Sunday, September 02, 2012

Canucks FB friend suggestions / God has disappeared, man!

Vanessa called me at 4:45 to say that 9:30-10 AM tomorrow would be good for the crepes plans at Cora's in Ironwood with Kim, and she'd call me in the morning. Sounds good to me!

This drunken priest in Ruraphin's tavern says God disappeared a long time ago, and requests another beer from the Sister. Hahaha, just my kind of person!

Facebook friend suggestion #1: Kevin Bieksa! (spelled wrong, so probably not real)

Facebook friend suggestion #2: Daniel Sedin! (probably the real thing, judging from the profile) Little Clara, Uncle Cho-Kai, and Shannon Tweed are also on the list!

Facebook friend suggestion #3: Maxim Lapierre! (Dolly Whittle is also on this list - with Bobby and Milli as mutual friends)

Facebook friend suggestion #4: Ryan Kesler!

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