Saturday, March 17, 2012

OCDL albums, annoying intrusions, 4-3 WIN

Scarlett P. wanted to add me to Facebook, probably from the Puckheads group - okay, fine! Spent some time catching up with my OCDL album, too. Watched POLICEWOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY, DUI, and DATELINE: REAL LIFE MYSTERIES today as I was annoyed by way too many phone calls. THIS IS WHY I TURN MY OWN PHONE OFF! There was also an annoying person coming to the door - NO THANKS! Can't wait to get back home, where I ignore everything! However, I did get a call from Auntie Eva: I had to be polite through my impatience as I said that I *did* know the plan for tomorrow, which is waiting around the foyer or elevator with Grandma and Uncle Percy after Sunday School. I'll tell Eric in the morning, heh. Called Steph briefly to tell her about it, too... the excuse of tidying up and watering the plants totally works where PRIVATE TIME would not! Thank goodness the Canucks won 4-3 against the Blue Jackets... it was an intense game; Eric and Alistair are truly lucky!

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