Friday, July 13, 2012

Starbucks / CALM not COME / Paladin in Mysidia! / Fat Chocobo / Cagnazzo

Replied to another one of Mandy's emails before settling in to work on my messy FB bestiary albums, and that went a little quicker than I may have originally thought - nice! Vanessa got on MSN to advise me of Starbucks and their free drinks promotion today; I knew about that, and it was cool. Deb finally emailed me back about baby Declan, since she and Dylan had had relatives from California visiting for the last bit. "We can aim for August when things COME down," she wrote... I believe she meant "CALM" down, haha. Too bad the baby's been sick and clingy since Wednesday, though!

Someone named January H. added me from the Puckheads - interesting! I thought that Kaitlin had a VANYA RAINA alterego, but upon further investigation, I don't think it's her. This person has Reeha as a mutual friend, and I only thought it was Kaitlin because she went by "Vanya Rasputin" before on FB. Oh well, the person's now been blocked because I feel like it. :P [Eric also tried to get me out of here, but I'm not sure how well that's going to work!]

Cecil's become a Paladin atop Mount Ordeals!

Everyone in Mysidia hated Cecil as a Dark Knight, since he forcibly took their Water Crystal at the beginning of the game. After you become a Paladin, this guy in the armor shop has the funniest reaction: "I told you, you can't use the armor here until you become... a paladin... ? When did you... ? How... ?"

Gotta love the Fat Chocobo (this one in Baron's Field of Chocobos) who stores your items when you run out of room in the 48 item slots!

Cagnazzo on Baron's throne: "Your who? Oh, you must mean the old duffer who refused to surrender this kingdom."

The twins Palom and Porom became stone of their own will... :(

Tellah's ESUNA spell has no effect because of this...

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