Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pop-Pan crackers, KRACKER flatbread, giving up on FFVA, water everywhere!

I went out to buy hangers from London Drugs, then some pork and vegetable dumplings to steam. Came back with those items, plus two boxes of on-sale silverware service settings ($12 off!), Kellogg's cheddar cracker-chips, two boxes of on-sale DOCTOR KRACKER flatbread (sunflower seed, flaxseed, and sesame seed / pumpkin seed cheddar), an apple pie bun, a BBQ pork bun, a box of butterfly pastries (from Kam Do Bakery), beef jerky, frozen cheesecake slices, two boxes of sesame Pop-Pan crackers, two boxes of spring onion Pop-Pan crackers (GOD BLESS CITY FRESH MARKET!), on-sale coffee creme wafers, and on-sale chocolate creme wafers. o_O Richmond Public Market and Grand Asian Value Supermarket near Tsim Chai didn't have Pop-Pan crackers!

Note to remember: CITY FRESH MARKET will have Pop-Pan crackers!

How the heck can I be between floors in the sunken Tower of Walse after I defeat Famed Mimic Gogo?! You can't see my party since they're drowning in all that water! I think I officially give up on FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE...

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