Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apple pie on PI DAY, PEACEFUL, Big G in very good mood

Watched more TLC shows about conjoined twins in the afternoon: Alex and Andrew Olson, Iesha and Tiesha Turner, and Erin and Jade Buckles. Managed to get everything to fit into my laptop bag: Ritter Sport for Harmony, candy conversation hearts / assorted candy / cookies / Rockets / wasabi peanuts for Steph and Lisa, and a book to read while busing to PEACEFUL restaurant! Turns out my timing was perfect, since it was 6:02 PM as I entered a busy restaurant. Explained the "table of six" situation, and got one relatively quickly. By that time, Jon had arrived from a busy day of appointments and such, and I told him that I was reading a book which is banned in China because of its portrayal of Chairman Mao, starving peasants, and more. Yes, I'm aware that place bans a LOT of things for myriad reasons, even these days!

When Steph, Lisa, Harmony, and Big G got there, we sat down and discussed their presents / SLB / beef rolls / eggplant / rice / Shanghai noodles / translating for Lisa / leftovers / very spicy hot and sour soup / fish / Dave and Tiffany / having pie for PI DAY / Jessica, Karen, and Margaret / Rachel and her masters degree studying in Ottawa / her being in Fort Mac for five years. Also talked about our waitress reminding Steph of Dave's mom Auntie Grace, Save-On Meats, discounts, fried food, the GOOD coffee at Elysium which WILL perk you up, Dad's approach to Mom's plants ("don't water them and let them DIE!"), alcohol, my life these days at the townhouse, Mom's new smartphone / technology, restrictions, haggis, sausage fests, discounts, a disgusting "eat 50 McNuggets" challenge where the pledge money is going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, possible Hog Shack / hockey game plans on Monday since Jon needs to pick up the lards from the airport on Monday night anyway, and my needing to be at church on Sunday or else Auntie Eva will have a heart attack. Conversed about hanging up on white Eric, Chinese Eric, how I shouldn't take my family or the Erics for granted, Grandma seemingly not eating rice at dinner (!!!), the respite centre knowing where to search to keep her money somewhere safe (why take $800 with you?!), and Grandma seeming to be in a pretty good mood.

Harmony said the baby was kicking her, and she could feel feet all the time now. Grandma kept telling her to eat MORE since she was eating for two, haha! She shows her concern in her own way, like telling Jon to sit in his wife's seat since she had to get up (at seven months pregnancy) for other people to leave! We said that she'd be confused if she went to Vegas for the wedding: "Is this what roommates do? What's happening?" Haha! Grandma was paranoid that people would take her knitting bag (which Steph told her to LEAVE at the centre) even though it was on top of the booster seats! She also was watching us carefully to make sure we ate (in her view) enough food, and would scold us for having empty bowls! After dinner, we all went our separate ways; I went to White Spot for a Dutch apple pie dessert (pie on PI DAY!) before going back to the townhouse to watch the tail end of a Canucks 5-4 loss to Phoenix, then DOG: THE BOUNTY HUNTER.

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