Saturday, September 08, 2012

Psycho hosebeast / Chinese Eric planning! / RED ROBINS

I decided to call Chinese Eric at about 6:50, and he'd just got in; we had a great 45-minute conversation, though! As I thought, he HAD called me a few nights ago at 11 PM, but he just wanted to see if I'd bumped into Nathan again since that guy doesn't respond to messages. Nope, I hadn't seen him! White Eric's pizza crawl idea might have been good last week if I weren't feeling terribly! After telling him about the resident who THREW FOOD AT and SPIT AT different care aides today, I updated him on James... so HE says that his ex-girlfriend Little Miss Giggles was basically a psycho hosebeast who was possessive and jealous. She was telling him that she loved him within two weeks, was talking about moving in and having children, and was basically bad news. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE SELFISH?! Needless to say, he didn't have a very warm welcome from me last night when he told me that he was back online. ("Do I know you? Oh... it's YOU.") Eric concurred with me: BAD NEWS!

We talked about hockey, CFL football (the Lions won today), early birthday wishes for the weekend, cold and windy Hong Kong winters, Havarti, guys exposing themselves, his guy perspective ("they're not running towards you - flasher with trenchcoat!"), lockout talks, TLC reality shows, JERSEY SHORE not being like the SOPRANOS (Mafia!), MSN possibly dying like ICQ did, poker, the blackout on local football games, and birthday dinner details. It'll be the first time he'll be at Kwong Chow without his family, hahaha. Aaron C. suggested Chuck E. Cheese or the River Rock casino, but one's too far and the other's too expensive! Eric's down for two dinners in two days, so Red Robin's is ON! Not that I have to run my own birthday celebrations by him, but if I want him at both (and if he doesn't mind), it's only considerate to take your best friend's opinion and preferences into account! So it's Red Robin's - no Chinese food twice in two days for ME if I can help it, haha. Made a FB event for it, too. Replied to Mandy's emails afterwards, too. :D

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