Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PRIEST WHITE?! / Visiting Grandma at Respite

Today, I watched CRIMINAL MINDS / THE FIRST 48 (one of which was about a black boy named PRIEST WHITE - that's a bad name!) / CSI, and ate some muffins. Heard that it was snowing around Vancouver; OH SHIT. Left at 1 to visit Grandma at the respite centre, but made a very brief stop at home to throw stuff out. I experienced good bus timing and efficiency, though!

Got to the respite centre (where there was only one Chinese old person unlike yesterday when Jon stopped by), but made a brief stop at the nearby Killarney Market to buy Grandma three oranges. She seemed pleased with the oranges and the shrimp crackers I bought her yesterday, calling me "good." Watched parts of PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND and A PLACE FOR LOVERS on Turner Classic Movies while reminding her and the workers about our dinner tomorrow night. Grandma wanted me to eat dinner there, and thought tomorrow's dinner would involve Auntie Eva - nope, just us! Due to some stupid buses, I got back at 6:30 wanting something WARM. Noodle soup it is!

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