Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bubble tea and urinals

Earlier today, I was in a blah sort of mood, caused by my unhappiness with certain things. They're not resolved yet, but hopefully they will be later on. I called a certain someone, and was fully prepared to get the voicemail, but got him instead. We got to talk for two minutes before the phone card cut me off.. just as well, because Awana Handbook Time was ending pretty soon after! ;) That did a little to improve my mood, as did seeing the kids and my friends, especially the unexpected sighting of Nathan and Eric M. before I went into the church for Awana. Of course we said hi to each other, and those things improved my mood a fair bit. Gotta love your good friends and brothers! :D

Samuel said the kids were comparing bubble tea to urinals.. we were teasing him, asking just what he was teaching his clubbers! According to the kids, the bubble pearls in BBT are just like the little balls or cakes you find in urinals.. I would NOT know! Then again, Corey says they're to provide a snack for you.. ewwies! I almost called Stanley "Steven" when Awana ended, too.. I have NO idea WHERE my brain is. Hopefully, it goes into "working mode" soon... I need a functioning brain, y'know? ;)

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Steak, seeing Eric and not going out with him, Virgo astrology, and colorbar generators

Finally back from Shannon's.. I treated myself to a steak from Boston Pizza. Wheelchairs, traffic, rain, and other assorted delays on the trip home did nothing to improve my mood.

I get to see Eric at around 7, which makes me very happy! Yes, I know I see him a lot (well, twice a week :P), but there's something about seeing good friends that just lifts up my mood. Certain idiots think we're going out, though.. that's not true even if he does drive me to / from church almost all the time these days. :P

Speaking of Shannon, she asked me whether we were going out because I had to call him from her phone to make Friday plans last night. ("I don't know... anything could happen! It's not abnormal to have one!") I'll get back to her on the subject of having a boyfriend later, when she's not so nosey about it. :P

Corey's giving me ideas on a UPS battery backup instead of the thing I actually got to protect my computer from power surges, but even he admits I don't necessarily need it. :P Before we go to Fellowship, Eric's going to install the power bar for my computer... I appreciate it! Yes, he did give me tips on how to install it myself, but I lost them. :(

My friend Terri bought this HUGE-ass book on astrology that relates historical events to your birthday, and has a specific entry for not only each sign, but for every year for each sign. It's kind of pointless now that she's told everyone that she knows about them, so she asked LJ RQ to comment if they wanted to know something about them.

This is what the book had to say about me.. I'm going to have to think about it.

This is SO true, haha:

bizarre happenings are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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Thursday, November 25, 2004


Well, I had it out with Shannon at the Lonsdale Quay market. Strange place to have a semi-argument, but I had to tell her again that it wasn't acceptable for her to call my parents if she couldn't get ahold of me. It doesn't mean that I'm not annoyed by it just because my mom's nice about the whole thing! I've told her to email me instead.. she insisted that my email address was wrong. When we got to the house, she checked her email and showed me which address she had for me... as I thought, she had the wrong one. So that's her problem, not mine... but I made sure she had the correct address, since she also insisted that she didn't have my old email address (which was also wrong, by the way) for reference purposes. Next time she can't get ahold of me, she'd best email me.. it's not wise to get me upset, especially if you're certain people. ;)

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My brother's 23 today!

The Merzbow file transfer (Catapillar 2002) worked, much thanks to Jon. Speaking of my brother, he's 23 today.. go leave your birthday wishes here. I already wished him a Happy Birthday.. he's going to class, an orchestra rehearsal, a music theory talk, and going out after all that to a beer bistro for some food. Definitely sounds like the social butterfly I've come to know! :D

Now, I must go to my "friend" Shannon's house for an overnighter.. hopefully, she got the message about NOT calling my parents to see where I am! If not, I'm going to have to tell her that once again in no uncertain terms. I'm tired of this, and it'll be over if she does it again! (at least I'll phone Eric from there tonight to make Friday plans!)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dual media players

Listening to a CD in both Winamp and Windows Media Player can be a very weird experience, especially if they're not synchronized with each other. Just found that out for myself, since Corey (who can now see my LJ.. eek!) told me to download Winamp because it was better than Windows Media Player. The CD I'm talking about is Pop Tatari by the Boredoms. Some of you might think that listening to it just once is weird already, and I'd have agreed with you had it been the first listen. Now, I'm totally used to it... my brother should get me some more noise music to listen to. Actually, he's attempting to send me some Merzbow via MSN.. we tried this on Monday night, and it didn't work due to time constraints on my part. (going out to dinner, having to make a phone call, etc.) I'll see if it works tonight.. if it does, I'm sending it to Mer via AIM or email. :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Cordova, William, and Jessica

I just figured out what "Cordova" reminds me of.. it's the name of a street here in Vancouver. DUH.. I'm so braindead sometimes, it's a wonder people still think I'm smart. Time to get off this thing and write more Christmas cards.. William and Jessica helped in their boredom on Saturday afternoon, which was much appreciated. :)

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He's the jester to my princess!

If Chris W. is the jester to my princess, that's awesome. ;)

What the heck does "Cordova" remind me of? Earlier today, someone was telling me they lived there instead of Memphis proper. I knew the city name reminded me of something, but still am not sure what.. I haven't heard of the city before this! It's not chicken cordon bleu, not someone with the last name of Cordova, not Cordia, not Covington Square (ah, Band memories!), not a company with that name, nor anything else I can think of. Google isn't helping either., oh well. :P

Corey just said: "So you can't talk now if you're planning on talking more later?" I wish that were true, but my brain thinks we can't for some weird reason. Maybe we will do that in future, but I'm leaving him quite alone for now. Besides, I've initiated a conversation too many times recently.. let him do his part. Funnily enough, this doesn't apply to everyone.. just certain people. No, I'm not mad either.. just one of those things. :P

This is what I'd love to say to a certain person:

"Dear You,

Stop calling my parents' number when you can't get ahold of me at mine! I don't live there anymore, and I wish you'd stop doing that! It's not like I'm dead or anything.. can't you just email me instead? It would be way more convenient, and I usually reply to most emails anyhow. It's fine if my sibs answer the phone, but I don't want my parents bugging me about your calling to see where I am. Sheesh... any more of this behavior on your part, and I might just stop being friends with you.

No love,

Who knows what'll happen if I do that.. ending the friendship is looking more and more like the perfect solution. Granted, I don't normally do this.. but certain things just have to be done sometimes!

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Rooster's Quarters and naps

Just went out for dinner at Rooster's Quarters with my parents, and we had Montreal-style rotisserie chicken, poutine, and ribs.. I'd say it was a pretty good meal. :)

My dad thinks that if you need a nap, it's just catching up on your sleep, since you had enough sleep already earlier. I don't think so, not at all. He also told me to stop lying when I said that I was in the shower when they called... just because the Internet was on doesn't mean I can't be doing other things at the same time. Don't accuse me of lying if you don't know the truth of what I was really doing!

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Hoodies, Audioscrobbler, elite "bombing"

My sister has just told me that she'll get me a UT hoodie for Xmas, even though they're expensive at $55. Of course, I'll actually have to wait and see if I get it or not. I answered this question 45 minutes ago in RQ: "Does your family listen to / ask about what you want for the holidays? Or do you get a lot of "It's the thought that counts so don't ask for things, because that's greedy of you" type of lectures around the holidays?"

My answer: "I get both, strangely enough. There was the year my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I answered "the newest Guinness Book of Records." She ended up getting me a 16-pack of Dentyne gum and a pooping moose. I complained, and she said that what she got me was less expensive.. besides, she and my sister thought I'd like it better. *rolleyes*

Then the next year, she actually got me what I wanted.. the 2004 Guinness Book of World Records.

We'll see what happens this year.. she says she's bought the 2005 edition, but I'm skeptical. My siblings have also apparently ordered me the newest Ripley's book from Amazon (according to my brother).. we'll see if that actually happens. I've tried asking the sibs what they want, but am getting no answers except "I dunno" and "lots of money!" (yeah right!)"

Oh, and if you want to know what CD I'm listening to: just check this Audioscrobbler link and add me as a friend if you want. I finally got an account on someone's recommendation.. I play CDs over and over until I get sick of them. :)

Speaking of my sister, she also just told me that she "bombed" the "forensic Identification services" of the Toronto Police Department.. even more elite than the ordinary police department! I'm impressed! (and no, it's not the kind of bombing you're thinking of.. ask if you really want to know! :P)

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Joking around, chocolate bars, kids

Talked to a bunch of my friends today.. Eric had to go early since his aunt and uncle were in town, but at least I spent time with him on the way over to church! We talked about his car (a white Sunfire) not being a USS Hornet, and how I was following my "night of drinking with 20 kegs of vodka." Considering I didn't drink that much, I was just fine! (and no, I don't have 20 kegs of ANYTHING here.. it's an old running joke from the days when I first moved in to this apartment!)

I told him about the birthday card my mom had sent my brother (two weeks early *thud* ), which featured a very messy room and the inscription: "Son, we wish we could get you something practical for your birthday. Too bad we can't get you a portable housekeeping service!" We agreed that it was a good thing she doesn't read Jon's blog: the details of how his room is a sea of clothing / books / papers / their personal effects, his sleeping in and missing class / marking sessions, and his walking home from concerts past 1 AM would NOT be what she wants to know! *laugh*

Vania wanted us to buy her cousin's fundraising chocolate bars.. they were different from the ones we're used to around this time of year. They're made by Canadians for Canadians, and even have a website. Nathan, Danielle, Dawn, and I bought one since they were only $2.

Emily, Chrystal, Dianne, and I talked about the freezing cold weather.. time to bring out the scarves, mittens, and toques for SURE! Nai Chiu asked me about Awana, and who was the naughtiest / cutest kid. The new kids are cute, and I couldn't really say who's the naughtiest.. the certain boys, perhaps. Samuel was also telling us about how when little Justin fractured his arm last week, he refused the bandages because he didn't want it to hurt. I hope he's taking care of it!

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