Saturday, July 19, 2003

Weapons of mass destruction

go to Google..
enter "weapons of mass destruction" (with the quotes)..
then click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button..
read the page there.. too funny!


Radiohead, Erin's pad stories, extremely drunk women, WHITE people, Emily Choi

I had a great time out with my friends last night. We played Ultimate, had snacks, and then went out to eat. (we're used to eating twice on Fridays) Sean and Adela had brought their San Francisco pictures: you could see Alcatraz in one of them; there were pictures of Treasure Island (where they went for the July 4 fireworks); pictures of the guys (Sean, Alan, Hon, Hon Fei, and Edwin) clubbing, riding on ATVs, and visiting Alan in the hospital (he got injured on an ATV); pictures of this expensive dinner that Sean and Adela had at some restaurant (want Dungeness crab cocktails and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, anyone?); and the pictures of Adela's relatives. (plus Sean looking really drunk / hungover.. yes, people DO notice these things! :P)

Eric H. was back, which was a good thing. I'd begun to miss having him around. Steph was trying to figure out his name later, and Jon told her that he had the same name as his friend in Victoria. (she got what he was saying, luckily)

Stella noticed Jen holding Jon's copy of Kid A, and wondered about Radiohead. (she's vaguely heard of them) After explaining that we couldn't sing along to their more experimental stuff (and not even to their other songs, at times!), Jen and I got Jon to play some of Radiohead's tunes on the guitar. He then played and sung Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, High and Dry, and Street Spirit (Fade Out). That answered Stella's question. :)

Jon, Steph, Emily, Eunice, Dawn, Norman, Kristy, Sean, Adela, Erin, Danielle, Nathan, Eric H., Phil, Melia, and I went to the Cactus Club. There are none in Toronto, so Emily's never been to one. (she did seem to like it just fine) It wasn't the one where Sean told us just a little TOO much information about how much he liked the Caesar salad there.. but that comment definitely cleared the table a couple years back!

Melia asked us: "Did you guys know that hot dogs are made of PORK?!" We all looked at her strangely.. turns out that she always thought they were made of beef, until they were discussing it in Bible Study last night. I was going to tell them about potted meat, but we were already eating. (though there ARE chicken dogs and veggie dogs out there, we know)

Eunice said that the Richmond Crew would be proud of her. She had made a food combo some time ago that involved perogies, lettuce, and A-1. (we had this old joke involving A-1 steak sauce, and how it was absolutely the best stuff around)

Erin objected to Jon mentioning her embarrassing pad stories, even in passing. He didn't say anything, but just mentioning "Erin's pad stories" got a group of us laughing. Jon then had to tell Nathan the "gummi bear" story in point form; Danielle wanted more detail, but I think we'll tell her later. Steph said that even Emily knew about Erin.. that was kinda funny.

When I ordered a Flirtini (a martini with raspberries and such in it), Jon said that I just HAD to have my alcohol. That was SO not true. I'd had a rough week, and it's not like I'm an alcoholic or anything! Just needed to relax a bit, is all.

Adela then passed her 30-Hour Famine pledge forms around the table.. I remember doing this for a few years back in high school. (it's to raise money for a World Vision cause.. or was when I did it) When Jon upped Nate's $5 donation by giving $6.25, I decided to better THAT by giving $8. But it's all for a good cause, and I could afford it.. if I couldn't, I wouldn't have done that. :)

Discussed Daniel Fellowship doings; Sean had this to say about the increase in newcomers: "It's like an explosion of newcomers!" (um, sure it is..) Some of us also toasted Eunice's serving on the Daniel committee next year. Erin says she enjoys serving in Timothy (the high school group), but some of the kids are so quiet. Jon jokingly suggested that she should liquor them up, then they'd tell her a lot.. they're underage, dude!

Eunice told us that she was listening to Amy talk about Brian, so she joked to him: "Can I trade Eddie up for you? Wait a minute, I'd NEVER do that!" Apparently, the expression on Brian's face was priceless. (Eddie's a hair model and a restaurant kitchen worker in Edinburgh right now; he'll come back in about a month, but won't tell anyone [not even his mom] exactly when.. it's a surprise)

Later, Erin said that she'd cover Nate's meal for his birthday. Jon told her that she didn't have to.. Nathan had had a meal covered before his birthday (the Memphis Blues outing), two meals on his birthday, and one meal afterwards. She insisted, then found out that she didn't have enough cash anyhow. Yet another laugh at Erin's expense.. it sounds SO classy: "I'll pay for you.. wait, I don't have enough cash! Maybe next week.."

Afterwards, some of us were demonstrating our skills at being the champions of loitering. We hung around outside the restaurant and talked for a while. Jon, Steph, and I recalled the extremely drunk woman we'd seen outside this same Cactus Club once.. she looked very sad inside the restaurant, yet they kept serving her. Outside, she was extremely hyper.. it was a good thing that she had two male friends with her.

We discussed the Daniel evangelistic meeting next week, how old Norman thought Emily and Danielle looked (the girls are 25 and 24 respectively), unity, bonding, our gifts (Nathan's gift is being the "chauffeur / hook-up man"), Eric M. (whom we had to describe to Eric H. as "not you.. *white* Eric!".. then we looked around and noticed Kristy's presence; um, oops.. hahaha), and a bunch of other stuff. When Jon started in on chopping Norman and chasing him around, Kristy looked very surprised. I told her that Jon was always like that, and she'd figure it out for herself soon.

So all in all, a very good night out. "Good times, good times.. and lots of company," as Nathan would say.

Today, I'm off to Sean's place for a family dinner.. the "support group" time is fun. :) Jon won't be there with us, as he's helping out at a "street church".. but the rest of us will be sure to tell him what went on. It'll certainly be the usual good time.

My uncle is also in town again; tomorrow is the family dinner. We'll be going to the Keg.. mmm, steak. It'll be all right, but SO fraught with obligations. Eh well.. nothing I can do about it.

I'm also looking forward to a visit from a Seattle friend of mine on Monday.. it'll be a go unless something really bad happens. It will be good fun.. we'll have to have some bubble tea, among other things. Definitely will be interesting.. :)

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Eyeballs and blood

just heard of another of Jon's weird food combos..
(he did this one yesterday, apparently..)
Honeynut Cheerios, cranberry juice, and lychees..
Nathan said that it looked like eyeballs and blood..
(the white lychees would be the eyeballs..
the cranberry juice would be the blood..
no idea what the Honeynut Cheerios would be..)

mmm.. eyeballs and blood..
very appetizing...
mwahahahaha... sounds yummy :P

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Cards Received, 1995-1997

Since I can't sleep anyhow.... here's another "cards received post." :)

Cards Received, 1995-1997

Daniel Fellowship Camp 1995

Vernon: "Dear Leslie, Thank you for coming to camp and sharing in the fellowship together. I hope you enjoyed yourself and found peace in God's beautiful creation. Thank you also for being patient with some of us. Often we focus too much on the planning aspect of programs and activities that we forget about people. May this camp be a blessing in relieving stress (or monotony), and allowing God to restore your soul and drawing you into a closer relationship with Him. In Christ, Vernon." (the card has Psalm 29:11 on it)

Birthday 1995

David Lee: "[Chinese characters] Best Wishes To You, And Have a Wonderful Birthday!"

Sophia: "Happy Birthday, Leslie! Do you feel old yet? No, I'm just joking! I just hope your 19th year will be great and prosperous, and may all your wishes come true in everything! May God be with you."

Karen Choo: "Dear Leslie, It's a privilege to wish you a happy birthday. You're a kind and wonderful person. We'll miss you in Bible Study. Please remember that no matter what, you are still our sister in Christ and you will be remembered in prayer. Please keep in touch with me. Love in Christ, Karen."

Lauren: "I know it's a week late, but I hope that you had a wonderful birthday! Talk to you later! Love, Lauren."

Jenny: "Happy Birthday, Leslie! :P How does it feel to be 19? Now you can do almost everything you want! Well, I wish you the best in everything you do in the upcoming year and in the future. Thanks for being such a caring and happy, cheerful person to talk to. Take care and God bless! Luv, Jenny."

Lesley: "Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad you're coming out to the Daniel Fellowship. Hope you can continue so we may study the Bible and praise God together. Love, Lesley - the other one."

Billy: "Happy Birthday, Leslie! So how does it feel to be 19 years old? Doesn't feel too bad, huh! Well, take care and may all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday!"

Tony: "Happy Birthday, Leslie!! I wish you all the best. May all your wishes come true!"

Esther: "Happy B-Day! Best wishes to you. Have fun at school and enjoy life!"

Anita: "So how's it going? Hope you have a wonderful birthday!"

card from Wendy

card from Leni

Connie Lucas: "I think of you often and hope you are well and happy."

David M.: "(Don't look at the HAPPY BIRTHDAY yet... read the message first) Hey Leslie, Wow! Now you are a whopping 19 years old. Phew... We are getting old, aren't we! So you might be wondering... ??? Hmm, David, you have never given me a card before. Well, that's true, and I am very sorry for that, but after all those many many many cards you gave for all my birthdays, I thought I should be a good friend and encourage you back. Besides, all those birthday cards that you gave me really uplifted me because someone did remember my birthday, and that special somebody was you, so thanks. I just really hope this card uplifts your spirits too, because I know about the situation you are in now. And like I said before, just show your parents that you can do it because God is always on our side. So keep on working hard and hope to see you back at Fellowship and Choir very very soon. In Christ, David." (he drew balloons, a happy face, and more!)

Elaine M.: "Happy 19th Birthday! Wow, doesn't time fly by! You're 19... wow! Well, I wish you the best of luck in school and in your walk with Christ. Once again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLIE! Leslie, you may not look the same each year, but I'd like to say you certainly are as sweet and sincere every year!" (she drew cartoons representing me at every age of my life, haha)

Frances M.: "Leslie, so you are 19 now. Wow! That's getting pretty old. Since you made me a handmade card, I thought I would give you a card that I made too, although not especially for this occasion. I hope you like it. It actually took me a lot of time to paint this picture. There are many animals that are considered endangered species that live in the rainforest of the Amazon. Happy Birthday, and have a nice day!! Keep smiling!! Love in Christ, Frances. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4" (she drew a dog representing the family dog Bosco... "Bosco says HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!")

Rich: "Psst... Hey, Leslie... SURPRISE! Happy Birthday! Sure I know it's late, but that's so I could catch you off guard. Happy 19th Birthday!! I hope your life is filled with love and happiness!! May the LIGHT shine forever in your heart!! Love, your brother in Christ, Rich."

Christmas 1995

Frances C.: "Dear Leslie, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! (whoops :) ) Thanks for always being such a thoughtful friend. You never forget anyone's birthday - you have such an amazing memory! I hope this Christmas that you will be allowed to return to Fellowship in the New Year. Remember - always stay true to yourself, and that you're just as good as anyone else! Merry Christmas (whew, got it right this time!)! Luv, Frances."

Don and Susan: "Dear Leslie, Wishing you a happy holiday season, and may God continue to bless you richly!"

card from Vernon... it was addressed to the family, but I kept it since he gave it to ME.. haha! (the card has Luke 2:11 on it)

Anita: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" (the card has 2 Corinthians 9:15 on it) [same card as the previous year, but no less appreciated :P]

Lesley: "Dearest Leslie, May this Christmas bring you the joyous occasion as you celebrate the birth of Christ. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

card from Karen, Kelvin, and Kenneth

David Lee: "Dear Leslie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." (the card has Isaiah 9:6 on it)

Vania: "Thanks for the card. Here is a little present for you. Love from Vania. :)"

Teresa: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Vivian's family: "My mom knows our phone number well now. She can even say it backwards! :) Tell Stephanie!"

Leni: "Dear Leslie, May the Christmas season remind you that God loves you! :) Your friend, Leni."

Rich: "Dear Leslie, May God's gracious love fill your heart each and every day, allowing Him to be the Lord of your life. May the LIGHT shine forever in your heart. Love in Christ, Rich." (the card has Matthew 2:11 on it)

Winnie: "Dear Leslie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So glad that we could celebrate Christ's Birth. Luv in Christ, Winnie."

Daniel and Alexandra: "Dear Leslie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love, Dan and Alexandra."

Baptism 1996

card from Uncle Cho Kai, Auntie Anna, Mimosa, Tilia, and Ficus with 1 Corinthians 12:13 on it

card from Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine with John 3:16 on it

Don and Susan: "Congratulations on your baptism! May God do great things through you! In Christ, Don and Susan."

Vernon: "Dear Leslie, Congratulations on your baptism! Let your light shine before man, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. We're all in it together! Brother in Christ, Vernon." (the card has Mark 16:6 on it)

Wendy: "Dear Leslie, May God's infinite love be very real to you on your Baptism Day and always! Love, Wendy."

Sohan: "Praise the Lord for your baptism! Remember Ephesians 3:16-21. I rejoice with you this day. God bless you abundantly in the years to come."

Lily: "Congratulations, Leslie! I am so happy for you! I'm really encouraged by how God has worked in your life. Trust God in all you do and be bold in witnessing to those around you!! May you continue to grow and mature in Christ! Jeremiah 29:11-14 and Proverbs 3:5-6! With love, your sister and friend in Christ, Lily. :)"

Karen Lee-H: "Dear Leslie, Your brothers and sisters in the Lord rejoice with you this day. May your life be ever filled with the sweetness of His Fellowship. In Christ, Karen. April 7, 1996. Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. Colossians 4:17"

Irene: "Dear Leslie, Congratulations on your baptism! It is a privilege to share in this wonderful event with you! I pray that you may continue to walk hand in hand alongside Him who knows and cards for you intimately. I pray that He may continue to shape and mold your life, and that He may continue to purify and refine your faith. Philippians 3:13-14 and 1 Peter 1:2."

Vivian's family: "Dear Leslie, Congratulations! You're baptized!"

Susan Ng: "Congratulations and best wishes for the future!" (the card has Ephesians 4:5 on it)

card from Uncle Richard and Auntie Gloria (the card has Colossians 2:12 on it)

card from Uncle Tom and Auntie Allyn with Chinese characters (the card also has Psalm 23:2 on it)

card from Hansel and Cathy (the card has Psalm 40:2 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 on it)

card from Ken and Hia (the card has Philippians 1:3-6 on it)

Stella: "Dear Leslie, I'm so happy for you that you've taken such a big step in your faith. Leslie, I pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to you so that you can further enjoy his abundant blessings; the blessings of knowing God! Stay true to Him, and may you walk with Him daily. Love, your sister in Christ, Stella." (the card has John 3:16 on it)

Alex: "Dear Leslie, Hi! I am glad to see you're getting baptized today. Thank you for the music cards that you lent me. I am not using it now, but I will definitely use it when I learn piano in the summer. Brother in Christ, Alex." (the card has Psalm 34:10 on it)

Anita: "Dear Leslie, I'm so happy to see God working in your life! May He be with you always! Congratulations on your baptism! Love, Anita."

Lauren: "Dear Leslie, Hi! I'm very happy to learn that you are getting baptized. I wish you joy and praise on this very special day. I pray that you continue to grow in Christ each day. P.S. Hope to see you back in Bible Study soon!"

Daniel: "Dear Leslie, I'm so happy for you. Hope that your walk with God will be full of joy. May God bless you in your daily life. Love, your Brother in Christ, Daniel."

Teresa: "Congratulations on your baptism today, Leslie."

Special 1996

Rie and Yumi: "Dear Leslie, We really appreciate all the things you did for us while we were in Canada. I really have enjoyed living with you. Thank you for cooking our lunch. We really had an enjoyable stay. We will not forget your kindness. We hope we can see you again someday. Please take care of yourselves. Goodbye." (these were two Japanese girls that the family hosted during the summer when they were here to learn English)

Birthday 1996

Karen Choo: "Hope you receive the blessing of experiencing God's love in your everyday life, and the inner transformation that comes with it. Have enjoyed your friendship. Hope to see you discover the gifts that God has planted in you. Much love, Karen." (the card has Deuteronomy 15:10 on it)

Christmas 1996

card from Joshua Fellowship, signed by a bunch of the parents (Phil and Melia's, Priscilla and Evelyn's, Vivian and Karen's, Billy and Danny's, Karen / Kelvin / Kenneth's, Justin / Clement / Fidela's, etc.)

Teresa: "Thank you for the Christmas card you have given me. I am so glad that you are in my Bible Study group so that I can get to know you better. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Don and Susan: "Dear Leslie, You are a wonderful person and we thank God for your goodness. May God continue to bless you."

Lesley: "Dear Leslie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Glad to have you in Daniel Fellowship."

Karen, Kelvin, and Kenneth: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

Belinda: "Dear Leslie, Wanted to say thank you for being you. Even when I've taken a break from church, I can always look forward to your cheerful hello. Brightens my day every time, especially if I've had a stressful time. Wishing you all the best." (she drew a musical note with a heart and smiley face!)

Byron: "Hi Leslie! You're always so cheerful! Thanks for lighting up my days - especially when I'm all haywired! Don't ever change... that's an order! (joking... you're free, but seriously, don't change too much!) Have a Merry Christmas and have the best 1998 [he meant 1997] ever!" (he included this quote from Mother Teresa: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.")

Daryl: "Best Wishes!"

Karen Lee-H: "Dear Leslie, I hope the magic of Christmas would remain with you long after the Christmas lights and decorations are taken down. May His wonderful Love, Joy, and Peace reign in your heart until His glorious return. If you ever feel like having a chat or a coffee (tea, Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper...) sometime, that'll be great! Your friend, Karen."

Pat Lew: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Wendy: "Dear Leslie: Thank you so much for the Christmas card and note. I'm glad to hear you are doing fine. I'm doing fine also. Take care! Much love, Wendy."

Winnie: "Dear Leslie, Thank you for the Christmas card. We appreciate it very much! I hope you and your family will enjoy Christmas and New Year's together! Merry Christmas!" (the card has Matthew 2:9 on it)

Rick, Wai-Mui, and Hannah: "Merry Christmas! Thanks for your concern about Hannah!" (they included a baby photo of Hannah... so cute!)

Jason Y.: "Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!"

card from Helen K.

Special 1997

Joy Moon: "Dear Leslie, You made a lot of friends in EEA, and that alone is something to be proud of. I appreciate the way you participated in so many goofy-sounding exercises - learning about life from colored hats, mind maps, and an imaginary all-expense-paid holiday. Think of EEA as just one step as you continue to grow and learn. Reach for your dreams, and remember hollyhocks!"

Birthday 1997

card from Auntie Eva and Auntie Dorothy (21, indeed...)

Lesley: "Happy Birthday, Leslie. I'm so glad I've come to know you better. I hope our friendship will continue to grow." (the card has Psalm 3:8 on it)

Karen Choo: "Appreciate your friendship over these past years. Look forward to getting to know you better." (the card has Psalm 129:8 on it)

Connie Lucas: "Hope you are happy and busy with your life."

Lauren: "Sorry this is so late, but I want to say Happy Belated Birthday anyways. I wish you joy and happiness today and always! God Bless! Love, Lauren."

Christmas 1997

Tilia: "Leslie, Thanks for your Christmas message. It was great to hear from you. I hope you're doing well these days. Maybe I'll see you soon! Merry Christmas! Love, Tilia."

Helen C.: "Leslie, Merry Christmas! Best wishes for the New Year. May you keep walking closely with the Lord in the New Year!"

Esther: "Dearest Leslie: Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Isn't Bible Study with Karen an awesome, hilarious, encouraging time?"

Lesley: "Dear Leslie, Isn't it cool that we both have the same name? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" (the card has Luke 2:11 on it)

card from David M.

card from people on the delivery route

Total: 69

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Gay Christians?! hahaha

not a good night for conversations tonight..
someone is strongly objecting to my opinion..
(uneducated just coz I'm unsure gays can be Christian?)
eh, I might change my opinion on it.. but not now..
people might say things that they don't mean..
not that gays can't be good people, but Christians?
I certainly don't think I have a say in who's Christian or not..
but there's something oxymoronic about that phrase to me..
certainly never seen a real-life example of one..

can't explain it too well at the best of times, but it's there..
I'm not homophobic / intolerant, either.. just steadfast..
they can certainly believe in a Higher Power / God..
"if they say they are, then they are" might be true..
but what of people who lie in making that assertion?
not that I'm cynical or anything, but people could..
(most people don't.. but you never know)

so do I want to understand these people?
I might, but never thought much about it.. that's all..
yup, Christianity's supposed to include anyone who wants it..
and to exclude anybody might seem ridiculous..
but eh.. my views are forming and nascent yet ;)
so don't you dare excoriate me for them...
else I will NOT want to understand their perspective..

no comments on how you see my views, please..
most of you won't, but this is for those that will ;)
guess it's another 2 AM ramble, when I should be in bed..
speaking of such, I'm going to go there now.. later!

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

In a poetic mood... / Quizzes

tonight during class, my sister and I were in a poetic mood..
no, we didn't write any Chinese poems..
we have absolutely no clue how to do that..
instead, we wrote some English poems.. (a rhyme vibe!)
they were about ourselves, Connie, and Jenny..
and I reproduce them here for posterity ;)

for the record, I never get drunk on wine..
I definitely don't snort all the time..
nor do I have an extremely large booty..
(despite what SOME people would like to think)
the "I'm such a geek" one is Jenny's birthday poem..
and most of these are my sister's..
except the one with the major vocab words ;)
(but Steph had to help me with its last line..)

My sister's name is Sarne;
I think she belongs in a barn.
She snorts all the time,
Especially when drunk on wine.

Sarne's booty is so big,
It can't be covered by a twig.

Big bottom,
You gottem.

Happy Birthday to you;
May all your wishes come true.
I hope you enjoy the rhyme,
But I've run out of time.
I'm such a geek;
See you in a week.

Steph definitely wants defenestration;
But maybe I'll settle for her castigation.
Seeing as how we're in class right now,
I can't very well call her a cow!
(Well, I could.. but it wouldn't be very nice;
Instead, I'll punch her on the arm twice.)

Writing in this card
Makes me think very hard.
I'm not sure what to say
Except, "Hip hip hooray!
It's Conster's big day!"
Happy Birthday to Conster;
I don't think you're such a monster.
You're now 25,
So get down and jive.

Here are some quizzes:

You scary person, you are not bored at all! Why did you take this test in the first place? This test was to test the level of your boredom, not to tell you that you aren't bored at all. How the **** do you manage it?!! Tell me, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Another recurring title - how bored are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

FREAK!!--you probably picked '3' didn't you?
FREAK!! -- you probably picked "3," didn't you?

The I am not Emo Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

You're a cat, or seem to think you are. If you're not a cat, I suggest you get help. And soon if you ever want to actually get laid.

A Quiz About Sex
brought to you by Quizilla

You're a normal person!

The Quiz of Intelligence.
brought to you by Quizilla

Pool toys are better gangsta than you.

Are you a gangsta quiz?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Showing up Eric and Spoz with my vocab...

sometimes I show up people with my vocab..
I remember when Eric said mine was too big for him..
the word "castigation" created problems for him, I recall..
(no, I did NOT say "Calvinistic".. haven't used that one outside of certain Sunday School / membership / baptism classes)
then there was the time when I used "euphonious"..
he thought I'd said "euthanaisiouus".. (um, no..)
but he *did* know what "euphonious" meant..
(since he's a musician, I'd very much hope so)
when he found out what "capacious" meant..
Eric applied it to my booty, not to my mind.. cheh! ;)

I used "defenestrate" on one of you once..
"lots of big fluffy words," you said.. (perhaps true)
then there was the time I used "interrobang" on you..
"wot the *BLEEP* is an interrobang?! should I go defenestrate myself? ;) ".. definitely no need for that! ;)

nah, I'm not bragging or anything..
but stumping people can be cool ;)
I hope there's no limit on the number of links you can use in one of these entries, either ;)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

DRAGON WARRIOR 2 Enemy List, #1-82

LJ equivalent on August 17, 2012.

This is a complete enemy list for DRAGON WARRIOR 2. This walkthrough (DARKNICIAD!) helped when I was playing the game, this labeled map definitely helped, and this enemy list helped as well. Chronological Order: 3, 1, 2.


Big Slug



Wild Mouse

Iron Ant



Big Cobra

Army Ant

Magic Ant

Big Rat




Metal Slime



Lizard Fly


Ghost Rat




Medusa Ball


Gremlin (mini-bosses in Lianport; you get the ship for defeating them)

Mud Man

Magic Baboon

Man O' War

Sea Slug

Hawk Man


Sabre Lion (mini-boss; fight at Osterfair Castle to obtain Moon Crest from the King)


Mace Master (mini-boss; fight in Midenhall Castle prison for the Staff of Thunder)

Poison Lily

Sabre Tiger

Mummy Man






Puppet Man


Metal Babble


Gold Orc

Dragon Fly

Titan Tree




Evil Eye



Evil Clown (mini-bosses; fight them in the Sea Cave to obtain the Eye of Malroth)

Ozwarg (mini-bosses; fight them in Hamlin to obtain the Water Crest)


Evil Tree

Metal Hunter

Mega Knight

Dark Eye

Orc King



Green Dragon

Magic Vampirus

Silver Batboon




Gold Batboon



Hargon Knight

Atlas (boss)

Bazuzu (boss)

Zarlox (boss)

Hargon [boss]

Malroth [final boss]

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