Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Master Dragon, Patricia, Nikki, Ojiron, beloved rewards

To my surprise, Julie S.'s friend Nikki C. added me to Facebook today. INTERESTING, haha. Patricia (and Sean?) also made me wish that I was at Superstore for the quirky chip flavors, even though I probably shouldn't spend any more money!

After you restore peace to the DRAGON QUEST V world, you can ride on Master Dragon to a bunch of places!

Old man in Santa Rosa: "Woo, that was a good meal. My wife likes to blame me for eating everything, so this time, I really DID eat everything!"

Nameless Mountain Village tavern: "Not sure if I was supposed to know this, but Bianca actually isn't Duncan's real daughter..."

"... something about him finding her abandoned on some mountain... Oops! Maybe I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, either!"

Granvania Castle: "Reward: 10,000 gold to the person who returns the beloved Queen Martha or King Papas to us - King Ojiron"

Borongo in Granvania Castle: "Myaaa? Gorogorogoro..."

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