Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Photobucket uploading, YES or NO, Mira, sheds

Well, at least I can upload pictures to Photobucket, even if I can't see my resulting albums. The pictures are at least viewable when I test them, so there is that. I flirted with Flickr (which I've had since September 2006?!), TinyPic (which was bought by Photobucket), Image Shack, Picasa (connected to Google), Zoomr (which isn't accepting new registrations), and some more sites. This afternoon, I was also responsible and paid my phone bill.

"Who the blazes are you!? This is my house, not yours! Mine!" is NOT a Yes or No question! Too bad that we've already stolen the Antidote from your pots, and a Wooden Hat from your dresser!

In San Marino, "I've been waiting for you to come. I'm Mira. And you are.... ?" is NOT a Yes or No question, haha!

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