Saturday, May 10, 2003

April-May bubble tea tally


banana (Dragon Ball) [Friday, Apr. 18]
chocolate ice (Lonsdale Quay) [Friday, May 2]

nope, this definitely will NOT be a weekly thing, no matter how some of you think it should be ;)

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La Casa Gelato and cool flavors!

Just had to add this, or else I'll forget when I wake up:

As touched on in the last post, I went to the gelato place again. I tried banana fudge, Ferrero Rocher, and Bailey's Irish Cream flavors. They were pretty good.. Jessica tried a bit of Bailey's Irish Cream as a sample before deciding on raspberry cheesecake and tiramisu. When Erin and Steph tried Bailey's Irish Cream, they were immediately sold on it.. they HAD to get it next time. Erin isn't getting guava again.. the flavor's good for the first couple bites, but then it sort of goes away. Steph tried strawberry champagne sorbetto and strawberry vodka. (which I have to try next time, since they did seem pretty good) Derek was surprised I'd eaten everything so fast, even though I'd had three scoops to his two. Eh.. when you're hungry, you're hungry. ;)

Yup, the place has plenty of madcap flavors.. and seems to be seriously understaffed. They'd make the hourly minimum-wage cost of hiring three extra staff back in six regular cones or so (and very quickly, too)! Here are some other weird flavors I saw while there.. besides the ones just mentioned, and the ones mentioned in my previous post last week on this stuff. Pineapple poppyseed, pickle, cotton candy, wasabi, baci (whatever that is), and Kahlua. Last summer, my friend Eddie claimed to have seen Viagra flavor in the gelato place. He's generally trustworthy, so we believed him. (it was bright blue, but he didn't try it.. Jen joked that the follow-up flavors could possibly be aspirin and Advil)

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Sporadic prescient powers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH.. I hope you have a really fun day! :) It's been definitely great watching you grow up.. love you!

I swear I have sporadic prescient powers or something. Tonight I had them.. and they were proven right.

A couple of summers ago, a bunch of us were at Vernon's house for Denise's farewell party. (she was going to the Caribbean to study medicine) Eric M. noted my full plate of food, and asked if I was going to get some chips after I finished. I told him that I'd be quite full, and added the question of whether he wanted me to be a martyr to indigestion and stomach pains. Since he was sold on the definition of a martyr as someone who dies for a particular cause (usually used in a religious context), he asked if I'd die of it. I then had to educate him on the other definition of "martyr." (one of many times I tried to expand his vocabulary.. he says mine's too big for him, the dear boy) Then a few weeks later, after having been at Keith's for prayer meeting BBQ.. I ate rather a lot of food. Predictably a few hours after I got home, I had the very thing I was talking to Eric about at Vernon's (indigestion and stomach pains).. yes, I'd been half-joking that time, but wow.. that was SO weird in a way!

Okay, so two really memorable times in about 21 months isn't an established track record or anything. I don't care, as I'm not claiming to be psychic.. if such a thing exists, which I don't really believe in. So there. :P

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Friday, May 09, 2003

Having my OWN plans rocks!

and why is it that Mom chooses to call and relay info..
when my brother or sister could have done it?
I'd have reacted way better to it, for sure..
oh well.. at least I have my own plans.. MWAHAHAHAHAHA..

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Stick a fork in me coz I'm done!

you know that expression stick a fork in me coz I'm done?
warning: do not literally do this..
why? coz it hurts like heck!

and yes.. I know whereof I speak..
did this on Monday whilst washing dishes at Mum's..
it would never have happened if I was actually at home..
oh well, just don't stab myself with a knife next time ;)


Hockey season is over!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STANLEY.. I hope you have a really good one today! :) It's been largely cool ever since VBS last summer.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHELDON.. I hope you have a fun one today! :) You've finished everything so fast in Awana.. that's very good.

Aiya.. we lost the game 4-2.. now our season's over. Minnesota was the better team; Cloutier's goaltending and the officiating aside. They're the first team in NHL history to come back from 3-1 series deficits twice to win a series in the same playoff year. Now I'm kinda depressed.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Death Rain XXX hot habanero chips

oh, and for those of you who wanted to know..
the "Death Rain XXX Hot" habanero chip experiment went well..
my brother and I tried a bag of them on Monday night..

the chips were very spicy, but we could handle 'em..
unlike our mum, who said they were "way too spicy"..
I'd have given our sister a piece, but she declined..
eh, she doesn't like spicy stuff that much anyhow ;)

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What do people really think of me?

sometimes I wonder what people really think of me..
do they really like me for who I am, or are they just being polite?
in the case of my friends, I can mostly believe they do like me..
heck, we share good times and good talks together..

of course, this dimension gets muddled a bit online..
although, I do tend to believe most people until they give me a reason otherwise..
and that's a good thing, believe me! ;)

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Stop the bleeding!

Aiya.. we lost the game 5-1.. facing two games in 24 hours on a plane trip of 1500 miles (and at least three and a half hours) now. The team had better "stop the bleeding" (as someone put it) tomorrow tout de suite.. best of one game now.. all or nothing. We could be lucky to even be playing now against this Wild team, especially with Marian Gaborik and all of the other guys. Jovo scored, but then that was a bit too late. Guess I'll be definitely listening tomorrow to Game 7. (and no repeats of 1994 had better be forthcoming, either)

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Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Went shopping just now, and finally got some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, like a year after I said I'd get some. :P For those who are interested, I got Mint Chocolate Cookie.. last night, I'd dreamt of Oreos with peppermint filling, so this was the closest thing to it. Also got (among other things) some gummy bears, Dutch cocoa wafers, rainbow tortellini with cheese, lime lemonade sherbet, banana blast milk, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a Mother's Day heart-shaped cheesecake, a couple of cheesecake singles (strawberry and cappuccino), and a chocolate swirl cheesecake.

Okay, so some of that stuff ain't that good for ya (cheesecake, ice cream, etc.).. but I do intend to share. Just probably not with any of you, unless I know you in real life. :P

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Catching up on sleep

Ah yes.. 12 straight hours of sleep is indeed a good thing to catch me up in the sleep department. I feel kinda functional, which is fine if I'm going to go out and run errands. Definitely should get everything done before the hockey game starts at 6. Hopefully, we win.. pesky Wild, indeed.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Finally got home about an hour and a half ago. Sure, the fast computer / laptop is nice and all, but there's a time when you just want some privacy to do your own thing. Stayed up way too late last night, but at least tonight I can sleep as long as I want without the ambient noise around waking me up. (the sunshine outside might be a different matter) Yup.. after three straight days of sleeping about 6-7 hours a night, I will probably sleep more than ten hours to make up for my lost sleep. (hey, I need my sleep.. so there! :P)

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Monday, May 05, 2003

7-2 losses, and weird SPOZ live gig music

Well, we lost the game 7-2.. but I'd like to say I'm not crazy! (like my sister said in her abandoned blog) I'll give my sister some tips on blogging later on, too. :P At least I'm getting way better at typing on this laptop! ;)

Right now, I'm listening to some weird music.. props to Spoz for pointing the way toward his wild live gig that he did last weekend. It's truly insane, but strangely funny at the same time. Definitely something great to listen to!

Edit: My sister doesn't really like blogging, as it's hard.. she doesn't know what to do. Told her that I'd help, but she wants to leave it well enough alone. (she had three blogs, thinking that things would get better with each successive one.. HAHAHAHA) Fine with me.. at least *I* can blog easily. :P

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Blogging from a laptop

Hey, this is my first blog entry from my sister's laptop. Not quite used to typing on a laptop, but that's okay. So why am I using this? My dad needs the main monitor in a few minutes, so it's a good thing I was using this laptop already to listen to the Canucks game. MWAHAHAHA.. yes, I am evil. :P

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Bugging people to annoyance

STILL at my brother's.. is that a good thing? Who knows. But I just can't resist having the FAST computer to myself when my sibs are at school and whatnot.. at least my parents (hopefully) won't bug me TOO much. So what to do besides haunt the Net and IM people to the point of their annoyance? Hmm...

I know! I'll play Text Twist all night, and hopefully get a brand new high score! MWAHAHAHAHA...

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Funeral for Sean's grandpa

went to a funeral today.. wasn't too bad, really.. got to talk to a bunch of my friends about stuff.. so all in all, an okay day..

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Malaysian restaurants

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE.. I hope you have a really great one today! :) Have a good time with the Lemon / Lime / Blue Jay Orange Man.. it's been great getting to know you.

Went to a Malaysian restaurant for dinner.. had a bunch of noodles, rice, curry, beef, lamb, pork, chicken.. all very spicy. No, we didn't have any laksa soup.. but hot and sour soup was plenty good. Had nice desserts.. fried banana, fruits with ice cream, creme brulee. Very good dinner.. and 'twas free. ;)

Picked up sister from the airport today. She seems to be doing well, and told us about how Toronto is so SARS-paranoid now. Had to endure a bunch of noisy cheerleaders on the plane too.. um, yay? But she's happy to be back.. she'll see all her friends in the next week or so. A couple of them even called this afternoon / evening to see if she was back yet. So right now, things are cool.. I predict the novelty will wear off in a couple weeks or so. ;)

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

Literal ears of a pig, cooked!

Hmm.. only one hilarious quote I can use. Might as well go with it, then.. and definite cheers to Spoz for it, too. :)


"literal ears of a pig.. cooked, of course.. ----> damn.. that's a name for ya.." -- Spoz, while we were discussing pig ears and what I had for dinner earlier that evening. (Friday, May 2) [this one was SO hilarious, it made me laugh in my sleep.. and yes, I did change my MSN name to that; got a thumbs-up, too :P]

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Weird dreams about quadruplets, John Lennon, and David

Had a damn weird dream last night.. I dreamt that my sister was having quadruplets, but somehow the fourth baby just wouldn't come out. So for some reason, my siblings and I all went to the library instead (?!?).. they had VCDs and stuff for sale there too. My favorite kid was there (he bought a VCD of Ji-Won Park's story.. of all things for a seven-year-old to get), along with a bunch of our friends and other people. We managed to surprise Alan, Phil, and Tracy.. among several others. Newspaper and TV reporters were there for some reason, and a head librarian just up and quit during the night, which was immediately announced on a microphone to everyone in the library. John Lennon was there also, and somehow we all knew it would be the last night of his life.. I woke up when things got really quiet and he was going to get shot through a window any minute.

Weird product of my subconscious..

Oh yes.. Ji-Won Park (for those of you who don't know) was the Korean student who was strangled and almost fatally beaten last year while jogging in a local park (Stanley Park), suffering major brain damage and such.

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Don't call to tell me things that I already know!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHY.. I hope you have a good one today! :) You've been such a good influence on my life.. thanks!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCAS.. I hope you have a great one today! :) It's always good seeing you around when you make it out.

Had a good time at Awana today.. the kids asked me for gum, but I only gave them two pieces. Before you think I'm a meanie, they already ask me for too much of the stuff already. So I'm trying to teach them self-denial. (or something)

One more thing: do NOT call and disconnect me to tell me things that I most likely already know. This includes, but is definitely not limited to:

the 3-2 (OT) score of the recent hockey game (I'd been listening to Sportstalk on NW 98 for the past hour, so I certainly knew about the game result already!)
what the family's doing on the weekend (I heard about it from my beloved brother, and if the parental angle is much the same..)
Friday plans for the Fellowship (I heard about it from other people, for goodness sakes!)
the latest kidnap / rape / murder / prowler news (despite what you may believe, I *do* keep up with the news)
any other inane crap that can't wait till the next time you see me (like, do you really have to call me six times in two hours to tell me "important" stuff that you supposedly "forgot" about? cheh!)

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