Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress means GROUNDHOG DAY / He's my biological brother, man!


Eric said that I had to make a decision on leaving to see GROUNDHOG DAY at 6:50 - I HATE PEOPLE! At least I was on page 63 of 75, and not 12 of 62 as I was last week; his early worship practices drive me INSANE! On the way over, he tried convincing me that I did like people and that I was buying into bad things... NO! He also said that there were people in the weekly tradition - I KNOW, BUT IT'S NOT REAL LIFE! We also discussed laptop noise (he came over for a while to look into it later), annoying people, empathy for people (not for those who insult me without asking for forgiveness), James (who left a link to Monster Magnet's SPACE LORD for me to look at later), gas prices being as high as 140 lately, traffic, swearing, soap, him and Alistair going to the game tomorrow, buying popcorn / on-sale (pineapple) juice / butter / on-sale pop at Safeway later, Chinese Eric, good news, why he was trying to get me out of the house (I LIKE BEING ALONE, OKAY?!), and more. He also fielded a call from Christon wanting to know about the media player - WAIT TILL WE GET THERE SINCE WE'RE RUNNING LATE! (NOT MY FAULT!)

When Eric and I got to church, people had already set up chips / beef jerky (not Chinese-style) / grapes / dried fruit / drinks already. Randal, Pastor Bob, Raymond, and I talked about KONY 2012, the guy who was caught naked and masturbating, reading banned books (Randal's heard of THREE WILD SWANS?!), C.S. Lewis books (no escapism for Randal!), using the shell cracker implement for crab nowadays instead of cracking the hard shell with our teeth like we did when we were kids, the different types of beef jerky, and more. Talked to Kevin and Christon for a bit, too. Jon came in a bit later, and we were both surprised to see each other - I told him about the envelope that came in for him here, but I have no idea who it's from since I didn't even look!

Also reminded him about Hog Shack on Monday and my money situation; he'd forgotten that Big G would be there, haha! Later, he figured that she might like it anyway since she'd seemed to be fine with it last time - hopefully, she'll treat us since she was in a good mood on Wednesday! Also told him that my White Spot apple pie WAS in my plans, although I'm sure he thought I was copying them! (Harmony was at home sleeping - neither of us blamed her!) The movie was like I remembered - "I AM A GOD! I've been burned, stabbed, electrocuted, and died many times over! LET'S HAVE FUN AND BREAK THE LAW! Okay, I'm tired of this shit!" Thanks to good timing on my body's end, I skipped out on most religious discussion. Said hi to Chris and Sabrina, who were there for the Awana sleepover.

Later, Eric and I went into the kitchen, where Randal was telling Pastor Bob that the movie's art imitated his life. (piano lessons) I'd surprised Pastor Bob earlier by saying that yes, Jon IS my biological brother like we told Randal years ago! (Jon had been planning the Jazz Festival with Jeremy, but noted that he'd have a kid by then - I told Pastor Bob that we had a "family thing" in June, but Jon had to decline because his kid would be two weeks old by then) We gave Jon a ride home after discussing the movie's timeline NORMALLY / joking about Beefy Beef, during which he and Eric discussed Alistair / Harmony napping a lot - being up all night (not good for her) / local pizza places. Then Eric and I discussed St. Patrick's Day / Irish accents / Guinness,, science saying the brain physically rejects new tastes like musical preferences (his is doing it), "excuses" for me and Bible Study (I'll probably be at home doing what I WANT next week - THANK GOD!), curling, death threats, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the 7-11, laptop airflow, screwdrivers / tools, bottled water, friendliness, James' offline YM message (I WASN'T EVEN ONLINE AT 6:55!) and Eric's "response" to it, and more. I'm just glad I will be able to RELAX next week with the familiar swirl of the radio and online stuff around me. :)

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