Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sweaters, BOOM, Hester, genetics, grammar pictures

Finally sorted through my closet and those sweaters; pink things, a brown wool toque which I'll never miss, some socks / sweaters / (T-)shirts, Christmas-themed PJs, pink skirts, and the like all had to go! Actually, the disability knapsack had to go, too. Then I discovered that the toilet handle malfunctioned; I'll call Hester about it and the plumber tomorrow, for sure! (100% certain that she'll tell me to "flush it tenderly - not with a BOOM BOOM BOOM!") Got weird phone calls from Oregon and Washington, too. Later, Chinese Eric tried calling me again, but I missed that till half an hour later! No big deal; we then had a great 45-minute conversation about the Chinese farewell banquet going over my friends' heads last week with the skits / singing, racist Stuart / Carol by association (and the whole backstory), Marissa, Caleb, Connor, Nashville and the Predators, my being very familiar with White Spot since I was there twice last week (oh yeah!), fajita salad, genetics (the first child always looks like the dad so he won't run away!), and learning things in high school which won't apply to life till much later.

We also discussed Jon / Harmony / Ayler, the wedding banquet food yesterday, catching up in a more enthusiastic fashion, tentative hangout plans on Wednesday, the summer weather starting now, renovations, noisy lawnmowers when all you want to do is rest, my not boring him with intense detail (GOOD!), killing time till the weather cools down, how he helped his parents with stuff recently, weird flavors of milkshakes / ice cream, eating rat / snake meat, the gelato place (which he isn't supposed to go to), apple pie ice cream, French fry ice cream, his having curry chicken for dinner, my having dinner later, and more. I told him that Christon had a LOT of England / Scotland photos with Nathan - yes, it's much easier these days without camera film restrictions! Of course, we said that it was always nice talking to the other - he wants to see if he can get Jon / Harmony / the baby out to a dinner buffet one of these days. Hey, the baby will be free - what's he going to eat anyway? NOTHING THERE! If Eric calls me on Tuesday or Wednesday, it'll be all good! I know he's still a bit hesitant on using MSN in case his friends don't get his messages: he says both Nate and I have experienced that, which I totally believe to be true. Got back to the computer to find a dodgy Facebook friend request: NO WAY!

Some grammar pictures which Kaitlin, Julie, Ryan, and Veronica pointed me towards:

San Antonio Marriot Rivercentre: "U R HERE"?!

This was on an actual product. REALLY?! (N and M could be easy enough to transpose, but...)

You had me at your proper use of "You're":

Yoda is reading "GRAMMAR FOR DUMMIES."

I believe in fighting corporate greed with properly spelled protest signs!

You were so attractive until you texted me with your hideous grammar!

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