Sunday, July 08, 2012

Eddie and Eunice's wedding

Saw Grandma briefly before going over to Jon and Harmony's, where we saw Holly preparing to take care of baby Ayler for the afternoon and evening. He was a bit fussy, but that's to be expected. Baby seemed to like looking at my blue-and-green wedding wear, though! He was staring at it, haha. The wedding and banquet were at the Capilano Golf and Country Club in West Vancouver... lots of traffic wanting to go to Stanley Park, for sure! It was a pretty casual wedding, and I caught up with Winnie and her two kids Avery and Wesley / Pauline (she left when she was 17, and she's 41 now - yes, Richmond HAS changed a lot!) / Steph / Lisa / Phil / Grace / Jane and Amy (Vegas, motherhood, the nice weather) / Jeremy / Sam / Emily / Karen Choo / Rich / Vanessa (Prince George and hicks and the radio!) / Alan / Tracy / Denise / Daniel / Michelle / Uncle Richard / Auntie Gloria. SO MUCH DIVERSE FOOD! Butter chicken, dim sum, very fresh fish, etc. - I couldn't finish my plate! Had some room for dessert, though. Got home with the sweaters / towels (I'll sort it out later), only to discover that I'd missed a call from Chinese Eric! I can tell since it says "BLOCKED CALL" - and of course, I couldn't call him back since it was 10:45 already! Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Have also made a decision to restart AGAIN! *sigh*

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