Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Vancouver goalie / Slugbutter's Evilness

Tonight's 5-4 game was kinda interesting, at least from a goalie standpoint. The first Edmonton Oiler goalie (Mark Morrison) let in two goals on four shots, so of course he was pulled in favor of Jussi Markkanen. Alex Auld wasn't playing for us: Maxime Ouellet played in his first NHL game this year. Ouellet made several key saves, but then let in at least one soft goal... he was a loser in his debut for us, letting in Horcoff's slapshot. Opening up a six-game homestand with a loss... aiya! We picked up a point, but Edmonton had two...

The Canucks never trailed in this game, but gave up three power-play goals and a shorthanded goal. Edmonton tied the game at 2-2, and then Todd Bertuzzi scored 26 seconds later... about 90 seconds after that, Anson Carter scored to give the Canucks a 4-2 lead. Unfortunately, two Oiler goals went through to make the score 4-4. These two teams had a shootout in the second game of the season: Raffi Torres scored twice and once in that shootout on his 24th birthday.

We had 4-on-4 overtime... we should have been able to win the game going into the third period since the score was 2-2 then. But the Canucks had a bunch of penalties in a row. Michael Peca scored 4:08 in overtime... the Canucks can't win in their own division (5-7-3), but they'd better start soon. Now they're 13-1-1 on home ice, with this second loss on home ice. This holiday homestand's going to be important for the team, too.

The three stars were Bertuzzi, Stoll, and Hemsky. Edmonton's back in town on Wednesday, so that will be interesting. The Canucks used Ouellet in this divisional game (instead of Monday's non-divisional game) because Marc Crawford's aware of the media pressure on young goalies, and had a plan. He thinks Maxim gave the team a chance to win, heh.

In other NHL news, Wayne Gretzky is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the Phoenix Coyotes bench because his mom has lung cancer. Owner-player Mario Lemieux has a recurrence of his heart problem (an irregular heartbeat), and the Panthers' road losing streak has now stretched to 13 games.

How evil are you?

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Early breaks, bombing the army regiment, blog catch-up, quizzes

Yay for early breaks and excusing myself! I don't feel like going out today anyhow, and knew I'd get up late. Although I should have avoided last week's horror show, too... ah well, live and learn. :D

Oh yes, and my sister told me that she bombed (AKA "pooped at") an army regiment the other day. Haha, that's our family for you!

I've been catching up on blogs, as well: Jon's apparently been updating more than before, and his descriptions of a Pho party at the Pho Lady are hilarious! Viv's still missing home since she's in France, but she'll be back in May. Steph's been frustrated because of certain reasons (and doing a lot of Blogthings quizzes), but she'll be all right. Spoz is doing his normal weekender stuff... and Dave had his iPod stuck on a Black Eyed Peas song, but got it working again. (and will have his wisdom teeth out soon, too... aiya!)

You Are Basic Panties

You are a laid-back chick with a really natural beauty.
You can make unwashed hair and minimal make-up super sexy.
Men tend to notice that you show the "real you" - and they appreciate it.
And while basic makes boring for some, it looks classic on you.

You Are a Fruitcake!

You taste like nothing else in this world.
And get ready, you're about to get tossed!

Your Christmas Song Is

Santa Baby

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex
And cheques
Sign your 'x' on the line
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight

You're a bit of a greedy kid this Christmas...
You'd like for Santa to be your personal sugar daddy!

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Help for pink marshmallows! / Wallet contents / Questions 1901-1950 of 5000 / Quizzes

Eric picked me up in a car I'd almost never seen before: the family got it a few years ago, but it wasn't insured till recently. It was good to see him, since I hadn't seen him last week... turns out he was sick, but he's better now. On the way to church, we listened to a sports radio station discussing hockey teams possibly moving to other cities: Winnipeg, Regina, Houston, and a bunch of others are apparently interested. (we also discussed the world junior hockey championships: he described Steph's friend Melissa as "that girl who likes the Colorado Avalanche," haha) At church, I talked to Christon / Karen Lew / Karen Choo / Frances / Ivan / Steph / Randal / Phil / Margaret / Nathan... mostly just saying hi and commenting on my Santa hat. (it may be red, but I'm not wearing it on Valentines Day / Canada Day... or to concerts!) Randal advises me to give it till January, but I have this thing where Christmas is over the minute it hits 12:01 AM on Dec. 26! :P

For some reason, my parents were at church tonight as well: it turned out that my mom was giving a talk about flaxseed muffins (among other things) to one of the fellowship groups. Steph thought that I'd go home with them, but since I didn't KNOW that they'd be at the church (because they never tell me anything!), I opted to go home with Eric. He, Nate, and Phil weren't done Bible Study yet in any event since they spent too long chatting. Even if I *had* known that my parents were at church, I still probably would have gone home with Eric.. I'd be happier that way, heh. (besides, Eric and the guys would certainly have wondered where I was when they came out!) Nathan was holding a big bag full of cranberry and nuts cereal, and looked kinda sick: it was good that he went home afterwards to sleep! Eric and I went home as well, and he kept insisting he was Agent Spongebob Squarepants! (haha) He also sprinkled a lot of Strong Bad / Homestar Runner references into the conversation: I think we were both a little nuts, haha. ("You must help the pink marshmallows since you have the power of pink! Help them by eating them so that they can regroup in your stomach! I'm in a band called Limousine! Are you going to drink some suudsu?") Then there was something on the radio about the Minnesota Vikings and some stripper party for the rookies aboard a cruise ship... and the Seattle Sonics and Key Arena. o_O Ah well, the ride home was very enjoyable.. hee hee. :D

Corey just told me that he asked his family for chains, leather, rubber tubing, and metal for Christmas.... and now he tells me that it's exercise equipment AFTER he lets my imagination run wild! *bops him upside the head* Aiya... these boys that love teasing me.... :P

In other news, I have a LOT of stuff in my wallet:

Two "Admit One" coupons for Famous Players movie theatres, expiry 11.30.06
Save-On-Foods card.
Safeway card.
Shoppers Optimum card.
Debit card.
2005 bus pass, expiry 12.31.05
Air Miles card.
BC ID card.
Ministry of Human Resources card.
Grand & Toy card.
Vancouver Public Library card.
Two Chapters gift cards.
Starbucks card.
Chapters card.
Two Carlton Cards stamp cards.
Bathroom Reader Institute membership card.
Children's Hospital card.
Mountain Equipment Co-op card.
Columbia House E-Z Access card.
Zellers card.
Elan personnel card.
Chi-Tel calling card.
Care card.
Two Hallmark Card Club stamp cards.
Oasis bubble tea stamp card.
Big Tea Pot bubble tea stamp card.
Mak's Juice and Dessert in Yaohan Mall bubble tea stamp card.
Bubble World Tea house bubble tea stamp card.
Tazza World Tea and Café bubble tea stamp card.
L&G bubble tea stamp card.
Peanuts in Richmond Public Market bubble tea stamp card.
Royal T Bar bubble tea stamp card.
Super Lucky Florists bubble tea stamp card.
Death by Chocolate bubble tea stamp card.
Second Cup club stamp card.
Kernels Popcorn Power stamp card.
Richmond Public Library stamp card.
Recreation Access Card for Richmond.
99.3 the Fox club card.
An old business card from my cousin Lilian.
A special "For A Friend" thing that Jim gave me a long time ago.
Two papers with my stats on them in case I lose my wallet.
Social Insurance Number card.


Note: LJ Christmas Party / 10 PM whereabouts of LJ friends / tomorrow's happenings with LJ friends / weirdest LJ Christmas party I'll ever have / LJ Chinese Buffet / LJ friends appreciating me blogquizzes. (by Nel, Sarah Elaine Ramirez, Katie, Cheezer, and Ninety Percent)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1901. Are you able to recognize patterns / habits / routines, and are you able to BREAK OUT OF THEM?? Yeah, sometimes.

1902. What takes your breath away? People smoking. :P

1903. What did you do today that you regret? Not too much, thankfully. Maybe buying too much at the grocery store.

Will you ever do it again? Probably.

1904. Is happiness something to be achieved and sought after... or is it something to be retained and held onto always, no matter what happens? Retained.

1905. Would you rather have perfection, or is reality perfect the way it is? Perfection.

1906. Is a frightening world an interesting world to live in? Sure, I guess... I mean, it won't ever get boring! haha

1907. What gives people depth and character? Different experiences.

1908. What band, together or not, would make you want to JUST FLY after seeing their show? Foo Fighters.

1909. Speaking of flying, can you fly? No.

How do you know? Have you tried? I know better than to try.

1910. Is ANYTHING really trivial? Oh yeah.

1911. Why the hell don't people hug more? Because they're afraid of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

1912. Where was your last vacation to? If the April bus tour counts as a vacation, then it was to Victoria... wooo.... :P

1913. Where was your last car ride to? To church tonight for Fellowship, and then home from there a few hours later.

1914. Where was your last bus ride to? To the mall a few days ago, and then home afterwards.

1915. Where did you last walk to? The mall, a few weeks ago.

1916. What is the worst band in the universe? Hanson.

1917. What is the next book you want to read? China's Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty, by Charles Benn.

1918. What are the 3 most useless items on the planet? Only three!? Poly / cultish (Mormon, JW, etc.) literature... cigarette butts.... worn-out shoes. (I guess you could use the literature to start a fire to keep warm if you had to, but I'm against any Fahrenheit 451 stuff!)

1919. What gives you a peaceful feeling? Sleeping.

1920. Do you ever stay up late watching infomercials? Not really.

Did you ever BUY anything from an infomercial? No.

1921. Are you a light sleeper? Sometimes... darned childhood conditioning. :P

1922. Are you a Toys R Us kid? I don't know... but that reminds me of this prank call I have on here where this guy insists that "Toys Backwards R Us" is grammatically incorrect and teaches kids bad spelling, so the company name should be changed to "We Are Toys." Hahaha!

1923. Are you part of the mile high club? No! (for those who don't know, this is asking if I've ever had sex while a plane is in flight :P)

1924. Do you like:

pina coladas? Never had one, I don't think.

getting caught in the rain? No.

yoga? Not really.

intelligence? Yes.

making love at midnight? ... never have.

health food? Maybe some of it...

champagne? It's all right in moderation.

the feel of the ocean? Yeah.

1925. When you look at your watch, it says 9:25 and you think: "Oh, so THAT's the time."

1926. What have you never seen anything lovelier than? Castles and cathedrals in books.

1927. Have you ever painted a:

wall: Yes.

ceramic: Yes.

painting: Yes.

model: No.

sun catcher: No.

face: No.

1928. Are there separate heavens for different animals (kitty heaven, dog heaven, bird heaven, etc.)? I'd like to think not.

1929. Can you think of the perfect celebrity that would describe how you look? No.

1930. How about the perfect celebrity that would describe your perfect guy / girl? No.

1931. Avril Lavigne or Michelle Branch? Michelle Branch.

Vanessa Carlton or Britney Spears? Vanessa Carlton.

1932. When you sleep next to someone, who falls asleep first usually? They do.

If they do, do you watch them sleep? No, of course not.

1933. How many people have a piece of your heart? A lot.

1934. What are your daydreams about? What I'd like to have happen during the day.

1935. What is your usual breakfast? Breakfast? Um... a plain sandwich.

1936. How quickly are you willing to take drugs to numb pain? Not very much... at least not till it gets worse!

1937. Are you a fool? Sometimes.

1938. Can you think of three adjectives that DO NOT apply to you even a tiny bit? Dasypygal, facinorous, and hebetudinous. (look them up, hahaha)

1939. What do your salt and pepper shakers look like? White and black.

1940. When was the last time you hurt yourself? Yesterday, stubbing my toe against the wall.

1941. Would you rather never have to sleep but also never dream, or leave things as they are? Leave things as they are.

1942. When you are driving, how do you know if a tire is going flat? Not sure, since I don't drive.

1943. Does your hair match all over? I guess...

1944. Would you rather be naked and famous, or dressed and non-famous? Dressed and non-famous.

1945. What band or singer do you believe started rock and roll? Bill Haley and the Comets.

1946. Think of an object that is shaped like your body: Uh... a big pear.

1947. If you had a large black vase-pot-thing in your house, what would you put in it? Lots of small objects.

1948. Where is the best place to live when you want to start a family? Not Kentucky, haha. (or is Virginia / Alabama the focus of all the inbreeding jokes nowadays?)

1949. Would you rather live in the city, suburbs, or country? City.

1950. Were your parents born by the year 1950? Original answer: "I dunno." How can you NOT know unless you were adopted or something?! As for me, yes.. mine were born by 1950.

You Were Pretty Average This Year

You Were 60% Naughty, 40% Nice

You tried to be a good girl this year...
But as you know, being good isn't that fun!
If you're extra sweet, you may have enough time to get on that nice list.

Your Fashion Designer Is
Roberto Cavalli

Fav Color
Fav kind of music
You belong in...The Ring 2
Your role is....The Comic Relief
Amount of money you will make$85,259,416
This Fun Quiz created by Kate at BlogQuiz.Net
Aries Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Shopping, memory, Eric coming on RIGHT when I think of him, and quizzes

Today, I let my hormones rule my shopping: why else would I get a bottle of Advil (on Erin and Eunice's advice for cramps), chocolate soy milk, and four litres of Dutch chocolate ice cream? :P

I also managed to piss off an old lady at the supermarket. She only had one bottle of cooler / wine, and had already asked to get ahead of someone behind me with a few items. I took a long time because I decided at the last minute (while in the checkout line) that I wanted a few microwaveable meals, so sent Roman off to get them. Normally, I'd be sorry about it... but with my mood today, I just didn't care. Apparently, today was "remembering things at the last moment" day for me... while I was at the post office picking up Candy's package, I was almost out the door when I realized that I had to mail Kyle's card. Good thing I was quick! I'd tell you what's in Candy's package, but she's given me strict instructions not to open it till Christmas Day. Fair enough! (I also meant to do bottle return today, but didn't... sometime in the next two weeks, heh)

Later, I was wondering just where Eric M. got to since he wasn't on MSN. Just a minute later, he popped up to say he'd be here at 7:10-ish. Then he wondered what was up with my grammar because I used the "where you be" construct on him, haha. (as in "I was wondering where you be just now!") I joked that it had been taken over by the weirdo police... who were like the karma police, only not really. Then he asked whether I'd had any suudsu since the weirdo police might also be the suudsu police. HAHA, no... but I probably should one of these days...

For those of you wondering what suudsu is, watch this... PURE GENIUS!

You Are a Chocolate Martini

You're an elegant drunk, who only likes the best bars and the most expensive drinks.
A bit of a cheapskate, you're likely to mooch ten-dollar drinks off both friends and strangers.

You should never: Drink and dash. You're gonna get caught leaving someone with the tab!

Your ideal party: A posh celebrity party you crash, with an open bar.

Your drinking soulmates: those with a Classic Martini personality.

Your drinking rivals: those with a Blueberry Martini personality.


You are 46% Extroverted and 47% Chaotic

- Water people exhibit benevolence. These type of people are charitable, have a kindly disposition, and promote goodwill. They are concerned with the welfare of others. Where other people are concerned... they are kind, generous, and philanthropic. They seldom harbor hostility. They derive pleasure from doing good deeds.

Core - They are cooperative, companionable, hospitable, and socialable. They are true humanitarians, and are concerned with the welfare of other people. They are called servants or servers because of their unselfishness and sincere devotion to the welfare of humanity. They unconditionally come to the aid of the sick and the unfortunate just as they would for one of their own family, and most often ask nothing in return.

Nature - They have strong feelings and sensibilities. They tend to make decisions based on their emotions rather than by reason. Although they are emotional in nature, they do not outwardly express it. Their feelings are hurt easily, but they tend to not let it show.

Drives - They are deeply concerned about the welfare of their friends and family. They also care about what other people think and say about them. An insensitive remark from someone can hurt their feelings deeply, although they may not show it. They give of themselves and their material possessions freely to help a less-advantaged person gain confidence and stature. They will go all-out where close friends or family are concerned. It is not easy to make friends with them because they are skeptical and naturally shy. They will be generous and kind to a certain point, but when you gain their confidence, you will have an all-weather friend who will stand by you through your struggles.

Vice - They will suppress the truth by words, writing, and conduct to do damage to another. This is not spite. This is their non-violent way of getting their revenge. Milder cases include stretching the truth a little, not exactly untrue but not the real truth. They are emotional people, and tend to get carried away in the heat of a situation. These people are not prone to physical violence normally, but being of an emotional nature and having the tendency to let things build up inside them, they can become extremely abusive.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 33% on Extroverted
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 78% on Chaotic

Link: The Which Element Are You? Test written by daemongod81485 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

WOOOOW! You scored 48!
Forget seeking help... you should just go ahead and put yourself in custody. Do you even remember what life was like before you signed online? Don't take the internet so seriously. Try staying offline for a day or two.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 87% on internet
Link: The Are you Internet Addicted Test written by da_sexy1 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

You scored as Another Day. You're Another Day... You're afraid of commitment, so you push the one you're with away. And sometimes you just need some time to yourself... and God help the person who interrupts you.

Another Day


La Vie Boheme


I'll Cover You


One Song, Glory


Out Tonight




Which Rent Song Are You?
created with

The author of this quiz really needs this image:

Image hosted by

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Christmas card from Courtney / Smoking / Friday Five

Whee! I got a Christmas card from Courtney (bjornskjold) today! Thanks ever so much! :D

Random thought: I like Corey's idea about smoking, since we'll both never start. Apply napalm to the cigarette, and BOOM! Hahaha. :D

Note: My LJ Christmas / LJ Christmas Party x4 / LJ New Year's Party / LJ Christmas Gift / LJ New Year's Kiss / why you list me as an LJ friend Memegens. (by Karen_Walker, Mutsune, mattou, ThePaperIsMyStage07, cerulean_dreams, renoir_girl, damianarose, shinikami, and Arecii)

Friday Five

1. What is the oldest object in the room with you? My yearbook from Grade 8.
2. What is the newest? The Christmas card that I *just* got from Courtney (bjornskjold) / the hydro bill.
3. What is your favorite object in the room with you? My books of weird stuff. (can't choose just one)
4. What is the most valuable object? Price-wise, the computer. Sentiment-wise, the books my friends got me for my birthdays. (again, can't choose just one :P)
5. What is the ugliest object? Probably the evergreen that Yazmine got me. It's both aesthetically ugly, and doesn't bring back good memories since we're no longer friends.

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Finger Frenzy! / Questions 1851-1900 of 5000

How fast can YOU type the alphabet?

Note: Crazy LJ Christmas party / LJ boyfriends / LJ family / LJ Olympics / me and my LJ friends / sexy secrets of my LJ friends blogquizzes. (by Erin, Charlene, and Katie)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1851. What is the worst 80's song? No idea.

1852. What song makes you so happy that just want to dance, dance, DANCE? No idea.

God, does it even matter if you "can't dance"???? Yes.

1853. What has been your most beautiful, magical, memorable, cloud nine, manic, ecstatic, incredible, happy, bouncy, air-light moment of this life??? Don't have one.

1854. Does everything count in large amounts? No.

1855. Are you enjoying this incredible, romantic, magical, thrilling, luscious, rollercoaster ride miraculous life as much as I am??? Uh... you're certainly on SOMETHING there... o_O

If not, WHY??? Because I'm not THAT happy manic now! :P

You only get ONE CHANCE to be the incredible person that you are!! I mean... God, do you know how IMPROBABLE your existence is???? Oooh, so true. It's like what someone I used to know once said: "Everyone's a winner because they came from one sperm out of zillions in conception!"

It's incredible that consciousness came to be!!! Yeah, when you look at it like that...

1856. What makes you feel SO fine that you can't control your brain? Um...

1857. Are you kind to strangers? Most of the time!

1858. Are you more than kind? No.

Do you go out of your way? Not really, but sometimes I do...

1859. Promise me something: that you'll never waste time feeling bad anymore. Uh... sure? Sorta-kinda.

1860. Who do you just want to SQUEEEEEEEEEZE?!? Um, no comment.

1861. What do you think of the author of this survey (adjectives, people)? No idea.

What's my gender? Female, most likely. I don't think a male could have written the previous manic questions. :P Or are you just trying to throw me off track?! o_O

What's my age? No clue.

What bands do I like (you must have SOME idea by now)? Oasis, Smiths, the Clash...

Anything else?? No.

1862. Waste not a day. Okay? Sure, why not.

1863. What feeling is so incredible that you can't find the words?? Uh... love / hate?

1864. Why are you even doing this survey?? Doesn't it TELL you something that you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than fill out a 5,000 question survey??? Yeah, but I set this as a challenge to myself.

hmm.. Or is this a learning experience for you (writing it certainly has been for me)? Yeah, it is.

1865. Have you ever been so happy, you could cry? Sure.

1866. Do you just know that the one you love is the one you will spend the rest of your life with?? Yeah, in theory.. but he's not out there.. yet..

Do you need no memories as long as you have this one person to share your life with? Er... I don't know about you, but I *like* my memories! (well, the good ones...)

1867. Have you ever asked yourself, "Is there any more than this?" Yeah.

1868. What did you answer yourself? "Maybe."

1869. 80 years is only a moment. You have this one brief moment to live, to be conscious, to be free.. Couldn't you just sing at the top of your lungs???? Not really, as it's 11:45 PM.

1870. Do you let the restrictions of society restrain you? Yup.

Or are you just too full of life to be stopped?? .... N/A.

1871. How could you possibly feel alone?? Because sometimes everyone has "down" feelings.

1872. Is there something you'd like to try (ASK ME, I won't say no, how could I)?????? I'd like to try making stuff, and have it turn out.

1873. What makes your heart smile and your skin get all tingly-ish? When someone I like says something that's worthy of going "awww!" at. :P

1874. How long has it been since you danced the night away (hint: if it's been longer than a week, IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!!!!)???? Uh... it's been forever.

1875. Are you willing to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get the most out of:

life: I wish.

yourself: I suppose.

the world: No.

1876. Are you willing to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to give your very best most beautiful part of yourself to:

life: Sure.

yourself: HAHA, you're kidding! Reminds me of Dragon Warrior 3 / 4 when you tried to part with yourself at the inn: "You can't part with yourself! That's creepy!" Hahaha.

the world: Sure.

1877. Is there love in your heart? Yup.

1878. Do things tend to go your way when you're happy? Sure.

1879. What do you do while everyone sleeps? Go online and do weird things.

1880. What will you never ever ever get any more of? Time with certain people.

Whatever it is, you'd better not waste what you have of it. Yeah, I know.

1881. Is it a perfect day for banana fish? .... no.

1882. Are child pageants along the same lines as child pornography? Sure.

1883. If it ain't broke (say anything but "don't fix it"): Then leave it alone!

1884. Would you rather have a solid gold Mickey Mouse or a space shuttle? ... the solid gold Mickey Mouse.

1885. Do you bruise easily? No.

1886. Virginity: the longer kept, the less worth. ~ William Shakespeare. Do you agree? Uh... I'd say the more special that whole experience will be if / when you finally do lose it.

1887. Would you prefer a motel, hotel, inn, lodge, or resort? Hotel.

1888. How often do you try to get a tan? Never.

1889. What do you like on your bread? Margarine or peanut butter.

1890. Do you always behave the way you want to? No... *sigh*

1891. Are you always exactly the way you want to be? Nope.

Or do you have an idea in your head of what you want to be like, and strive to achieve it? A slight idea.

1892. Do you realize that in 111 questions, this survey will have more questions than there have been years since Christ was born? Cool.

1893. Are your air and water as pure as you want them to be? No.

1894. What animal would you rush to see first at the aquarium (PENGIES!!!!!)?? Whales and dolphins!

1895. Can you enjoy life without stimulants (coffee, ciggs, drugs, alcohol)? Yeah, I guess... no cigarettes or illegal drugs for me!

1896. Are you pure energy? HAHA, yeah right!

1897. Is this survey your Friday / Saturday night date? More like a Thursday night date, haha.

1898. Don't you LISTEN?? Yes. Stop sounding like my parents here!

1899. Who or what has taken you where you really need to be? My mom.

1900. Was this page as good for you as it was for me?? No, it was a little TOO manic. :P

Your Christmas is Most Like: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas is a big, boisterous event at your place.
And no matter what, something hilarious usually happens.

Your Glam Shoes Are
Charles by Charles David Twin

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Graphic Avatars / Tonight's WEIRD 5-4 hockey game! / Celeb match

Kickass modifications on the graphic avatar that Erik showed me some time ago. :D

This was the only time the Canucks and the Philadelphia Flyers would meet, and it would ultimately prove to be a weird game. The game at the Wachovia Center got delayed for half an hour because of the icy weather conditions outside (but the building was certainly packed!), which prevented the Flyers from getting to the building on time for practice / warm-up. We learned that Dan Cloutier would be out for the year, which of course presents opportunities for Alex Auld, who started his tenth straight game. The Flyers had seven rookies in their lineup, which they hadn't had since 1992-93. (Philadelphia Flyer-Phantoms, anyone?) But their coaching staff is good with them, since the team has a good record so far.

Sample of weirdness: Baumgartner scored his first goal in 22 games. Wade Brookbank and Mike Richards had a collision, which resulted in both of them being injured. Daniel Sedin apparently scored a goal right when the second period ended, but the horn sounded to end the frame 3/10ths of a second earlier. The teams traded harmless shots (55-footers) which resulted in goals. Jeff Carter also got injured when a puck hit his head. Vancouver scored two goals in 37 seconds early in the third, which resulted in the Flyers goalie (Robert Esche) wanting to soothe his bruised ego (4 goals on 20 shots), so a change in goal was made. Once the new goalie (Anteno Niitymaki, from Finland) was established, Anson Carter scored on the first shot he had to face. (heh, welcome to the game, dude!) Auld apparently sat on the puck to make a save, but they jammed the puck in for a goal. (pucks in close?) Naslund got two back-to-back penalties, but the Canucks survived a frantic late rally by the Flyers. (including two chances in the last minutes for Michael Knuble)

The shots on goal were 44-25 in favor of the Flyers, with 21 coming in the third. They won for the first time when trailing after two periods. Marc Crawford got his 389th career win tonight, and Alex Auld got his fourth win in five games... and the team swept the Eastern road trip! (fourth consecutive win) Speaking of Auld, he needs to work on pucks in his equipment. Three stars: Anson Carter, Ohlund, and Michal Handzus. ("zoooo" chant, heh) Daniel Sedin had two assists, and Henrik Sedin had three.

Your celebrity match is Adrian Brody. You like your men passionate and spontaneous.

Take this quiz at

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Questions 1801-1850 of 5000

Note: LJ friends doing stuff with Harry Potter characters / Drunk LJ Friends / in jail with LJ friends / LJ county fair / LJ crazy lightsaber duel / LJ Hell Party blogquizzes. (by Ashley and Rob)

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1801. How many Smurfs can you name? Do Papa Smurf and Smurfette count? haha

1802. Do you have a planner? No, not really.

Do you use it? When I had one, I did.

1803. What do white lines do? Go into your nose, haha. (sorry... you made me think of Duran Duran's White Lines, haha...)

1804. Where do snowflakes come from? The sky.

1805. What do these Latin phrases mean?

Et tu Brute: Even you, Brutus?

Cogito ergo sum: I think, therefore I am. / I am thinking, therefore I exist.

Hosanna in excelsis: Hosanna in the highest.

Et in terra pax hominibus: And on earth, peace to men.

1806. You're writing a story.

The super hot (guy or girl?): guy

is about to kiss (who): Me.

Just then, they get interrupted by (what): an ambulance siren outside.

and somebody screams, (what): "Watch out! It's gonna crash!"

but it is too late. Fortunately (who): Dave

walks by and does something (what): saves us from the imminent accident.

and they all live (how): strangely

ever after.

The letters for the next few questions are messed up for a reason.

1807. Name 2 guys and 2 girls, 1 next to each letter:

b. Jesse

c. Chris

d. Sarah

a. Rachel

1808. Name 2 MORE guys and 2 MORE girls, 1 next to each letter:

a. Nathan

b. Brandy

c. Emily

d. Mike

1809. Name 4 random objects, 1 next to each letter:

b. calculator

d. video game

c. necklace

a. guitar

1810. Name 4 places:

d. Boston Pizza

c. The airport

a. At someone's house

b. Karaoke

1811. Name 4 ways to eat an orange:

d. Bite

a. Slurp

c. Devour

b. Chew

1812. Name 4 body parts:

d. Eye

b. Arm

a. Foot

c. Neck

1813. Name 4 things you might say to a door-to-door salesperson:

b. "Leave, or I'll call the police!"

c. "I'm not interested!"

d. "No thanks!"

a. "Get off my property!"

1814. You've just written 4 stories. The "a" story, the "b" story, the "c" story, and the "d" story. Read the following story through four times, first putting in all your "a" answers, then all your "b" answers, etc.

A. Once upon a time, Nathan asked Rachel to go on a date. The answer was yes, so Nathan picked Rachel up at her door. Nathan had brought a present for Rachel. It was a guitar. They went to someone's house. It was lovely. On the way home, things got heavy in the back of the car. Nathan wanted to slurp Rachel's foot. That made Rachel say, "Get off my property!" The End.

B. Once upon a time, Jesse asked Margaret to go on a date. The answer was yes, so Jesse picked Margaret up at her door. Jesse had brought a present for Margaret. It was a calculator. They went to karaoke. It was lovely. On the way home, things got heavy in the back of the car. Jesse wanted to chew Margaret's arm. That made Margaret say, "Leave, or I'll call the police!" The End.

C. Once upon a time, Chris asked Emily to go on a date. The answer was yes, so Chris picked Emily up at her door. Chris had brought a present for Emily. It was a necklace. They went to the airport. It was lovely. On the way home, things got heavy in the back of the car. Chris wanted to devour Emily's neck. That made Emily say, "I'm not interested!" The End.

D. Once upon a time, Mike asked Sarah to go on a date. The answer was yes, so Mike picked Sarah up at her door. Mike had brought a present for Sarah. It was a video game. They went to Boston Pizza. It was lovely. On the way home, things got heavy in the back of the car. Mike wanted to bite Sarah's eye. That made Sarah say, "No thanks!" The End.

Have you ever played 4 ways to eat an orange before? No, but that took me half an hour!

1815. Miracle on 34th Street: original or remake? Remake.

1816. Have you ever marched in a parade? Nope.

1817. Why don't people just walk up to each other and become friends? Because that would be CREEPY, haha.

1818. Do you turn the bass up all the way in your car (or would you, if you had a car) and blast the music? Maybe not ALL the way up, but certainly a little bit higher than normal. ;)

1819. Do you care if what you do annoys others? Sometimes, but not really.

1820. What keeps everyone from being happy? The opposite sex, haha.

1821. If you could go back in time and talk to yourself five years ago, what would you say to yourself? You can only stay in the past for FIVE MINUTES, so make it COUNT! I'd say, "Time to get better friends, and listen to what certain people are telling you."

1822. Write a surreal (Having an oddly dreamlike quality) sentence: There are peanut butter sandwiches in the sky, raining down on everyone.

1823. Can you talk for one hour without using the word "like" at all? Probably not.

1824. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No.

1825. Say something nice about:

yourself: I'm helpful.

me: You made an okay survey.

your dad: He's funny.

your mom: She cooks good food.

the one you love: Uh......

1826. Why is it that a fly can't bird, but a bird can fly? I've never heard of "bird" being a verb before. :P

1827. (I don't expect anyone to get this one, but oh well. Hint: It's a movie quote thing.) You know what people are liking at night? ... sleep?

1828. What websites are addictive? Journal sites, message boards...

1829. Who do you love sooo much that you would clean live maggots out of their garbage pail just so that they didn't have to? I don't know!

1830. Who do you think will read all 5,000 of your answers to this survey? Nobody!

1831. What will you never ever do again? Eat venison and pheasant.

1832. When you die and your tragic story is a human interest spot on the news, will you want your friends and family to say you were the greatest / smartest / kindest person ever... or tell the truth? That will never be a human interest spot on the news... but in that rare event, I'd want them to tell the truth.

1833. Have you filled out an organ donor card? No.

1834. Who do you never want to end up like? Shannon.

1835. How many oxymorons can you think of? Quite a few.

1836. How many years old is your diary? More than one year old.

1837. How could today get any worse? Well, someone could die....

1838. How was your day, dear? Stop being presumptuous. But I guess it was all right...

1839. What's the most terrible lie someone could tell you? That they only pretended to be my friend.

1840. Would you like a pair of blue velvet pants? Sure!

1841. You are not a victim. True or false? True.

1842. You just scream with boredom. True or false? True.

1843. What are you dependent on? Myself.

1844. What do you look forward to each day? Talking to people.

1845. What did you think of the Columbine shootings? Horrible.

1846. Did you take lessons as a kid? What? Piano.

1847. Are you going to be the one that saves me? No, but nice Oasis reference.

1848. What's a groupie? Original answer: "A person who only hangs with their group and that's it." HAHAHAHAHA. Real answer: "A girl who hangs around rock groups, hoping to get laid by band members."

1849. Do you know what it's like to take care of someone else? Kinda-sorta...

1850. Would you rather take care of someone, or be taken care of? Be taken care of.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Winning high score total in cents, animal spirit, death color, handwriting analysis

I got another Bookworm high score today: 2,391,710 / Level 37 / Bookworm Supreme / 1:54:33 on Wednesday, 12.14.05 ... Corey thinks I should win my point total in cents. Haha, that sounds like a good idea!

gURL.comI took the "The Animal Spirit" quiz on
My animal spirit is...
The Coyote

According to shamanistic wisdom, coyotes are the animal world's trickster. Coyote people have a way with words, and a unique way of seeing the world. Never ones to take things at face value, coyote people question authority with sly jokes. Read more...

What is your animal spirit?

GREEN, Your death's colour is Green. Death of the
mind. Your heart is isolated within your mind.
You seek knowledge. You are very rare.

??Which colour of Death is yours??
brought to you by Quizilla

You Are 63% Pure

You're pretty pure, and you have no plans on changing that.
You do have a devilish side, though... and it will probably get the better of you.

My handwriting sucks in real life, and even more so when trying to use a mouse. But I'm game to try this anyhow...

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
You are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
You enjoy life in your own way and do not depend on the opinions of others.

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200 Greatest Rock Guitarists / Celebrities' Real Names

Disclaimer: This list is NOT mine. I got it from Digital Dream Door. I also happen to wonder about some of the inclusions on this list...

Someone I know also has this to say about Zakk Wylde: "He's a one-trick pony, and a d*ckhead to boot. He came into Pop's (a local club for hard rock) one night after a show. Ozzy was with him, and they decided to get onstage for a bit. He also appeared to be pretty cranked up... coke, I suppose. So Wylde starts playing Brad's guitar, and he's yelling at Chris (drummer) to play faster. Chris wasn't real familiar with Paranoid, and didn't speed up. Wylde got pissed and just throws Brad's guitar on the floor. Ozzy, to his credit, simply gave them an apologetic look and walked offstage."

The asterisks next to a name denote that they died, and "Solo" means they're a solo guitarist. Heh.

200 Greatest Rock Guitar Players

1. Jimi Hendrix* - Jimi Hendrix Experience
2. Eric Clapton - Yardbirds, Cream, Derek & The Dominos, Solo
3. Jimmy Page - Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Firm
4. Jeff Beck - Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group, Solo
5. Eddie Van Halen - Van Halen
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan* - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
7. Joe Satriani - Solo
8. Ritchie Blackmore - Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmores Night
9. Steve Vai - David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Solo
10. David Gilmour - Pink Floyd, Solo
11. John Petrucci - Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment
12. Randy Rhoads* - Quiet Riot, Ozzy
13. Allan Holdsworth - Solo
14. Paul Gilbert - Mr. Big, Racer X, Solo
15. Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force, Solo
16. Phil Keaggy - Glass Harp, Solo
17. Jason Becker - Cacophony, David Lee Roth Band, Solo
18. John Mclaughlin- Mahavishnu Orchestra
19. Duane Allman* - Allman Brothers Band, Derek & the Dominos
20. Chuck Berry - Solo
21. Eric Johnson - Solo
22. Steve Howe - Yes, Solo
23. Neal Schon - Santana, Journey, Solo
24. Brian May - Queen
25. Gary Moore - Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II, Skid Row, Solo
26. Bo Diddley - Solo
27. Steve Morse - Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band, Solo
28. Carlos Santana - Santana
29. Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath
30. Buckethead - Guns N' Roses, Solo
31. Mark Knopfler - Dire Straits, Solo
32. Marty Friedman - Cacophony, Megadeth, Solo
33. Nuno Bettencourt - Extreme, Mourning Widows
34. Shawn Lane* - Willy, Solo
35. Kirk Hammett - Metallica
36. Uli Jon Roth - Scorpions
37. Terry Kath* - Chicago Transit Authority
38. Alex Lifeson - Rush
39. Frank Zappa* - Mothers of Invention, Solo
40. Rory Gallagher* - Solo
41. Dimebag Darrell* - Pantera
42. Peter Green - Fleetwood Mac, Solo
43. Robin Trower - Procal Harum, Solo
44. Slash - Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver
45. Mick Taylor - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Rolling Stones
46. Robert Fripp - King Crimson
47. Tom Morello - Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave
48. Michael Schenker - Scorpions, UFO, MSG, Contraband
49. Ry Cooder - Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, Solo
50. Angus Young - AC/DC
51. Keith Richards - Rolling Stones, Solo
52. Michael Angelo Batio - Nitro, Solo
53. John Squire - Stone Roses
54. Pete Townshend - The Who
55. Steve Hackett - Genisis
56. Zakk Wylde - Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society
57. George Harrison* - Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Solo
58. Alvin Lee - Ten Years After
59. Dave Davies - Kinks
60. Jerry Cantrell - Alice In Chains, Solo
61. Steve Stevens - Billy Idol
62. Johnny Winter - Solo
63. Dickie Betts - Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts & Great Southern
64. John Cipollina* - Quicksilver Messenger Service
65. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
66. Steve Cropper - Booker T. & MG's / Stax sessions
67. Adrian Belew - King Crimson
68. Joe Bonamassa - Solo
69. Steve Lukather - Toto, Solo
70. Jerry Garcia* - Grateful Dead
71. Joe Perry - Aerosmith
72. Prince - Prince & The Revolution
73. Kim Mitchell - Max Webster, Solo
74. Adrian Smith - Iron Maiden
75. Dave Murray - Iron Maiden
76. Neil Young - Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Solo
77. Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top
78. Tony MacAlpine - Solo
79. Mike McCready - Pearl Jam
80. Adam Jones - Tool
81. Gary Hoey - Solo
82. Leslie West - Mountain, Solo
83. Peter Frampton - Humble Pie, Frampton's Camel, Solo
84. Dick Dale - Del-Tones
85. Vito Bratta - White Lion
86. Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 50's sessions / Mickey & Sylvia
87. John Frusciante - Red Hot Chili Peppers
88. Ronnie Montrose - Montrose, Edgar Winter Group
89. Mick Ronson* - David Bowie, Solo
90. Roy Buchanan* - Solo
91. Warren Haynes - Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule
92. Vinnie Moore - Alice Cooper, Solo
93. Robbie Krieger - Doors, Solo
94. Chris DeGarmo - Queensryche
95. Jake E. Lee - Cutting Crew, Ozzy, Badlands, Solo
96. Glen Tipton - Judas Priest
97. Joe Walsh - James Gang, Eagles, Solo
98. K.K. Downing - Judas Priest
99. Eddie Hazel* - Funkadelic
100. Alex Skolnick - Testament
101. Doug Aldrich - Burning Rain, Dio, Whitesnake, Solo
102. Michael Romeo - Symphony X
103. Vernon Reid - Living Colour
104. Gary Richrath - REO Speedwagon, Solo
105. Link Wray - Link Wray and his Ace-Men
106. Allen Collins* - Lynyrd Skynyrd
107. Larry "Ler" Lalonde - Primus
108. Randy Bachmann - Guess Who, BTO
109. Jeff Healy - Jeff Healy Band
110. Greg Howe - Solo
111. Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction
112. Scott Gorham - Thin Lizzy
113. Ted Nugent - Amboy Dukes, Damn Yankees, Solo
114. Vivian Campbell - Dio, Whitesnake, Def Leppard
115. Paul Kossoff* - Free, Back Street Crawler
116. Ritchie Kotzen - Poison, Mr. Big, Solo
117. Brian Robertson - Thin Lizzy, Mötörhead
118. Andy Summers - Police
119. John Sykes - Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy
120. Scotty Moore - Elvis Presley
121. Gary Rossington - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Band
122. Ty Tabor - Kings X, Jelly Bean, Poundhound, Jughead, Platypus
123. John Fogerty - CCR, Solo
124. Ron Wood - Faces, Rolling Stones
125. Ace Frehley - Kiss
126. Akira Takasaki - Loudness, Lazy
127. Michael Wilton - Queensryche
128. Cliff Gallup* - Gene Vincent's Blue Caps
129. Richie Sambora - Bon Jovi
130. George Lynch - Dokken, Lynch Mob
131. Reb Beach - Winger, Dokken
132. Nick Drake* - Solo
133. Tommy Bolin* - James Gang, Deep Purple
134. Kerry King - Slayer
135. Thurston Moore - Sonic Youth
136. Harry Cody - Shotgun Messiah
137. Lowell George* - Little Feat
138. Tracii Gunns - Guns N Roses, L.A. Guns
139. Tom Scholz - Boston
140. Buck Dharma - Blue Oyster Cult
141. Jorma Kaukonen - Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna
142. Richard Thompson - Fairport Convention, Solo
143. Trey Anastasio - Phish
144. Janick Gers - Iron Maiden
145. Mick Box - Uriah Heep
146. Johnny Marr - Smiths, Electronic, Johnny Marr & The Healers
147. Blues Saraceno - Poison, Solo
148. Lowman Pauling* - "5" Royales
149. Timo Tolkki - Stratovarius
150. Mike Einziger - Incubus
151. John Christ - Danzig
152. Jonny Greenwood - Radiohead
153. Phil Collen - Def Leppard
154. Andy Timmons - Danger Danger, Ceili Rain
155. Steve Gaines* - Lynyrd Skynyrd
156. Ron Asheton - Iggy Pop, Stooges
157. James Burton - Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley
158. Mark Kendall - Great White
159. Lindsey Buckingham - Fleetwood Mac
160. Jennifer Batten - Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson, Solo
161. Matthias Jabs - Scorpions
162. Carl Perkins* - Solo
163. Wayne Kramer - MC5
164. Nils Lofgren - E Street Band
165. Michael Sweet - Stryper
166. Robbie Robertson - The Band, Solo
167. Frank Hannon - Tesla
168. Trevor Rabin - Yes
169. Brian Setzer - Stray Cats, The Brian Setzer Orchestra
170. Martin Barre - Jethro Tull
171. Kim Thayil - Soundgarden
172. Pat Travers - Pat Travers Band
173. Dave Mustaine - Metallica, Megadeth
174. Rik Emmitt - Triumph
175. Eddie Cochran* - Solo
176. Frank Marino - Mahogany Rush
177. Justin Hayward - Moody Blues, Solo
178. Tommy Skeoch - Tesla
179. Warren DeMartini - Ratt
180. Syd Barrett - Pink Floyd
181. Don Felder - Eagles
182. The Edge - U2
183. Brad Gillis - Night Ranger, Ozzy
184. Andy Powell - Wishbone Ash
185. Mick Mars - Motley Crue
186. Billy Duffy - The Cult
187. Randy California* - Spirit
188. Eric Bell - Thin Lizzy
189. Lita Ford - The Runaways, Solo
190. Jeff Hanneman - Slayer
191. Mick Jones - Foreigner
192. Stone Gossard - Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog
193. Duane Eddy - Solo
194. Mike Campbell - Tom Petty / Heartbreakers
195. Glen Buxton* - Alice Cooper
196. Daron Malakian - System Of A Down
197. Steven Stills - Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Solo
198. Roger McGuinn - Byrds, Solo
199. J. Mascis - Dinosaur Junior, The Fog
200. James Hetfield - Metallica

A whole bunch of celebrities' real names.

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Christmas card from someone who may have moved on... / Snipping URLs

This morning, I got a Christmas card from someone who may have moved on. I've been wondering whether to open it or not. The last time I was in this situation (2003), I eventually opened the card and glued it to construction paper... later on, I junked it since I didn't want any reminders of said person. But right now, I don't know if I want to open it or not... o_O


On another note, Carol just told me about Snip URL to make links smaller. Reminds me of Tiny URL, heh.

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Vacuums / Questions 1751-1800 of 5000 / How I Taste

I need to invest in a vacuum. o_O

At least my brother (Jon) and I are in accordance since we talked earlier over MSN: we're only taking Melissa out to a certain degree when she's here later this month! :D

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1751. Do you believe that homosexuals can be good Christians? No, of course not.

1752. Would you rather give up religion or sex forever? Sex.

1753. What comes to mind when you think of these places:

Canada? HOCKEY!

UK? Football / soccer.

USA? Baseball.

Australia? Cricket.

Germany? Beer.

Italy? Romance.

1754. What's the best bumper sticker say? "If you can read this, you're DRIVING TOO CLOSE!"

1755. Wanna take a shower together? No.

1756. Do you take toys into the bathtub? No.

1757. How do you picture being proposed to or proposing to someone would go? It would probably be a total surprise.

Would anyone be down on one knee? Maybe.

Would it be at home or out? Out.

Would they have the ring, or take you out to choose a ring? Have the ring.

1758. How do you reject someone nicely? "I don't think this is going to work out."

1759. What kinds of diary names make you interested enough to check out the diary? If I've seen the name around enough.

1760. What do you think the three most common passwords people use are? Nicknames, pet names, and bands.

1761. Pick a part of your body: Right hand.

Give that part of your body a name right now. Olivia, heh.

1762. What makes you blush? Doing something really embarrassing.

1763. What do you say when you receive a compliment? "Not really, but thanks anyhow."

1764. What's a grindylow? No idea what you're trying to communicate here.

1765. What's your pet peeve? People who use bad spelling and grammar.

1766. What question do you get asked too often? "What did you do NOW?!"

1767. You notice a ring you want is marked $40. When you are helped by the cashier, you are only charged $10. Do you mention this to the cashier, or take off with the savings? Take off because maybe I didn't notice it was on sale.

1768. If your boyfriend / girlfriend, partner, husband / wife were to kiss someone else, would it be cheating on you if they kiss someone on the:

cheek? Yes.

lips? Yes.

nose? Yes.

hand? Yes.

hands (kisses both of them)? Yes.

ear? Yes.

neck? Yes.

1769. If your boyfriend / girlfriend, partner, husband / wife flirted with other people, would that make you angry? You bet your bottom dollar it would!

1770. If you knew that your boyfriend / girlfriend, partner, husband / wife was hanging out with some friends of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you are a gay / lesbian couple), and you go there figuring they are chillin' or something.. but instead you come in and they are laying all over each other and laughing, what would you do / say when you saw that? Break up with him at once.

They tell you that it's just because they are playing this crazy semi-adult board game and to calm down. Do you calm down? Of course not!

Do you tell them not to play the game? Yes.

Do you take them aside and tell them or just yell in front of everyone? Yell.

What if you think the whole game is over / harmless and go change your clothes, and when you come back, your partner is smiling and laughing and repeatedly kissing someone else's hands? KILL HIM.

1771. What can we do now to make the earth better 100 years from now? Pick up litter.

1772. If you had a dream where a friend, lover, boyfriend / girlfriend, partner, husband / wife, etc. was mean and horrible to you, do you still feel angry at them when you wake up? Yeah.

1773. Have you ever left a note with a picture in it? Um... sure I've left comments with images in them.

If yes, how do you do it? Do the HTML image code.

1774. What would you never want crawling on you? Insects of any kind.

1775. Are the questions still interesting this far into the survey? Kinda-sorta.

1776. Have you ever watched the cartoon Inspector Gadget? Yes.

1777. You know how Gadget wears the same outfit all the time, and his closet is full of outfits that are exactly identical to the one he wears? If your closet was full of just one outfit that you had to wear every day, what would it be like? That wouldn't be very good.

Would it have a hat? Possibly.

a belt? Probably not.

a cape? No.

shoes or boots? Yeah, probably shoes.

anything extra? Probably not....

1778. Would you rather time travel to the future or the past? The past.

1779. Would you rather know how the world began, or how it will end? How it began.

1780. Would you rather meet your ancient ancestors, or your great great great great great great grandchildren? great great etc. grandchildren.

1781. Out of these 4, which is most important (1 = most, 2 = second most, 3 = 3rd most, 4 = least)?

Cureing diseases such as AIDS, cancer: 2

Preserving wildlife areas: 1

Ending terrorism: 3

Building colonies in space: 4

1782. Should every human be entitled to a good education? Yes.

Even if it comes out of your (or your parents') tax money? I think Sweden is that way, or was it Switzerland? At any rate, I hear the tax percentage is insanely high there. So maybe not.

1783. Are you sick of hearing about 9/11? Yeah.

1784. Speaking of 9/11, the anniversary is comming up. What will you be doing? It's not coming up, so I wouldn't know.

1785. If this were a recipe for you, how would it go:

2 cups: Weird / random stuff.

1 cup: Sweetness.

1/2 cup: Impulsiveness.

a pinch of: Bad thoughts. :P

a dash of: Inspiration.

mix well and bake until: Leave me alone! Don't BAKE me!

add: Some PMS at the appropriate time, haha.

serve: Chilled, but not TOO cold.

1786. Which of the following would YOU be more likely to survive:

a fall from a 3 story building <--- This, maybe.

driving the car into the water

1787. What philosophy was manifested in The Communist Manifesto? No clue, since I haven't read that thing. o_O

1788. Who is your exact opposite? No idea...

1789. Would you rather have serenity or insanity? Insanity.

1790. What do these phrases mean?

Moulin Rouge: Red Windmill.

Le voyage sur le bateau: The boat trip.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir: Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

1791. What is the longest distance you have ever walked? There was the time I walked the Granville Bridge twice in one day... that was pretty long....

1792. What is justice? Fairness, moral rightness.

1793. Why must children rebel to gain their independence from their parents? Because they think it'll work, but it doesn't... especially with Asian parents. I know whereof I speak. :P

1794. If you had a magic bracelet, would you want it to bring..

luck? Yup.

money? Sure, why not?

power? Sure.

health? Of course.

love? Definitely!

creativity? That might help, sure.

1795. What if everytime you used your magic bracelet, something bad would happen to someone else? That would be bad... but if you could choose your victim, it wouldn't be so terrible... mwahahahaha.

1796. This is a story about a girl. While at the funeral of her own mother, she met a guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be that she fell in love with him then and there, although she didn't even see him after the funeral ended. A few days later, the girl killed her own sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? To see if he'd show up at that funeral, too. (I hate this question...)

1797. Where is the damn TV remote? In the freezer.

1798. How many favorite diaries do you have? Too many, haha... but then I wouldn't have it any other way. :P

1799. If someone was asleep in the sun, and you wanted to play a joke on them by writing a message into their back with sunscreen... so that when they burned, the words would be on their skin, what would you write? "I Am Leslie's Slave!" (hahaha)

1800. How do you feel about the 1800s? No opinion.

You taste like a milkshake. Your frozen malts send
a delicious thrill across the tongue. Your
sweetness and innocence are bared for the world
to suck up with a straw... and you love it, baby.

How do you taste?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dragon quotes, glue, cards, body wash, lip balm, noodles, Poppycock, lychee bubble tea, hockey, quiz

My sister emailed me a quote she found in someone's signature earlier while going through some office emails: "Do not trifle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." She thought I'd like it, and she's right: it reminds me of Josh (Spocko) and how he greeted me with that on MSN once. (with "meddle" in place of "trifle")

I went to the mall earlier to buy glue and mail cards: of course, I returned home with more than just that. Note to self: check Shoppers Drug Mart / London Drugs FIRST for boxed cards before checking Carlton's / Hallmark Cards. That was more money I didn't need to spend. At least I got some more lip balm (Blistex with SPF 15... Triple Tropical, Strawberry Banana Limited Edition, Melon Medley, and Berry Explosion), Poppycock (original / cashews / chocolate), noodles, and body wash. (Life's chamomile / water lily / vitamin E, and Zest "morning garden") Of course, I also got a lychee bubble tea with milk... Death By Chocolate will be the death of my wallet, haha.

I got home to find out that the Canucks won against the New York Rangers 3-2. :D

Now, to finish gluing my received cards to paper and decorating the corners with stickers, putting my received postcards in a binder and decorating the corners with stickers, putting my received stickers on paper, decorating my bought Christmas cards with Christmas seals / stickers.....

Interview with an honest boss... hahahaha!

Congratulations! You scored 56!
You like to buy stuff, but you know when to stop... I think.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 91% on whorepoints
Link: The Consumer Whore Test written by mrme1013 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Christmas cards and attempted package deliveries

I got four Christmas cards today, along with an attempted package delivery notification... I suspect it's Candy's since she told me about it last week sometime. Since they hold these things for a few days (and since I can't get the location changed to Richmond Centre), I'll have to wait till Barry's well again. I seem to have bad luck that way, since Mike got sick too! Oh well... I'd ask my parents, but only if I'm really bothered by it, heh.

Soleta got me a card with penguins on it, plus various stickers and such: two sheets of Old Navy stickers, one "Stop It!" racism day March 21 red hand sticker, one Fredericton police force sticker, two temporary tattoos ("I love pets and animals" and a female symbol), a fleur-de-lis, a QSC sticker, a "PEI Pride" sticker ("Building for the future!"), a "take your bias and shove it!" sticker, a University of PEI decal, a Kingston Police junior constable sticker, and a "Positive Space for GLBT people and their friends" sticker from the elementary teachers' Federation of Ontario.

Next up was a card from Shannon (tearfulgoodbyes)... man, she has neat handwriting unlike me! Kim (kimmers_81) got me a card from Australia with a nice summer scene: mountains, forest, and water! (I looked on the back of the card: it's The Hazards at Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, Australia) Amber (randomlancila) also sent me a lovely Christmas card: darned right we'll keep bumping into each other at LJ! (we did in an LJ News post a few months ago!)

Since I glue all my received cards to construction paper (just like my mom did... I swear I have to find another method in case I want to junk certain cards), I need to go to the mall on the next bus and buy some more glue. While I'm there, I might as well mail Sarah and Cara's cards. (and eat something, haha)

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Why would you disable comments on every post?! / Questions 1701-1750 of 5000 / My Best Excuse

I finished updating my BootyBase with various bits of information tonight. :D

Also, why would you keep a journal with comments disabled for EVERY SINGLE POST? There's this one dude on my friendsfriends page (courtesy of Erin M.) whose every entry (that I've seen) has comments disabled. I can understand vents that the writer doesn't want comments on, but his latest entry concerns a bunch of anti-depressants that he'd apparently like for Christmas. If you REALLY want a blog with comments disabled, you might as well make the thing private to start with! Blergh.

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1701. Will tomorrow be just like today? Probably... only I intend to spend it writing Christmas cards. We'll see if I get that done...

1702. How would you react if a stranger pinched your bottom? I'd smite them with my fireballs, haha. Seriously though, I'd be very confused and angry.

1703. When was the last time you went on a date? Me, date? Hahaha, yeah right!

1704. Have you ever ridden a horse? Yup, when I was a kid in Langley.

1706. What is almost over? This song that I'm listening to. (Dee Dee King's German Kid)

1707. What should you be doing that you are putting off? Writing Christmas cards.

1708. Can you taste the rainbow? No...

1709. What the hell IS The Rock cookin'? I have absolutely NO idea.

1710. Would you rather be famous or notorious? Notorious.

1711. Would you rather have a diamond necklace or a blueberry farm? A diamond necklace... I think that a blueberry farm would be pointless.

1712. Could you take first place in a beauty contest? Probably not.

1713. Who is the biggest hypocrite you know, and why? Shannon because she always goes back on her word, haha.

1714. Is there a difference between being opinionated and being bitchy? Yeah... being opinionated is just a subset of being bitchy.

Which are you? Neither, I'd hope!

Or are you neither? Neither, haha.

1715. Do you think it is possible to have a polygamous relationship, and truly love all partners equally? Like 3 or 4 involved? NEVER!!!!

1716. What sound is annoying you right now? Nothing.

1717. Imagine you're taking a vacation with 4 people. Who are they? I want to take people I'd get along with for the most part. So let's see... Sam, Eric M., Andrea, and Jen.

1718. The five of you travel by plane. Suddenly, your plane crashes down over snowy mountains. The pilot, the air crew, and all the other passengers die. The only way for you to survive is for one of you to get eaten by the others. Who will it be? Not Andrea, since Chuck would be devastated. I guess the remaining three of us would have to draw straws or something... not Sam, since he's musical. Not Eric M., since he'd be missed. Not Jen, since she's pretty cool and likes scruffy guys. So I guess it would be me... nobody would miss me, as I was trying to tell Randal some time ago.

1719. Why is it then when someone is an anorexic and someone else finds out, they are rushed to the hospital.. BUT when someone is obese (another life-threatening eating disorder), they are NOT rushed to the hospital? No idea... maybe because anorexia is more noticeable.

1720. What is Gargamel (of the Smurfs)'s religion? Does he even HAVE one?! o_O

1721. Why do people do things that they know are bad for them, such as smoking and not getting enough exercise? Because people have no self-control.

1722. How many times have you gotten an A in a class? Probably not very many.

1723. What food group do you eat the most of (bread and pasta, meats and eggs and fish, fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, sugar and butter)? Probably bread and pasta.

1724. Who is so adorable that you'd like to keep them as a pet? Fidela!

1725. If you had to spend a half hour locked in a dark closet with someone from school that you don't hang out with after school, who would you want it to be? Based on past experience, Jamie Reynolds.

What if it was someone from your job that you don't see outside work? Again based on past experience, Chris Noble.

1726. Truth or dare? DARE.

truth: How often do you masturbate a week?

dare: I dare you to tell us who you think about when you're masturbating. I don't masturbate, therefore I cannot think about anyone as I do so.

for the less bold

truth: At what age did you or do you plan to lose your virginity?

dare: I dare you to answer the truth question. I don't have a certain age where I plan to lose it, because I will when I fall in love and the time is right.

1727. Do you know that in the USA, taxes are so hard that we work for a full third of the year for free (for the government)? Knew that.

1728. If taxes pay for buses, then why is there an additional bus fare? Because the bus driver needs money too, not just the bus.

1729. Should people be allowed to use cell phones in their car? Yeah, but hands-free models only.

1730. I have a tiny grey tiger-striped 8 week old kitten. Will you rescue him and love him? Rescue him? What are you DOING to him?! But sure, if I could...

1731. Have you ever seen a human baby born? Nope.

An animal baby? Nope.

1732. Did you see that miracle of life video? Probably.

How'd it make you feel about sex? There's a lot more to it than just the physical part.

How'd it make you feel about having a baby? Made me look on it as a messy procedure.

1733. Have you ever had a tooth pulled? Yeah.

1734. Who are you waiting for an email / call / note / visit from? Nobody.

1735. What are you counting the days until? Saturday, when Jon gets home.

1736. What is the greatest temptation for you? Food.

How do you resist it? I wish I could...

1737. What are you waiting for? Someone to give me a zillion dollars, haha.

1738. Who is your knight (or lady) in shining armor? Nobody.

1739. If you were walking and someone behind you yelled, "HEY YOU" ... would you turn around? Not until they repeated themselves.

1740. Do loud noises make you tense? Sometimes.

1741. OMG!! Is that your epidermis showing??? Of course it's showing, you idiot. If it wasn't, I'd be very disturbed. :P

1742. Would you rather have people agree with you all the time, or tell you the honest truth about what they think? Honest truth.

1743. If, in a contest, you had to spend one million dollars in one day and you couldn't keep anything you bought to win a million of your own, could you do it? Sure.

1744. Are you all heart? Maybe a good majority of it, but not all...

1745. Are you mad? Not currently.

1746. Will you / have you gone to your high school reunion? Probably not.

1747. What do you think of your yearbook pic? Yuck.

1748. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? Gatherer.

1749. Would you rather work, or stay home with the baby? Stay home with baby.

1750. Exactly how soon is now? Nice Smiths reference.. and "now" is the instant you talk about it. So not very soon at all. :P

Leslie's best excuse:!

"I got stuck in my descent into madness"

Take this quiz at

It might help if you learned how to spell. :P

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Monday, December 12, 2005

No more periods? / The power of the vent / David K. getting my Christmas card

No more periods?! Very interesting read... :D

After venting about something, I now feel better. That's what it was designed to do. :P

David K. (korczyk) got my Christmas card today... whee! He says it means a lot to him, especially since he's never gotten a Christmas card from someone he's never met. (and he might just send me one back, haha) That's good then! :D

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New Bookworm high score / online games / Questions 1651-1700 of 5000

I have a new Bookworm Deluxe high score: 2,003,120 / Level 35 / Bookworm Supreme on Monday, 12.12.05! :D

Here are a couple other online games: Drunken Santa and Chicken and Eggs. Have fun!

Note: LJ Rock Band Blogquiz, by GhostBoy.

Got these questions from this QuestionClub LJ post by Arthurbulla. I'm going to post the survey in 50-question batches, like the original. No worries there! Five thousand questions and answers wouldn't fit as an entry, anyhow. :P

The only complete copy... you'll have to go around erasing answers.

1651. Did you know that drinking someone's blood or licking another person's wound is an excellent way to get their wound infected by the germs in your dirty mouth, and catch a disease from their blood such as HIV / AIDS? Ewwww, yeah. Don't remind me. :P

1652. Does your school have any spirit days (like pajama day, crazy hat day, etc.)? Yeah, they did.

1653. Is it right to force people to go to pep rallies? No... if they have the spirit already, then whatever. But if not, they're just going to resent it.

1654. Imagine there is a girl at your school who hasn't got a boyfriend and wants to take her best friend from another school to the prom. Only thing is that this best friend is a girl. She is told by the principal that she can NOT take a girl to the prom. Is the principal right or wrong in saying this? Totally right if it's a girl only because that would disturb the other students, even if the girls were just friends.

Would your answer change if the 2 girls were a lesbian couple? No.

How about if it was 2 guys and they were a homo couple? No.

1655. Is it stupid for a school to combat eating disorders by not allowing students to bring bottled water to school? That IS stupid.. that's like my church saying Eric, Melia, Phil, me, and a lot of others can't bring our bottled water based on the same reason... or if the only water allowed in church was holy water, heh.

1656. Is animal testing helpful even though humans are made up differently than animals, or is it just cruel? Cruel.

1657. What is one thing that should NEVER be legal? Crack cocaine and its offshoots.

1658. What is one thing someone can say which makes you think of them as an idiot (for me, it's: "I'm a punk - screw this country, we should all be anarchists")? Any stupid expressions like "like whoa."

1659. Have you ever been to Sesame Place? No.

How about Dutch Wonderland? No.

Which one sucks more? N/A.

1660. What is your grade point average? Don't need to worry about that one.

1661. Have you ever watched an operation? No.

1662. How would you feel if someone dissected YOU? That's terrible! Of course, it reminds me of a murder case where the victim was still alive as her killer began dismembering her... and that's all I'll say.

1663. Tuba or Trombone? Tuba.

1664. Do you appreciate rap music? Kinda, but not really...

1665. Would you ever go home with a stranger? No.

1666. Is $9.50 a reasonable price to see a movie? No.

1667. Do pop-up ads make you wanna punch someone? For sure!

1668. What quality do you value most highly in others? Respect.

1669. Are you having a bad day? No, it was better than yesterday! :P

1670. In the movie Pretty Woman, how can Richard Gere just overlook the fact the Julia Roberts is a hooker? No idea... but he's a man. :P

1671. Could YOU fall in love with a prostitute (male or female)? I don't think so... although this DOES remind me of the Police's Roxanne.

1672. What do you think of these names:

Elton: All right for Elton John... but for anyone else? Kinda dumb.

Billy: Okay as a nickname for William... but don't name your babies Billy unless you're Chinese. ;)

Dwayne: Uh, NO.

Betsy: Okay as a nickname for Elizabeth, but only older women should use this one. Don't name your babies Betsy!

Liz: That's a better nickname for Elizabeth, but don't name your babies this!

Linda: It's all right...

1673. What is one situation you want to avoid ever happening to you? Rape / murder. (no, I am NOT turning into my mom! :P)

1674. Low-fat or fat-free? Low-fat.

1675. Are you cowardly? Sometimes.

1676. Do you ever feel less than fresh? Sometimes.

1677. Whose number is 867-5309? Jenny.

1678. Have you ever written something on the bathroom walls? No.

1679. When was the last time you fell? Not sure.

1680. Are you mellow? Sometimes.

1681. What should I write a story about? Bubble tea.

1682. What is the most beautiful, incredible thing you can do? Write weird stories.

1683. Do you bury your pets or throw them away? N/A... but we DID have fish, which we flushed down the toilet. Not much point burying 'em, heh.

1684. Do you get embarrassed when someone shows off baby pictures of you? Depends what sort of shots they are... no nudie "baby in bath" pictures, please! :P

1685. Who has made the biggest sacrifice for you? Probably my mom.

1686. What's your favorite thing that is yellow? That stuffed ducky I have.

1687. Do you take any vitamins or drugs? Sometimes.. I can take my muscle relaxant pill in another hour.

1688. What's the coolest HTML code you know? Either marquee or floaty text.

1689. If you had to change your diary name, what would you change it to? Not sure... I work on inspiration. ;)

1690. Are there any Neve Campbell fans out there?! No, and capitalizing every single word in a sentence is annoying. I had to change it. :P

1691. Are you a hottie with a body, or a cutie with a booty? Neither... but if I have to choose... I'm a cutie with a booty. If anyone related to me is reading this, SHUT UP! :P

1692. Are you:

strong? Kinda.

wild? Not really.

slow? Yes. =/

easy? Uh, NO.

1693. What band or celebrity needs one of those cartoon dolls made of them? Our Lady Peace!

1694. Do you have long, thick eyelashes? No.

1695. Have you ever played:

Dungeons and Dragons? No.

Magic: The Gathering? No.

Vampire: The Masquerade? Never even heard of this one.

1696. Do you want to grow old with someone? Yes.

1697. Why do people flame? No clue. Make themselves feel better about their own stupid issues?

1698. Have you ever titled an entry "Leave Me Comments"? No.

1699. Do you ever read entries titled "Please Read"? Yeah.

1700. We are one-third of the way through this survey. Think you can handle any more? Took long enough, haha. I hope so!

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