Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dream about high-maintenance strangers falling into a hole / COOKIES!

I had a weird dream which at first involved my working at a telephone company, making a bunch of calls. When we got our checks, I had $59,015 on a yellow cheque while Tim (lackofendorphin) had $150,023 on a really red and green cheque! When my mom saw these, she immediately compared the amount; she scolded me for not working as hard, even though Tim and I both told her that we DID work the same hours and such! I was off to join white Eric and some others for a sunny day in the park after I picked up some blue-and-white stamps, anyhow! He picked me up, and warned me that we'd have to pick a stranger up as well - I was okay with that since he'd said something about it. When we did pick this person up, she said that she liked wearing white to accentuate her blonde hair - we could tell from her outfit! After a while, this person also proved to be high-maintenance, wanting Eric to turn down the heat in the car when there was this wonderful invention called THE WINDOW which she could adjust to suit her needs!

Ignoring her since it was also rather sunny outside, I asked Eric how he happened to have the car, knowing that his dad also wanted it. He said that Ron had picked the car up to run errands, then driven it back to where it was originally! We couldn't really ignore our passenger anymore when she made her way to the front seat - we warned her that she'd cause an accident, but she wanted us to KNOW she wouldn't be frozen out of any conversation! Eventually, we stopped at a traffic light; she threw a royal fit, telling us that she wouldn't be in the car any longer. True to her word, she opened her door and left - after some shocked moments, Eric also left the car to see where she went!

I was worried since the light WOULD change at some point; just when I was about to yell out the window for him to come back (I didn't care about HER), he came back... just in time to avoid a lecture from Citrus on duty! We noticed a huge hole in the road up ahead; Randal and others were busy trying to erect barriers around it so people wouldn't fall in. Apparently, it was too late - our erstwhile passenger, David Wong, James and Sanne's kids Jenna and Saskia, Fidela, and others had already fallen in. I was most concerned about the kids and Fidela, but they seemed to be okay once we'd rescued them! David Wong said that he was a liar and didn't deserve any stamps I gave him! No idea why I had that dream... CRAZY STUFF! When I got up, I discovered that New Jersey / North Dakota / Sports Chek had all tried to call me... THIS IS WHY I TURN MY PHONE OFF! Flora L. also added me to Facebook, finally - YES! Hahahaha! She apparently shares my sister and Natalie's birthday - NICE! *thumbs up*

You Should Bake Frosted Cookies

You are a colorful and creative person. You can't help but put your personal touch on everything.

For you, almost anything can be a form of artistic expression. You love to make things.

You can be a bit theatrical and dramatic, but only in a good way. You get so bored with the ordinary.

You are warmhearted and friendly. You are always looking to spice up your circle of friends, and you'll welcome almost anyone new into your life.

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