Monday, September 03, 2012

In love with Ludman?! / MY FAMILY IS ERIC!

I tried calling Chinese Eric at 9:45 while reading old emails, but his mom said he was sleeping since he was tired from working. Not a problem! Then half an hour later, he got on MSN to say that he wanted to write me to say that he was busy tomorrow because stuff came up.... NO FAT DRAGON FOR YOU! At least I appreciate that! He wanted to know how long Nate's stay was; I had heard until the 9th. When I said I probably wanted Grandma at the birthday celebration this year, he figured that it would be a close family thing. Yes, but I had to tell him that HE was PART of MY FAMILY! (reaction: "cool cool - THANKS! *thumbs up* ") Updated him on Grandma, too. He hopes the weather will cool down when the kids are back in school, and I had to tell him that I was thinking about that the other night for him! "The nights will be cooler again, just for Chinese Eric!" Hahaha! He asked about the dog, too. It was a nice chat, for sure! I know he was kind of tired, so I didn't mind if he needed sleep at midnight!

Jon emailed us to say that FAT DRAGON is probably flexible; I looked the directions up on Translink, and it involves Waterfront Station and then four possible buses to Powell Street - CONFUSION! Then he sent another one to say that we could shelve it for a later date where more people could make it, even if Nate's leaving soon. Should be good times, then!

The Hero has to choose between Flora or Bianca, but says he can marry Flora's father (Master Ludman) instead! "So what you're saying is that you're in love with me?! Er, I'm flattered, but really, you best think that over."

"Congratulations, Lord Simon... you're to be a father very soon!" YES? NO? HAHAHA! [this was taken from the hilarious LP thread... I'm not playing the game again just to get to this point once more!]

This guy Pusan was going around on a mine cart in Torokko...

... for TWENTY YEARS?!

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