Saturday, December 11, 2010

This medicine tastes BAD, man! / Snow Sports

I can't STAND the taste of this cold medicine, so am using ice cream as a chaser! Next time, I should get the gelcap version, no matter what my inner Asian says!

You Are Snowshoeing

You like your thrills as much as the next person, but your thrills tend to be more mental than physical.

You find thinking and playing with ideas to be exciting enough. And you don't have to risk injury to do it.

You aren't afraid of hard work. In fact, you know that doing your absolute best has its rewards.

You take good care of yourself and those you love. You value your health and stability.

Ha. My balance in the snow is bad enough as it IS - no snow sports for me!

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Zag, sirs, hints about your jawline, falling asleep, Kelli, and Ebola

High-scoring words of the night:

SIRS (208 points) - against Angela V. [3W, two 4W, hook off ZAG for a plural] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
HINTS (225 points) - against Alice P. [two 5W]
JAWLINE (124 points) - against Yvette B. [two 2L, 2L on J]

Fell asleep for a bit in the early afternoon, then went out to buy more cough medicine from the pharmacy next door. Kelli let me know that she got my Christmas card, which is good. Eric called to say he had to be there early; well, you can do what you like, but I'm definitely staying home! Apparently, I do sound a bit sick - he told me to get well soon, and maybe he'd see me on Sunday. No idea why I didn't just tell him that instead of saying I wouldn't be there... but thank goodness for not having to go anyway since I fell asleep AGAIN during the course of the evening!

Trivia fact for Saturday, Dec. 11: What deadly virus is named for a river? Ebola. It's named for the Ebola River in the northern Congo, where it was first detected in 1976.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Neo-Citran, no Passage Sharing, what my kisses taste like, wax figures

Still sick, and it's moved into the "chills with a cough" stage: Neo-Citran it is! I have no one to bring me stuff, but that doesn't mean I'll take my sister's suggestion of yesterday or the day before! Not that I wanted to go to Passage Sharing tonight ANYHOW, but this will make it easier just to stay home! Sarah Q. finally added me to Facebook - yay! Also, $128,200 is a new record!

Your Kisses Taste Like Chocolate

You are an extreme rebel. No one is going to tell you who to kiss. You break all the rules!

You are an adventure seeker. You've been known to kiss someone just to see if you can.

You're selective about love and romance. You kiss freely, but commitment is a whole different story for you.

You and a peach kisser are the perfect partners in crime, but a cranberry kisser is a little too sour for you!

Trivia fact for Friday, Dec. 10: A wax likeness of what famous American is on display in the Eiffel Tower along with wax figures representing Gustave Eiffel and his daughter Claire? Inventor Thomas Edison. The wax figures are in a recreation of Eiffel's office on the third level of the famous Paris landmark. Edison had visited the tower in 1889, the year it was completed.

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas character tagging! / Shelley's mail

Got this "Christmas character" tagging picture from Jennifer L.'s Facebook:

Just checked my mail to find that Shelley (always_bryn) had sent me a Christmas card; a postcard of the State Capitol Grounds (Richmond, Virginia); four bookmarks from a mystery book convention she went to; and some Scooby Doo stickers. YAY! :D

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Crap sleep / Spending like Santa or Scrooge? / World War II

Got a few hours of crap sleep, so am definitely not heading out to Erin's or the respite centre! Julie S. (julie709) thanked me for the Christmas card and two postcards because they were so cute - nice!

You Spend Like Scrooge

Anyone you know is lucky if they get a gift from you at all. You're never really in the gift-giving spirit.

For you, holiday shopping feels like more of a chore than a joy. You don't like being obligated to get gifts.

Try cutting back on your list. Ask others if they wouldn't mind not exchanging gifts this year.

Or consider just baking homemade cookies for everyone you know. At least you'll get to eat some, too!

Trivia fact for Thursday, Dec. 9: Which was the only South American country to send combat troops to Europe to fight with the Allies during World War II? Brazil, which declared war on the Axis powers in August 1942, and sent more than 25,000 troops to Europe to aid the Allies.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

John Lennon, Jim Morrison, dahlias, brooms, opiates, 2042, 5-4 shootout wins

Bingo of the evening:

DOCKAGES (229 points) - against Chrissy B.

High-scoring words of the evening:

DAHLIA (155 points) - against Jennifer S. [5W used twice, hook off FIRE to make AFIRE]
BROOM (198 points) - against Janet S. [2W, two 3W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
DOCKAGES (229 points) - against Chrissy B. [two 3W, hook off DAZE for a plural, bingo]
OPIATES (198 points) - against Yvonne S. [2W, two 3W]

Sarah G.'s response to the number meme: "You are awesome, and your attention to English grammar makes me jealous. Your mother is hilarious with all the things she says. You are a great friend, and I am glad to have you in my life, even if I send out Xmas cards three months too late. :D" SO TRUE!

I hope I'm not getting sick! John Lennon was murdered 30 years ago today, and Jim Morrison would have been 67 today had HE lived. Wow! Also, Candy apparently tried to call me tonight: GIVE ME SOME WARNING NEXT TIME! The Canucks won 5-4 against the Ducks in a shootout just now, too. :D

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Slim feather drugs! / Things I Love About The Holidays & Winter (meme)

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

DRUGS (140 points; 5W, two 2W), SLIMS (144 points; 2W, two 3W) - against Janet S.
FEATHER (1600 points) - against Milli F. [4W, two 5W]

Shelley (always_bryn) thanked me for the Christmas card, so that's good!

You know the drill... bold what you love, and italicize what you're ambivalent about!

Things I Love About The Holidays & Winter

♥ Christmas morning ♥ Snow ♥ Giving presents ♥ Receiving presentsChristmas TV specials ♥ Going to church on Christmas Eve ♥ Christmas parties ♥ TinselAdvent calendarsChristmas songs ♥ Gingerbread houses ♥ Eggnog ♥ Yule logs ♥ Stars on top of Christmas trees ♥ Counting down the days until Christmas ♥ Noisemakers ♥ Snowflakes ♥ Gingerbread cookiesJingle bells ♥ Secret Santa ♥ Decorating the Christmas tree ♥ Christmas chocolatesOrnaments ♥ Silver & gold ♥ Snow globesSanta hatsStockings ♥ Christmas lights ♥ Candles ♥ Wrapping paper ♥ Ribbons ♥ Mistletoe ♥ Christmas cards ♥ Making snowmen ♥ Going sleigh riding ♥ Having family over ♥ Fires in fireplaces ♥ Santa at the mall ♥ Reindeer ♥ Winter breakMaking donationsChristmas moviesRudolphPutting up Christmas decorationsLight shows ♥ Sales ♥ Sweaters ♥ Winter hats ♥ Mittens & gloves ♥ CiderHollyCandy canesPoinsettias ♥ WreathsHot cocoaGoing to the mall ♥ Christmas party crackers ♥ New Year's Eve ♥

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Four-Sided Personality Test

Your Four-Sided Personality is UDWR

Side 1 of your personality is unassured. You don't like to mention your accomplishments, and you prefer to let others talk.

Side 2 of your personality is devious. You are calculating and enjoy being a little wily.

Side 3 of your personality is warm-hearted. You are interested in people, and you get along well with others.

Side 4 of your personality is reserved. You are a private person, and often don't have much to say.


No idea if I'd be a Dranei with mint tea, dude... / Garth Brooks and the javelin

When Eric picked me up, he said that I had to be drunk... nope, although I did say that I wasn't high just because I was reacting to a blue car and yellow taxi in front of us! We talked about WORLD OF WARCRAFT sunflowers and zombies, how MOST people had SOME good in them, the dessert night, trying to find parking around Dylan's, my not sleeping at 5 PM when he claims he tried calling me, and other things. When we finally got to Dylan's, Kevin and Jen said hi to me while Dylan offered me either juice or mint tea - TEA! He said that Vivian couldn't make it as she was quite busy with school... not surprised! The Committee meeting was more evidence of insular thinking, although I thought we were trying to branch out. Talked about Tim, Maxine, South Africa, controversy, geography, Martin, Randal (ugh), Christon, Christian things, Missions Fest (I have a date for that, so I should tell Chinese Eric), pavlova, speakers, Phil, Jose, discouragement, the dessert night, SERVANTS, Vicky, Carmen, Albert, and other things. I'm definitely not going on Friday, or to the curling program in January. The next meeting is January 10, and Dylan thinks we should meet up just to hang out. MORE TIME WITH PEOPLE?! Well, at least these ones are largely good.

Afterwards, Jen said that she finally got an internship with the aquarium (I heard "the Ukraine" and was like WTF?!), and we discussed iPhones and such - yeah, she's back living with her mom. At least she doesn't have to worry about certain issues getting in the way of her thinking, that's for sure! We had to drop her off later, but I couldn't wait to get home so I could take care of certain things. Eric and I discussed Christmas carols, Christmas being joyous (not for EVERYONE!), what I would be in WOW, Dranei / trolls / humans / dwarfs / goblins, spiking my tea / being giddy, falling asleep on the couch, Vespers, and more on the way home. Crazy person!

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Dec. 8: For what sport did country singer Garth Brooks receive a partial athletic scholarship from Oklahoma State University? Javelin throwing. Brooks, who attended CSU from 1981 to 1984, gave up javelin competition after he failed to make the Big Eight Conference finals in his senior year.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Attorneys granting things in Japan / April and Kaitlin / Shakespearean Name

Bingo of the afternoon:

ATTORNEYS (102 points) - against Yvonne S.

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

JAPAN (984 points; two 5W, 3L on J, hook off UM to make UMP), GRANT (4W, 5W, 2W, hook off UMP to make UT) - against Barb P.
ATTORNEYS (102 points) - against Yvonne S. [4W, bingo]
SOWABLE (350 points) - against George M. [two 5W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Got up and wondered why someone was mowing the lawn, then checked my email to find that April (abw92) had received my Christmas card. Later, Kaitlin (deformed_foetus) let me know that she got my card, and was working on something to send me - sweet!

Your Shakespearean Name is Cordelia Cassandra

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Alone laundry Evite thoughts, and cells

High-scoring words of the night:

ALONE (100 points) - against George M. [5W]
THIRLED (375 points) - against Adam Y. [two 5W]

Had to do a lot of survey templates, throw away the chocolate milk since it was starting to "turn," think about whether I'll go to Auntie Brenda's for Erin on Thursday (EVITE!), and do some laundry since I was out of clean underwear. Discovered that Adam L. has deactivated his Facebook, this time with no warning! After thinking about it, I called Steph to see whether she was going on Thursday despite being sick with a cold like Michelle is - she was putting away her own laundry, haha. She says she's going from home, so I suppose I'll have to spend the money for the bus fare to get over to the respite centre to visit Grandma (from where she'll pick me up), and then money to get home. *sigh*

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Dec. 7: What was 17th-century English scientist Robert Hooke looking at through the newly-invented microscope when he discovered, and coined the word, cells? A thin slice of cork. He came up with the word "cells" because the tiny boxlike shapes he saw reminded him of the tiny chambers - known as cells - in a monastery.

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2010 Year In Review

2010 Year In Review

Meme fun: Take the first line from the first post of every month of the year. Repost it here as your year in review. (I'm discounting greetings and things like that :P) Yeah, it's been an interesting year!

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2010. Post the first line of it in your journal as a paragraph, and that's your "Year In Review."

Watched Manos: The Hands of Fate (bad), Howard the Duck (bad), and Once Upon a Time in the West (good and subtle) at Nathan's with Christon, his brother Clement, Jon, Harmony, Isabel, Jeremy, Eric, Jen, and Randal for BAD MOVIE NIGHT 2 / New Year's. HAHAHAHA.... I love this great image from the comments on that "bad grammar and spelling" article! Talked to Corey when I got home from seeing the Olympics, of course. Jasmine passed along these two weird names to me: Vanilla Sun and Swiss Tiara. You entertain me, I've done my entertaining for the day. How old are you now?

I should go out and meet Sam now... and of COURSE this temperamental beast restarted overnight! Teunis and I discussed dance styles, Tetris music, the Cossacks, church, clothing, towels, rotting, my cracking up, mold, floors, damage, showering, writing software, (broad)swords / Jordan / axes / hatchets / knives / guns / cocaine / marijuana / juggling dangerous weapons / perspective, and more. I've finished my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on the same day once again; good thing I go for a big shop tomorrow... I installed Trillian Astra earlier, since I was tired of never being signed into MSN these days. Left a message on Henry's voicemail to advise him that I don't need a ride this Saturday, as I'm going to Jason and Karen's wedding. Steph and I went to a nearby pub after our Korean lunch to see if they did beer off-sales; they did, so she got 12 cans of Sleeman's Honey Lager for the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT marathon later. I was almost killed three times just now while walking to the corner hotel and back!

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April, cat stickers, happy face stickers, and smells

Coincidentally enough, I'm listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's That Smell... hahahaha! I got a Christmas card, two cat stickers, and nine happy face stickers in the mail from April W. (abw92) today!

You Are Unconventional and Self-Assured

You are independent and quirky. You never like to follow the crowd.

You prefer to do your own thing. You stay away from trends, but you usually end up setting trends anyway!

You are stylish and chic. You are always drawn to quality, and you like to surround yourself with unique things.

You seem to know where to find the best everything. You're very well-traveled and cosmopolitan.

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Cartoon Mushroom Tagging!

This "cartoon mushrooms tagging picture" is taken from Scott and Billie's friend Samantha Lee:

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Sides, tales, delicate unswathed drays, fezes, axes, chocolate, and chess

Interesting rack of the night: SIDETALE, against Nancy M. [read this as "side tale"]

Bingo of the night:

DELICATES (750 points) - against Nancy M. [two 5W, 2W]

High-scoring words of the night:

DRAYS (138 points) - against Nadine M. [4W, 3W, hook off UH to make DUH]
FEZES (345 points) - against Kim C. [5W, 5L on Z]
AXE (153 points; 4W, 3W used twice, hook off DRY to make ED), NAH (4W, 3W used twice, hook off ED to make EDH) - against Marina T. {both good deficit-erasing words!}
UNSWATHE (208 points) - against Kathy H. [three 2W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Decided to take Eric H.'s NHL Advent calendar for myself since I won't see him till at least the 18th, haha! MORE CHOCOLATE! We lost 3-2 to St. Louis tonight, though.

Trivia fact for Monday, Dec. 6: What famous French artist, who quit painting to play chess, spent so much time studying game strategy that his neglected newlywed bride glued his chess pieces to the board? Surrealist Marcel Duchamp. The marriage did not last.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunglasses, Cypress, LONG colds, MR. CREEP, and Azaroth

When Eric picked me up this morning, he was wearing sunglasses; true enough, the sun WAS out! We talked about WORLD OF WARCRAFT / Azaroth, midnight lineups, the weekend, STARCRAFT in real life, his alarm, home improvement, the ice, my being "drunk," "fun" winter programs, annoying Team 1040 people, Praise 106.5, Cypress, Dave Wong, and more stuff on the way over. At church, we again parked near Mei Lin and a friend - I sat by Nathan and Jeremy as usual; Nathan was reading the Hebrew parts of a psalm, and comparing it to a dreidel. Hahaha, I remember doing that when I was his age! When Jon's Regent friend Matt said hi to me, I surprised him by remembering his name, haha! ("You have an amazing memory!") I said hi to Grace and baby Micah, of course. When Ivan said that Grace would come up and read the Advent blurb, Jeremy and Jon and I were like "um... er.... I don't know how well that'll work..." because she had just started nursing the baby a couple minutes before! Turns out he meant the OTHER Grace... PHEW! (I told her about this later while being introduced to a friend of hers) I gave Nathan some toilet paper to help with his cold, which he's apparently had for at least a couple of weeks... yikes!

During Communion, I happened to glance over to the other side of the room... MR. CREEP WAS THERE! WHY?! (Joanna C. has replaced Hannah T. as Communion helper) After service, I made sure to look for Grandma - when I found her, I asked who had picked her up today. She said Jon had, so I confirmed this later. (you never know, with HER memory!) She also wanted me to go for lunch with them, but that didn't happen since Eric opted to go home early. In the fellowship hall, I talked to Andrew L. / Yvonne (maple cake?!) / Wesley (no sleep tonight!) / Chung / Mattias (mandarin oranges and Sunday School!) / baby Marcus / Jon and Eric and Dylan (bringing several Downtown Eastside people to the Dessert Night - ISSUES and FEELINGS!) / Quan (Tim Horton's DOES have TRIPLE CHOCOLATE, while Kinder Bueno with chocolate milk is AWESOME and NOT GROSS!) / Harmony. Eric said that he might go home, which he did end up doing after calling his parents - I said hi to Joshua, Jeff, little Allison, and baby Joanna on our way out. On the way home, I mainly ranted about Mr. Creep (I am NOT confusing him for Rob Stewart!) / judging people HARSHLY / Randal / passage sharing (NOT GOING THERE!) / Christmas cards. Poor Eric, haha... going home early DOES give me more time to do dungeons and such, haha! Briefly talked to Chinese Eric on MSN about hanging out / winter preparations / his Dec. 18 house party.

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Christmas Tree

I definitely didn't get enough sleep since I had trouble with that! Maybe this energy drink will do something... or it'll throw my schedule out of whack again... whee! :P

You Are Charitable

You like to party and live it up during the holidays. This is a time to be festive and celebrate.

You are resourceful, quirky, and artsy. You like something that's a bit outside the norm. You aren't traditional.

You like your holiday decor to have personal meaning. Your ornaments and decorations each tell a story.

This holiday season, you are hopeful and optimistic. You are thinking of the future and giving generously.

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Tarts, Joule working again, and NASCAR yellow bumpers

High-scoring word of the night:

TARTS (458 points) - against Will M. [3W, two 5W, hook off KIS to make SKIS]

Hey, I've discovered that Joule seemingly works again - NICE!

Trivia fact for Sunday, Dec. 5: What does a yellow rear bumper indicate in a NASCAR race? That the driver is in his or her first year of NASCAR competition. "Yellow bumper" or "yellow tail" is also auto racing slang for a rookie driver. (NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.)

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