Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Kitty soap, drinkable alcohol in noodles, and cuttlefish noodles

Jon unexpectedly came over at about 3:40 to water the plants (but I'd done it yesterday) before he went to teach piano at the HOHOHOs, and wondered why I had my shoes on - because I was going to take the bus and missed it! We talked about Eric telling him that I'd hung up on him yesterday, JUNIOR, AUSTIN POWERS, Mom's diet book, his visiting Grandma (I plan to tomorrow), and my plans for later. Also discussed chocolate, sweet things for Julie C., the alcoholic drinks here, the 99% Lindt chocolate bar I'd bought for Mom, Eric thinking I was "drunk," stains, and more. Left before he did so I could check stuff at home and put stuff away in the freezer and elsewhere.

After that, I went to London Drugs to look for stuff to no avail. My next stop was Price Smart, where I bought Lanzhou ramen noodles (with drinkable alcohol as an ingredient!) / Asian iced black tea / a 5-pack of some vegetarian cuttlefish noodles / shrimp crackers for Grandma. I remembered seeing the new Hello Kitty soap at Shoppers when I was there with Chrystal last week, so went there to buy that for Mom (too pink for me!) and one on-sale dark Swiss chocolate bar. Went back to the townhouse, and watched MY 600-POUND LIFE / THE REAL SKINNY.

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