Friday, September 07, 2012

Skull clouds, 6304 Sack Glitches, GOD!

These clouds are in the shape of skulls near Archfiend Mudo's castle at the beginning of the game!

While buying Antidotes in Lifecod and putting them in my Sack, I noticed a 6304 Sack Glitch! I don't think this has to do with codes, either.

Now every battle restarts?! Man, I gotta figure out what's causing this before I get to a boss battle where I can't just run away... o_O {I did... it was the "recruiting monsters" code, so I toggled it off}

What the hell is a STENGTH seed, game?!

Nobody can see me in the town of Torukka, so the priest at the church asks if I'm God. To have fun, I say I AM GOD! The answer I get is: "... Please answer me. I've been faithful." HAHAHA!

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