Saturday, September 08, 2012

Copa Café, Uncle Michael, Aunt Leslie, and DRACULA

Mom and Dad were late picking me up, but we were on our way to Dogwood pretty soon. Apparently, the Terry Fox run is next week, so I should tell white Eric in case I ever decide to go to church. Mom thinks I should, but we'll see - I can make my own decisions. After feeding Grandma some chicken congee and special tea, Mom found out that Uncle Michael and Aunt Leslie had gotten lost! Grandma seemed to have a good appetite, anyway. Of COURSE Mom made me sit in the middle... sigh. Turns out we went to Copa Café for lunch, and Mom was surprised that I'd been there before! I let Aunt Leslie hold hands with me while walking to the restaurant... Mom let me order a mango bubble tea since it was only $2 with a meal (normally $4.50), haha.

They talked in Chinese about what to do around here, Kin's Farm, Yvonne, Lillian, Aaron, Auntie Kwai, Grandma's health, shoes, Wails, and more. I got a ribeye steak with Paris-style sauce; I'd have ordered a steak with black pepper sauce, but I thought Mom was getting that. She got some other noodle dish instead! Oh well. Aunt Leslie ended up being "sneaky" and paying for the meal, and also gave Mom a LAI-SEE envelope for baby Ayler: Mom was polite and said NO to everything (especially since she apparently told them that SHE'D pay for the meal), but it was already done! Got home to do some editing and posting, heh. I should call Chinese Eric soon in case I join everyone for dinner tomorrow, haha. Also decided I was done with ontd_pucking ... OFF-TOPIC STUFF RULES! thehockeypool FOREVER!

Mom, upon hearing a news story about a kiddy Transylvania movie: "What kind of name is DRACULA?! Why would you have that name?!" My explanations that Dracula is a CHARACTER in a KIDDY movie fell on deaf ears. AIYA!

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