Sunday, February 06, 2011

NO MORE QUESTIONS! / Noodles / Death

At 3:45, I called Henry to see whether he was coming to pick me up or not - he totally forgot to tell me that he was going to the Children's Hospital gala instead, and was very sorry! Since my mom had called me earlier (again?!), I decided to see what she wanted - NO, I AM NOT AT CHURCH! JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION! Apparently, Grandma forgot that I went to see her safety deposit box with her - no, she didn't take a gold statue! I would have liked it if Mom hadn't insisted on giving me extraneous information, because I had to call Auntie Rebecca (yay for cellphone numbers!) to let HER know that I wasn't coming to Awana / the Chinese New Year fun fair! Thank goodness Auntie Rebecca said she'd tell Auntie Vivian, and was understanding!

Teunis got up later than he should have for gaming night (12 hours of sleep?!), but had noodles and such before he left for Scott and Alicia's for the last game night hosted over there. Said to wake him tomorrow if he wasn't up by the time I got back - haha, good thing for him that I have a Committee Meeting! I still hate weekend meetings, though! NEVER AGAIN! When he got home at around midnight, we talked about shitty circumstances (TOO MUCH DEATH!) / Andrew / Jordan / Calgary / Linda Leung / other things.

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