Sunday, July 08, 2012

Dwarves, Void stars, Lone Wolf, Chinese Eric! / "We've already stopped the engine, Cid!"

Got up at 7:15 AM due to the sunny weather; I managed to stay awake until I decided that I really was out of it at 8:40. No church for me, I guess! Went back to sleep, and had a bit of a nightmare about my FINAL FANTASY games (dwarves and the stars of the Void) being erased! At 11:25, I was more refreshed; I replied to Mandy's email, and found a surprising MSN offliner from Chinese Eric: I *knew* he had called last night! "Hey... I called... talk later." At least that made me smile; since I plan to call him later anyway, it's all good. :D

"Hey, hey... help a brother out... how 'bout you open this door?" Okay, sure! Then the excited blue-haired guy runs around the Walse jail cell in circles; he runs into the wall and passes out. You shouldn't let the pickpocket Lone Wolf (the guy next to him - also in FINAL FANTASY VI) out of jail, because he'll steal two Cottages in Tycoon Castle, a Blitz Whip in Jachol Cave, a Cottage in Surgate Castle you can only obtain when on Planet R, and a Cottage you can find in Carwen, but only when on Planet R.

But we've already stopped the engine on Karnak's fire-powered ship, Cid Previa!

"It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and the orchestra hasn't even started tuning up yet!" - Cid's grandson Mid, on getting into the Desert of the Shifting Sands west of the Library of the Ancients (solution: SANDWORM DEFEAT for a BRIDGE!)

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