Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hien's cut cucumbers, odd tattoos, sex / drugs / rock & roll, names

Turns out that Teunis was awakened by a Skype call after only a few hours of sleep; he leaves it on in case someone important calls, which I can't blame him for considering the past couple of weeks with all the illness / death happening! As long as he'll be able to sleep tonight, I suppose - he can't really nap! We discussed eggs, trying the egg replacer first, jelly cups, Scott / Alicia / Vietnam, Hien's cut cucumber dilemma (he says water won't help TOO much since cucumbers won't keep for long if they're cut!), weird tattoo stories, ambulance sirens, and sourdough pancakes.

You Are Rock n' Roll

For as long as you can remember, you've been a bit of a rebel and a loner.

You like to do things your own way, and you're quite productive when left to your own devices.

You are talented, but misunderstood. People tell you that you have so much potential, but they don't know that you're using it.

If you ever become famous, people will call you an "overnight success." No one understands the work you do!

Which Name A-Z Survey from Quizopolis.com

Alexander or Alexis? - Alexander.
Brianne or Billy? - Billy.
Celeste or Courtney? - Celeste.
Danielle or David? - Danielle.
Elizabeth or Ella? - Elizabeth.
Frank or Florence? - Frank.
Gabriella or Gina? - Gina.
Haylee or Homer? - Hailey, spelled normally.
Izabella or Ichigo? - Isabella, spelled normally.
Jasmine or Jake? - Jake.
Kendra or Karly? - Kendra.
Lilly or Lionel? - Lily, spelled normally.
Marley or Matthew? - Matthew.
Nick or Nathan? - Nick.
Olivia or Ophelia? - Olivia.
Phoenix or Paul? - Paul.
Queeny or Qastar? - Queenie, spelled normally.
Ronald or Rosalie? - Rosalie.
Sarah or Samuel? - Sarah.
Tiffany or Timothy? - Tiffany.
Ulga or Ursuala? - Ursula, spelled normally.
Vicky or Valentine? - Vicky.
William or Wendi? - Wendi.
Xavier or Xander? - Xavier.
Yolanda or Y'vonne? - Yvonne, spelled normally.
Zarla, or Zena? - Zena.

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