Saturday, May 13, 2006

Vivian, being happy at Erik's dream death, quizzes on purple dresses and my mommy

Note: LJ Am I Crazy? blogquiz, by Katina.

My friend Vivian comes home TODAY after being in France for the last seven months! Yay, I'm so excited! :D

Julius Flint's fake LJ.... HAHAHAHA!

Sam says he's not going to the park today, which is fine with me. Two free Saturdays sound good to me, as maybe I can catch up on laundry after I finish catching up on blogs (Jon being used to Fred's tiny laptop, Dave's blog reflections, Spoz's George Lucas reflections and weekender photos, Steph's reflections on being done with school) / the old friends list. :D (yup, I let Melia know... after waking up her dad at 11:30 PM, whoops :P)

Had a fractured dream featuring people at church; I sat next to Margaret K.'s cousin Gabriel as Danielle somehow did double duty as worship leader and piano player. Then I saw Jessica Lai and my brother, and itemized / looked after their things for them. The only non-church person that I remember appearing in the dream was my ex-friend Erik; I think everyone was very happy to hear that he'd died! o_O

Do you Know the Members of Down Not Across?
Your SongButterfly - "Butterfly on my finger, fly me away / take me to a new place where I'll be okay"
Your memberChris - Bassist
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high school stereotype
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Your Purple Prom Dress Is
Crinkled Crystal Wrap Dress

Your Mommy Is Ayn Rand

What You Call Her: Old Lady

What people say about yo momma: Yo momma so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, no professionals."

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Mailing Corey seaweed and Chinese candy, oh my!

Went to Big Crazy, a Chinese discount variety store across the street from Lansdowne Mall. I wanted to see if they had any red-hot HAPPY SEASONED seaweed (with HOT on the red package); that's the brand name, apparently. Since they had some, I bought two packages and some Men's Pocky with bitter chocolate. That pushed me over the debit minimum of $10, yay!

Then I went to Richmond Centre, where I cashed a cheque and ran various errands. The Death by Chocolate stand is now a Mini-Melts franchise: I didn't try any today, but maybe later. I decided to mail the Pocky to Corey as well as one package of the seaweed... I hope that 100 packs of spicy red-hot seaweed should last him for some time! I bought one big envelope at the dollar store since the seaweed wouldn't fit into the biggest envelope that Shoppers had. While I was there, I also got a "Happy Graduation Day!" little bear for Corey... I couldn't resist (much like the LAST time I got a bear for someone [Stephen], which I ended up giving to Eric H. instead :P), and thought it would be more personal than just seaweed and a card, haha.

On my way to get some pudding bubble tea from Tazza since I was thirsty and hadn't had any in some time, I noticed that Grand and Toy was no longer there. Now the bubble tea has better quality tea... but there aren't as many pearls as before, and they have the lids where you have to punch a hole with the straw! I decided to go to Staples (across the street from the mall) after leaving the mall, and got two three-inch binders along with 1200 sheets of paper. That should be enough for my offline journaling needs for at least the next 4 years or so! (hey, I still have plenty of supplies from the time in August 2003 that I bought $100 worth of dividers / pens / whiteout / tape / highlighters / staples there!)

I went to HMV to see if I could get a new music CD, since my collection was an odd number.. I prefer even numbers, so I'm weird. :P Tried to remember the good stuff that Corey told me about a while ago... it figures that I could only remember that Trivium is whiny emo death metal, and that In Flames isn't as good anymore after going on tour with Slipknot and other similar bands. I considered the Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom, and others before I chose the $7.99 Yngwie Malmsteen CD The Collection. (considerably cheaper than the rest AND Amazon, and I like what I've heard so far of him!)

Then I went into Coles to see if I could get a history-based Bathroom Reader for Randal. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into History filled the bill quite nicely, and I also got him a cute music-themed bookmark. I didn't get any other books for myself, although books on quotes / seek and find / true crime appealed to me. I saw more Japanese puzzles like Sudoku and Kakuro: they were called Hitori, Masyu, and Nurikabe. Not my thing, but I'm sure they'd be up my mom and sister's alley. :P

I decided to get another Men's Pocky for myself since I was giving one to Corey, so went to Kin's Farm Market since I'd seen a store called Yuen Shing right next door to it. They sold Pocky and a lot of Asian candy, all right! (along with tea, snacks, Chinese medicine, ginseng, tablets, ointment, etc.) I ended up getting the Pocky, three flavors of gummies (peach / strawberry / one kilo of mango... they're not to be confused with gummi bears), half-price black currant pastilles, and some lemon sour candies. I'm terrible when I go shopping: I always spend more than I should... o_O

Outside Shoppers, I found a table and decided to give Corey a bunch of the gummies and sour candy along with what was already in the envelope. I didn't mind spending the extra few dollars for air mail vs. surface mail because it would get there faster (5-7 days as opposed to 2-3 weeks?!). Maybe it'll get there when his Taiwanese friend Jane's still in town. Not that I'm looking to make her jealous (of course not!), but that might satisfy her past curiosity as to exactly what sort of seaweed I sent him a while back. It's not the same brand, but it's the same concept! After going to Staples as described above, I finally got home at 7:45. There, I found that my computer had restarted on me... yay for automatic updates! (twice in two days?!) Now AVG is bugging me to restart again because of an update... three times in as many days. *sigh*

Yay for free Fridays! I was thankful for not having to get home at a certain time (as I surely would have if I'd accepted Karen's offer this week), and I had a few free hours to update and clean up. Then I edited all the relevant names / music / books / friending posts that this entry referenced. Now to catch up on my friends list... yay! :D

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Baby smiles are so cute....

Helen and I had a nice time together: we hung out at Tim Horton's, where the baby got distracted by the busyness of the place. The peach and iced tea drinks are nice and refreshing.. Helen offered to treat me, so that was nice of her. We got to talk about Danny, Nicholas, the mothers' group for the new parents, all the babies' birthdays (she tested me on all of them!), caring for babies, my life, Eric, Jon, Steph, Metrotown, breastfeeding, and craft stuff.

At Michaels the craft store, we were looking for stamp handprint sets.. they had them in plaster, but not in paper! There were interesting stickers as well, but I didn't get any. Then we went to a discount diapers place, where she got a cool photo frame: "Grandmas make the rules, and grandkids break them!" (she also got two pairs of baby shoes at a discount... we saw blunt scissors and cool stuff, too!) Helen was going to fold up the baby's sleeves, but I'd done that already... she thought HE'd done it, haha. Nicholas apparently likes me since he was giving me a fair number of smiles. Aww..

It was good to spend time with them, after so long. We were going to hit Richmond Centre, but it was getting late: she didn't want the baby to cry all the time, especially if she was going to Vancouver later! The sun's curling my hair already. I just noticed. Time to go out again and do the stuff I was going to do yesterday... I should have bought two packs of red-hot seaweed at China World yesterday if I was going to give one to Corey. Maybe today I'll find them somewhere... I have lots of time to mail stuff, hehe. :D

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Don't jabronies look up phone numbers before they dial them?!

The only reason I have my phone on is so that Helen can reach me when she gets here. So far this morning, I've dealt with two telemarketers and at least three wrong numbers... one of which was from a Dr. Hutchinson's office looking for someone named Tricia! Don't these jabronie numbnuts LOOK UP phone numbers before they dial them?! I've had people call here looking for someone named Tricia before... at least no one's yet called here under the impression that this is SportChek, which has happened four times before! And my family wonders why I turn my phone off most of the time... *sigh*

She just called from Richmond Centre.. damn the absence of a list of buzzer numbers at the apartment! At least we can hang out with baby Nicholas since it's a nice day.. too bad Lily didn't return her phone call. Heh. :)

Your Yellow Prom Dress Is
La Femme

Haha, I swear Shiny Blogthings has nothing better to do than figure out colored dresses. ;)

You Are a Peanut Butter Jelly Bean

You get along well with all sorts of flavors - and people. You may feel ordinary at times, but you're still loved by (almost) all.

This quiz sucks, since you choose your own answers! :P

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Mom: amusing and sigh-worthy at the same time...

Dandelions are fun to kick over, but my grandma wasn't too impressed. Hehe. :D

I called my sister earlier to catch up; I told her what had happened today, and also the things that I noted in the last paragraph of the previous post. Turns out that I have good timing since I called her right when she hung up with Nathan. (they were making transportation plans for tomorrow's conference) Let's just say that it would be an awkward conversation IF our mom asked us where we learned about making out. ("What websites or books have you been reading?!" ".... uh... gotta go now, bye!") That would of course be contingent on her believing us when we tell her what it really means! As it is, she thinks we're making the term up... um, no.

My sister called me just now: "Mom thinks that I should pack more than one pair of underwear for the weekend in case I have a poop accident!" The likelihood of that happening is very slim, thanks! Then I told her about the "poison in the ear" bit. She thought I was being gross, so handed the phone off to Mom. My mother immediately thought that I was talking about masturbation, and that I was doing it right then. Uh, no... and even if I did, I wouldn't tell her so! *rolleyes*

Then she thought that I was looking up p*rn / going to dangerous chatrooms on the computer and that was why I didn't want to come over there because of the restrictive parental controls. No, it has nothing to do with that.. and we've told her, too! *rolleyes* (I rarely go to chatrooms these days anyhow unless I'm invited by people I know and trust!)

She heard the prank call CD in the background, and asked who was over. When I told her that I had a CD full of people who played tricks on others via the phone, she asked why I'd want it. "Eh... someone gave it to me" is a safe enough amount of the truth for her to handle. She doesn't need to know that OMG AN INTERNET WEIRDO AXE MURDERER!!! (Corey) sent it to me for Christmas, haha.

Thankfully, she gave the phone back to my sister after that. I bemoaned Mom's misconceptions to her: even if I *did* look up questionable things on the Internet, I wouldn't do it on the family computers since I have more sense than she gives me credit for! She is my mother, but that woman is WEIRD!

A case where someone successfully managed to poison Tylenol... :(

Your Style is 1970s

Bell bottoms, platform shoes, wide belts, and tons of polyester.
You've got a bit of that hippie vibe going on, but you're hip enough to pull it off!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Buses to Metrotown, being out longer than expected, cheap deals, "me" time

Went out today with my grandma as advertised. I wasn't expecting to stay out for like 8 hours straight, though! Of course I've done it before (most times when I was expecting it), but sometimes my endurance for such things isn't always the same, especially when I thought I'd get home in time to do some banking and such! (I guess mailing Corey's card will have to wait till tomorrow after I do stuff with Helen and Nicholas...) That doesn't mean I'm somehow to blame when I get cranky and want to go home to recharge and such... my mom wanted to go out for dinner at Hon's. That would have been fine, but I'd had enough of going out and needed some "me time." ;) (at least I didn't get chewed out for expressing that desire, though... which is a vast improvement! :P)

First, there was the bus ride that took us to Metrotown in Burnaby instead of the hairdressing salon on the outskirts of Richmond that she wanted to go to. She insisted she knew where it was, so I didn't really bother to look at the map my mom had printed out. (the font on that thing was so tiny that no sane human could read it without developing serious eyestrain! :P) Let's just say she wasn't impressed... but we managed to catch the #430 back to Richmond and the hair salon. At least I know which bus to take if I really want to go to Metrotown in future. (but I haven't been there in like two years!) I then rediscovered the childhood joy of blowing dandelion seeds into the grass... too bad I can't do that around here. Well, I probably can... but I'm too lazy to go search 'em out, haha.

We had lunch, and then I waited while she got her hair done. After that, we went to Rice World, which has a LOT of food and stuff at cheap prices. My mom met us there later on, and enabled my seaweed addiction. (I was truly okay with not having any, but if she said she'd subsidize 100 pieces of red-hot seaweed... hehe, sounds like something Jane would send Corey!) Grandma bought me "ABC Nugget" chicken-flavored crackers, preserved veggies, rambutan, coffee-flavored popsicles, caramel Pocky, microwaveable oatmeal, and other things. Along with other bulk size items, I saw 3.5-litre containers of chicken chili sauce and 2.84-litre cans of baby corn. (plus the EXPIRED preserved vegetables... I know they're preserved, but man!)

We must have spent more than 2 hours in that store! Then we went to another store (99¢ store) where we spent at least an hour. (my mom bought me a notebook from there, heh) Among other things, I saw PURPLE YAM ice cream! My mom repeated the "We can kiss and make out!" thing from a month back. She claimed not to know what it meant, so I told her that it was deep kissing shared between two people who wanted to have sex. (not necessarily the sex part, but she doesn't really need to know that!) Then she said that I was making it up... um, no. At least I tried? *shrug*

Then it was off to Lansdowne Mall, where Mom got a bag of free buttersalt Kernels popcorn / three pineapples / a lot of stuff from the dollar store. (she got me some Tropical Fruit Breezers) She came up with the Hon's dinner idea, which I wasn't particularly up for because of the reasons stated at the top of this entry... she thanked me for spending time with Grandma, at least. I got home by 6, so that's plenty of time to recharge before tomorrow morning at 11-ish! Hopefully, I can sleep earlier than usual and NOT wake up before my alarm because of inconsiderate jabronies!

Now it's time to catch up in here... note to self: tell sister about Mom's denial of the true meaning of "making out," as well as TMI about her robe. (nah, you don't need to know...) Oh yeah, I should also tell her that HAMLET says that you can poison people by pouring that in their ears, since it's connected to your throat through the eustachian tube. The things I learn by reading the Book of Lists that Melissa's family got me for Christmas... :D (no, I'm not planning to murder anyone... I just want to freak her out, muhahaha!)

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People who deserve DEATH!!!!! / Proxy Servers / Stress

The people next door who started renovation work before 7:30 AM should die... *grumble*

This conversation is a repost from April, but that's okay. My memories have to be in mostly chronological order. ;) I guess the OK Cupid journal might work, since I figure China blocks Myspace and such. That, or I could do a Google for sites which China doesn't block, hahaha.

Besides, Dawn said that China's blocked her solution to the RSS feeds problem. (so she misses my "great updates," hahaha) I was testing out my MSN connection a couple nights ago since Corey claimed that my connection to it was wonky then. Today, Corey and Jane aren't around anyhow: he kept me amused before I tried to sleep yesterday. ("Call her short, even though you're the same height! If you want to say bad things about her, you better hurry up since she's not in here yet! Oh, Jane's here now. Say hi to Jane!") Pity nothing is open 24/7 at the airport, of all places! (9:45 PM?!)

I hope the kiddies have fun, even if he DOES take her up on any offers since she likes him as more than a friend. Heh, I'll ask him about that once this week has ended. (I should really mail his graduation card too... maybe today!) He also said something about finding pictures online of the weirdass murals at the airport, but I'll ask him about that later. (something about dead people, burning buildings, and all that kind of crazy stuff...)

Corey also thinks that proxy servers might be the way to go with Dawn's RSS feeds thing, although Google Translate will work, too...

[19:23:30] Flami: Industrial Strength Bootine ;): oh, did I tell you that my friend found a solution to that RSS feeds problem?
[19:34:34] Corey: what was it?
[19:35:28] Flami: our friend Dave told her to use Google Translate and then pretend to translate the pages she wanted to read, haha
[19:45:50] Corey: yeah, that would probably work. instead of that, she could find a proxy server, which is basically the same thing.. it's just another server you connect to that goes and grabs the content.. so you're only connected to that server, which can ideally access whatever it wants to
[19:54:30] Flami: yeah, but how do you find out where those are?
[20:01:31] Corey: do a Google search for proxy servers? :P
[20:02:30] Corey: if you were really nice and leave your computer on all the time, you could probably download software to set one up on your computer so she has her own private proxy where she can see anything she wants :P public ones tend to be slow, if they even work
[20:05:34] Flami: yeah, but that sounds weird
[20:17:44] Corey: why does it sound weird?
[20:22:18] Flami: because there are times when I'll surely have to restart the computer like I just did..
[20:22:32] Corey: so, she'd have to deal with that :P
[20:22:42] Corey: she'd only need it for blocked stuff anyway
[20:27:46] Flami: yeah... but how do you know if such a thing is working?
[20:30:25] Corey: you'd have a proxy server program running :P you could see if it worked or not
[20:30:38] Corey: and it doesn't have to be YOU, but if she could get someone outside of China to do that...
[20:37:26] Flami: yeah, maybe... keep that in mind, I shall
[20:38:22] Corey: proxy server :P remember that one. tell her to just do a search.. I bet people have set stuff like that up over there already
[20:38:27] Corey: for that specific reason
[20:41:49] Flami: yeah sure, I'll do that later...
[20:46:26] Corey: there's a bunch of free ones listed there
[20:47:17] Flami: cool stuff

Your Stress Level is: 37%

You are slightly prone to stress, but generally you keep it under control.
You know how to relax and take things as they come, even when your world seems to be falling apart.
Occasionally, you do let yourself get stressed out, but you snap out of it pretty quickly.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quick responses to email, never washing your hair at home, quizzes

Today is apparently Homer Simpson's birthday, and he's 51. D'oh! Heh.

Eric used my MSN to test something.. I don't mind. :P

I just got an emailed comment from March 9. o_O

Helen emailed me back and said that she'd have the car on Friday since Danny's in Victoria for a seminar. She doesn't want to take the chance that baby Nicholas will be crying all the time after getting his shots at the doctor's on Tuesday even if he's usually good about that... yeah, I can understand that full well. (crying / grumpy baby = no good mojo!) If she's going to be over at 11-ish on Friday, then I'm thinking that I better adjust my sleep schedule! (haha) She asked if I've visited with Lily and baby Hannah yet (nope), so she wants to see if Lily's available and invite her to join us. Sounds fine to me! Helen seemed surprised when I called her within 10 minutes of getting the email, haha... but we have plans for Friday, which is cool. :D

Then I called my mom to see what was up. Somehow, I'm now spending time with my grandma tomorrow since she's getting her hair washed and blowdried. (so boring... maybe things will look up afterwards when we have lunch / go to China World to go shopping for a zillion Chinese foodstuffs :P) When my mom told me that, I was like "Uh.... doesn't she wash and blowdry her hair at home?!" Apparently, Grandma's NEVER washed her hair in the shower at all. o_O She grew up with this since the bathrooms in the Hong Kong flats were typically shared among four families or so. I can't imagine that, although maybe it's like dorm life? (heh) It does get expensive, but nothing to be done about that! So that means I have to get up early two days in a row, but eh... I can handle that. (I hope!)

You Will Die at Age 70

You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...
And how you'll die as well.

Your Blue Prom Dress Is

La Femme

Your Italian Name Is...

Chiara Mancini

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Zodiac and the devil

Last night, Karen and I had an email exchange. She offered to give me a ride to Bible Study on Friday, but I declined. She said to let her know if I changed my mind, but I don't think I will. Better just to stay home or something, haha. ;)

Candy's posted zodiac smilies on a forum. They're cute, but I'm not taking any. Not because it's the zodiac, but apparently they've been promised to Erik. Definitely won't be taking any in that case... not that I still hold a grudge because of what he said in January to end our "friendship," but really. I don't think it would be a good idea.

My hands are cold, as usual these days. What is WRONG with me?!

I wouldn't be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about what I was likely doing a year ago, probably at this exact time too. But I'll let bygones be bygones. :P

Wonder what would happen if I posted one of those "hangout" posts in the Richmond community. I remember this person and I exchanged comments about it once in the Vancouver community, but nothing came of it. I'm not sure I can remember the post, even!

Thinking of doing another general "list" post, so be warned. :P (yeah, I'll backdate it!)

Who / What / Where

Where: In my computer chair, thinking of consuming that last beer. (but it won't be as fun without Corey around, haha) Scratch that, he just showed up on AIM right when I'd finished typing that! o_O (speak of the devil... as Jen, Dianne, and I were saying about Alan on Sunday before service started!)

When: Tuesday, May 10, 2006. (10:36 AM, PST)

What I'm Wearing: Blue shirt with Winnie the Pooh giving Piglet a flower, casual blue pants, grey undershirt, turquoise panties, and glasses.

What I'm listening to: Touch Tone Terrorists prank calls, classic rock, and Corey's AIM buzzes.

What I'm feeling: Strangely amused by nothing in particular.

What I should have done before bed: Not bedtime yet, but I think I should figure any plans out first, haha.

What I actually did before bed: Ate food, played Bookworm, did word searches, posted in various places, etc.

How I am feeling: Thirsty. Maybe I should drink some water.

What I have learned from this: I should listen to my body if I'm yawning for no reason. Meh.

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How are we supposed to know it's a JOKE?! Idiots.

Today's rant is brought to you by what is contained in these three links:

Incest is amazing, and my opinion is the only one that matters.
Are fags good? Yes or no?
You have the IQ of a pancake because it was obvious that my post about fags was a joke!

Thank goodness that the community in question isn't mine, otherwise I'd be deleting / freezing / banning both comments and people like a maniac. I wonder where the mod of that one is...

I can understand asking questions because you want to know the answer. I can understand having inside jokes about stuff. But what I don't understand is the "you're automatically supposed to take these things as a joke!" mentality. Those posts in question were stupid and pointless, and insulted everyone's intelligence. That's the kind of thing that 12-year-olds do: IMMATURE!!!!

Like we're really supposed to know that you're being sarcastic / "humorous" just by what they type?! I don't know about you, but I would be inclined to take those things seriously at first! And no... incest is NOT good! Damn you, fanfic.... *grumble*

I can take a joke as well as the next person... but these things were not really jokes. If they were, I certainly wasn't the only one who thought these people were being totally serious. Aiya!

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Bad baby names forum, random quizzes

Note: LJ Hit List / LJ Star Wars RPG Campaign / LJ Monkey blogquizzes. (by D, Cory, and stealthchess)

Bad Baby Names Forum

favourite colour
greenWrong Number
orangeIn Between Days
whiteClose To Me
grayCut Here
purpleA Forest
This Fun Quiz created by cory at BlogQuiz.Net
All the latest Music News at NewsDump

Good thing I didn't say that blue was my favorite color, coz it isn't on there! ;)

You scored as Box. You are a BOX. You like to be alone and do things on your own. You don't mind the dark... nobody can see you there. You may seem rather ordinary on the outside... but on the inside, you are full of surprises.













Which Random Object Do You Represent?
created with

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Quizopolis surveys on fathers, mothers, Myspace, bedtime, showers, brands, and more!

Here are some more surveys from Quizopolis...

Father Survey
How old is your father?57.
What do you call your father?Dad.
How is your relationship with your father?Okay.
Does he have children other than you?Yes.
Is he a good mechanic?No.
Where was he raised?Hong Kong.
Do you love your father?Sure.
When was the last time you saw your father?On the weekend.
What is his favorite TV show?No clue.
What is your father's favorite restaurant?Chinese stuff.
What kind of music does he like?Classical / opera.
Does your father work?Yes.
Does your father spoil you?Probably not.
What is your father's favorite store?Not sure he has one!
Does he know who Britney Spears is?Yes.
Is he a good driver?Most of the time.
What is his favorite color?No clue.
Where is your father right now?Home.
What did you give your father for Father's Day?Nothing.
Your father is ...Interesting.
Take This Survey at


Mother Survey
How old is your mother?58.
What do you call your mother?Mom.
How is your relationship with your mother?Okay.
Does she have children other than you?Yes.
Is she a good cook?Yes.
Where was she raised?Hong Kong.
Do you love your mother?I guess...
When was the last time you saw your mother?On the weekend.
Does / did she make you do chores? If yes, what?She did when I lived at home... everything!
What is your mother's favorite restaurant?Chinese stuff.
What kind of music does she like?Hymns.
Does your mother work?Yes.
Does your mother spoil you?Probably not...
What is your mother's favorite store?Dollar stores, haha.
Does she know who Britney Spears is?Probably...
Is she a good driver?Yes.
What is her favorite color?No clue.
Where is your mother right now?Home.
What did you give your mother for Mother's Day?Flowers and books.
Your mother is ...All right.
Take This Survey at


Myspace Survey
How long have you been on Myspace?Not long.
How did you find out about Myspace?Through LJ.
How often do you check your Myspace?Every day.
How many friends do you have?17.
Is Tom still in your top 8?No.
How often do you rearrange your top 8?Rarely.
Do you ever clean out your friends list?Haven't done it yet.
Do you forward bulletins sent to you?No.
Do you create your own bulletins from things you find?Rarely.
Do you read all your bulletins?Most of them.
Did you take a picture of yourself just for Myspace?No.
How often do you change your Myspace layout?Never.
Do you have a crush on anyone on Myspace?No.
Have you ever called anyone you met on Myspace?No.
Have you ever met anyone you met on Myspace?No.
Have you fallen in love on Myspace?No.
Have you ever wanted to quit Myspace?No.
What one thing would you add to Myspace?Easy browsing.
What one thing could you never be without on Myspace?Bulletins.
What is the most annoying thing about Myspace?Bad spelling and grammar.
Take This Survey at


Bedtime Survey
Have you ever had a recurring dream? If so what was it?Yeah... being chased by jewel thieves.
Whats your most memorable dream?Genetic freaks of nature following us around.
How many hours sleep do you get each night?At least 8.
What time do you get up on a school day?N/A.
How many times have you stayed up all night?Quite a few.
Have you ever got so drunk that you dont remember going to bed?No.
What do you normally do last thing before going to bed?Turn off all the lights.
Does coffee wake you up?Yes.
Does vodka put you to sleep?Sometimes.
Do you wriggle in bed so much that you wake up facing a different way to how you started?No.
What was the last time you shared a bed?Last year.
Do you tend to dream about real life things more, or complete fantasies?Fantasies.
How long do you remember your dreams for when you wake up?A few hours, depending.
Which is worse - being too hot in bed, or too cold?Too cold.
How many pillows do you sleep with?One.
What was your biggest night time fear as a child?Monsters in the sky.
What's under your bed?Carpet.
What do you wear in bed?Clothes.
Do you read in the evening, the morning, or not at all?Evening.
Do you eat in bed?No.
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Shower Survey
Do you shower in the morning or evening?Evening.
Do you use liquid or bar soap?Liquid.
Do you use shampoo and conditioner, or just shampoo?Shampoo and conditioner.
Do you brush your teeth in the shower?Ew, no!
Do you shave in the shower?No.
Do you sing in the shower?No.
Do you use a washcloth?Not in the shower.
Do you have a door or a curtain on your shower?Curtain.
Have you ever taken a call in the shower?Um, no.
Have you ever showered in your swimsuit?For public showers, yes. Never privately.
Have you ever showered with a member of the same sex?No.
Have you ever showered with a member of the opposite sex?No.
Do you share a bathroom with someone?No.
Do you listen to the radio in the shower?No.
Do you wear a shower cap?No.
Do you wash behind your ears?Yes.
Describe your shower in three wordsFun naked time.
What one thing would you change about your shower?The heat of the water's got to last, man.
What would make your shower time better for you?Pretty bubbles!
What celebrity would you like to shower with?Thom Yorke.
What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?Tom Cruise.
What is the one thing you can't do without in your shower?Body wash.
What is the oddest thing that has happened to you in the shower?I noticed a bruise on my leg.
What is the best thing that has happened to you in the shower?.... I have no idea.
When was the last time you showered?Friday.
When are you going to take a shower next?Tomorrow.
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Brand Survey
Deodorant: Dove.
Toothpaste: Colgate.
Shampoo: Herbal Essences.
Shaver: N/A.
Underwear: Hanes.
Watch: Don't have one.
Detergent: Western Family.
Car: Don't have one.
Airline:Don't have one.
Backpack / Purse / Wallet: Roots / MEC.
Computer: Don't have one.
Search Engine:Google.
TV Channel:Pacific Sportsnet.
Cell Phone:Don't have one.
Beer:Don't have one.
Soft Drink:Fresca
Fast Food:Burger King.
Pizza:Boston Pizza.
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Girls Survey
Do you have a lot of make-up?No.
How much do you put on?Not much.
How long does it take you to get ready?Not too long... half an hour.
Do you carry a purse?No.
What color is it?N/A.
Where did you get it?N/A.
Do you have a Louis Vuttion?No.
Do you like to wear nail polish?No.
How often do you get your nails done?N/A.
Do you like manicures?No.
Do you like pedicures?No.
Do you have a usual nail salon you go to?No.
Where do you get your hair done?Nowhere in particular.
Do you straighten your hair?No.
How many pairs of shoes do you have?Six.
Which pair of shoes are your favorite?Sneakers.
What brand are they?Brooks.
Do you wear heels?No.
Where do you buy most of your clothes?Random stores.
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First Reaction Survey
Your Last ExUnreliable.
The PresidentOdd.
Gas PricesHigh.
MySpaceBad spelling and grammar.
Worst FearInsects.
Vanilla IceRapper.
Porta PottiesEW!
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Finish The Sentence Survey
My ex...Never had that much time for me.
Maybe I should...Branch out of my comfort zone.
I love...Time with my friends.
People would say that I'm...Weird and remember birthdays.
I don't understand...Why people act the way they do.
When wake up in the morning...I hate it!
I lost...My sense some time ago.
Life is full of...Complications.
My past is...Very boring.
I get annoyed when...People assume I'm something I'm not.
Parties are...Interesting.
I wish...I were different, somehow.
Dogs...Can be nice.
Cats...Are cool enough.
Tomorrow...I will do the same ol' thing.
I have low tolerance...For bad grammar / spelling, and alcohol.
If I had a million dollars...I'd buy a lot of books.
I'm totally terrified...When people leave me alone in unfamiliar situations.
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