Friday, March 16, 2012

No GROUNDHOG DAY, but instead FFAF!

Eric interrupted me (on the phone) at about 3:50 to ask whether I was pretending to be asleep (you don't want to know!) and if I was going to see GROUNDHOG DAY at Fellowship; definitely not! I told him that my weekly tradition was going to happen in about seven minutes, while he tried convincing me on MSN that movies were a reflection of life in Eccelesiastes and that I liked people and movies. (no religious discussion) I WILL WANT TO BE AT HOME ON THE INTERNET, REGARDLESS. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

However, I did tell him that I straight up NEEDED to be at church on Sunday! He thinks I'm addicted to FFAF - whatever, IT'S TRADITION! Then he said stuff about hanging up on people, which I filtered out... says he's picking up popcorn, butter, and drinks from Safeway. Do what you want, but I will HATE religious discussion over what's supposed to be a FUN movie! Therefore, I'm staying home.

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