Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kwong Chow GOOSE dinner / AWESOME talking!

I had just enough time to upload pictures to Photobucket and do a bestiary entry before the parents picked me up; I'll concentrate on the messes which are my FB albums later. The Kwong Chow dinner was good; we had goose, pork belly, veggies, congee, eggplant (bleh), rice, prawns, and other things. Discussed Ayler's cute yawning, bathing the baby, Grandma, the lards going to Russia, vomiting, stress, Ayler being so hungry that he could eat his hand, the direct translation of "I'll beat you to death" (Lisa was HORRIFIED!), threatening the baby (we'll give him lots of sugar before we return him to his parents!), Aaron L. (he came by for a bit), poo / medicine (NOT abusing it), fans, chopstick skills, playing scales to calm the baby down, O CANADA, Vegas bags, leftovers, food, and more. It took some time to get Grandma to her room afterward; perhaps it's a good thing she doesn't know that her next-door neighbor died!

Got home and brushed my teeth (plus replied to Mandy's email) before calling Chinese Eric, which was awesome as usual. He said he had an interesting question to ask em, which consisted of his wondering if Saturday was a good time to FINALLY hang out! It was a good coincidence that I called him since he was going to message me, haha. Of course, I told him that it would be a pretty good time to do a LOT of catching up, especially if he has relatives and people coming into town for the summer. He definitely wants to get a hangout tentatively scheduled before that happens! It seems both of us were looking up how long it's been since we last hung out, and a LOT has happened since then! We also talked about the baby, parenting, some TV show called "WHO THE FUCK DID I MARRY?", serial killers, the Green River Killer, Joey Buttafuoco, Finland / Teemu Selanne, aging NHL players, sleeping in hot weather, fans, the heat in here / Las Vegas / Russia / Saudi Arabia, NOT being sick before trips, his condition, big pharmacies, bottled water, and conspiracy theories about the cure for cancer. Discussed his hanging out with me and Nathan and others to "bridge the gap" between his five Hong Kong years and now, crazy Chinese translations, crackers, hockey, Roberto Luongo, Iron Men, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Gordie Howe, Marty Turco, Martin Brodeur, Jonathan Toews, dumb reporter questions (the players aren't going to give you an off-the-cuff answer!), summer conditioning, and more. It was definitely a great conversation!

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