Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy girls MUST kiss me in my accomplishments!

Henry picked me up a little earlier, and said that his niece Evelyn was attending Awana today - cool. He was also listening to Team 1040, which was a change; I asked him if he'd listened to the game yesterday, but he'd been too busy. Evelyn at least was polite when I asked her how she was, haha. Listened to the radio guys discuss trash talk, Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, and other things. When I heard that the Cleveland Indians were beating the New York Yankees 20-4 in the seventh inning, I had to call Henry's attention to that score. How hard is it to get a few runs? Who knows.

Got to the fellowship hall, and asked Melia about the status of the thing where she asked people to be available to look after the little kids after Awana. People have exams and such, so she / Angus / Vanessa are doing it. She totally understood if I wanted to just go home after Awana, since it wasn't definite that Lee and Lily would be there - the bus schedules on the weekends are NUTS. I decided to take the "out" which she was offering me, heh. Sophia thanked me for her birthday card and the stickers that I gave her daughter Olivia; Helen also thanked me for her and her son Nathaniel's birthday cards. Of course I remembered! Noticed that Vanessa W. was wearing an interesting shirt, so I had to go over there and write down most of the words on there. While I was there, Eunice / Rachel / Ian told me about all their handbook time accomplishments: YAY FOR MULTIPLE PAGES, PATCHES, AND JEWELS!

John asked me if I'd go home with them, but then got Henry to drive me. Fair enough, since they were asked by someone with four people for a ride! I was admiring a cute baby sibling for some of the afternoon. Gave Amanda the stuffed monkey which was supposed to be for Arthur, and gave her big sister Hannah two sticker sheets even if their mom said I didn't have to. At least I unloaded it, and they thanked me when prompted. I even got a hug from Amanda! Auntie May gave me some homemade Chinese treats, which was nice - I said hi to her grandkids Ian (who almost bumped into me) and Olivia, and waved at Ian's brother Gabriel while saying hi to his mom Rosenda. (I saw Lee, who asked if the church kitchen was operational and had running water yet: I have NO idea, but it better be ALL SYSTEMS GO for my brother's wedding in early June! Also waved hi to baby Anne, who's WALKING now - the kids grow up SO FAST!)

Afterwards, I got some Garden chocolate / peanut (kept from the kids because of allergy concerns) / strawberry cream mini-wafers. Good times, and I like helping with the kids. I officially learned that Awana would be extended into July because of those meetings we missed in November while the church was being set up according to code - ah, compensation! That means I need to change my RSVP to Andy and Megan's wedding; now, if only I could remember the website! I won't be seeing Henry next week since he has a test, but he already let Ada know - good thing. I also finally replied to Vanessa's Evite for Danielle's 30th birthday party on May 3 (a Sunday)... a part of me is jealous people get more attention than I did on my 30th! Oh well... I opted to bring potato salad to that affair, so I should remember. (YIKES - at church and all? Maybe I should buy a huge tub on that day!)

EWWW! They have DURIAN FLAVOR cream wafers?! AIYA!

Vanessa's shirt, all in pink text with black borders:

Kiss Me
Spring @ Summer
Happy Girls... Kiss Me
Chaofa lxq to you beauty
23 Polgenjns Refined

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Hey, I haven't done a literary quiz in a while!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

FEYER (325 points) - against Susan S. [two 5W]
CIGS (128 points) - against Louise G. [two 4W]

Henry called just now to say he's picking me up in five to ten minutes. This is early, but I don't mind so much - advance warning IS a good thing! :D

Leslie completed the quiz "What kind of librarian are you?" with the result Children's Librarian. You are a classic bookworm who started reading at an early age and never looked back. Unfortunately, you can't let go of your childhood memories, so you ended up as a children's librarian. You're peppy and upbeat and full of creativity. However, "real" librarians want to poke you in the eye with a sharp stick, and you're tired of parents using you as a daycare. But when a little kid comes up to you with your latest recommendation and says "I want another book like this," it makes up for everything..

Leslie completed the quiz "What Literary Time Period Are You?" with the result Romantic Period. You resemble Goethe, Shelley, and Thoreau. You watch with incredible curiosity the world around you -- political revolutions! the industrial world! commerce! "getting and spending"! -- and then you go for a long walk. Who needs God or King when you have Nature? You really can't make up your mind -- a host of daffodils will perk you up, but then again the smallest flower that blows will give you thoughts too deep for tears. This period marks the first real explosion of intense literary friendships -- Wordsworth and Coleridge, Shelley and Byron, Emerson and Thoreau -- though it seems improbable that you would have many friends in the first place. Ah! Romantic Period! You are sublime.

Facebook quizzes taken from Kelly:

Leslie took the What word best describes you? quiz and the result is Calm. You like to hang around maybe with friends or family, but you always enjoy yourself. =)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which How I Met Your Mother Character Are You?" with the result Ted Moseby. You are Ted. You are a self-professed romantic who is eager to get married and settle down. You're a kind, altruistic human being who is always considerate of others, but when you get angry, you really get angry. However, at times you come off as being rather talkative, and take forever to get to the point. But you're still loved regardless.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Children's Book Are You?" with the result The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. You are giving and will do anything for those you love. You are steady and enduring. You are uncomplicated and simple, but may be taken advantage of due to your giving heart.

Leslie completed the quiz "What should your major be?" with the result Humanities. Whether it be philosophy, English, psychology, or history that interests you, you are going to college to learn about the world around you and how people think. Though you may not be completely sure what career you want after school, what is important to you now is expanding your knowledge. You are creative and curious, and want to take the classes that interest you most. You don't mind writing, and you're slightly obsessed with punctuation and grammar. You enjoy reading; long hours in the library doing research sound appealing to you, and you hope to study abroad in Europe soon.

Leslie completed the quiz "What Kind of Gem are you?" with the result Amethyst. You're gorgeous, you love your friends, and you are very popular.

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KFC and hotel prank calls: Chemicals and gas, oh my!

High-scoring word of the night:

TOMBOYS (398 points) - against Nick M. [two 4W, hook off HIVE for a plural]

This thing just restarted!

KFC workers were pranked into pulling their fire alarm which sprayed chemicals, and they were then told to go outside and get naked and piss on each other to decontaminate themselves. The thing is finally online, according to Corey. "The news reports were kind to them.... they said they were only on the phone for 15 minutes (more like an hour), and became suspicious when they were told to pee on each other. A good portion of the call is them trying to pee on each other, but only getting a little at a time and stuff. It even gets to the point where they're told to ask the cops that have already arrived to pee on them more. :P They also try to get them to burn their clothes, which they would have done if the cops didn't show up. :P In Part Three, one of them asks them how big their boobs are, but the other prankster cuts him off before he screws it up. Now he's telling one of them something about making themselves throw up by eating tons of salt and ketchup or something, because they inhaled it and need to induce vomiting."

"So the news said they knew something was up at the pee part, but less than halfway through, they're already naked and peeing. Ha ha ha! Now Mary went back in the store when they evacuated it, so now she's infected too! Now someone else needs to get naked. Well, it's a bit long, but it's crazy that they just never even question this. They're a bit hesitant to get naked at first, but that's about it so far." Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

"There's a three-parter that involves fake gas leaks in hotel rooms that are solved by breaking windows and throwing things out of it. Well, at least three parts... again, no questioning.. just "you'll need to break the window, ma'am." "With what?!?" is the only protest, so he lists a number of things in the room that could be used to break a window. :P And here I thought flushing a pillow down the toilet was pretty extreme for a prank call. Uh-oh, it's double-paned and they only broke the first pane of glass the first time. They're upset that whatever they're using to break windows isn't working well enough. "Okay, then I'm going to need you to take the toilet tank lid off, and hit the windows as hard as you can." And off they go..." Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

"Okay, this same guy apparently does pranks online, and lots of people know who it is. :P I'm listening to him try to convince a girl to meet him for sex at a hotel room to give her her phone back which he claims he found. :P It's almost over, though, so I don't think she's going to. Well... here's another one with the title of "Woman loses ring: Agrees to bend over, er, bend her morals"... same guy."

"There's a news article about this same setup, but the article talks about a guy doing it, not ladies, so maybe there's more than one. News article with a picture of the fridge from his room that he tossed out the broken window... and the PLA version."

"Holy shit, you have to listen to the hotel one :P Now they're trying like crazy to break their TV screens....... they're not strong enough to shatter the windows, so basically they're just bashing the hell out of the room with lamps and stuff. There are three parts. Oh geez, now they three-wayed them with the real hotel desk. "Yeah, we tried everything to break the windows!!!" "You did what???" Okay, from what I've heard, just listen to everything on the PrankNET Youtube channel. Holy shit. There's another called Mr. Biggs where they tell him he needs to move to a different hotel room. For no reason, the prank caller gets completely rude and threatens him a bunch, while a second prank caller tells him never to speak to customers this way. The second one says he's head of security. and he'll make sure everything is okay. Meanwhile, the first guy is in the background telling someone to cut power to the room, so he won't see him coming. He says he has pepper spray and all this... the guy in the room is basically crying on the phone to the "security" guy by the end... these guys really take it too far."

[02:48:25] Corey: and here's ANOTHER lady breaking her window out............
[02:48:34] Corey: she at least asked if it was for real
[02:49:04] Corey: but they just told her that it was, and now I'm hearing "BANG BANG BANG BANG" in the background
[02:49:43] Corey: oh geez... someone outside yelled at her to stop trying to break the window
[02:50:03] Corey: "they are not aware of the situation... do not listen to them!"
[02:50:16] Corey: "okay"
[02:50:19] Corey: BANG BANG BANG
[02:50:28] Corey: now there's people screaming at her from outside
[02:52:13] Corey: I'm laughing so much here, my lungs feel like they're locking up or something
[02:52:32] Corey: and now the police are out there yelling at her! "Do not listen, ma'am, keep doing it"
[03:00:18] Corey: oh, and the KFC prank goes on like 10 minutes longer than we heard... these guys have it on their own Youtube channel saying they did it and everything :P great detective work by the police and the news...........
[03:00:47] Corey: there's the part you didn't hear. it starts with a fireman taking over the phone, but goes on for like ten minutes, so I guess something still happens

Facebook quizzes taken from Darren and Kelly:

Leslie took the Which shoe are you most like? quiz and the result is Puma. You are a bit like Adidas, but you are more inclined to go out and play with your mates. You are more stylish than Adidas and Asics, but you like to be independent or by yourself sometimes.

Leslie took the which Muppet are you? quiz and the result is Miss Piggy. Beautiful. Bossy. Forcing. Pig-nosed. Loving. Talented.

Leslie completed the quiz "What breed of dog are you?" with the result Dachshund. The breed that best describes you is the Dachshund. You are lively and affectionate. You are bold and confident. You love your friends, but do not always make new ones easily. You are cautious, but curious. You can be stubborn at times.

Poo nugget for this weekend: Dr. Stool Says - Stop Trying So Hard! Excessive straining usually forms thinner stool. The act of bearing down causes contraction of the external anal sphincter - the "valve" that opens in order to allow feces to exit the rectum. Contraction of this muscle narrows the aperture through which the stool bolus passes, thus creating your garter snake-shaped turd. While everyone will occasionally produce these slender stools, a progressive narrowing in stool caliber over months can indicate the presence of a rectal cancer. These "pencil-thin" stools are formed as the rectal mass' growth gradually narrows the colonic cavity.

Edit at 0231: It restarted AGAIN!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cravings for chips and meat / Yay for snazzy electric blue phones!

Eric picked me up and we listened to Game 2 of the Canucks-Blues series on the way to church. The first period seemed really action-packed! During commercial breaks, we talked about plans and being evil. I helped him with his Canucks flag in my window - I'm sure I can do it properly given some practice! At Fellowship, I managed to talk to Raymond for barely two minutes - I did get a look at his snazzy electric blue phone, however! Too bad the browser took way too long to load when he wanted to check the hockey score. (he'd told Nathan the wrong score, as it was 0-0 at the end of the first!) Greeted Grace, Cindy, Sheena, and Christon - then went to Bible Study and spent time with Eric / Nathan (whose house we'll be in next week) / Cindy / Kevin (whose Lays Sweet Chili chips made me crave chips in general) / the "different woman" Teresa (who had hilarious questions about money and Shoppers points) / Dylan (who does NOT appreciate "Durian" as a nickname!) / Vanessa / Johnny. We saw a bunch of people watching the game via someone's laptop in another room, and were periodically alerted to goals by people cheering.

Teresa asked Vanessa how old she was, then asked Eric what his last name was and whether he had any Jewish blood in him! I thought she was going to say something about his having a big nose, but luckily she didn't. Then she asked why he had the same name as Eric Hamber Secondary School... uh, because Eric is a popular name? Later, she got the Shoppers points system confused with money / government programs: "They can take my money away through the direct deposit!" When the game was over, Julie S. came by our room and waved a Canucks flag at us: the Canucks won 3-0 against the Blues. Kevin's Lays chips (Sweet Chili) made me crave chips; I knew I had some Pringles Smoking Hot Ranch ones at home! As for the Taco Del Mar sponsoring of the post-game show, the meat craving was something else.

Talked to Sheena for a bit later, and then Eric called my name from downstairs. Stanley was irritated, and told me that I cheated on some Facebook game I've actually never played (Restaurant City) - he took me OFF his list, despite what he thinks! ("There's only one Leslie on my list... and you get everything before everyone else!" I've seen Andrea L. and Emily L. discussing it, but that's about it...) Said hi to Tony and his brother Sonny (and waved to Chris Lam) before making my way down the stairs. After some discussion with others about the game and such, we went home. Dylan got some games from Phil, Vanessa put the TABOO buzzer somewhere else, and Cindy explained that she LOVED Apples to Apples. I analyzed a wave, then we got into some random stuff while he got some gas and wondered about his radio. Good times!

Edit: Meat craving satiated. Yum! Salad or jambalaya would have been better, but maybe next time.

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Pi to a million places

Bingo of the day:

TOADLIKE (140 points) - against Carol M.

High-scoring words of the day:

HEFTED (213 points) - against Beverley H. [5W, 2W, hook off FAME to make FAMED]
AWOKE (158 points) - against Laurie S.-M. [4W, 5L on K]
TOADLIKE (140 points) - against Carol M. [bingo, two 3W]
WAVY (125 points) - against Rahul R. [4W, 3L on Y, hook off ARM to make ARMY]
PAISA (166 points) - against Patricia S. [5W, two 2W]

Corey told me about this pi site earlier: "3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679
... I can tell you up to ONEE MIILLLLION, but MSN doesn't let me type that much. You need to know a lot of digits just to go there, and the full million digits is HIDDEN!!! ha ha ha! I didn't do any work, I looked it up on Google! I found the page with the full listing myself from there, but that's not hard."

MAIM! BASH! BLUDGEON! CRUSH! This military death-droid doesn't take any shit. Got a problem? Violence is the solution. Parking ticket? Kill them. Post's late? Bear trap. Cold pizza? Tactical warhead. You're not sure if people respect or simply fear you, but if they get in your way, they're toast.
What's your malfunction?

(the music on this page scared me for a bit, but it's very cool nonetheless: Smile, You F**kers / Cheap Shot / Black Morning)

Eric just called, so I should get out of here. Too bad I don't have Tim Tams yet like I was planning, but maybe by next Bible Study time!

One of Your Needs is Being Met

Need being met: Physiological needs

Needs not being met: Safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization needs

Believe it or not, you are only taking care of your biological needs right now.

You are getting enough sleep, food, water, and shelter to survive.

To truly thrive, you'll have to feel safer.. whether it's financially or physically safer.

Assess your current situation, and do what you can to get yourself out of danger. After that, the world is yours!

I don't know... I think the quiz is broken, since I answered that I was fine for everything except financial stuff. :P

Edit on Monday afternoon: Carol (nutty) found out that if you don't get enough sleep, you won't have any other needs met, which we think is weird. *rolleyes*
BUT! Maslow's hierarchy of needs may explain this seeming discrepancy / "quiz is broken" factor! However, I *did* say that I get enough sleep. WTF?!

Leslie just took the Is Your Life Perfect Quiz and their life is Mostly Perfect. My life is Mostly Perfect. You have a lot of good things going on with your life that you should be thankful for. You should be happy with how many things are perfect in your life.

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Dream about a wedding at the Bay / 200-question survey from Billie: Jingles, evolution, and lots more!

Frederick N. added me on Facebook; I know not why, so I ignored it.

Taken from Mandy: Leslie took the What WWE superstar are you? *NEW* quiz and the result is Jeff Hardy. A great high flier!

I had a weird dream where I was helping Cindy and Megan look after some kids on the upper level of a Bay store. We had to warn them against touching these long metal blocks on the floor since they were exceedingly hot. Little Sean was very good at obeying what we said. Suddenly, Fidela burst into the room and asked if we wanted to get involved in a wedding which was taking place on the lower level - it had red brocade cloth and everything else! Of course we did, so we rounded up the kids and headed downstairs. We helped set up chairs for the wedding banquet, then a fat guy with red hair decided to take a few of us out in the rain to London Drugs to buy chocolate and coffee.

The only thing was that he was totally confused as to what exit to use while leaving the store, and there was dirt all over the one he DID take. We were confused while crossing the street at one of those mini-crosswalks, too. After buying a LOT of stuff at London Drugs (he insisted that I carry a rather heavy black bag), we saw Tim on the way back from the store. The dream ended when Dave and Vivian directed me to the "Northern Chinese Cuisine" side of the room rather than the "Southern Chinese Cuisine" since my family was there already, and one of the family members WAS getting married after all... WHAT THE HECK.

Here's a huge survey! Don't say I didn't warn you...

1. Your Full name: Leslie Chi-Wah Ng.

2. Do you feel like your name fits you?: Meh, it's better than atrocities like Crystal Shanda Lear. :P

3. Do you have an alter ego? If so, what is his / her name?: Xenia Carmelina Fraser.

4. Where were you born?: In a hospital.

5. Where do you live?: Richmond.

6. Do you like to travel?: It depends.

7. When is your birthday?: September 17.

8. Do you have siblings?: Yes, a brother and a sister.

9. Do you have pets?: No. This apartment complex doesn't allow them.

10. Which was the happiest year of your life?: 2000, I think.

11. How old do you wish you were?: 15, maybe.

12. A movie is being made about your life. Who would you cast to play yourself?: I have NO idea. Maybe Lucy Liu.

13. Who would you cast to play your significant other? (if you have no significant other, cast someone anyway): Haha, hmm. Colin Farrell!

14. How would this movie end?: It would end with us having FUN in life... maybe at a crowded house party with a lot of our friends.

15. Is it better to be famous or infamous?: Infamous is more fun... And I agree!

16. You're going to die a natural death. What is the cause?: Really, really old age. I'm talking about centenarian age!

17. You're going to die a sudden, tragic death. What is the cause?: Putting my life on the line for someone else who deserves it.

18. How long do you plan on living?: Till I've done what I was meant to do.

19. What was the last song you got stuck in your head?: Aerosmith, Deuces Are Wild.

20. Sing any commercial jingle: "Call 1-800-267-2001! Alarm Foooorce!" (Same, but only because it's on the radio...)

21. What is your favorite element on the periodic table?: Mercury.

22. Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset! Of course!

23. Introvert or extrovert?: I'm both, though primarily an introvert. For sure...

24. Creation or evolution?: A bit of both, really. Scientifically evolution, but we're all created differently, too. So true!

25. Action or reaction?: Reaction, I guess...

26. Unity or individuality?: Unity!

27. Hugs or drugs?: Hugs.

28. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?: Vegetable.

29. Popsicle, creamsicle, or fudgesicle?: Fudgesicle.

30. Fight or flight?: Flight.

31. Who is your favorite historical figure?: Too many to choose from, so I will say .

32. Which historical figure could we have done without?: Nero, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot...

33. What happened in the last dream you remember?: See the part above the survey! :P

34. Do nice guys really finish last?: Not really!

35. What are your favorite boy names?: Tatiana, Gloria, Nina, Bronwen...

36. What are your favorite girl names?: Sebastian, James, Nicholas, Steve...

37. Open or closed?: Open.

38. White bread or wheat bread?: Wheat.

39. Is it better to burn out than to fade away?: Burn out... yay for the Nirvana / Neil Young reference!

40. You put a quarter into a toy machine. What comes out?: A dragon toy!

41. What do you want to be when you grow up?: Cookie maker!

42. What were your favorite childhood toys?: Lego.

43. What was your first pet?: Does a fish count?

44. What annoys you?: REALLY stupid comments.

45. What is your favorite action caption from the old Batman TV show? (like "pow" or "blam"): "ZOKK!"

46. How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?: No idea. Haven't had those things in a LONG time.

47. The glass... half-empty or half-full?: Half-full.


48. Tightie whities: It doesn't matter to me.

49. McDonald's Happy Meals: They're all right.

50. Reality shows: They SUCK! I can't believe I wasted all that time last summer just WATCHING them!

51. Gummi bears or gummi worms?: Gummi worms!

52. Would you rather skydive or deep-sea dive?: Deep-sea dive!

53. Paper or plastic?: Paper.

54. What position do you sleep in?: Sprawled on the bed?

55. Do you sleep on the left, right, or the middle of the bed?: All three.

56. Sweet or sour?: Sweet.

57. What was your favorite after-school special?: Not sure we had those educational programs.

58. What is your favorite word?: DEFENESTRATION!

59. Beach or mountains?: Beach, for sure.

60. Mounds or Almond Joy?: Mounds, I think.

61. Do YOU feel like a nut?: Not really... I have enough nuttiness in my life right now, thanks.

62. To give or to receive?: To give.

63. Chocolate or caramel?: Chocolate!

64. Do you have any nicknames?: Quite a few?

65. What does your name mean?: Cigar tree, or catalpa tree. Wait, that's my Chinese middle name. Oh well, it still counts!

66. Have you ever fainted?: Not that I know of...

67. Have you ever had a crush on a schoolteacher?: I don't think so.

68. What was the last thing you ate?: A Lindt intense mint chocolate square.

69. Do you have any bad habits?: Of course I do!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear...

70. Grey?: Hair.

71. Human?: Condition.

72. Froot Loop?: Mini-Wheats.

73. Glove?: Rubber.

74. Plum?: Prune.

75. Structure?: Erection.

76. Race?: Ethnicity.

77. Heart?: Barracuda.

78. Parasite?: Insect.

79. What was your first happy memory?: Disneyland.

80. What was your first unhappy memory?: Starting school.

81. If you could visit any time period, what would it be?: The 1700s!

82. What would Jesus do?: Make things RIGHT!

83. Make up a word and define it: Frannoy. To annoy and frustrate at the same time.

84. Favorite Kool-Aid flavor?: Strawberry.

85. Favorite pick-up line?: I don't have one.

86. Who was the third gunman on the grassy knoll?: No idea.

87. What did you like to make believe as a child?: That the Arthur Laing bridge went to the States. Then again, I used to make believe that the upper bridge was for people who were more important the others.

88. Did you have an imaginary friend?: Among others, I had friends named Frothings who all lived in a tree.

89. Would you like to live in a castle or a mansion?: A mansion!

90. Re-arrange some of the letters in your first, middle, and last name to form a description of yourself: Leslie Chi-Wah Ng = "ace gin shh we ill." Because I get ill if I drink too much gin. :P [not that I've ever done it...]

91. Do it fast, or do it right?: Both.

92. What was the last book you read?: The Anne of Green Gables prequel?

93. Have you ever had surgery?: Yes... wisdom teeth, my leg, etc. :(

94. Random fact about you: I once had a cane and a wheelchair.

95. What is the first thing you wash in the shower?: My arms.

96. What is your favorite cereal?: Shreddies.

97. If you could learn any foreign language, what would it be?: Spanish, maybe.

98. If you had the choice to live forever, would you?: Of course!

99. If you had the choice to be the opposite sex for a day, would you?: Definitely.


100. Fate?: Yes.

101. Ghosts?: A little.

102. God?: Yes. I am a pastor's sister, after all. ;)

103. Bigfoot?: Not really.

104. Soulmates?: Not really.

105. Aliens?: Somewhat.

106. Angels?: Definitely.

107. Loch Ness Monster?: Not really.

108. Heaven and hell?: Yup.

109. The Zodiac?: I guess...

110. Love at first sight?: Kinda-sorta.

111. Karma?: Yes, especially when it comes to a certain person. ;)

112. Vampires?: Kinda.

113. If you had any superpower, what would it be?: X-ray vision.

114. Would you use your power for good or evil?: Good.

115. Name something nostalgic: Amos and Andy radio shows.

116. What are your turn-ons in the opposite sex?: Nice eyes, smile, humor, slight weirdness (in a good way), compassion, gentleness, a truly open heart, etc.

117. What are your turn-offs in the opposite sex?: Abuse, manipulation, control, pressure, being too cocky / confident, etc.

118. What was the best compliment ever given to you?: "You are a beauty in this dark world."

119. Which character from Scooby Doo do you most relate to?: Not sure.

120. What is the worst trend of the present time?: THE worst? I don't know if I can pick just one.

121. Beer or wine?: Beer, for now.

123. You cant sleep. What do you do?: Read, go online, think...

124. Do you wear jewelry?: Not really.

125. What is your favorite smell?: Blossoms.

126. What was the best decade of the past century?: The 60s, man. ;)

127. Which is your favorite month of the year?: July.

128. Do you smoke?: No.

129. Do you drink?: Yes.

130. What was your favorite subject in school?: English, French, Band.

131. What was your worst subject in school?: Math, Science, P.E. Totally the same...

132. If you had to give up one of your senses, what would it be?: Sight.

133. Do you follow your head, your heart, or your crotch?: Heart. Crazy question!

134. Do you truly know who you are?: Just when I think I do, something else comes up!

135. Are you superstitious?: Sometimes.

136. Are you sentimental?: Sometimes.

137. How many times a day do you eat?: It depends.

138. Are you more of a main idea or detail type of person?: A bit of both.

139. What is your favorite pie?: Cherry or apple - can't decide.

140. Have you ever been close to death?: Not really, although it's not cool to think that you're dying! :(

141. Do you like roller coasters?: Not really!

142. Apples or oranges?: Apples.

143. Are you hyperactive?: Not most of the time, although I'm sure a friend would say differently if he were to read this!

144. Do you talk in your sleep?: Certainly not! According to someone else, I snore and fart at the same time in my sleep, though...

145. What is your favorite holiday?: Hmm... Easter, maybe.

146. Do you go to church?: Almost every week!

147. At what age do you think you will be married?: Never, at this rate. :(

148. If you could open up your own business, what would it be?: Not sure - bookstore, maybe.

149. What was the name of your first boyfriend / girlfriend?: Stephen.

150. What is your weakness?: Being unable to control myself sometimes.

151. What was the last movie you saw that made you cry?: Haven't experienced that, even with certain movies which were said to make the viewer cry!

152. If love were a flavor, which flavor would it be?: Strawberry and orange, together.

153. If hate were a flavor, which flavor would it be?: Gasoline.

154. Have you ever been prescribed any drugs? Which ones?: Probably, but I can't remember anything beyond the Amoxicillin tablets.

155. Is lying sometimes necessary?: Depends on the situation.

156. Bubble Yum or Bubblicious?: Bubble Yum!

157. What is your favorite curse word?: I can't say.

158. Do you have any birthmarks?: I don't think so...

159. If you could visit anywhere in the US, where would it be?: Too many places. But New York, definitely!

160. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?: Australia! (too big, I know...)

162. Do you feel like your physical self matches your personality?: Maybe...

163. What was the name of your kindergarten teacher?: Um, Mrs. Plu Dorcey? I think.

164. Do you wear glasses or contacts?: Glasses.

165. How tall are you?: 4 feet, 11 inches.

166. How tall would you like to be?: 5 feet, 3 inches.

167. Your current mood: Okay... maybe a bit thirsty.

168. Do you dress up for Halloween?: Not really.

169. Have you ever been in a car accident?: Yes.

170. What is your favorite lucky charm?: Not sure if I have one.

171. What color of underwear are you wearing?: Black.

172. Do you tend to date people younger or older than you?: Don't know - one was older by like six months, and the other was younger by about four years physically. (but ten years mentally in maturity mode) Get back to me when I've had ten relationships, maybe!

173. Do your exes look alike?: Definitely not!

174. Do your exes act alike?: Certainly not!

175. Have you ever been in love?: Yes, I have.

176. What is your favorite kiddie movie?: Not sure... Lion King, maybe.

177. Have you ever hallucinated?: Don't think so.

178. What do you like most about the opposite sex?: They're easy to get along with. I agree!

179. What do you hate most about the opposite sex?: Some guys are way too DENSE.

180. Have you ever been on a blind date?: Nope.

181. Would you want to be cloned?: That would be very interesting, so why not?

182. Have you ever peed in public?: No, certainly not.

183. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?: Bit of both.

184. How did you find out that there was no Santa Claus?: I think I just kind of knew after a while... my parents never told me anything about that.

185. Pancakes or waffles?: Pancakes.

186. Are you on a diet?: Nope!

187. Why is the grass always greener on the other side?: Because people are envious of what others have, and REALLY REALLY REALLY want it, so they idealize it in their heads even if the reality wouldn't quite match up!

188. Do you always want what you can't have?: Most of the time.

189. Do you act stupid around someone you have a crush on?: No. I just act more crazy than usual.

190. Have you ever been arrested?: Nope. My sister would have to explain that!

191. Can you cook?: I can't not cook.

192. Do you think it's wrong / weird if a girl asks a guy out?: Not at all.

193. Do you have any allergies?: Not that I know of.

194. Ketchup or catsup?: Ketchup. (my friend Corey's just reminded me that he DOESN'T like it... why?!)

195. Do you believe there is a meaning to life? If so, what is it?: I can't say what it is for EVERYONE on the planet. There's got to be variations.

196. What do you think about before you fall asleep?: People.

197. What are your thoughts on the nature of good and evil?: We have both, but hopefully good wins out more often than evil.

198. Step into your cave. There, you will find your power animal. What kind of animal is it?: A dragon.

199. What does your power animal say to you?: "I will help you."

200. End this survey with a quote: Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink, I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery, and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work, and their dreams would be shattered. I think, "It is better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true, than be selfish and worry about my liver." -- Babe Ruth

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NARUTO and DEATH NOTE / Washing your hands

Bingo of the night so far:

MYONEURAL (110 points) - against Kathy T.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MYONEURAL (110 points) - against Kathy T. [3W, bingo] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
BYZANT (115 points) - against Melissa R. [two 5W]
IVIED (166 points) - against Elizabeth S. [3W, 5W, hook off ZIT to make ZITI]
LAWMAN (130 points) - against Vanessa S. [5W, 2W]
FOIBLE (134 points) - against Kathy H. [four 2W, hook off IF to make IFF] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
ZEBRA (285 points) - against Carla K. [5W, 3W]
JOLTERS (425 points) - against Christina C. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

New record: FOUR forced wins in the past 24 hours, over David L. / Pat K. / Michael M. / Jock M.

Corey said that Jane and I sent him messages at exactly the same time: "The two windows popped up 100% simultaneously. :P Along with the two MSN popup dealies coming up at the same exact time, which is what I really noticed, I guess. And now, it is dinner time. So see if you can repeat that when I get back." The coincidence is SWEET, but I doubt it can be repeated! Billie and I made plans to get together at Metrotown next Tuesday afternoon: I was around there last summer, but don't think I actually went inside.

Now I have a JOKE suggestion from Corey about Tim Tams, which I have just run out of:

[00:19:00] Corey: just go to a grocery store that has no doors to get in the way. most of the newer ones here don't have doors... they just have a doorway with some vents to kind of create some sort of moving air barrier, so all the heat doesn't go out the door or something.
[00:19:54] Corey: anyway, load up your cart with the stuff you need, like their entire stock of Tim Tams, and then get in a straight path to the door, and pretend to fall down. as you do this, push the cart forward pretty hard, and it'll go flying out of the store!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:20:23] Corey: then you can leave a few minutes later, and go get stuff out of the cart. it's not stealing, since it fell out of the store and is now up for grabs
[00:20:34] Corey: and if they don't see it that way... uh, RUN!
[00:27:03] Corey: but, you have some time to let things cool off before you go outside to see if other people didn't already steal everything out of the cart, and then someone else gets in trouble if anyone does, so I think that's the way to go. professional thieves these days go empty items that are in huge boxes and fill them with iPods and stuff, then they use the self-checkout to pay for the box
[00:27:17] Corey: which rings up at the price of whatever the thing was
[00:36:21] Corey: and these things are good :P I tried to drink a little bit through one instead of just waiting until it got saturated, and it almost melted in my hand on me :P you have to be kind of quick with them

Leslie's Italian Name is Viviana Bruno.

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana and Gabriel:

Leslie took the What is your Dominant Chakra? quiz and the result is Vishuddhi (Throat) Chakra. Also called the sixteen-petaled lotus, the throat chakra is centered with speech. You are someone who uses their words, or voice, to accomplish what they need. You have a powerful or resonating voice, and find that speaking or singing relaxes and / or energizes you. Just remember, it's also good to listen! Your dominant color is blue.

Leslie just took the "What Naruto Character are you?" quiz and the result is Naruto. You're that #1 hyperactive ninja kid from the Hidden Leaf. Though you hold a potential to shape history deep down inside you.

Leslie just took the "Who is your Death Note character?" quiz and the result is Kira. You want to make this world better.

Poo nugget for Friday, Apr. 17: Doo You Know? - Before you shake hands with someone, consider the following. While 95% of men and women surveyed say they wash their hands after using a public restroom, only 67% of people actually do, according to the results of a study conducted for the American Society for Microbiology's Clean Hands Campaign.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's be FISHY, everyone!

Bingo of the day so far:

CYANIDED (82 points) - against George M.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

FISHIER (116 points) - against Alice P. / Sara H. / Karla M. [2W, 4L on F]
JOKED (120 points) - against Letty B. [2W, 5L on J] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HAZERS (525 points) - against Josephine S. [two 5W]

Terrence added me to Facebook... very cool. Courtesy of Annette's birthday status messages, I've found a few more Ferris elementary school people: Jason A., Jason T., Monique S., and Cecil M. Now I've finished a fair bit of editing, too. :D

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Evil, Evil Person in History Are You?" with the result Vlad the Impaler. What more can I say? You're sadistic, impale people, and your name is Vlad.

Facebook quizzes taken from Diane:

Leslie completed the quiz "Are You In Love?" with the result You're interested. It has potential, but it's not "Love" yet. Keep trying, and see where it leads you.

Leslie completed the quiz "What part of New Hampshire do you belong in?" with the result Rochester. You must be hardcore. You don't take any crap from anyone, you don't care what people think about you. You love to swear, smoke Marlboro Reds, and drink Budwieser, and you're proud of it! You have several friends who still rock the mullet and you think it's friggen awesome! Your friends are like family. You belong in Rochester, damn it! (Not really, but I can play the part online! Or maybe not...)

You Are Dusk

You are a naturally idealistic and creative person. You look forward to nights where everything is possible.

You spend most of your energy on play. Work is okay, but the true you emerges after the work day is done.

You're an offbeat type that doesn't like rules or schedules. Life's too short to waste at a desk in a cube.

Whether you spend your night socializing or working on side projects, you like that your time is yours.

HAHAHAHA! This is SO me! :D

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Hey, redneck! PULL MY FINGER!

Hey, Tina tagged a picture of me at her baptism! I look bad in the picture, so won't be sharing it here. I'm with Ivan, Quan, Sam, Isabel, Jessica L., Julie, Amasiah, Emily L., Andrea L., Sarah C., Joey, Mike K., and a girl named Katie whom I don't know.

Leslie just took the Are You A Redneck Quiz and is Not A Redneck. I am Not A Redneck. You are not a redneck. This may come as good news to you unless, of course, you were hoping you were a redneck.

Facebook quiz taken from Julie:

Leslie took the What engagement ring style fits your personality? quiz and the result is One of a Kind. You are quite the individual! Good for you! You value tradition, but welcome change. You are intelligent, witty, sensitive, and have a diverse set of friends. You are as comfortable discussing politics as you are baking cookies. You have strong morals and principles, and are respected by others. You have a purpose, and it will be realized.

Poo nugget for Thursday, Apr. 16: Pull My Finger - The noises commonly associated with flatulence are caused by the vibration of the anal sphincter, and occasionally by the closed buttocks. The sound varies depending on the tightness of the sphincter muscle and velocity of the gas being propelled, as well as other factors such as water, body fat, and the anal embouchure. (I haven't heard the word "embouchure" since my Band 10 days! Ah, memories...)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Steph called this afternoon and said that she thought she might pick me up. Since I was planning to leave in ten minutes' time, I opted to go with her. We went to Shoppers first since she needed to get something, so I got a birthday card and a Mother's Day card for Mom - I saw Milk Duds (with caramel!) and a new Pringles chips Extreme flavor (Smoking Hot Ranch), so I had to get those as well. Then we went to the townhouse, where Jon was teaching... ten minutes before we left, Grandma offered me an apple. I had to eat half of it since she didn't understand that we'd be having Greek food for dinner very soon. I recognized the restaurant by its menu: I'd been there with my parents, Uncle Reuben, and Auntie Christine last summer! ROAST LAMB was good, and we had to review the pronunciation of "souvlaki" with Mom. She was also confused by the "Happy Unbirthday!" which I put on the card - Dad understood it, haha.

Discussed housing, plans, the States, crowded houses, Starbucks, a real estate person that my dad knows, Mom being Asian (she doesn't like lamb, yet ordered lamb souvlaki anyway since it was the same price as the chicken), tzatziki, hummus, whole-wheat stuff, Grandma NOT EATING RICE at lunch, and more. After that, we walked to Timothy's Frozen Yogurt - definitely a good way to cap off the dinner! Jon and I talked for about five minutes before he left to go to the library - I had my book, so waiting for Teunis wasn't that bad. (I'll give it to someone later)

Went to Erik's, and found everyone deciding what to have for dinner. I realized that Lucy (the dog) could smell the meat on me when she kept licking my hand. No big deal! Returned the vampire book to him, talked to Lindsay, had tea, learned the Canucks had won 2-1 against St. Louis (I *loved* Jonathan's score updates on Facebook later!), hugged Alicia hello, and was introduced to the people I didn't know. Gave the chili-cherry coulis chocolate and a birthday card to Teunis, which he seemed to like. After some time, we settled in to watch CITY OF LOST CHILDREN - multiple cloned Santas, old man stealing kids' dreams, young feisty girl, two evil ladies forcing orphans to steal, and more. There were some creepy parts to it, but it was more weird than anything! Afterwards and on the way home, we discussed birthday parties / drinking / Jordan / alcohol / geeky stuff / my church / Chinese Time / Viking Time / mead. Good times. :D

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Am I on a boat?

This thing restarted overnight, but at least things worked out!

Bingo of the day so far:

PATRONISE (75 points) - against Josephine S.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

KORUN (150 points) - against Sheldon S. [5W, 3W]
DEPICT (110 points; 3W, 2W, hook off PIN to make PINE), MOLEST (230 points; 5W, two 2W, hook off DEPICT for a plural) - against Laura B.
CORPUS (1738 points) - against Shirley C. [two 3W, two 4W]
INDOWS (208 points) - against Yaht Z. [two 4W]
PHEW (100 points) - against Carla K. [5W]
ALIGNED (108 points) - against Angela V. [4W, 3W]

I love the top picture... it's even better than the one below it! There's a bigger version of the top image, but it looks too pixelated for my taste!

Leslie just took the "What kind of Evil Over Lord would you be?" quiz and the result is Hello Kitty. A cheerful and happy girl with a heart of gold. Kitty can bake delicious cookies, but she loves Mama's apple pie even more. Her best friend is her twin sister Mimmy. (Aw, crap!)

Leslie just took the "How Good are You on a Computer?" quiz and the result is Perfect! You are boss! You know loads about a computer. If anyone needs help, they know where to come.

Facebook quizzes from Olivia, Quan, Chantelle, Natalie, Jessica, and Gretchen:

Leslie completed the quiz Are you on a boat? with the result You're on a boat. You know what you're talking about. When you tell people you're on a boat, they had better look hard, because you're on a boat.

Leslie took the what kind of dessert are you? quiz and the result is you're chocolatey! You're a sweet favorite that everyone loves!

Leslie took the Which Dota Hero are you? quiz and the result is Mirana Nightshade: Priestess of the moon. You are athletic and agile. You fight for what you want and you never stop until you get it. "Beautiful" and "attractive" are the first things that other people think when they see you. You are a born leader. (The only thing I know about this is that Adam likes it...)

Leslie just took the "Which Horror Movie Killer would you be?" quiz and the result is Freddy. You prefer to hunt on Elm Street. Your favorite time of the day is a night when everyone else is sleeping. You stay away from fire, and have some sharp-ass blades on your hands.

Leslie just took the "Which defender are you?" quiz and the result is Fabio Cannavaro. Quick and intellegent, you are a solid defender. Although you are slightly injury-prone, managers appreciate a defender like you on the team. Short and stocky, you can take down fast attackers.

Leslie just took the "Which goalkeeper are you?" quiz and the result is Iker Casillas. Undoubtedly Spain's number one stopper, Iker Casillas secured star status after his penalty shootout heroics which helped Spain progress through to the final, which they would ultimately win. Casillas isn't the tallest of keepers, but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for with outstanding agility / cat-like reflexes / a great reading and understanding of the game.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which of your Chakras is most open?" with the result Third-Eye. The Third-Eye Chakra represents your ability to visualise, and your insight. You rely very much on your intuition and gut feelings, and you may find yourself fantasizing or day-dreaming regularly. You value the opinions of those around you, but you'll always have the last word. Be careful of slipping into a world of fantasy, or becoming confused easily.

You Are Stylish

You look good, but you aren't trendy or over the top about it.

There's a good chance you know what works for you. You have an established look.

You know how to dress well, but you may have trouble breaking out of your comfort zone.

Try a new color or new accessory. Staying stylish is about trying new things and taking risks.

Your Soap Opera Name is Gia Helena Browning

The Fifth

I know little Rachel has a friend named Gia; other than that, I haven't heard of the name!

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Gray tipsy carts, dinner / movie plans, and Snake Poo!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

DEEJAY (100 points) - against Nick M. [5W]
EXAMS (313 points) - against Nick M. [2W, two 3W, hook off DO to make DOM] {different game}
BRAZE (114 points) - against Adam S. [3W, 2W] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
INARCH (160 points) - against Murray A. [5W, 4W]
SHIFT (177 points) - against Alice P. [4W, 3W]
TIPSY (335 points) - against Pat S. [two 5W, hook off AMEND for a plural]
GRAYEST (224 points) - against Brian W. [2W, 5W]
CART (185 points) - against Jenny M. [3W, 5W, hook off IVY to make TIVY] (a good deficit-erasing word!)
SILVAE (256 points) - against Melissa R. [2W, 3W, 4W]
LEADMAN (176 points) - against Sheldon S. [two 4W]

Interesting rack of the night so far: SEANBOWS (against Amber K.)

New record: I've had three forced wins in the last 24 hours! (Tracy W., Babs G., Karen W.)

Jennifer J. reminded me: It's the 97th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking!

Erik buzzed me on Facebook chat to make plans for tomorrow, which led to me having an MSN conversation with Teunis about Shanghai Wonderful and family dinners. (plans have since changed to Kisamo's in Steveston Village - even CLOSER to Erik's for CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, and I haven't had Greek food since last summer anyhow!) I think it's about time that I returned Erik's vampire book, haha. The Vancouver Giants won in OT against the Spokane Chiefs - YAY!

Poo nugget for Wednesday, Apr. 15: The Snake - The Snake is a thin and winding defecation that can contort itself in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some Snakes wrap themselves around the bottom of the toilet bowl clockwise, and others go counterclockwise. Some Snakes twist themselves into the shape of a pretzel, while others zigzag across the bowl. Regardless of the final form, Snakes seem to go on forever as they leave your rectum. In the end, however, Snakes never leave you with the same feeling of accomplishment as do poos of a wider diameter. Synonyms: Curly Fry (which makes me think of Jamie), The Long Thin Line, Fettuccine Feces.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SportsChek has been foiled AGAIN... YAY!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

BATON (324 points) - against Elizabeth S. [4W, two 3W]
VISA (215 points) - against Alice P. [two 5W, hook off AA for a plural]
JARINA (225 points) - against Sheldon S. [5W, 3W]
SARDANA (128 points) - against Karen A. [four 2W]
FRIENDS (117 points) - against Melissa R. [3W, hook off AX to make FAX]
ROOTY (160 points) - against Flora E. [two 4W]
GANGED (180 points) - against Murray A. [5W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
EXINE (140 points; 5W, 2W), STADIA (116 points; two 4W) - against Mari S.

Interesting racks of the day so far: BRATTYPA (against Deanna B. - read that as "bratty Pa"), BENTPLOW (against Adam S.)

SportsChek #827 called me this afternoon, but thank goodness that the phone was OFF so I didn't have to deal with it! There was no noise to alert me to that fact, either... a good thing!

Leslie's Hippy Name is Jasmine Journey.

Facebook quizzes taken from Annette and Natalie:

Leslie just took the Where would the Sorting Hat place you? quiz and the result is Ravenclaw! This house is named after Rowena Ravenclaw. You value intelligence, creativity, and wisdom. You are clever and quick-witted. Its mascot is an eagle, and the house colors are blue and bronze. Ravenclaw corresponds roughly to the element of air.

Leslie just took the What type of guy do you attract? quiz and the result is Artists. You have an aura which brings allures great thinkers and free spirits to fawn over you. They see you as a muse, which can be a problem because you are placed on such a high pedestal, but you like the attention. Don't deny it! However, you might not be able to understand everything they are trying to say. But after passing the pipe around, you'll be seeing amazing things as well. If you are someone who is adventurous and loves to live outside the box, they will open your eyes to another world. Be ready to fly!

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Phil Spector's finally been convicted after six years!

I already have a birthday card for my mom, so at least I don't have to go out and get one now. (if she gets it now, she won't get one later!) Miranda B. added me to Facebook: I vaguely remember her from high school. Hey, Phil Spector's finally been convicted of actress Lana Clarkson's 2003 murder!

Facebook quizzes taken from Morgana and Gabriel:

Leslie just took the What Historical Figure are you? quiz and the result is You are William Wilberforce! With an incredible vision of human equality, you prefer to fight a war with the pen, not the sword. You hate bloodshed of any kind. You are strong in what you believe, and are a lion in speech, but a mouse in figure.

Leslie took the What's Your Heart's Desire? quiz and the result is Hope. You seriously seek more hope than I thought. Don't lose faith.

You Want to Impress People You Know

You want friends and family to think you're beautiful. You mostly focus on inner beauty and being a good person.

You want your friends and family members to think you're smart. You like being seen as insightful and wise.

You are at your most playful when you are around people you don't know well. You're more serious around those you're close to.

You let strangers see parts of you right away, but you believe in keeping some things private.

You don't become close to many people. You only let people you've gotten to know very well in.

The "inner beauty" part reminds me of those LAME Fellowship emails I got a couple years back - UGH.

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Toilet injuries and spouse nutrition

Bingo of the night so far:

FARRAGOES (79 points) - against Jennifer C.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

SPAIL (132 points) - against Jennifer C. [4W, 3W, hook off REMORA for a plural]
AVA (112 points; two 4W), FOOTED (360 points; 3W, 5W, 2W) - against Melissa R.
SPOUSING (114 points) - against Melissa R. [4W] {different game}
NUTRIA (420 points) - against Tricia C. [3W, 4W, 5W]

Talked to Corey and Billie tonight: crazy life, connections with people, Sleepytime tea, RESIDENT EVIL, SILENT HILL, and more. Always interesting, for sure!

Poo nugget for Tuesday, Apr. 14: Poo BooBoos - Believe it or not, there are many ways to injure yourself while going to the bathroom. In young boys, one of the most common causes of genital injury occurs when the toilet seat falls down during the act of urinating. Smaller children also run the risk of drowning if they fall headfirst into the toilet. Toilet injuries to adults include bruised buttocks and tailbones, and dislocated hips caused by accidentally sitting on the toilet bowl rim when the toilet seat is up. Older high-flush cast iron cisterns have been known to detach from the wall when flushed (by pulling a chain), causing injuries to the user. Poo with caution!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Environmental protesters, Kim coming back, and Tony killing Larry

On HOUSE, an environmental protester (Doug) who had been chained to a tire for fourteen hours passed out and couldn't stand up. He puked in hospital, and might have been suffering from vertigo. His wife came in eighteen hours later, and says that she searched his email for his whereabouts. The guy had said that he was single, so she excused him with the "he wouldn't have wanted me to worry" thing, and further said that she had to find someone to take care of their four-year-old son! Then she told Doug to stop the protesting, but got the response "Why should the child matter more than anyone else's son?" The wife also had some medical issue having to do with hot tubs. Later, it is discovered that Doug's issue is really a rose thorn infection!

But then we got 24, which featured Kim coming back in - Jack didn't like that when Renee told him about it! The president arrested Jonas, FINALLY. Then Tony went back to the dark side because he got away with bioweapons, and killed Larry at the end of the episode! But there was another global warming commercial, with Chloe this time.

The episode begins back at Starkwood. Tony sees some fuel tankers coming into the compound. Jack calls him, and says President Taylor aborted the mission... Tony has to get out. Renee tells Tony they have to get him out. But Tony then tells Jack that Renee knows why the President aborted the mission. Tony sees the gas trucks, and tells Renee and Jack that they are filling RP7 rocket fuel into surface-to-surface missiles. Jack tells Tony to hold on.

Back at the White House, Tim Woods questions President Taylor about the air strike. Taylor snaps at Tim Woods when he asks her about the meeting with Jonas Hodges. Jack and Renee then call the President. She gets Jack's call, and begins to tell him that she gave her orders and they need to be obeyed. Jack totally calls her on it. "With all due respect, I don't think you're being completely honest with us." he says. He lays out the fact that he knows Hodges has missiles and has threatened to use them if she doesn't call off the strike. The President is deflated and spills it all to Jack and Walker.

They talk about the plan to allow Tony to blow up the truck before it finishes unloading the fuel and Jack is, again, begging the President to just try the plan. She's afraid, though, because she knows Hodges will launch if he detects interference. Before she gives her answer, she asks Jack how long he has to live. This shakes Jack a little, but he answers honestly: he doesn't know, but it has started to affect him. "Then there's not much I can threaten you with, is there… I expect you'll do what you think is right." she tells him, and hangs up. Walker is confused because the president didn't give authorization, but Jack tells her she wants them to go in. But she has to be able to swear under oath that Jack, Tony, and the FBI were working on their own. Jack has Renee contact Larry.

Meanwhile, Seaton and Hodges arrive at the White House as Hodges commends Seaton for tricking Tony. Renee talks to Larry, who asks if the President authorized this, and she said no. She asks Larry if she had a problem with the covert operation, and he says "as a matter of fact, no." Jack tells Tony to destroy the missiles, but he HAS to avoid being seen. The trucks have loaded up. Stokes talks to another Starkwood employee who said he was going to make another perimeter check. Tony takes a man hostage and faces off against Stokes, telling him to take him down to the fuel tanks.

At the White House, Hodges and Seaton are introduced to President Taylor. Hodges remarks that he used to come to the White House all the time to speak with former president Noah Daniels. Taylor says that Hodges and Juma killed millions, including Roger Taylor. Hodges says he wants Starkwood involved in shaping military policy, the fifth branch of the military. Taylor says that it's blackmail, but Hodges denies it, and asks Taylor to work with him.

Tony lays the charges on the fuel cells at Starkwood, and takes Stokes up to the surface. The guy Tony knocked out attacks Tony, who drops the detonator. Stokes hits the alarm for a government breach as the missiles are set to launch. Stokes says Tony is too late. The launch team argues about entering the launch codes. The missiles are aimed at Clarkesville, Maryland. Tony gets to the detonator and detonates the missiles, as the FBI moves in... but they do not hear Tony. At the White House, Taylor, Hodges, and Seaton are going over defenses when Tim Woods interrupts, as he tells her about the explosion at Starkwood. Hodges says he's not reaching Taylor as she arrests Hodges and Seaton. Hodges says he is a pawn for larger players. Taylor watches as Hodges is escorted out.

Back at FBI field office, Jack gets a call from the President. He is clearly showing the effects of the bioweapon. As the President thanks Jack for his actions, Jack asks for consideration for Tony. While talking to the President, Jack freezes up. He sits down, unable to remember what he was in the middle of saying. Jack ends the call, and goes to tell Renee that Hodges has been arrested. He then makes his way, quickly, to see Dr. Macer. The President asks her aide to make sure she has real-time updates on Jack's condition from the CDC.

Back at Starkwood, Tony is being led to Larry. Renee asks what is going on, and Larry says the people at Starkwood had no idea what is going on. Larry talks to Renee and says they've known each other a long time, and Renee says they have a lot to talk about. Renee is told that Kim Bauer has arrived at FBI. Tony asks about Kim Bauer, and Larry tells him about the treatment. He then says it isn't easy for him, but he has to take Tony into custody. Larry said he shouldn't be repaid like this. Tony says he's ready to pay for what he's done. Larry says to take the handcuffs off Tony.

Dr. Macer tells Jack that memory loss is consistent with the disease, but just that she didn't think it would manifest so fast. Jack says he feels like he's losing a part of himself. Dr. Macer told Jack there's nothing she can give him for the shaking. Renee says that Jack needs to go on record about everything that happened, sooner than later. Renee then tells Jack that her daughter Kim is waiting to see him, and that Kim called him. Jack is furious with Renee and takes her into a room. Jack chews out Renee for telling Kim. She says that Kim has been trying to see her all day. Renee was at the Senate hearing, and Kim's been trying to get ahold of Renee all day. Renee asks Jack if he wants her to say that Jack can't see her. He says he can't do that, and asks her to show him where Kim is.

Renee takes Jack to Kim. Their eyes meet. Kim says, "Daddy. How are you feeling?" Kim says she's tried to track him down, but he thought it was best to stay away. They both admit they've missed each other. Jack begins to apologize for what has happened to Kim, but she stops him and apologizes to Jack. Kim talks about the treatment, and asks why Jack doesn't what her to help. Jack says the risk isn't worth taking to him. Kim says she doesn't want to lose him, and they embrace. Jack has a twinge, and tells Kim she needs to go. She leaves, obviously upset. We see a shot of Jack staring, and then she breaks down crying.

Back at Starkwood, an FBI agent is killed by a Starkwood employee. An FBI agent corners him and puts him in custody. The agent then goes to see what is in his bag, and there is a canister of the bioweapon. The Starkwood guy then kills Davis and takes off in an SUV. Larry will follow him in a helicopter, and asks Renee to inform Homeland Security about this. He pursues the SUV from the air with Tony inside. Renee asks Janis to access the satellite. Janis asks her about an attack, and she asks Renee a bunch of questions. Janis finds where the SUV is and tells the FBI. Renee contacts the SWAT team. Larry sees the SUV, and has the pilot take them lower. He sees the SUV pulling off the road, and goes in. The Starkwood guy kills the helicopter pilot, and Larry tells Tony to get out. A gunfight ensues... and Tony kills Larry by suffocating him, first apologizing to him!

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Asian types and Pokemon, plus POO SNEAK ATTACKS!

Bingo of the evening so far:

EYELIFTS (72 points) - against Nathalie C.
DEFLATES (106 points) - against Heather M.

High-scoring word of the evening so far:

BASIL (117 points) - against Athene C. [two 4W, hook off ONION for a plural - I love the coincidental theme of FOOD!]
DEFLATES (106 points) - against Heather M. [bingo, hook off BEAU for a plural]

Leslie just took the Are You Crazy Quiz and is Not Crazy. I am Not Crazy. You are perfectly sane, or are you? Didn't taking this quiz seem a little crazy to you?

Facebook quizzes taken from Gabriel and Kaitlin:

Leslie took the What Type of Asian Are You? quiz and the result is South Korean. You are very smart, love to study, and you're very calm and collected. When someone pisses you off, you go crazy and become really cranky. If you don't get your way at first, you eventually do. You're a good liar and very convincing. You probably have some hidden talent that one day you will stumble upon. You mainly hang out with people of the same nationality. (I dunno about this...)

Leslie took the What legendary Pokemon are you? quiz and the result is Ho-oh. You are Ho-oh! You are very protective, and stand up for your friends all the time. You are not afraid to show your colors, and you never back down from a battle. Sometimes you can be a bit headstrong, but that never hurt anyone... right?

Poo nugget for Monday, Apr. 13: Sneak Attack - The Trojan Horse of Poo! A Sneak Attack is the result of a fart that is accompanied by a liquid smear of poo. In addition to staining your underwear, the smelly remnants of a Sneak Attack will follow you around until you perform the necessary cleaning... usually a hasty laundering in the bathroom sink. When faced with a Sneak Attack, we recommend taking care of the cleanup immediately. Often, this may require throwing away your underwear and going commando for the rest of the day. A refreshing shower should eliminate all remaining traces of this unwelcome surprise - both physically and emotionally. (POO OF THE MONTH!)

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Beatles, nationality, Tim Burton characters, math equations, and more

I am NOT a teenager anymore, since I just woke up at 12:45 PM after crashing for two hours when I got home, catching up on most forum-related stuff till 3 AM, then sleeping. Guess I should not test my body's limits, heh. This means that I did NOT in fact make it to Teunis' birthday thing: at least I called him instead, har har. Speaking of birthdays, Vanessa sent us an Evite for Danielle's 30th. Yikes. Raymond is finally active on Facebook - yay!

Facebook quizzes taken from Jessica G. / Steve L. / Silvester / Kelly / Kaitlin / Chantelle / Billie / Morgana / Valdimar / Diane:

Leslie took the Which Singaporean Elite School Do You Belong To? quiz and the result is Hwa Chong Institution. You are the quiet worker. In fact, you work a lot. You are very goal-oriented, and you constantly wonder why your school uniform could not be more hip. You do not think that your school is necessarily better than others, but you believe that the school is the best for you. You tend to think so out of the box that you sometimes lose the plot, along with the box. In your quiet moments, you think: "I should be so lucky."

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Beatles song Are You?" with the result I am the Walrus. You are the true iconoclast. You possess the perfect union of intuition and knowledge. You are independent and very involved in your thoughts. Avoid the tendency to have envy and contempt of others.

Leslie completed the quiz "Which Tim Burton Character Are You?" with the result Edward Scissorhands. You are very talented and artistic. Your character is very sensitive, even though people may think otherwise by your appearance. You begin to warm up to people after getting to know them for a while, and often seem to be meeting new people in the neighborhood. Congratulations! You are Edward Scissorhands!

Leslie completed the quiz "THE INNER NATIONALITY QUIZ: WHAT ARE YOU REALLY?" with the result You are American. You are highly competitive and highly independent, although you also have an easygoing and spontaneous nature. In order to hide and mitigate just how badly you want to win, you have developed a thick veneer of friendliness -- in order to lull your opponents into a false sense of security, yes... but also in order to actually tame your own natural blood lust, and most of the time it even works. Because you are so mobile and ever-changing, your friendships are always in flux, and the people who are your oldest friends may or may not accompany you all the way through life. Probably not.

Leslie took the what's your fave music??? quiz and the result is Rock. You like upbeat guitar riffs, and nice drum solos now and again. You're a happy person, and you get on with life knowing rock and roll is on your side!!!

Leslie just took the How Will I Die Quiz. I am going to die when I am 84. I will die in a freak accident involving Ryan Seacrest. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Leslie completed the quiz "Which stereotypical Californian are you?" with the result Old Californian. Let's face it. You're old. You don't understand young people. You don't even know why you took this quiz really. Seriously, how are you even on Facebook anyway? Hey, at least you live in California. You probably like the weather and are a bit cooler than most old people. You probably remember when California was less developed and the houses were further apart from each other. You probably stopped reading this after the second sentence because you refuse to think you're old! Hey, you're still a Californian after all. You're definitely one of the coolest old people in the country (if not the planet) so don't feel bad!

Leslie completed the quiz "In your circle of friends, who are you?" with the result The Under-Appreciated Best Friend. You try to keep everyone happy, and sometimes at your expense. You foot the bill when you're all out to celebrate, just so everyone can have a good time and not worry about money. You'd do anything for your friends, even though they forget to thank you or don't show you the appreciation you deserve. Although it's nice that you're being everyone's rainbow, think about yourself, too. No one will think you're a bad friend if you say no to some of their requests.

Leslie's Monster Name is Leslie the Screaming Hook Nosed Kiddy bathroom attendant.

Leslie took the What type of shoe defines you? quiz and the result is You are defined by Chuck Taylors. You are comfortable in your own skin and don't need to flaunt it. That quality is why your friends are drawn to you for advice and an ear.

Leslie completed the quiz "How long would you survive in the scariest horror movie?" with the result 100% of the movie. (:D)=. You were a true leader! You made all of the plans. And as your friends died off, that made all the more reason for you to toughen up, and fight to survive. Sadly, you were the only one left. Your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend died in your arms after an unsuccessful battle, and after that, you lived a new life... AWAY from the forest... where.... more.... monsters... might live.....

Leslie completed the quiz Which James Bond are you? with the result Sean Connery.
You are Sean Connery. You are suave, smooth, and debonair, but when things break bad, you can mix it up with the best of them. You are a sensualist, enjoying fine drinks, cigarettes, and women. You have great taste in cars and clothes. You sound progressively more Scottish as you get older.

Leslie took the Which math equation are you? quiz and the result is Gaussian Distribution. f(x) = 1/(SQRT(2π)*σ)*e^(-(x-μ)^2/(2σ^2)) You are very normal. You are always positive, and although you have a mean, you usually aren't.

Leslie just took the "What Is Your Type Of Guy?" quiz and the result is A CLASSIC NERD! A nerd in a tux is the guy for you. It's okay, don't feel bad! Even though he's not good-looking, he could be a really good party mate!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009 was filled with stories and a wedding preview!

Before going over to the townhouse last night, I went to the 7-11 nearby and bought eight packages of half-price chocolate eggs. Half were for me, and the other half were for the Sunday School kids. I divided the kids' half into four Ziploc bags at the townhouse, and tried a green tea Kit Kat (which I assumed Melissa gave Steph in L.A.) after I watched some Chinese TV with Grandma. Some guy on the show looked a lot like Chow Yun Fat! Grandma was surprised I knew who that was; she also thought that Jon, White Kid (Eric), and I were CRAZY for leaving at 6 AM for service!

Watched my mom inventory a lot of thrift shop silver for Jon's wedding reception. Tried going to bed early, but sleeping just did not work. My brother woke me up before 5:45 AM, so we had a quick breakfast of bread, cake, and cashew nut butter before leaving to pick up Eric and Pastor John. Sunrise Service was pretty cool, although we did wonder where Jeremy was - Jon figured he was studying for an exam he has on Tuesday. I had to give Richie a hard time about the hockey night at his place, hahaha. People shared interesting personal stories about "new beginnings" - I'm not at liberty to disclose them here, but suffice to say that the tales gave me an insight into people's lives that I didn't have before... and the length was making my foot fall asleep, but at least we were under cover from the rain. Discussed how long the Sunrise Service tradition had been going on, hockey, and other things. Acer and Calla joked around about sarcasm later with Jon.. it had something to do with umbrellas, too.

Went to ABC Country Restaurant for breakfast, and I had a Western Omelette; I was telling Grace later that the mushrooms were what clinched it for me. Unlike last year, I had a good view of the TV - we discussed various news stories. There was a Sunday School teacher who was arrested for the murder of a child: "That's why we have the Child Protection program!" Mike, on a Berlin woman who jumped into a polar bear pit: "Suicide by polar bear!" Johnny, on a story about Nova Scotians finding needles and drug paraphernalia when the snow finally melted: "Hey, Citrus and Steph! There's a cop on TV!" On the Somali pirate story: "Hey, has the sea captain been rescued yet?" We saw the Obama family in church: "Yup, he IS a churchgoer!" Christon had to leave early, and got less sleep than the rest of us: working on Powerpoint till midnight and then having to drop his dad off downtown at 5:30 AM didn't help. (Jon and I found that we were waking up twice every hour - "not used to sleeping this early / not wanting to oversleep / excitement... hm. am I gonna sleep much the night before my wedding day?!")

Greeted a bunch of people at their tables, and had a good time bantering - Calla could identify Steph, Vanessa, and others by voice alone even if they were sitting in the back! I had three cups of coffee, so Eric said that I'd be either jittery or crazy later on; perhaps! Went to church at 9:30 after witnessing people do the roundabout tradition, and discussed stuff with Raymond: bowling, gutter balls, sleeping, Easter candy at 7-11, and more. Eric was obviously looking for his parents after we started worship, but things worked out. (even if everyone at the Sunrise Service was dozing off during Phil's sermon) Talked to Ron and Veronica after service had ended, and also in the fellowship hall. Added some cheese slices and pretzel twists to the kids' Easter chocolate, which they seemed to like. Said hi to Joshua and Keenan, who definitely wanted to play the drums! Interacted with baby Allison, gave her mom Anita the free diapers, and played with baby Matthias as well.

After Sunday School, I said hi to Watson's mom, who now knows my name - I'm glad her son knows it, too! (he can speak English now!) Said hi to Ada and her sons Ian and Sean - Sean knew my name without prompting, so that's very smart of him! I went to Pho with my mom and grandma; Steph decided that she HAD to go home and sleep after service. Waved to Ivan when I saw him there with his family, which was cool. Got back to church in plenty of time for the baptism service: Mom says her quasi-birthday dinner is on Wednesday night instead of tomorrow. (her "old style birthday" is in early April, not in mid-May) It occurs to me that I have plans at Erik's already, but we'll see what happens. Maybe Jon won't be able to make it either, haha. Raymond sat next to me, and we discussed our own Easter baptisms, plus Superstore's lacking selection of baptism cards: we're definitely not in the market for baby baptism here!

I didn't know most of the Chinese Congregation baptismal candidates, but I did recognize Adam and Andrew's mom by sight, whom I congratulated in simple Chinese later. (and one or two of my grandma's friends...) Nathan had to give me his cards to give to the girls since he had to leave right after Jon did a special song by Elgar on the violin. (Eric T. did a sax piece, which baby Allison seemed to like - Jeff was working...) I was reminded that Raymond could sing in Chinese, and he does a good job of it too! *yay* Joked that he'd throw me off, but we did exchange amusement and dubious looks. (I should have asked him for a translation of a guy who was apparently rather funny...) There was a guy who'd been married for several months, and is due to be a father in a few weeks: we DEFINITELY gave each other a weird look on THAT one! Picked up a copy of the English testimonies for Steph, since I knew she'd probably want one. Saw Rosanna and Samantha, both of whom professed to not know who I was... so I said that SOME people's pants were on fire! (calling them liars...)

There was a camera trained on the baptismal pool, and it was funny when a mop was almost the only thing we could see! (all the splash water had to be mopped up...) With translations and twelve testimonies, the whole thing ended at almost 5! Grace was comparing it to a really long AGM, and said that even weddings were shorter than three hours long! "We're all churched-out from almost twelve hours!" Calla advised Richie that he COULD hang a Flames flag out his car window since this wasn't Toronto, even if Vancouver and Calgary DO have a bitter rivalry. If it's Toronto, you'd better not be flying anything BUT Maple Leafs flags, unless you want your car keyed!

I told Sam and Mike that the huge crowd was a preview of my brother's wedding - Mike mentioned that he couldn't make it since his cousin happens to be getting married on the same day. Managed to find the girls and give them their cards: Jonathan called Nathan a ditcher since he'd left early, haha. Was in a bunch of pictures, which was cool enough. Saw Lucas and his parents - very nice! Afterwards, my grandma seemed to be under the impression that we were waiting for Dad so we could pick Mom up from work - Mom had actually left REALLY early so she could make the turkey for dinner! On the way to the townhouse, we saw a three-legged dog, and got caught up on the news in general.

Once Mom told me to wake my sister up, I accordingly did so... she thanked me for the testimonies. Grandma was then under the impression that my sister was at WORK, and wondered what I was doing - poor Grandma, getting old and confused! Nathan and Jon got there at 8; the dinner was simple, but it was still good. We watched an interesting food science show (BRAIN BOX) about halitosis, and breath-freshening agents. Parsley apparently doesn't help at all, while (cinnamon) gum / brushing teeth / fennel seeds (black licorice taste!) do. Discussed huge families, the baptism, Tina's Chinese testimony, the Ducks, beer, coffee, Kahlua, Calgary, Victoria, Christon, Ray, the Somali pirates NOT the "Yo ho ho!" type, serenading Harmony, work, Nate's dad, and more. Nate dropped by Eric's to pick up hockey tickets for Wednesday's playoff game (the BLUES) before dropping me off at home. Told him not to crash the car when he made his way back, while discussing Chinese Eric being VERY happy to see him, and other topics!

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