Monday, July 09, 2012

Toilet handle / Moogle Village! / New Bal shops

I called Hester about the toilet handle this morning; she and her husband came to take a look just now, but they didn't have any new parts to replace the lever. Maybe the plumber or handyman can do it this week, or at least I hope so. She asked me some questions about breakfast / lunch / dinner / family, observed that I'd lost weight because my face was smaller (?), and thought that the asshole Paul was my boyfriend - THANK GOODNESS, NO! Apparently, he'd mentioned to her that he worked for the police station... WHAT A LIAR! I don't go for tattooed ex-cons, thanks!

It's the Moogle Village in Galuf's world! (the party is wearing a Moogle Costume that they found in one of the trees) They're so cute! :D

Welcome to the newest shop in Castle Bal! Unfortunately, your party gets forcefully thrown out by the REAL merchants, but they give you a Lamia's Harp.

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