Monday, July 09, 2012

Hangout delays! / Flickering flames, odd springs, and heavy stones

Decided to see if I could get the emulator VirtuaNES to work for me this afternoon, since I wanted to play the NES rom of FINAL FANTASY III, which didn't work on Nessie. I found a walkthrough by KleenexTissue50 which seems to be helpful, anyway. Chinese Eric called me, so I called him back a while later: his doctor's appointment has been changed, so he wanted to know if Thursday was okay for a long hangout time. Unfortunately, I have that combined family birthday dinner for Dad and Lisa, so this is another "stupid" (his word) thing delaying our time! Hey, he agreed with me... if he wants to jot down questions so I don't get TOO sidetracked by stories (even though it's all good), I don't mind! I wouldn't make up excuses to get out of spending time with him, and he knows that! Considering we haven't actually hung out since the Kings eliminated the Canucks in Game 5 on April 22, it'll be even sweeter when we DO! I'll call him on Friday or Saturday, then...

Bartz in Ghido's Cave: "Cripes! This stone inside the treasure chest is heavy!"

Galuf's flame has flickered out inside the Guardian Tree of the Forest of Moore...

Lord Kelger the wolf man back in Quelb when your party is on Floor 3 of Castle Exdeath: "It's nearing the time for that longest of rests..."

Where my FINAL FANTASY III party makes a potentially bad decision to drink from an odd-colored spring... luckily for Darren / Graham / Jeremy / Roland, it's a healing pool of water!

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