it weird that this chat is wearing me out a little? [20:09:52] julieiskeygrace: really? [20:10:08] angelcerv21: cops found me unresponsive in the streets and they threw me to the ground, i don't remember that well, but then i was taken to the hospital and they had me tied to the bed and i was freaking out, lost all control and they sedated me and i woke up hours later [20:10:14] angelcerv21: no, it's ok [20:10:24] Flagrant3D3lict0: How come it's wearing you out? [20:10:27] angelcerv21: it's normal when you're chatting with more than one person [20:10:34] guaaaache: it's hard for me to follow conversations that involve lots of people [20:10:45] guaaaache: it's much worse in real life, though [20:10:47] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:10:51] julieiskeygrace: yeah! (its also normal when its ten past four in the morning!) [20:10:52] guaaaache: even talking with two other people is really hard [20:11:01] angelcerv21: you've been up all night? [20:11:11] julieiskeygrace: yeah, i get worn out even listening to a bunch of other folk talk! [20:11:11] guaaaache: it's 13:11 here [20:11:15] angelcerv21: 4 of us in here, so yeah... [20:11:21] julieiskeygrace: yeah finished work at 1 AM and just been sittin up since [20:11:43] julieiskeygrace: had a couple of ciders with my mate but she's off to bed and i'm still wiiiide awake so i'm just online... [20:11:51] julieiskeygrace: playing cafeworld.. cause i'm awesome... [20:12:03] guaaaache: lol oh god [20:12:06] angelcerv21: gf texted me [20:12:17] julieiskeygrace: uuft, what she saying? [20:12:26] angelcerv21: she said you going out tonight? [20:12:37] angelcerv21: and wants to come over and smoke some weed.... i'm like, you live here... [20:12:52] julieiskeygrace: "how about suck my nuts bitch" would be my response [20:12:52] julieiskeygrace: =-OP [20:12:54] julieiskeygrace: * :-P [20:12:59] angelcerv21: i want to believe me i do [20:13:19] angelcerv21: but i am dependent on her at this point, and she has been humane enough to say she doesn't want to leave me hanging [20:13:28] julieiskeygrace: yeah.. have you spoken to her much since she left? [20:13:39] angelcerv21: so she pays the bills and i struggle for independence and when i have it i'm gone and i never want to see her again [20:13:41] angelcerv21: no [20:13:45] angelcerv21: she hasn't been home in days [20:13:54] angelcerv21: and i haven't smoked in 6 days [20:14:00] angelcerv21: i just told her that [20:14:46] angelcerv21: i don't mean to be hostile....but i guess i am coming across as such because she avoids me [20:14:56] julieiskeygrace: you've got every right to be hostile [20:15:01] julieiskeygrace: you've not done anything wrong here [20:15:01] angelcerv21: i got home earlier and she was here and then she left real quick, but she did tell me where she's been staying [20:15:16] angelcerv21: i feel like i have [20:15:26] angelcerv21: i still feel like i did something [20:15:33] angelcerv21: it was so out of the blue [20:15:37] guaaaache: sounds like the hostility is warrented [20:15:52] guaaaache: to me it sounds like she just was in denial about her feelings and then cracked? [20:15:55] angelcerv21: i thought our relationship was good, i thought she could "handle me" so to speak i thought she had my back [20:16:01] guaaaache: seems like she's still unwilling to address them to a certain extent [20:16:02] angelcerv21: yeah [20:16:16] angelcerv21: she's "confused and doubtful" [20:16:17] julieiskeygrace: then you get to be any way you need to be.. if she hasn't explained her actions, then you don't need to justify yours [20:16:20] angelcerv21: says she has been for a long time [20:16:30] angelcerv21: hmm interesting [20:16:51] angelcerv21: she has only sat and talked with me two times since that day [20:16:57] angelcerv21: july 21, seared into my memory [20:17:30] angelcerv21: and both times, told me she didn't want to just cut me off because she knows i have no income and stuff, but that she wants to be single [20:17:48] julieiskeygrace: christ, that must be horrible... [20:18:10] julieiskeygrace: any breakups i've been through, the only thing that's made me ok is the ability to tell the person not to speak to me anymore... [20:18:12] angelcerv21: i told her we're stronger together, but i'll get out of her life if that's what she wants. I need time, of course [20:18:23] angelcerv21: she said she hopes i don't cut her off "like all my other friends" [20:18:31] angelcerv21: I said that looking at her hurts [20:18:37] guaaaache: I guess the fact that she won't leave you hanging is something at least [20:19:07] angelcerv21: yeah that's why I don't want to be a total asshole because of the economic hard though! [20:19:14] angelcerv21: i'm pissed [20:19:16] guaaaache: (unrelated - I have a huge craving for steak) [20:19:19] angelcerv21: mmmm [20:19:22] angelcerv21: i want meat too [20:19:23] guaaaache: yeah I don't blame you [20:19:29] julieiskeygrace: mmmm i fancy some steak too [20:19:34] angelcerv21: someone mentioned pizza while back and ever since... [20:19:40] julieiskeygrace: i had a baked potato and prawns earlier, was amazing [20:19:42] guaaaache: I have like $20 which has to last until the 6th of August [20:19:48] guaaaache: I'm kind of freaking out and don't want to eat [20:19:52] angelcerv21: hahaha i am in a similar situaiton [20:19:55] guaaaache: 16th [20:20:14] angelcerv21: i have made some money online selling stuff but it takes awhile to transfer from paypal to my bank acct [20:20:20] julieiskeygrace: aww guys my brother's the same.. i've been buying him food left right and centre cause he's so ridiculously skint and just not eating [20:20:22] guaaaache: I just ate this soup I made with left over vegetables and chicken bones for flavour but i'm still hungry :-( [20:20:39] angelcerv21: soup doesn't do it for me [20:20:45] angelcerv21: i'm just as hungry after eating it toop [20:20:46] julieiskeygrace: i'll order you a domino's :-P [20:20:47] angelcerv21: too [20:20:51] angelcerv21: wow really???? [20:20:53] angelcerv21: hahahaha [20:20:53] guaaaache: it was all I could think of to do with the leftover stuff [20:21:09] julieiskeygrace: i could actually *-) i just got paid yesterday :-P [20:21:25] angelcerv21: but aren't you in scotland? [20:21:32] angelcerv21: she's here [20:21:36] guaaaache: I feel tremendously guilty when people buy things for me. I don't know why [20:21:40] angelcerv21: me too [20:21:40] julieiskeygrace: yeah that's one major flaw in this plan :-P [20:21:45] julieiskeygrace: yeah me three [20:21:51] angelcerv21: i do too [20:22:00] angelcerv21: colin paid for me to get in the show [20:22:07] guaaaache: yesterday one of my friends bought me 2 coffees and muffin, a chorizo roll and gave me $20 for travel costs [20:22:13] angelcerv21: i felt the need to pay him back by buying him a drink and the mac and cheese bites [20:22:16] guaaaache: then he told me he bought me a ticket for a concert next weekend [20:22:22] guaaaache: I'm grateful but feel horrible [20:22:59] angelcerv21: aw [20:23:01] guaaaache: oh we also had chocolate milkshakes [20:23:01] angelcerv21: that is nice [20:23:02] guaaaache: gah [20:23:28] guaaaache: I know, he's a really good friend. I hope one day I can make it up to him [20:24:18] guaaaache: I need to try and save money because I'm going to adelaide in october... [20:24:22] julieiskeygrace: aw that's really nice, being on the flipside of that transaction i'd say when i buy shit for folk, so long as they say they'll pay me back when the tables are turned i'm happy :-) he'd never have done it if it wasn't cool [20:24:40] julieiskeygrace: i've heard of adelaide... *-) [20:24:45] guaaaache: it happens often though and I can never pay him back so far [20:24:54] guaaaache: I've never been so looking forward to it [20:24:59] julieiskeygrace: sorry that's meant to be a wee thinking guy emoticon... i'm used to msn ones [20:25:07] guaaaache: my uncle lives there now, that's why I'm going [20:25:13] angelcerv21: i try not to accept things from others when i am not in a position to give back [20:25:25] angelcerv21: my case worker says my pride is holding me back from accepting help [20:25:28] angelcerv21: like the food bank thing [20:25:33] angelcerv21: oh we go back and forth... [20:25:43] julieiskeygrace: food bank? [20:25:46] guaaaache: my pride gets in the way of things too [20:25:57] guaaaache: but it's more like asking for help with uni work when I don't get it [20:26:03] guaaaache: which caused me to fail two of my classes las semester [20:26:09] angelcerv21: yeah it's another american thing [20:26:32] angelcerv21: a place with food so it's different than food stamps because you use those at a grocery store [20:26:35] julieiskeygrace: ahh thought so.. like food benefits? all we have is food vouchers, mainly for baby food [20:26:41] angelcerv21: but i can't be anonymous at the food bank [20:26:54] guaaaache: we don't have anything like that as far as I know... [20:27:03] angelcerv21: yeah, we have WIC - women, infants, and children... those are vouchers for baby and child stuff [20:27:14] angelcerv21: food banks? [20:27:25] guaaaache: I don't think so [20:27:32] angelcerv21: there are a few here [20:27:47] angelcerv21: but you have to enroll, give them personal info, all this stuff... humiliating [20:27:48] julieiskeygrace: yeah.. some people get vouchers in, they're worth £2.80 each, and you're only allowed to buy things like fresh fruit and veg and powdered milk and nappies with them [20:27:58] julieiskeygrace: you get so many people coming into the shop trying to buy booze with them [20:28:00] julieiskeygrace: its ridiculous [20:28:03] angelcerv21: wow [20:28:06] guaaaache: yeah, we so don't have that [20:28:34] guaaaache: the only special considerations I could remember getting when I was unemployed was to get half price travel costs and sometimes they'd buy me clothes if I needed them for job interviews [20:28:36] angelcerv21: you can buy anything with foodstamps except that and people are pushing to make it so you can't buy candy and soda and stuff like that with them too, only legitimate food [20:28:40] julieiskeygrace: because you only get them if you're in need of help and you have a young child, and these folk spend them on freaking tesco value lager [20:28:47] julieiskeygrace: ahh right, that makes sense [20:29:14] angelcerv21: goodwill gives people clothes for interviews and stuff too [20:29:29] angelcerv21: when i worked there, i remember giving homeless people blankets and hats and stuff [20:29:39] angelcerv21: i was a supervisor so i had that power [20:29:53] julieiskeygrace: ah that's pretty cool, we don't really have anything like that.. apart from the SVDP I guess, but that's just a charity thing that helps people out its not like a govt thing [20:30:18] angelcerv21: lots of welfare programs here, from food to housing [20:30:19] guaaaache: I got a voucher, but had to go to a specific store and then get someone to leave their signature on the voucher to say that I had bought appropriate clothes that would suit for interviews and work [20:30:37] angelcerv21: i've even been given info about an organization that helps people with no income get housing [20:31:05] julieiskeygrace: i think that's pretty ridiculous when it comes to people who need it.. but you hear of so many arseholes that use the benefits for rubbish [20:31:10] angelcerv21: but that won't help me much if i still can't buy food, pay my car insurance, pay for my phone and my storage unit with all my books [20:31:18] angelcerv21: americans do too [20:31:26] angelcerv21: gives the ones who really need it a bad name [20:32:02] angelcerv21: guaaaache i did that at goodwill too! lots of vouchers of that fashion [20:32:21] angelcerv21: teri has pink eye [20:32:21] julieiskeygrace: yeah definitely, its like going on the dole (jobseekers allowance) ... my brother had to do it for a while, but he said he went up to the office, and there's these dickheads just lying on the floor in the office.. [20:32:22] angelcerv21: shit [20:32:53] julieiskeygrace: pink eye? yargh.. [20:33:00] angelcerv21: she says it's coming in both eyes [20:33:11] angelcerv21: they sent her home from work today... that's why she was here earlier [20:33:24] julieiskeygrace: i've only ever heard the 'comedy movie' way of getting that [20:33:27] guaaaache: being on the dole was shit [20:33:41] guaaaache: the job agencies don't have enough time or money to help you properly [20:33:48] angelcerv21: same here [20:33:59] guaaaache: and they have to justify every dollar they spend, and have a ridiculously low budget anyway [20:34:04] angelcerv21: manpower, labor ready....they are flooded with people desperate for work [20:34:34] angelcerv21: isn't pink eye really contagious? [20:34:38] julieiskeygrace: yeah.. anyone i know that's on it is on it cause they say they make more money out of it than working [20:34:43] julieiskeygrace: yeah from what i hear, very [20:34:48] angelcerv21: great [20:34:55] angelcerv21: (that was sarcasm) [20:35:01] julieiskeygrace: thought so [20:35:07] julieiskeygrace: or hoped so anyway [20:35:13] angelcerv21: hahaha [20:35:14] guaaaache: it's not like that here, you can't really survive on the dole until you have dependents [20:35:20] angelcerv21: welfare sometimes pays more than work [20:35:36] angelcerv21: if all you can find is minimum wage (which isn't a living wage and was never meant to be) [20:35:43] guaaaache: here you get less in a fortnight than most people would make in a week [20:35:45] angelcerv21: then welfare is a better option [20:35:49] julieiskeygrace: yeah? here you just get it when you're unemployed.. if you fuck up enough they give you a house, if you get yourself knocked up and tell them you don't know who the daddy is they give you a two bedroom flat [20:36:03] angelcerv21: wow [20:36:17] angelcerv21: we seem to condone baby making all the world over [20:36:27] angelcerv21: i hate the fact people keep breeding [20:36:34] angelcerv21: too many people as it is [20:36:41] guaaaache: me too, I'm on VEHMNS side [20:36:48] guaaaache: or whatever they're called [20:36:48] angelcerv21: what's that? [20:37:08] julieiskeygrace: yeah... i was really pissed off cause when i moved to halls a couple years ago and was really struggling and had no money, i found out my cousin had gotten herself knocked up and she got a massive new flat and about £600 a month in benefits [20:37:12] julieiskeygrace: makes me want to cry [20:37:26] guaaaache: [20:37:33] Flagrant3D3lict0: hi? [20:37:34] angelcerv21: oh i know.... rewarding irresponsible behavior [20:37:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: Still chatting? [20:37:39] angelcerv21: hi hi [20:37:42] angelcerv21: yep [20:37:44] guaaaache: yup [20:37:47] Flagrant3D3lict0: awesome. [20:38:28] Flagrant3D3lict0: I should write in my journal. [20:38:53] angelcerv21: guaaaache i'm saving that site, that's totally the shit i preach hahahaha [20:39:15] Flagrant3D3lict0: woo post secret updated! [20:39:27] angelcerv21: teri loves that.... [20:39:46] julieiskeygrace: aw i've heard of post-secret, someone was ravin on about it on facebook [20:39:57] angelcerv21: she says her eye hurts, she's sitting in the kitchen eating advil and smoking pot [20:40:09] julieiskeygrace: what's advil? [20:40:11] angelcerv21: should i go sit with her? [20:40:16] angelcerv21: pain reliever [20:40:18] julieiskeygrace: ahh [20:40:19] angelcerv21: ibuprofen [20:40:24] julieiskeygrace: ah i know that one [20:40:25] angelcerv21: tylenol [20:40:29] angelcerv21: those kinds of things [20:40:30] julieiskeygrace: yep gotcha [20:40:40] angelcerv21: we prefer advil and stuff because it doesn't have aspirin in it [20:41:01] julieiskeygrace: i've heard of tylenol although its not that common here, ibuprofen's the biggy, advil's not one i've heard of [20:41:11] julieiskeygrace: or at least i've heard the name but never known what it was [20:41:22] angelcerv21: it's the same difference, ibuprofen is the generic advil, so cheaper [20:41:40] angelcerv21: she's all dressed up sexy [20:41:44] angelcerv21: god [20:41:46] julieiskeygrace: ahh cool i guess anadin is our equivalent [20:41:49] angelcerv21: i'll never have sex with her again [20:41:50] julieiskeygrace: on purpose? [20:41:52] angelcerv21: (Cries) [20:42:00] angelcerv21: i think so [20:42:03] angelcerv21: she's going out [20:42:05] julieiskeygrace: ...bitch.. [20:42:33] julieiskeygrace: i'm allowed to hate her, its the generic chick thing to hate someone's ex-girlfriend (sorry, i know that still sounds weird to hear) [20:42:38] angelcerv21: i've posted pics in my journal.... she's gorgeous [20:42:45] angelcerv21: hahahaha it's ok [20:42:53] angelcerv21: i'm hating her / loving her right now [20:43:04] julieiskeygrace: still hating her.. :-) i'll have a look [20:44:29] julieiskeygrace: ah i see her, you're right, she is a really lovely-looking girl.. [20:44:43] julieiskeygrace: but i still maintain my hatred.. [20:44:50] angelcerv21: i don't blame you [20:45:06] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [20:45:18] angelcerv21: aw her internet is screwing up again [20:45:28] julieiskeygrace: aww... where's she from btw? [20:45:33] julieiskeygrace: gauuche i mean [20:46:42] *** guaaaache has joined the chat. [20:46:44] angelcerv21: she's living in pennsylvania [20:46:48] angelcerv21: oh there she is [20:47:02] angelcerv21: philly i think [20:47:05] angelcerv21: right? [20:47:21] julieiskeygrace: ah cool, was just surprised at her knowing the phrase 'on the dole' [20:47:29] guaaaache: my internet died... but i should leave soon [20:47:41] julieiskeygrace: yeah same actually, its ten to five :-\ [20:47:47] julieiskeygrace: i have work at ten [20:47:55] angelcerv21: yeah I think I will sit with her [20:47:56] Flagrant3D3lict0: No leaving :-( [20:48:00] angelcerv21: aw [20:48:07] julieiskeygrace: or eleven.. whatever i can be bothered with... :-P [20:48:08] Flagrant3D3lict0: So sad :-( [20:48:16] angelcerv21: i have to take my drugs [20:48:33] angelcerv21: we've been chatting two hours [20:48:44] Flagrant3D3lict0: *pouts* [20:48:45] Flagrant3D3lict0: :-P [20:48:48] guaaaache: I have to go and print stuff off at the library and it closes at 4 PM [20:48:52] julieiskeygrace: heehee awwwww [20:48:53] angelcerv21: ok [20:48:56] guaaaache: it's almost 2 PM now [20:49:13] julieiskeygrace: wow, your time zone is ridiculously different from mine!! [20:49:15] guaaaache: my left nostril really hurts for some reason [20:49:22] julieiskeygrace: did you pick it? [20:49:26] angelcerv21: hahahahaha [20:49:29] julieiskeygrace: :-D [20:49:30] angelcerv21: drink water [20:49:36] guaaaache: well julie, I am on the complete opposite side of the world, so it doesn't surprise me :-D [20:49:43] angelcerv21: hydration loosens membranes all over the body [20:49:53] julieiskeygrace: yeah, that thought blows my mind [20:50:00] angelcerv21: well, we are mostly water [20:50:04] guaaaache: thanks. drinking water solves everything, it would seem [20:50:08] julieiskeygrace: kaboooooommmm [20:50:11] angelcerv21: we would die within a couple days of having no water [20:50:25] julieiskeygrace: i drank two litres of water today, was out a cycle with my dad [20:50:29] julieiskeygrace: was freaking roasting [20:50:32] angelcerv21: i've been chugging it too [20:50:36] angelcerv21: keeping the urine flow [20:50:40] angelcerv21: more i pee the better [20:50:44] guaaaache: I think I would die in a day. I seem to dehydrate really easily [20:50:49] angelcerv21: that means the weed is exiting my system [20:50:55] angelcerv21: yeah some do [20:51:06] angelcerv21: i'm gonna go, guys [20:51:12] guaaaache: I drink about 3 litres a day [20:51:12] guaaaache: lol [20:51:13] angelcerv21: same time next week? [20:51:17] guaaaache: all right [20:51:17] Flagrant3D3lict0: Nice to meet you all [20:51:19] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm amigone on LJ [20:51:22] angelcerv21: yes you too [20:51:22] Flagrant3D3lict0: if you want to add me. [20:51:27] julieiskeygrace: yeah samesies :-) nice to meet you properly [20:51:29] angelcerv21: alright make a post [20:51:31] angelcerv21: on bp [20:51:37] guaaaache: nice chatting to you all [20:51:40] angelcerv21: bye guys [20:51:42] guaaaache: I should get going too [20:51:45] julieiskeygrace: night guys :-) [20:51:51] *** angelcerv21 has left the chat. [20:52:04] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [20:52:07] *** julieiskeygrace has left the chat. [20:52:26] *** Flagrant3D3lict0 has left the chat. [21:09:17] *** NyquilSteve317 has joined the chat. [21:09:25] NyquilSteve317: oh hai [21:09:29] NyquilSteve317: i musta missed the party [21:13:01] NyquilSteve317: oh well, always some other time. [21:33:52] *** NyquilSteve317 has left the chat. [21:34:28] *** Flagrant3D3lict0 has joined the chat. [21:34:31] Flagrant3D3lict0: Anyone here? [21:38:07] *** PrettyKitty51015 has joined the chat. [21:38:23] *** PrettyKitty51015 has left the chat. [21:38:47] *** PrettyKitty51015 has joined the chat. [21:38:55] PrettyKitty51015: hahlo? [21:41:26] *** PrettyKitty51015 has left the chat. [21:45:00] *** PrettyKitty51015 has joined the chat. [21:45:33] PrettyKitty51015: So I'm bored, and I keep hoping if I come in and out of the room that something magical will happen. [21:50:35] Flagrant3D3lict0: hi? [21:50:38] Flagrant3D3lict0: dammit. [21:50:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm here. [21:50:46] PrettyKitty51015: i'm here too... >.> [21:50:47] PrettyKitty51015: <.< [21:50:52] Flagrant3D3lict0: huzzah! [21:50:56] Flagrant3D3lict0: you're... invisible. [21:50:57] PrettyKitty51015: I'm quite, quite late... [21:50:58] PrettyKitty51015: shhhh [21:51:00] PrettyKitty51015: lol [21:51:20] Flagrant3D3lict0: oh, ok!

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BORING_PEOPLE Chat 5, Part 1 [08.07.10]

This entry is allowed to have non-aligned tags. Cast of Characters, in Order of Appearance angelcerv25, AKA Angel (angelcerv25) me, AKA Leslie (glowing_dragon) Flagrant3D3lict0, AKA Chandi (amigone) AmethystBrackish, AKA Kat (brackishkitten) Mikaela, AKA embryogirl julieiskeygrace, AKA Julie (keygrace) NyquilSteve317, AKA Steve (nyquilsteve317) PrettyKitty51015, AKA Lauren (laurentums) [18:28:57] angelcerv21: hello?? [18:29:05] angelcerv21: alena? [18:32:24] AlenaBrolxFlami: hey, I was on the phone - seeing INCEPTION tonight instead of tomorrow [18:32:38] angelcerv21: i heard it is good, are you leaving then? [18:34:58] AlenaBrolxFlami: soon-ish [18:35:05] angelcerv21: ok [18:35:11] angelcerv21: are you going with friends? [18:36:07] AlenaBrolxFlami: yes - leaving now to catch the 7:30 show [18:36:17] angelcerv21: ok [18:36:19] angelcerv21: see ya [18:43:01] *** Flagrant3D3lict0 has joined the chat. [18:43:07] Flagrant3D3lict0: hi? [18:43:14] angelcerv21: hi! [18:43:20] Flagrant3D3lict0: huzzah! This works! [18:43:36] angelcerv21: yeah, it's pretty easy [18:43:49] angelcerv21: who are you on BP, what's your name there? [18:43:58] angelcerv21: or LJ in general, I guess [18:44:03] Flagrant3D3lict0: amigone [18:44:09] angelcerv21: i remember you [18:44:12] Flagrant3D3lict0: I don't post a lot. [18:44:34] Flagrant3D3lict0: brb [18:44:36] angelcerv21: is flagrant3D3lict0 your AIM sn? [18:44:37] angelcerv21: ok [18:45:11] *** AmethystBrackish has joined the chat. [18:45:52] AmethystBrackish: Hello, all [18:45:59] angelcerv21: hey hey [18:46:15] angelcerv21: just me and one other right now [18:46:25] angelcerv21: alena left to go see Inception (glowing_dragon) [18:46:25] Flagrant3D3lict0: It is my AIM SN [18:46:29] angelcerv21: ok [18:46:35] angelcerv21: i'll add you to my buddy list [18:46:39] AmethystBrackish: I just downloaded Inception [18:46:43] angelcerv21: hahahaha [18:46:45] Flagrant3D3lict0: I had to get a new one just now - it wouldn't accept the password for my old one. [18:46:45] AmethystBrackish: I'm going to jail [18:46:48] angelcerv21: you should tell her that [18:46:51] angelcerv21: hahahaha [18:47:08] angelcerv21: have you ever been to jail? [18:47:11] *** guaaaache has joined the chat. [18:47:26] AmethystBrackish: Nope, know plenty of people who have [18:47:36] angelcerv21: hey guaaaache [18:47:49] angelcerv21: what were their crimes? [18:47:53] guaaaache: hey, just saw your boring_people post if you want to add me again? [18:48:02] angelcerv21: yeah, i got you in [18:48:09] guaaaache: sweet [18:48:36] guaaaache: when does this chat usually die out? [18:48:37] AmethystBrackish: er, robbery, couple of drug ones in there, prostitution [18:48:52] angelcerv21: i' [18:48:57] angelcerv21: i've been to jail, too [18:49:03] angelcerv21: but not as an adult [18:49:20] angelcerv21: dies out when people get tired and want to go to bed [18:49:27] angelcerv21: some nights we're here for hours as people come and go [18:50:32] angelcerv21: bothers me that prostitution is illegal... if anything, they need to unionize [18:50:40] guaaaache: yeah, the last two times, I've come at around 3 PM (my time - so around 10 PM your time), and there was no one here [18:50:41] AmethystBrackish: Lol [18:50:43] Flagrant3D3lict0: Ok. back :-) [18:50:46] angelcerv21: cool [18:50:57] angelcerv21: what time is it for you all? [18:51:02] angelcerv21: for me, it is 6:50 [18:51:08] Flagrant3D3lict0: 1950 [18:51:18] guaaaache: 11:50 AM... I just woke up, so feeling guilty and lazy [18:51:22] angelcerv21: that's...7:50? [18:51:26] Flagrant3D3lict0: Ya, sorry. [18:51:34] angelcerv21: hahaha, i think i have my military time down [18:51:36] AmethystBrackish: 9:50 [18:51:41] Flagrant3D3lict0: habit from work. that's what it says on my computer. [18:51:47] angelcerv21: ah [18:51:50] angelcerv21: you're at work? [18:51:52] Flagrant3D3lict0: we have to chart using military time. [18:51:52] guaaaache: I type in 24hr time too :-) [18:51:53] Flagrant3D3lict0: Nope. [18:52:03] angelcerv21: oh ok [18:52:13] angelcerv21: are you in the military? [18:52:16] Flagrant3D3lict0: weekend off! Anniversary with the wife (bisexual married to a woman here) [18:52:23] Flagrant3D3lict0: Hell no. I work at a hospice. [18:52:32] angelcerv21: i'm trying to get a job at one of those [18:52:36] angelcerv21: but as a clerical aide [18:52:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: It's the best job I've ever had. [18:52:46] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm a CNA. [18:52:48] angelcerv21: my interview went great [18:52:51] guaaaache: I need to find a job... [18:52:58] angelcerv21: it sucks trying to find one [18:53:10] guaaaache: I haven't been trying, but I believe you [18:53:17] angelcerv21: i had an interview yesterday for a job I don't really want...i'd rather have the hospice clerical aide one [18:53:31] angelcerv21: but i posted about that, I think [18:53:35] angelcerv21: or maybe that was just in my journal [18:53:40] angelcerv21: i lose track [18:53:51] guaaaache: I'm thinking the best I can do is maybe work nights in a pizza place [18:53:58] guaaaache: I'm restricted to nights, but I totally can't work in a bar or anything [18:53:58] angelcerv21: peaceful [18:54:02] angelcerv21: oh my God, pizza [18:54:04] Flagrant3D3lict0: how come just nights? [18:54:07] angelcerv21: sounds delicious [18:54:09] AmethystBrackish: I'm still trying to type out that "If you really knew me" entry... [18:54:14] angelcerv21: nights are the best times to work [18:54:32] angelcerv21: i started my autobiography on LJ...some folks remember that [18:54:38] guaaaache: Just nights because I go to uni 3 and half days during the week [18:54:45] angelcerv21: if i get going, i'll go and go and go [18:54:56] Flagrant3D3lict0: I hear ya. [18:55:05] angelcerv21: i have nine parts so far [18:55:08] angelcerv21: all very long [18:55:10] angelcerv21: saved to my journal [18:55:11] guaaaache: I'd rather not work, to be honest. I just want to concentrate on study [18:55:15] angelcerv21: me too [18:55:16] Flagrant3D3lict0: when I worked in gyne surgery, I did nights. But I had to stop when I started school. [18:55:18] guaaaache: but being poor sucks [18:55:19] angelcerv21: but my gf left me [18:55:22] Flagrant3D3lict0: the nights killed me. [18:55:25] angelcerv21: i have to find an income, and get out [18:55:45] guaaaache: I have an income from the government, but it's not nearly enough [18:55:51] guaaaache: it might change one day, but not right now [18:55:52] angelcerv21: what kind of income? [18:56:10] guaaaache: student allowance for studying full time [18:56:26] guaaaache: I shouldn't even complain since most people can't even get it... the criteria is kind of ridiculous and it's hard to qualify [18:57:18] Flagrant3D3lict0: Where do you live? [18:57:28] guaaaache: Sydney, Australia. You? [18:57:55] Flagrant3D3lict0: Calgary, Canada [18:58:17] Flagrant3D3lict0: My wife and I met an Aussie yesterday at the hostel we stayed at for our anniversary [18:58:33] Flagrant3D3lict0: I knew it the moment he said 'mozzie." [18:58:34] guaaaache: Where were they from exactly? do you know? [18:58:39] guaaaache: haha, mozzie [18:58:39] Flagrant3D3lict0: I don't. [18:58:50] angelcerv21: i get financial aid through the US gov't [18:58:56] angelcerv21: but it's not enough to live on [18:59:14] guaaaache: maybe from the country [18:59:18] angelcerv21: it covers tuition and books, and it's hard to qualify for grants you don't have to pay back [18:59:29] angelcerv21: i got a scholarship this year [18:59:52] Flagrant3D3lict0: I got lucky that my loans covered my tuition, and I got some grants due to the crazy this year too. [19:00:06] guaaaache: seems like it's like all financial aid from the government is at the bare minimum [19:00:07] Flagrant3D3lict0: which means I can take time off during exams. I'm horribly unproductive when I'm overstressed. [19:00:21] guaaaache: I pay well over half of the money I get on rent alone... I really think they should take that kind of thing into consideration [19:00:21] guaaaache: one size doesn't fit all [19:00:23] angelcerv21: i get 125 in disability, but i've learned i probably qualify for a lot more [19:00:33] angelcerv21: yeah, i know [19:00:59] angelcerv21: but then you have repukes bitching about the gov't helping and supporting people, the way they bitch about welfare while at the same time decrying abortion [19:01:06] Flagrant3D3lict0: In Canada, they do - I had my landlord fill out a form [19:01:25] guaaaache: if I lived in the country, I could probably live more comfortably, but I live in one of the most expensive cities in the country [19:01:27] angelcerv21: how can you be anti-abortion, yet not willing to front the welfare to cover the costs of all those unwanted babies? A conundrum [19:01:43] guaaaache: yeah, everyone hates the unemployed here, and thinks students should just have to work [19:01:50] angelcerv21: Canada is awesome... i want to become a citizen there so bad [19:01:53] guaaaache: yeah, I really don't get it either, angel [19:01:58] angelcerv21: i would gladly renounce my American citizenship [19:02:35] angelcerv21: i just hate people so much and how much they make no sense [19:02:44] guaaaache: I want to go to Canada and speak French to people... I don't actually know anything about Canada :-( [19:02:59] angelcerv21: so easy to hate and bitch and point the finger, sitting in judgement of others instead of helping them when they need it the most [19:03:28] guaaaache: what I hate most is apathy [19:03:29] angelcerv21: where do you live? [19:03:46] angelcerv21: yeah, apathy is dangerous, just like Republican conservatism [19:03:55] AmethystBrackish: I would love to live anywhere but where I'm at now [19:04:43] angelcerv21: where does everyone live? I'm in Spokane, Washington [19:04:55] guaaaache: we're going to vote later this month, and all the people bitching and complaining don't even know how the political system works... it pisses me off. [19:04:57] angelcerv21: wow [19:05:02] guaaaache: they think it's like America [19:05:02] Flagrant3D3lict0: Spokane! That's a road trip from me! :d [19:05:02] angelcerv21: i keep up to date as much as i can on that stuff [19:05:04] angelcerv21: really? [19:05:04] angelcerv21: where are you? [19:05:05] Flagrant3D3lict0: I'm in Calgary, AB [19:05:05] angelcerv21: I've been there! [19:05:05] Flagrant3D3lict0: Spokane is... 10-ish hours? [19:05:05] AmethystBrackish: (suburb of) Philly, PA [19:05:06] angelcerv21: long time ago now... [19:05:06] angelcerv21: yeah, about [19:05:08] Flagrant3D3lict0: awesome. I love driving the mountains. [19:05:25] angelcerv21: good ol' Rockies [19:05:28] Flagrant3D3lict0: my wife and I spent the night in Radium Hot Springs - we went hiking along the Kootenay Highway :-D [19:05:37] angelcerv21: hop and a skip [19:05:47] AmethystBrackish: no Jump? [19:05:51] angelcerv21: Spokane has one thing going for it... living affordability [19:05:59] Flagrant3D3lict0: is it affordable? [19:06:06] angelcerv21: you can get studios for 200 or 300 a month, no utilities [19:06:17] angelcerv21: that's what i need now... but job first, then apartment [19:06:24] Flagrant3D3lict0: nice! [19:06:33] angelcerv21: however, there is a shortage of low income housing [19:06:47] Flagrant3D3lict0: you can't rent a room in my city for less than 500 [19:06:48] AmethystBrackish: you can get a cardboard box for that much here >_> [19:07:04] angelcerv21: Spokane did a terrible thing about four years ago...three apartment buildings in western downtown were shuttered, and hundreds of people displaced with nowhere to go [19:07:16] angelcerv21: the low income housing bracket rises, but the housing itself shrinks [19:07:51] guaaaache: you pay your rent by month in the US? [19:07:51] guaaaache: haha, at first I was thinking: "wow! that's really expensive!" [19:08:00] angelcerv21: lots of places have high costs of living... Spokane has some issues like that too in some respects [19:08:08] angelcerv21: our food prices keep going up, up, up [19:08:16] angelcerv21: then people bitch about all those forced on to food stamps [19:08:23] angelcerv21: i'm like, what the fuck did you expect? [19:08:34] angelcerv21: yes, by month [19:08:50] angelcerv21: most people have leases [19:08:55] angelcerv21: i live in a month to month [19:09:19] angelcerv21: our cigarettes cost an arm and a leg too, but i found a loophole - pipe tobacco [19:09:34] angelcerv21: i spend maybe 30 bucks a month on my smokes [19:09:38] angelcerv21: rolling my own [19:09:39] AmethystBrackish: I quit smoking about 2 months ago [19:09:42] angelcerv21: wow [19:09:43] angelcerv21: recent [19:09:44] guaaaache: if you want to get an idea of how expensive it is to live here, I pay roughly $580 a month for a room roughly the size of a tissue box... and this is unusually cheap for the area I'm in [19:09:44] guaaaache: okay, it's bigger than a tissue box [19:09:45] guaaaache: it's probably about 8 feet long [19:09:52] Flagrant3D3lict0: wow. [19:10:03] angelcerv21: big cities cost a lot [19:10:10] angelcerv21: Seattle is like that [19:10:16] angelcerv21: Spokane is a medium city [19:10:27] angelcerv21: it has this weird small town mentality [19:10:58] angelcerv21: such a nightlife though, assuming you're over 21 with money [19:11:04] angelcerv21: it was thronging last night... i was in it [19:11:06] Flagrant3D3lict0: I liked Seattle. [19:11:17] angelcerv21: i will miss living downtown, i don't think i could afford to by myself [19:11:17] AmethystBrackish: Around here, a decent 1-bedroom apartment is about $700 - $800 [19:11:26] guaaaache: i hate the taste of the tobacco you roll yourself :-( [19:11:27] angelcerv21: damn [19:11:33] angelcerv21: oh, i love it [19:11:45] angelcerv21: i smoke a filter cigarette, and i'm like this is gross [19:11:51] angelcerv21: but my tobacco is pure, too [19:11:57] angelcerv21: golden harvest is the brand [19:12:08] angelcerv21: hate the filter taste [19:12:19] Flagrant3D3lict0: I can't imagine smoking, having watched so many people die from diseases related to it. You're all free to choose, but it's totally not for me. [19:12:27] angelcerv21: see 700 or so between 2 people, not so bad [19:12:47] angelcerv21: it's becoming more popular to guilt-trip those who smoke [19:12:58] angelcerv21: therefore, as a matter of principle, i refuse to quit [19:13:20] AmethystBrackish: I used to smoke Newports. I got sick and decided it was more important to breathe, plus I hate the "just licked an ashtray" taste in my mouth in the morning [19:13:25] angelcerv21: i miss weed... it's been 6 days [19:13:34] Flagrant3D3lict0: I hope you weren't implying that I was guilt-tripping you. [19:13:35] angelcerv21: ew, Newports... hahahaha [19:13:41] angelcerv21: no, i'm not [19:13:43] Flagrant3D3lict0: Good :-) [19:14:03] AmethystBrackish: Lol. Newports are the popular brand around here [19:14:30] angelcerv21: i think if it's socially acceptable to heckle a smoker.... can I heckle you if you're obese? that is just as, if not more so, as dangerous to your health [19:15:02] angelcerv21: i tried menthol back when i was like 17... it made my throat itch after i was done smoking [19:15:10] guaaaache: if I wanted to get a 2-bedroom apartment in this same area I live in right now, it would cost $500 for one week's rent [19:15:10] guaaaache: that's the norm for this area [19:15:10] guaaaache: you'd have to get much further from the city for that to come right down [19:15:10] guaaaache: an extra 15 minutes west might slash $50-$100 off, but not much more than that [19:15:13] angelcerv21: but again, filters in general leave a gross taste [19:15:14] guaaaache: studio apartments around here are usually about $350 (again, per week) [19:15:30] guaaaache: I smoke menthols, so there's not much of an ashy taste afterwards [19:15:36] angelcerv21: week?? [19:15:41] angelcerv21: damn [19:15:46] guaaaache: just saying, I'm not suggesting you take it up again [19:15:59] AmethystBrackish: holy shit, a week? [19:16:03] angelcerv21: do you want to move farther out? [19:16:10] angelcerv21: or would that leave you too far from school? [19:16:28] angelcerv21: God, a week... i can't believe they don't just blatantly say 2000 a month... [19:17:11] AmethystBrackish: fuck that noise. You can get a decent house that you will eventually own for just over $1000 a month [19:17:24] angelcerv21: pretty much [19:17:37] angelcerv21: my friend Mike bought a 2-bedroom house for 500 a month [19:18:10] angelcerv21: it is tiny, though... like a spacious two-bedroom apt [19:18:26] angelcerv21: i've decided i don't want to own a house [19:18:28] angelcerv21: ever [19:18:36] guaaaache: we just generally quote rent by weeks here [19:18:36] guaaaache: 500 a month would be completely unheard of here [19:18:36] guaaaache: I wouldn't mind moving a little further west, actually [19:18:49] angelcerv21: would it be cheaper? [19:18:50] AmethystBrackish: My boyfriend's aunt bought a house from an auction for about $1000, fixed it for another $2000, and now I don't think they pay a mortgage [19:18:53] angelcerv21: at least you live alone [19:18:57] guaaaache: I actually already live about half an hour from my uni, so it wouldn't make a huge difference in travel time [19:18:59] guaaaache: I don't want to live near my uni because the area bores me, has no train stations, and is even more expensive than here [19:19:16] angelcerv21: yeah, my uni is a half hour away... i take the bus [19:19:25] angelcerv21: but the route is being threatened [19:21:43] guaaaache: I don't live alone, lol [19:21:43] guaaaache: I live with like 8 other people [19:21:43] guaaaache: my uni is huge. I don't understand why they don't build a train station there. it would be used by thousands of people per day [19:21:44] guaaaache: the public transport system is kind of ridiculous here, though... because everything is always revolving around the city centre [19:21:44] *** guaaaache has left the chat. [19:22:47] angelcerv21: aw, she left [19:22:58] angelcerv21: 8 people in a studio? [19:23:00] Flagrant3D3lict0: awww [19:23:23] angelcerv21: that leaves three of us [19:23:44] Flagrant3D3lict0: oh well :-)

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Jeering openly at pigs / Yummy clarinets and adagios / Tomatoes and Robin

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

SEGO (142 points; 5W, 4W, hook off LI to make LO; a good deficit-erasing word!), LORRY (200 points; 4W, 5W), JEERS (307 points; 4W, 5W, hook off AY to make JAY, hook off AX to make EX) - against Kelly F.-P.
PIG (112 points) - against Ann W. [two 4W]
OPENLY (184 points) - against Becky L.-H. [3W, two 2W - one used twice, hook off RIVET to make PRIVET]
JOKIER (160 points) - against Michaelangelo M. [2W, 4W]
CLARINET (100 points) - against Susan J. [5W]
TOKES (162 points) - against Avery M. [two 3W]
TEENS (225 points) - against Avery M. [two 5W] {different game}
TAPES (225 points) - against Pat J. [two 5W]
YUM (180 points) - against Grace A. [3W, 5W used twice, hook off MINED to make UM] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
DAFF (135 points) - against Jerry S. [5W, 3L on F]
ADAGIO (225 points) - against Karen W. [two 5W]

Vanessa H. buzzed me on Facebook chat to ask about this apartment fire, which was at 8540 Westminster Highway - it could be near my place, but is definitely not at my complex! I moved the conversation to MSN since Facebook chat gives MIME display errors (whatever those are) - we also talked about her coming home in a couple of weeks from Victoria for a few days. Gotta get those fresh steamed pork buns since apparently you can only get them frozen in Victoria's Chinatown! (her boyfriend likes them) Talked about Metrotown, Langley, Caribbean food, dishes, outlet stores, and running errands as well.

When Teunis got up, he said that it definitely wasn't time to test out tomatoes. Apparently, he'd had a severe two-hour headache from about 1:45 onwards, and an anti-inflammatory was the only thing which would help. Says it's the same reaction that he had to environmental allergies in Fort St. John, which he finds hilarious. He had (as always happens) taken the last pill, but it's a good thing that the pharmacy is right next door since he can go there on Monday to get more non-prescription drugs!

Talked about his crashed fancy computer, weights, Deb, making stir-fry, the band SAVE FERRIS being from the same California area as Gwen Stefani (Orange County), and a song on that album reminding me of HAIRSPRAY. Also discussed mosquito bites, sharing, Surrey Iranian yogurt, soy sauce, broccoli, oyster mushrooms, sharing, oyster sauce, housesitting at Robin's since his mom's away for the rest of the month, SINFEST, and his weird dream of reading a book containing British war jokes.

Apparently, there is no one central gaming location if people come from Surrey / New Westminster / Vancouver / Delta! RPG is at Scott and Alysha's tonight, heh - we'll see if they start the game late because they can, or if people need to rely on transit! Talked about MST3K-themed tramp stamps, MAPLE STORY, Aerith, funny stuff, spicy meat (sausage!) as a bonus, stretching meat out over a few days, oiling a wok, garlic, scouting out Robin's tomorrow for a possible Monday start, the summer dynamic of RPG group / jobs, gaming books, computers, work, laundry, and more. Teresa and Henry both called when I was in the washroom - seeing INCEPTION tonight works! She just got back from Rock the River because it was COLD, and Henry says he can pick me up after checking the times. WOOYEAH!

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Dream of way leaky pads / Mosquito bites / Lemonade!

I had a weird dream where a bunch of us were in a parkade with multiple levels and stairs - somehow, Denise got to hearing about a guys-only party, and told everyone else; I was very jealous! Then Christon cursed the leak, which was Eric. I apparently had "bodily sympathy" for Eric being the "leak," because I then had one of the WORST times of the month ever - leaky pads which resulted in blood on my clothing, shoes, undershirt, socks... it was everywhere, and ruined everything I chose to wear that day! Later, Anita was hugging everyone and crying - I woke up then, so couldn't figure out the reason!

I have no idea why I had the dream - I did see Christon and Eric yesterday (and also Denise's sister Julie), but I do NOT wish to have such a period! In real life, I got my first mosquito bite of the summer yesterday... maybe I've been wearing shorts too much, haha. Corey also left me a message at 5 AM to say that INCEPTION is about two and a half hours - THANK YOU for answering me! No, this is not sarcasm! Sabrina also told me and Teresa to have fun, since it's an awesome movie. Also, Eunice and Eddie have been together for nine years now - TIME FLIES! Henrik is apparently back on Facebook, but Alex is off.

You Are Pink Lemonade

You are a bit wacky and offbeat. You are all about expressing your uniqueness.

You inspire others to live a little more boldly. You are very exuberant.

People see you as independent, and they're right. You don't see it that way, though...

You're just living your life as you want to live it. You aren't necessarily making a statement.

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Saleslady and INCEPTION plans

Interesting rack of the night: ONEPICKS, against Mari V. [read this as "one picks"]

Bingo of the night:

SALESLADY (69 points) - against Donna P.

High-scoring word of the night:

WISH (532 points) - against Karen L. [4W used twice, 3W, hook off MAHJONG for a plural]

Got home and discussed testing tomatoes by eating a pizza from the grocery store, nightshade (Christon and Sheena couldn't figure it out!), weird news, sleep schedules, weights, games, Turkish Delight, cornstarch, Johnny Cash, mice, Weird Al, Judas Priest, songs, some odd band called the Virgin Prunes, his computer being VERY well-equipped to play STARCRAFT 2 and similar games, and more. Teresa says we can "get incepted" on Sunday after church, haha - Henry's been bugging her about it, and wants to come as well. Sounds good as long as she gets him to wait for me after Sunday School. (this means I'll probably have little downtime - church, movie, and then dinner - but I guess it'll be worth it!)

Trivia fact for Saturday, Aug. 7: What TV sex therapist, as a teenager, served as a sniper for the Israeli underground? German-born Ruth Westheimer, popularly known as Dr. Ruth. Orphaned during the Holocaust, she moved to the British Mandate of Palestine after World War II and was trained as a sniper by the Haganah paramilitary defense force.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Grad Banquet 2010

Went to the library to return my last library book, spent 15 minutes on the computer there, and then went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get gum - Trident White in bubblemint, pineapple, Excel Mist mango, Pina Colada, spearmint, and peppermint! Things have returned to normal in the Cambie / Jacombs universe since I was later than he was! (I got there at 6:18 since the bus HAD to have problems and delays!) Eric and I talked about Teunis still staying over here, student loans, weights, sunglasses, my being irrationally annoyed at Subway and random pedestrians / drivers, quotes from STARCRAFT 1, the specs of Teunis' computer because he might need to upgrade if he were thinking about STARCRAFT 2 (TWO GIGABYTES OF RAM?!), Jeremy's dinner (we have a ride!), DARKWING DUCK, strangers providing food, and other things on the way to church. He wondered (in song) why I'd even brought my bag if I just wanted to put it in the trunk later, but I explained that I'd had to return library books beforehand!

Things were almost about to start by the time we got to the fellowship hall, but Eric still asked Cindy whether there was anything he could help with. She told him just to sit down and enjoy the evening, so he told me that I might not want to sit with him. Of course, he had to sit at a table containing (among others) Mr. Creep / Raymond / Randal! (he told me later that they were "cool people" - I DON'T THINK SO!) After unsuccessfully trying to get a seat at the front of the room (Grace / Jose / Shally said that Emily Lam could be sitting there - but she was at my table!), I sat with Emily Lam / Joey / Quan / Cordia / Pastor John / Sarah instead.

Said hi to Amanda, the people at my table, Deb, Dylan, Carmen, Lucas, Albert, Wesley, Auntie Catherine, and others during the course of the evening. I avoided Eric's table except for when I told Christon (on the other end of that table) that Teunis and I would both be making it to the dinner. Of course, I told him about Teunis' food allergies / sensitivity, and wasn't really able to explain "nightshade" too well. (I'm not allergic to them, so wouldn't really have much cause to know...) Christon asked Sheena to see if SHE would know, since she's in the plants program - she had no idea, either. Eventually, he said that he'd have to look it up later, but "no tomatoes or Bell peppers" works for a general guideline as the menu right now doesn't have either of those two items on it.

The videos and roasts were pretty cool, even if there were issues with the sound! Quan said that Joyce had worked on most of their video for Cordia (anime / lots of eating / Comic Sans / Miley Cyrus), with Facebook and Hien distracting them - haha, not a surprise! Jonathan and the other guys who roasted Emily Tso evidently didn't really edit their speech: "We were only going to go to Fellowship once a month or so, but then we decided to go every week after seeing HER!" Apparently, the guys didn't realize how that sounded.... then Jonathan said something about someone trying to hook him up with their cousin. Uh, dude... your MOTHER is in attendance!

The Grad Committee got Olivia and her boyfriend to roast each other - apparently, their relationship consists of gaming (STARCRAFT!) and TMI like waxing legs. Okay, then - there are some things we REALLY didn't need to know! J-Mak's roast suffered from the sound issues, but basically everyone pasted a mask of him over their faces and then asked random people questions about him like "Would you ever date this guy?" Mei Lin and Julie did a mutual roast, just like in 2006! We didn't know that Julie's middle name was Melissa, Denise's middle name Ingrid, or Brian's middle name Christopher!

Sarah was surprised when I had black coffee (and had also spent the day hanging around the house, and got her mom's hacked email), Emily says Sam is coming back tomorrow morning, Deb hoped that I didn't have the GIGANTIC Bathroom reader yet (nope) and asked after Teunis (not going back up north since he's literally allergic to the place), Carmen / Deb / I talked about camping / the Philippines / too many people getting married or pregnant these days, and Mike managed to bruise Amanda while whipping a towel in her general direction. "I bruise like a PEACH!" Christon says that Harmony is likely getting burned out with the weddings she has to attend with Jon (Dave's / one in Seattle / one in Kelowna) and then the Italy trip - I'm not surprised! Upon hearing that Jon's an extreme extrovert and Harmony's an introvert, Albert said that opposites attract - so true! He and Christon were also having a talk about unhealthy issues, Asian parental caring, and more.

To hopefully avoid being annoyed by Eric cleaning up for at least 45 minutes after the end of the evening (I had to WAIT), I watched Ivan / Mike / Isaac / Amanda / Citrus / Joey play ping-pong. It didn't really work, partly because Mr. Creep also stayed behind to help with the chairs and such. (he almost injured Cindy when a stack of chairs went tumbling from a wheeled cart!) Mike could blow the ping-pong ball for a bit above his mouth, so of course Amanda had to get video of that! Later, Cindy and Sheena were trying to get us to take leftovers home - no go for me! Eric and I had to wait for Geoffrey to get a rather large salad portion when it looked like Stanley might kick us out. *sigh*

While we were leaving the parkade, Eric told me to roll down my window - he made a STARCRAFT date for an hour or so later with Mike; how cute! Having Geoffrey in the car seriously cramps my conversational style, haha. We did talk about his Houston friend visiting, Pike Place Market, chicken, "cool" people, the skewer special at the Richmond Night Market, getting gas, my bad math, brainfarts, Eric taking me too literally, implied death threats, and more. When Geoffrey was out of the car (we'll see him Sunday), I gave full vent to my feelings about my "friend" (creepers are NOT my friends!) / DARKWING / Batman / the Joker / OOZE / Teunis' perception of Mr. Creep being like someone else we both know. When I said I couldn't wait to have gum (I had some in the foyer even!), Eric joked that I wanted to make my breath kissable - NO! I forgot to tell him that Teunis has a distinct aversion to gum, but maybe on Sunday! We're going early on Sunday since he switched his week to do sound - you can't do that and play on the worship team at the same time! (well, you COULD... just not easily!)

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Nudging the peach in anatomical zippers, wrong numbers, respect, and tomatoes

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

ANATOMY (225 points) - against Kathleen M. [3W, 5W]
NUDGED (144 points) - against Robin D. [four 2W]
PEACH (285 points) - against Jodi B. [3W, 5W]
ZIP (135 points) - against Deanna W. [2W, 3W used twice, hook on ACT to make PACT]

We respected each other's need to be quietly doing stuff, which is more than I can say for SOME people! Discussed frying mushrooms with butter and garlic, then putting it on pita bread - sounds like lunch to me! Talked about the cutting board, remembering where stuff is, the Backstreet Boys concert tonight (Amy / Tracy / Denise / Vanessa / Fidela are going), albinism (a black woman who looks white), FIFTY POUNDS of weights, Turkish Delight, STARCRAFT, smell, rabbits, and wrong numbers calling him on Skype. (I didn't even know such a thing was possible...)

Also brought up gaming being tomorrow (I bet he'll get home at 4:30 AM again!), the Sunday Dinner / Christon / Jeremy / nightshade allergies / tomatoes / green potatoes / Bell peppers, the Smashing Pumpkins, going for a walk, the Beatles' FREE AS A BIRD, paperwork, and more. SO EXCITED FOR GRAD BANQUET AND THE CRAZY VIDEOS, OH MY! Let's say that 6 works for me, and the bus better not be late either!

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Rubber Ducky, you're the one...

This is a rubber ducky tagging picture from Jennifer L., tehgreenfairy:

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PEANUTS character tagging!

This is a PEANUTS character tagging picture from Jennifer (tehgreenfairy) and Ryan's friend Michael:

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At least one of his bosses seems cool and non-controlling...

I guess I'll see if he does get home around Christmas:

Flami (12:58 AM): let me know when you get back home, haha. maybe I'll save.
Corey (1:00 AM): that might happen around Christmas
Flami (1:02 AM): is the teaching market that disappointing?
Flami (1:03 AM): I know you've said it's annoying...
Corey (1:03 AM): well, that would be for a visit, unless I get out of contracts
Corey (1:03 AM): and yes, it's annoying
Flami (1:05 AM): ah... I was meaning when you got home for good or whatever, but a Christmas visit works
Corey (1:30 AM): a visit sort of works... I have to make more money than I am right now to afford that
Flami (10:40 AM): oh man, that sucks
Corey (10:47 AM): well, there's a school that apparently wants to give me 14 hours a week, which would help a lot, even though this school's pay sucks. their classes are no preparation though, so in a way, it pays a lot more... preparing for classes can take a long time
Corey (10:49 AM): but I had 3 hours of almost no prep classes tonight.. I'm trying to get that school to give me more like that... they pay better. that school also owes me a couple more hours per week, according to our contract, so I'm going to ask for more classes here pretty soon
Flami (10:51 AM): hey, at least you can say it's in the contract if they try to weasel their way out of it
Corey (10:52 AM): that's kind of meaningless... contracts don't mean that much here
Corey (10:53 AM): but yes, technically I could. the boss there is pretty cool, though. generally, they try to make you feel like you suck so they can control you. she's sat in on my classes and gave me advice on classes, and everything she's told me has been positive, and she says I'm off to a great start there
Flami (10:53 AM): oh, I didn't know that
Corey (10:54 AM): I don't know a lot about her background, but she seems to understand Western people pretty well... I think she spent time over here
Corey (10:55 AM): she's criticized me, but it's always reasonable, like speak louder, etc... she also asked me to get the students talking more in one class, but I told her as soon as she left, we did a bunch of group things, talking a lot, and she said "oh, I guess I left at the wrong time" instead of ignoring what I said, and just repeating herself or whatever, so I don't think there's any major problems with her...
Flami (10:57 AM): that sounds excellent, then
Corey (10:57 AM): I'm still not sure what's going on with this new 14-hour place, though
Corey (10:58 AM): we applied there almost first thing, with a personal recommendation by someone that knows the owner... but that was just for this branch, and the main office in Taipei does all the deciding.. and we never heard anything from them
Corey (10:59 AM): more recently, Jane decided my resume looks better with several schools on it... she contacted the Taipei office directly, and has been talking with the person that makes those decisions... they asked me to bring my information in, and sent it off to Taipei again, and last Jane heard, that lady plans to contact me pretty soon, and wants to just get me started... no demo or interview or anything....
Corey (11:00 AM): EVERY school I've seen needed a demo (which is apparently also illegal here....... which I just recently learned)
Corey (11:04 AM): I don't know why demos are illegal... that seems reasonable enough, and it kind of replaces normal job interview questions for the most part, and is easier than those... they're a pain to prepare for, but I think I'm better at that than real job interviews
Flami (11:06 AM): what the?! I'd like to know why demos are so illegal over there!
Corey (11:07 AM): it's probably because you're working without a work permit or something like that... but they don't pay you for those anyway, so I don't know
Flami (11:08 AM): odd

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Teeth falling out linked to cancer in a dream / Best Friends

I had a weird dream which involved my being at a high school with lots of little kids around - it was lunch break, and everyone wanted to be by their lockers to eat. The kids (including Ian and Sean) were more entranced by the colorful posters on the walls, and could spend all day just looking at them! I was alerted to something going on by the gym, so went over there to see my apartment manager Hester's daughter being pretty much distraught in the field of grass. (never met her in real life...) She said that her parents were scolding her for knowing too much about certain things, so a bunch of us went over there to see what was really going on. Her parents saw everyone, and chastised the lot of us - while this was going on, one of Hester's teeth fell out! There turned out to be quite a pile of teeth between the bed and the wall; since one of our number included a reporter, you can bet that a news article was written about this phenomenon, especially after it was discovered that cancer could be behind all the teeth! Later, we all went to spend time with the kids: I had a Bible translation which said "After Jesus the Retard went up to Heaven..." (but I didn't think anything was wrong with that!) After that, I woke up - no idea why I had the dream! CRAZY!

Karen sent me a Facebook message to let me know that she'd received my RSVP, and Grace also sent me one to say that she thought Bible Study was off-site next week... also verified snacks and Jose's contact info. That's what I'd thought as well, at least until I got an email from Dylan to say that Christine (Vania's cousin) would be sharing her missions details with us while she's in Vancouver. The Committee definitely needs to switch the on-site and off-site dates for that, haha!

Your Ideal Best Friend is Fun

You have a little trouble breaking out of your shell at times, and you need a little coaxing.

You are really a fun person yourself, but you are sometimes reluctant to let loose.

Your perfect best friend is outgoing and friendly. You're happy to be around a social butterfly.

A fun friend will recognize you for the treasure you are. You are the perfect complement to a total extrovert.

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Hygienic Mayans and Mimosa in a cove, Purell, peanut butter usage, and horses

High-scoring words of the night:

COVE (176 points) - against Sandy R. [two 4W]
WAS (141 points) - against Jennifer R. [3W, 5W, hook off HEDGE for a plural]
MAYAS (192 points) - against Sandra B. [two 4W]
HYGIENIC (115 points; two 3W), JOLTY (118 points; 5W, hook off KNEAD to make OD) - against Michele A.
AXLES (176 points) - against Millie F. [4W, 4L on X]
PROBITS (102 points) - against Chris W. [5W]
MIMOSA (195 points) - against Anthony G. [4W, 4L on M, hook off SPIV for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Caught up with Billie tonight, so YAY for that! I also put in my RSVP for Jason and Karen's wedding, too. Currently bugging Corey about reading stuff on phones, haha. Teunis got home around midnight - discussed insurance, student loans, money, yogurt from the Iranian store (rich texture?!), hand sanitizer as camping supplies (I don't like ONE STEP's smell, from Shoppers Drug Mart), pub food as snacks, hot chocolate, the SCA / Rhiannon / crashing at someone's place / Alicia / dance class and silly jokes, interesting food, parks, guests, showering after a long hot day, and more. He apparently used up one kilogram of peanut butter (protein craving?) in a couple of weeks, oh my!

Trivia fact for Friday, Aug. 6: Why is it customary to mount a horse from the left side? The tradition dates back to medieval days when armed warriors found that their swords (which were worn on the left hip) wouldn't get in the way if they swung their right leg over their trusty steed when they climbed aboard.

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

I am NOT getting DARKWING Duck-rolled, Eric! / Opting to atone for fake mahjong

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

OPTING (117 points) - against Angela V. [two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
MAHJONG (136 points) - against Karen L. [4W]
ATONE (144 points; two 4W), AVOCADO (172 points; 4W, 5L on V), PIMPLIER (265 points; two 3W), STUNS (109 points; two 3W, hook off WOT for a plural) - against Demetra K.
UNFAKED (288 points) - against Toni H. [two 4W]

These are the videos which Eric emailed me. Thanks to video preview, I didn't even have to click on the third link! I emailed him stating just that, and his reply seemed very sad that I didn't get DARKWING DUCK-rolled. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

TF2 Scout advertises the Slap Chop
TF2 Scout advertises the ShamWow!
Darkwing Duck Intro (English)
ShamWow Guy in Jail

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Annoying library glitches, wrong deal timing, and a $13.37 purchase - SO LEET!

Went to the library to return almost all my books - there was a glitch in the system where it wouldn't recognize your library card number and PIN. So annoying! Decided to go to Sears and get some socks - the JESSICA ones were good value, so I bought those. The purchase turned out to be $13.37 - HAHA, SO LEET! Noticed that the sweatpants I bought last week were now ON SALE for HALF-PRICE... UGH! There was a $5 undershirt deal at Suzy Shier - why aren't these sales around when I need them?! Also went to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy on-sale MOUNTAIN RAIN laundry detergent, Jelly Belly candy, and a new Doritos flavor... JALAPENO POPPERS! Forgot to get gum, but it seems rather pointless to go out again in the hot weather to buy it - I'll probably do that tomorrow! Since Teunis is out now, I'll also finally get to the Youtube videos in Eric's email, haha.

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Bubble Bath!

I've only been up for ten minutes, and I already hate people. Don't try telling me what to do, or block the door when I am trying to get IN. (Hook-Nosed Guy...)

You Have a Wild Imagination

You can think or dream anything. You have very vivid and colorful thoughts.

You have a smooth and well-mannered attitude. People can count on you to charm and delight.

You are chill to the point of being a little lazy. It's hard for you to get motivated at times.

You are a very together person. It's hard to faze you.

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Sponsoring thirst in atomic tavernas, Bathroom Readers, orcs, bleach, and more! / Dow Jones

Bingo of the night:

SPONSORED (60 points) - against Bobbie P.

High-scoring words of the night:

LEZ (224 points) - against Esther C. [two 4W]
THIRST (165 points) - against Allison S. [5W used twice, hook off CISCO for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
TAVERNA (195 points) - against Geri S. [two 3W]
ATOMICS (612 points) - against Patrick M. [4W, two 3W, hook off OP for a plural]
ZEES (105 points) - against Chris W. [3W, 2W, hook off QUAI for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
BOLLIX (1000 points) - against James H. [two 5W]

Discussed gaming, characters, levels, RPG stuff, Kaili / microwaves / cooking, Jordan having a sister named Arwen, Scott, mages, orcs, enemies, bleach, cleaning, anime, debates between programming and video games, STARCRAFT campaigns, exercise gym videos, INVADER ZIM, organization, appointments, storage, clearing 107 Facebook notifications, jelly cups, and more. Teunis was trying to figure out the significance of DARKWING DUCK / Eric - your hypothesis is WRONG! Says he and Jordan used to take over the TV and watch the show, hahaha. Also talked about a samurai poem from the 14th century, Uncle John's Absolutely Absorbing Bathroom Reader #12 (Bathroom Reader's Institute) / Uncle John's Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Reader's Institute) / Uncle John's Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader #22 (Bathroom Reader's Institute) as his new presents, Uncle John's Gigantic Bathroom Reader (Bathroom Readers' Institute) from Deb and Dylan, instant ink, frying leftover noodles which look like rice with kimchi / falafel / chili oil, and more.

Trivia fact for Thursday, Aug. 5: Of the twelve stocks included in the original Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896, which is the only one still listed today? General Electric.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Let's get three different kinds of oil tonight... / July 2010 BBT Tally

Teunis and I went to Yaohan - first stop was the food court to get some dinner, then to the supermarket / Save-On Foods. Discussed noise / quiet / hearing, Fort St. John's popular Chinese restaurant, chili oil, sesame oil, brown mushrooms, fish, vegetables, oyster mushrooms, butter, chicken, meat, milk, eggs, canola oil, yogurt, honeydew BBT at Juice King, Sunday's dinner, the Iranian store in Surrey, his budget, dancing tomorrow in New West, and gaming on Friday. Also talked about his brother being a CERTIFIABLE cook (haha), Korean / Vietnamese soups, food poisoning, chemical exposure, cooking wine, immune systems, kimchi, farm life, Pho, calling certain things even, dropping things, grass jelly drinks, coconut drinks, drum circles at Stanley Park / the beach, having a complicated life, friends, cute things, Type O Negative, rushed cooking, Scott's mom having chickens that lay blue / white / orange / brown eggs, and more.


strawberry-blueberry @ Big Orange (Monday, July 19)

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Mute and quash the equine wax pterosaurs!

Bingo of the afternoon:

PTEROSAUR (290 points) - against Marie S.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

QUANGO (184 points) - against Donna P. [4W, 3L on Q] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
EQUID (130 points) - against Deanna W. [4W, 2W, hook off JEER to make RE]
NAH (138 points) - against Jodi B. [5W used twice, 3W used twice, hook off GOOS to make AG / HO] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
MUTEST (340 points) - against George C. [4W, 3W, 5L on M, hook off YEAH for a plural]
QUASH (120 points) - against Sarah B. [3W, 2W]
KOINE (225 points) - against Carol M. [two 5W]
GOWN (192 points) - against Tami M. [4W, 2W, 4L on W]
PTEROSAUR (290 points) - against Marie S. [4W, 5W, bingo]
WAX (111 points) - against Anthony G. [5L on X used twice, hook off BUST to make AB / XU]

When Teunis finally got up, we discussed oil / butter / food shopping / DOOM: THE MOVIE / Prop 8 in California being overturned (sweet news) / homophobia / Eric and the significance of DARKWING DUCK / new LJ friends / stirfry / Sunday's dinner at Jeremy's / power bars / routers / Internet / towels / shampoo / Mr. Welch / Skippy's List / bad food decisions / showering / broadening one's horizons / rot / Beast the character / fools / forklift drivers / writing / good food.

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FUCK THE DUCK / Crumbling Cookies

Christon emailed us about a Sunday Dinner at Jeremy's, so I'll let him know about my attendance on Friday at the grad banquet! (I bet this hijacked edition of Jon's past email list includes Mr. Creep) Who knows but that Teunis may like the idea as well, if he's still here... :D

Got this Engrish picture from Nate... HAHAHAHAHA!

You Are Bold

You may not feel like the most adventurous person in the world, but you really are quite daring.

You are willing to give most things a chance, and you dread getting stuck in a routine.

You're the first of your friends to try a new trend - whether it's food, travel, or fashion.

You don't fear not liking something. Even if you try something and hate it, at least you experienced it!

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INCEPTION, DOOM, SALT, and English in Taiwan

This is a conversation that Corey and I just had:

12:13:30 AM Flami: hey, guess what I'm watching right now...
12:27:30 AM Corey: Inception
12:28:19 AM Flami: no, I said RIGHT NOW... there is no possible way that I'm in the theatre and on MSN :P
12:30:36 AM Corey: I could be
12:31:11 AM Flami: true, considering the time difference :P "watching" DOOM: THE MOVIE
12:32:38 AM Corey: but that movie sucks
12:33:06 AM Corey: there's one pretty cool scene where it's all first person like the game, but the rest isn't so hot :P
12:33:26 AM Corey: well, I saw Inception! :P on Sunday
12:35:14 AM Corey: I saw it with lots of annoying people talking behind us, but at least they're speaking Chinese, so I can filter it out :P
Flami: haha
12:36:36 AM Corey: I wanted to see Salt, since the commercials looked kinda cool, but Jane said Leonardo DiCaprio chooses good movies most of the time, so we should see Inception. then I noticed it was Christopher Nolan (we just watched Memento the night before.. she didn't like it because it's too weird), and decided that Inception was definitely the better choice.
12:39:40 AM Corey: it's pretty good.. probably not as amazing as everyone is apparently saying it is.. some of the characters barely even had their names mentioned, so I didn't know who anyone was, and they kind of change the rules around as it goes (they have explanations for it, but it's just confusing to keep track of)
12:40:12 AM Corey: but yes, you can go see it :P it's pretty cool, and it's not a remake, or even based on a book. just an original movie, for once
12:41:47 AM Flami: I hear it takes place simultaneously in many different time periods or something.
12:43:09 AM Corey: no, not time periods... they can go into people's dreams, very similar to The Matrix where they go into the computer world. the different time periods are dreams within dreams, not time periods. time passes differently in each level of dreaming within dreams
12:45:23 AM Corey: the rules for how they do the dreams within dreams change around, and the ways they use to get out of them change around... so the first half of the movie, it works one way... then they have another way for the rest... they explain it, but there's a lot going on by then
12:45:57 AM Flami: sounds confusing
12:49:12 AM Corey: not too bad... but a bit, yeah
12:52:13 AM Corey: still, one of the best new movies I've seen in a long time. Avatar was good, but that's kind of more like a theme park ride than a good movie... a lot of fun, but the story's nothing too special. I want to go see that again, since Jane never saw it, and it's awesome 3D. it's getting re-released at the end of the month.. not sure if we'll get that out here...
12:52:29 AM Corey: we didn't get Predators even though they advertised it on TV :(
12:52:55 AM Flami: never heard of PREDATORS
12:55:58 AM Corey: Predator 3, basically, which is supposed to ignore the godawful Alien vs. Predator movies and just go back to being cool like the first one with Arnold was... probably less like Predator 2, even though that movie was awesome, too
12:56:21 AM Corey: it's probably not even that good, but I want to see it anyway :P I guess I'll have to wait for the Russian R5
12:57:32 AM Flami: oh, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR...
1:02:40 AM Corey: they both suck. the first one is PG-13, and on Earth instead of space like all the cool AVP comics and games... the second one at least goes back to being rated R and violent, but it's also on Earth, plus some dumbass working on the movie decided to manually make everything super dark... the entire movie... so you can't see anything.
1:02:54 AM Corey: there were trailers for the movie where everything was perfectly clear and looked nice. then the movie came out, and everything was almost black
1:03:40 AM Corey: but the old Predator movies are both cool, and Predators is supposed to be a continuation of those
1:09:48 AM Corey: a movie called Predator should be..........
1:10:24 AM Corey: AVP was still violent, they just cut away from everything early... you can't see anything, and it sucks. it's an action movie with all the action scenes neutered
1:10:46 AM Corey: making Die Hard 4 PG-13 was pretty retarded, too
1:13:08 AM Flami: that is kinda self-defeating
1:15:05 AM Corey: yeah, so it's stupid. Hollywood is afraid of Rated-R movies these days... there's even horror movies that come out PG-13...
1:15:41 AM Flami: that's nuts
1:16:13 AM Corey: Inception is only PG-13.. lots of Nolan's other movies (except Batman) are R, with lots of swearing and all that good stuff. Inception didn't need to be R, but I bet it's only PG-13 because some studio said he had to make it that way so it's more marketable or something stupid like that
1:18:23 AM Flami: nice. time for bed now - I've had enough shooting as "background music" :P
1:29:44 AM Corey: okay.. goodnight then
1:30:45 AM Flami: To leave you with something funny: one of my friends saw something called "Fuck the duck till exploded" on a menu :P
1:31:08 AM Corey: oh yeah? where can I go to order that?
1:31:52 AM Flami: I'm guessing the UK, by the Euro sign
1:32:00 AM Corey: sometimes restaurants here will give me an English version of their menu, and it's all horrible translations like that.. usually not funny, just nonsensical... it's pretty much useless. I just ask someone else to translate the Chinese menu that makes sense
1:33:15 AM Corey: well, Chinese people seem to generally suck at English... they spend an awful lot of time in school and in extra classes learning it, but they just can't get it..... I explain things every class to the same people, and they don't get it. they REFUSE to pronounce the "s" at the end of anything plural.. they just ignore me when I correct that..
1:33:41 AM Corey: and they refuse to say contractions. they break them up into separate words.. I keep telling them not to change stuff
1:33:44 AM Corey: just read what's there
1:34:23 AM Corey: they'll read the contraction while I'm standing there telling them to, then the very next time a contraction comes up, they do it again... it seems pretty useless to try to fix that
1:34:46 AM Corey: I keep telling them it sounds really unnatural, and nobody does that... but they will not change
1:35:21 AM Flami: intractable, I call it
1:37:32 AM Corey: they also waste their time completely because they're too afraid to make mistakes, so they just don't speak unless almost held up at gunpoint.... Jane says people here are told their whole lives never to make mistakes, so they're so afraid of not being perfect that they just never learn anything, I guess.. people here work and study for almost literally the whole day... even small kids.
1:37:49 AM Corey: you'd think they'd figure out that their system completely sucks and wastes their entire lives, but I guess not...
1:38:00 AM Corey: they spend all that time studying, and don't even learn anything
1:38:09 AM Corey: they memorize lots of shit, but they seem to understand very little
1:42:16 AM Flami: sucks... bedtime for real now - good night.

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