Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toilets, 50 SHADES, RICE, Walmart, and Vanessa

Hester came by in the afternoon with Rob the handyman to fix the toilet handle; it worked on a test flush, although now I have to be careful about how much it will flush! Oh well. I also got some much-needed money in the mail, which is a good thing! Vanessa got on MSN at 4 to see if I wanted to go to Walmart tonight; sure, even if it meant a quick trip to the bank before it closed at 5! (I showered when I got home within fifteen minutes - she wanted to go before 8 because HELL'S KITCHEN and MASTER CHEF might be on tonight, and she has to work at 5 AM) I wouldn't have minded if her friend Wayne came along, but he couldn't. She wanted me to buy her copy of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY for $5 as she'd lost interest in it. Says that perhaps that'll loosen up my parents a bit - I highly doubt it, considering my dad doesn't seem to care for Lisa's stepmom Sandy because she wore spaghetti straps to lunch one day in Vegas when it was 37 degrees C... however, I'd have bought it for laughs if she could have broken a $20. Next time!

We talked about Vegas, work, melted cheese and tank tops NOT being a good combination, water, Stouffer's, the bad fertilizer smell, the air show, Wayne S., babies, health, Newfoundland pride, Metallica, Victoria, and more. She bought some gum and other sugar-free things for her diet, while I bought Uncle Ben's rice x6 (only $2 each - long grain multigrain rice / fine herbs and a veggie medley / roast chicken / tomato risotto / grilled Mediterranean risotto / wild brown rice), frozen veggies (corn / green beans / Lima beans / carrots / peas), Peanut Butter Burst ice cream, Silhouette cherry yogurt ($2), Crustini x3 (Philly-style steak and cheese / turkey bacon club / chicken, broccoli, and cheddar) ... not bad for only $32! Of course, I'll get hangers at London Drugs some other day; perhaps tomorrow or something.

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