Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sound coincidences, crappy radio stations, shivering in a WARM bed, 2010 Name

Discussed Kaili, Cat, Krista, Erik, coincidence of sounds, staying away from people whose names start with R (I got the humor!), dating, endurance for walking a lot, physical exercise with Jordan, my walking about a kilometre with someone, Poe's Hey Pretty (haven't heard it in a LONG time - he apparently had NEVER heard it!), Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers and OTHERSIDE, and other things before I went to bed last night. Says that the local Fort St. John radio station played the same N'Sync song five times in a row with two commercial breaks. I'm sure the station itself is utter crap just for playing N'Sync, hahaha.

Then I was totally shivering in my WARM bed at 6 AM or so. I felt better than I did last night, but still. Dunno what's with that! In fact, I stayed in bed about ten or fifteen minutes PAST my own alarm this morning, trying to determine if I'd be in sufficient shape to go to church today. Finally, I got out of bed, figuring that I didn't go on a HUGE BENDER or anything like Edwin and Alan used to do on Saturday nights. Right now, I feel less like dying! My brother would say I need to not gulp so much - probably a good piece of advice! Drank a bunch of water, too.

Your 2010 Name is Caroline Jessica

How modern!

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