Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valerie scaring me, protectiveness, and good friends

Talked to James for a while, which is a pretty good thing... yes, I can get protective of my friends! Also started up a new FB message exchange with Ryan; I did tell him a couple nights ago that I'd talk to him "soon," so this is good enough! The wall post and comment exchange was something I needed to feel loved by a good friend. :D

Valerie came in at 5 since Mom wrote her a note saying to water the plants, and scared me! She apologized, and returned the house key to me. I told her that my brother and I had been taking care of watering the plants, that my grandma was coming home on Sunday, and that my parents were coming home the next day. Yes, they've been emailing us when they can, and seem to be having a good time! I checked the mail before doing laundry again, and Jon got something; I'll keep it for Sunday, I guess.

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